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Coach Don Nguyen's Testimonials


Thank you so much for all the work you did with Wilson over the past 6 weeks. We have seen so many improvements! Wilson will miss seeing you everyday!

Thank you!
Ali and George L.
Don - Thank you so much for the excellent work you do. We are thankful, you particularly have contributed to Roxy’s world! We all think you’re great.

-Denise, Donnie and Roxy

I want to thank you for your incredible work with Juno! I am so grateful for all the progress she has made - you have changed both of our lives for the better!

Many thanks,

Beth and Juno
Things are going good! I really like working with Don. I feel comfortable asking him questions without fear of judgment.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Best wishes,

Thanks for the great care and training you've provided for Alys! Lori, Alys and I will be forever grateful :) We hope to see you soon at future classes.

Alys, Lori and Ryan R.
Very happy with Don and his coaching! Great teacher for both dog and mom. Looking forward to more changes as the weeks go by!

Cassidy T
Dear Don,

Thank you sooo much for your care and training of Brody at Boot Camp - he has a solid foundation for obedience, thanks to you! We enjoy him so much more now that we can communicate - you have really made a difference in our lives!

Happy Holidays!
Nicole G.
Thank you so much for everything you have done with Duke. He has been doing great and runs right with me at the golf course! We really appreciate all you do :)

Julie O.
Everything is going really well with Penny's training. Don has been great to work with.

Looking forward to week 2 :)
Eric S.

John, Frankie and I wanted to thank you for the excellent training you have provided Frankie over the last 4 weeks. Frankie has made great changes and is over all listening so well. Thank you again!

Nichole, John & Frankie

Thanks for your email. So far everything is great! The flexibility with the pick-up and drop off times is very helpful. Don has been doing a wonderful job with Buffalo and I am impressed with the results so far!

Thanks, Ryan S.

Thanks so much for all you have done for Leo over the past few weeks! I always knew he was in good hands with you!

Stephanie E.

They’ve already improved so much! They’ve come home and really been responsive to their names and to commands, I’m so impressed!!

Thank you for your work with the puppies and wishing you a great weekend!
Maura B
Everything’s going really well with Boot Camp so far, thanks for checking! We are starting to see changes at home so that is exciting. Don is very thorough and we appreciate that.

Thanks, again
Stephanie and Tom B
Things are great. Charlie loves coming to Boot Camp every day. Her behavior this weekend was excellent! She's doing her Sits and Downs and walking on the leash. My parents came over today and said she was like a different dog. Much calmer when they came in, and eager to please.

Angelica V
Boot Camp is going great! Selby seems to love it (and Don) and she is learning so much!

Thanks, Aimee & Ben O

[Boot Camp]

Eloise is quite attached to us and was a little shy when we left her for the first couple of days. Don mentioned that she was pretty timid and didn't want to play with the other dogs during play time, so we were thrilled on Friday when Don had a video of her not only playing with a friend, but initiating the play! We have also already seen a difference in the way that Eloise listens better at home and while out on walks. We really appreciate Don's efforts with Eloise, taking the time to answer our questions, and helping us learn the skills necessary to be successful with her training. It's comforting knowing that she is in the hands of trainers who really care about her well being.

We're looking forward to see how far she will come at the end of 4 weeks.

Ashley and Cory C
Don - thank you so much for training my humans. I will miss coming to class every day, but I’m sure my mom will find other ways to keep me busy. Thanks for all the lessons and treats!

-Henry (& Hannah & Jon)
Don is great to work with - and Albert obviously adores him. All good so far!!

Lisa W
He did great! He's learned so much from Boot Camp already and it is fun watching him with his play group.

Michelle A
So far, everything has been great! Don has been really awesome and we're already seeing positive behavior changes.

Thanks for checking in!
Ryan R
Thank you so much for all that you accomplished with Gertie, she learned a lot. We learned a lot. Looking forward to many years with Good Gertie.

Pat and Cat B.

Thank you so much for making Boot Camp such a great experience. You went beyond my expectations and Sampson got so much more out of this than I ever thought possible. He was so happy to go to boot camp everyday. He’s going to miss you! Thanks again for helping to make Sampson a better listener, calmer, more controllable dog!

