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Doggie Boot Camp (Minneapolis & St. Louis Park Locations Only)

This program is a drop-off, day-time dog training school. This is not doggie day care, but rather, dog training. If you want the training done better and much faster than training your dog yourself with the help of our classes or private lessons, this program may be for you. Your dog will be professionally trained and supervised, every day, all day. Our Boot Camp program takes place at our Minneapolis or St. Louis Park facility.

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Start Dates, Pricing and Registration

Have your cake and eat it too!

You will get the benefits of sending away your dog to boot camp (although we don’t like that term), without having to send her away! Each evening after school, you can pick up your dog and enjoy her at home along with her new skills, and enjoy a peaceful evening, because your pooch will be plenty tired from her day’s activities.

The big training advantage to day school: You will be able to talk to your dog's professional trainer at the end of each day and receive personal training and homework assignments to practice at home so you can learn as your dog is learning. This strenghthens the transition of the training from us to you. You are also able to give us feedback each day with areas you may be struggling with so we know where to put more focus. In a 4 week program, you will get the equivalent of 4 hours of private training instruction with you and your dog. That has a value of $295!

What we teach your dog:

In our 4 week Basic Obedience Program, we will teach your dog 10 reliable behaviors. Your dog may have already been taught "sit" but does your dog sit when people enter the house? Reliable means your dog responds to the command despite distractions.

  • Name - reliably turn head toward handler
  • Sit - a reliable sit even when distracted
  • Down - a reliable down even when distracted
  • Stay - a reliable stay even when distracted
  • Walk - at your side for leashed walks
  • Boundary training - teaches your dog to stay away wherever you establish, at anytime, until you invite your dog
  • Wait - to be released from crate, at doors
  • Come - Indoor Off-Leash Recall - with distraction of dogs, playing, thrown toys in our indoor facility. The 2 week Outdoor program is necessary for outdoor real life off-leash recalls.
  • Go to your bed/mat - a nice portable "stay station" you can bring with you around the home or elsewhere.
  • Leave it - do not touch item dog is showing interest in


Our 2 Week Advanced Outdoor Proofing program is for dogs who have completed the basic program or have otherwise mastered basic obedience with the trainer with indoor distractions. With these additional 2 weeks, we will get your dog out in front of your dog's biggest distractions to proof your dogs Basic Obedience training. This training is more difficult and more time intensive. You will need this program for:

  • "Real life" Off-Leash Recall ("Come") - when your dog is loose outside or at the dog park
  • Walking calmly past distractions like dogs, bikes, joggers, if your dog is extremely reactive
  • Getting in front of more strangers to practice not jumping


Our Advanced Behavior Modification program is for dogs with certain behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, shyness and fearfulness. This is a 6 week program. We want extra time to help help your dog feel comfortable and build her confidence before doing too much training. Learning new skills needs to be taken a little slower for our nervous babies. In this program, as your dog's confidence and skills grow we will take your dog on field trips to work on her behavior near what makes her fret.

Bonus!: Exercise, Socialization, and Playtime:

Your dog will receive playtime, socialization with other dogs (provided your dog is dog friendly), and outdoor walks every day!

Training environment:

Our indoor training facility for boot camp is 3000 square feet where we can structure separate areas for one-on-one training, off-leash play, and crated nap time. Your dog will spend multiple sessions in each area throughout the day.

Walking training in the Basic Obedience Program will be done outdoors in the immediate neighborhood of the training facility past the bus stop, stores, houses and dogs for real life environmental distractions.

For the Advanced Outdoor Proofing Program we will take your pooch on field trips to dog parks, nearby walking paths and parks, and shopping areas to make sure we train in front of the distractions most important to you.

The trainers:

Cele Danner, Alex Hermundson, Jordan Phillips, Adam Stell and Jake Faas

Start Dates, Pricing and Registration:

Our next openings in MINNEAPOLIS: April 20th (1 spot), April 27th (1 spot), May 4th (1 spot)
Our next openings in ST LOUIS PARK: May 26th (1 spot), June 8th (2 spots)

Click the program name below to register and pay online: (please note preferred location in Behavior box during registration, if desired)

*Cancellations must be received at least one week prior to your start date in order to receive a full refund. After registering, we will contact you via email confirming your start date, as well what to bring and requesting vaccination records. Bordatella is required for boot camp.

Note: Due to our strict limits of six dogs per trainer, any missed days during the program will be forfeited.


Program Days and Time

  • Drop off: 7:00-9:00am
  • Pickup: 4:00-6:00pm -- Pickup times will be selected daily at drop off on a first come, first served basis.
  • Days of week: Monday - Friday (not including major holidays)
  • Outdoor Program: Resumes at end of March 2015.

Program Questions:

Contact Cele at cele@thek9coach.com. Please leave your phone number to contact you as sometimes talking through your situation is best. Cele is training at Boot Camp in the mornings and will be able to respond to inquiries in the afternoons.