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Coach Sadie Miller's Testimonials

Boot camp is going great! We love our trainer Cameo! I can't believe how much he has learned in his first week! Now it is just about practicing with him more to increase reliability of the behaviors! But he doesn't mind practicing at home and it's very fun for me to see the fast progress!

Thank you for checking in!
Steph Z
Weve had a great experience! Cameo has been really responsive and helpful.

Were working with Ruby this weekend on our homework and we know shes looking forward to being back on Monday with her new friends!

Mallory M
The first week has been great. Both Howie and I love Cameo. She is fantastic and I feel like he learns so much from her. I also really feel like she loves him, so it makes it that much easier to bring him there every day.
It has been a really great experience for Howie for sure.

I brought my 7 year old dog here for Obedience 1 because he was acting up and not listening as well as before. Cameo was an excellent teacher, patient and fearless. I noticed a change in my dog right away and learned so much about his abilities. I would recommend this to anyone and plan on continuing training here.

Jacob R
We are finishing up boot camp today with Cameo. Shes done such a fantastic job with Moki, its truly unbelievable. Hes like a whole new and much more controlled dog. Shes great and such an asset to Canine Coach.

Annette S
Thanks so much for the email and for checking in! Jessie Jo is doing amazing (at least I think so!!!) and I am so grateful for the trainer and staff. They have been extremely accommodating of my insane schedule.

Katie S.
Boot Camp is going great! Both Cocoa and I are learning how to be a team...and have fallen deeper in love because of it. Thanks to Cameo

Thanks for checking in
Julia and Cocoa
Boot camp is going well! Thank you for taking such good care of Shadow! Shadow and I both love Cameo! She is amazing!

Barb S
Things seem to be going really well. She already seems to be picking up on things so well and Cameo is doing a great job. We love her demeanor.

Erin A.