Jane R.
Thank you so much for teaching Maisy the basics.. showing her "the ropes"! Perhaps we'll see you for advanced training or a follow up at our house.

Amy, Mark, Ara, Viv and Maisy
Boot Camp is going wonderfully! We can see a huge improvement in Gustav in the first week. We are excited to see what the next three weeks bring!

Taylor B
Hi! Boot camp is going great. I’m really impressed with how much Buddy has already learned!

Ashlee W
Hi! Everything is going really well! We’ve enjoyed our sessions with Don and Gatsby is doing well when we practice at home. I think he’s having fun at boot camp.

Kelly W
Our first week was wonderful. We're seeing such a huge difference with Hazel already! Don is great and I'm so happy we brought her to boot camp. We're really looking forward to obedience classes following this.

-Lauren K
Things are going great. We've noticed that Luca is more confident, which we were hoping for (he has some separation anxiety) and he's learning to stay away from us, which helps with that as well. And, he loves going there!

-Rebecca R
I am very happy with boot camp. Don is very attuned to Avi's personality and her need to build confidence in varied settings. He's adapted the plan to incorporate her learning needs. This has been a great first week.

Thanks for inquiring!

Christine C.
The first few weeks are going amazing! I can definitely tell a difference in Bear and I can tell that he loves going.

Thank you so much,
Rachael G
Everything is going great. I am really impressed with Don and how much he has been able to teach my puppy in just 5 days! Just awesome.

Summer S

Thank you for all your help with Sebastian. You’ve made our lives so much better! We wish you all the best for 2016!

Josie, Brian, Emma, Jack and Sebastian
Have a cup of coffee on Ebony for your excellent care of Ebony. She is so delighted to come for training due to your great skills.

Thanks Again
The first week seems to have gone well! She appears to be catching on rather quickly.

Brian R.
I think it’s going really well! Buster seems to be adjusting to the drop offs and comes home appropriately tired. Don has been great, very direct and communicates well. Thanks for checking in!

Rachel H
Don, Super thanks! I hope all of us will be better behaved… thanks to you!

Buttons S.
Hi Don,

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Dusty is doing awesome! Dan and I moved into our new house last week and Dusty handled it like a champ. He is making good impressions with our new neighbors and a few have even said he is very well trained and they wish their dogs were as good as him. He loves having a backyard to run around in. He has even killed three rabbits! We go on a 45 minute walk before work and he does a great job especially when we pass other dogs. He and I have been working on "come" in the backyard and he comes most of the time now. We have a bit to go with it but it is encouraging to see him catch on. Thanks for everything you did for us and for Dusty. He is much easier to work with and we love that we are able to communicate with him!

Thank you again!
Stephanie, Dan, and Dusty A
Dear Don,
Thanks so very much for helping Ferby. He’s much calmer now.

Maureen K.
Don is really good at what he does. I am very happy.

Becky W.
Don! I just have to tell you we took Pippa for a walk this morning and used the Back instruction just a couple of times and she walked the ENTIRE time by our sides with absolutely NO pulling!! She’s like a totally different dog!! We are amazed with how far she has come in 2 weeks - you are a miracle worker!!

Jessy C
Don, Thank you for all your work with Lucy! It has been a pleasure working with you and the Canine Coach Crew.

Much Appreciated,
Brian S
It's working! Nella picked up a dead bird while running with my husband yesterday...she already had it in her mouth before he realized what it was. He said, "Leave it!" & she immediately dropped it! Don is clearly doing a great job with her!

Chantel J
Chloe’s been going great! We noticed the difference the first day. She’s definitely a lot calmer. Don has been great with going through what she’s learned, and answering any questions I’ve had.

Thanks for checking in!
Stacie L
First week has been great !!!

The trainers have been amazing and we can already see big improvement in Beezus and Waylon’s behavior and obedience skills!!

Thank you so much!!!
Chris B
Everything is going great! She is becoming such a well behaved dog and the trainers are amazing!

Kelly R