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Coach Jenny Strozinsky's Testimonials

Puppy class was a great experience for both Sophie and I. She loved the socialization, and I loved all the instruction. Your feedback was crucial, on point, non-threatening, and much appreciated. So much so that we immediately signed up for Level 1 Obedience with you as our trainer. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and fantastic communication, and great eye contact make for a great training experience, for we all know that it isn't the dogs that are being trained -- it's their owners! Thanks Jenny!

Jane F.
We had a BLAST and we look forward to taking classes again soon. Thank you for a very laid-back and fun approach to training!

Trina S.
This puppy class was really fun, upbeat, and packed with good stuff! I learned a lot! So did Pumpernickel! The best part is being able to ask about individual problems my pup has; it was like having a personal trainer! Thanks again for the help! I hope to be in class with you again soon.
Maisey T.

We are very happy with Jenny as a dog trainer! She is positive, upbeat, very knowledgeable, and has an obvious love of dogs and teaching their people how to train them.

Jenny was very patient with us, and never made us feel bad if our dog didn't perform correctly during class. She didn't let us off the hook, though, either, which I really appreciated, but was positive and encouraging to us to keep working with our dog at home, and if we did our dog would learn the behavior we were trying to teach him.

Jenny provided a lot of content and substance to our classes. We took a class at a different company and were very disappointed in that the trainer made it seem more like a play date than a training class. Not Jenny at Canine Coach! We loved how Jenny fit so much content into our classes, but didn't make us feel overloaded.

She reviewed previous skills learned before teaching new skills so we felt successful:)

We will be returning to Jenny at Canine coach for Level 2 classes--we are definitely satisfied customers! We have other companies that are located much closer to our home, but it's definitely worth the drive once you find such a great teacher/dog trainer.

Susan O
Jenny did a fantastic job coaching us and our dear Riley through puppy class on to obedience I. Jenny's classes are engaging and informative. She explains next steps in a very practical, easy-to-understand way. Though Jenny had a natural ability with the pups, she made us novice owners feel empowered and not intimidated by her skill. Riley progressed SO much during classes. It is clear to everyone how much Jenny loves dogs. I would definitely recommend Canine Coach and Jenny to other dog owners.

Thank you!
Laura B
I loved your class. I have been training dogs since the early 90's and your class is one of the better ones I have taken. I loved that you made class time productive for all owners and dogs enrolled, regardless if there was an issue behind a dog and owner being enrolled. Every dog/owner team got the most possible out of each class. It was thrilling to see all dogs advance over the weeks. I also valued the real life application of the exercises we did in class.

Lastly, you treat all owners with respect and interject appropriate, light hearted humor that allows people to relax and then their dogs relax.

Thanks for a great class and as soon as I get done with PT I will be taking another class from you.

Gail T.
Thanks so much- I loved Jenny- she was super and everything she said and taught me was spot on- Kitt ended up learning self control and how to better conduct herself and is doing very well in her adopted home!

Alex C
Jenny is a great teacher. She has a lot of experience, she made us feel comfortable as new dog owners and she has a very positive command over the class. Most of all she has a lot of information that you can start applying from day one. We started in Puppy class with our 9 week old lab and our confidence grew tremendously over the 5 weeks. I credit this to Jenny's instruction, her positive attitude and passion for the subject. We are very thankful to her and Canine Coach.

Rob R.
We just recently completed Obedience 1 with Jenny at the South Mpls location with our newly rescued pit bull and I wanted to say how happy we were with the class and Jenny! We learned so much and Fawkes is really shining at home with the lessons we learned in class. Jenny is patient and so knowledgable, we loved it!

Thank you very much!!

Sarah N
I took the Leash Walk class with Annette and I am still in Obedience I classes right now. I also took Puppy classes with Pauli and Jennifer. I LOVE all the classes, they are all so good. My dog Mickey loves them too. I will highly recommend The Canine Coach to anyone who wants/needs dog training.

Thank you!
Susan C
Terrific experiences with trainers at Canine Coach. Both Jenny and Jordan are professional, helpful and educated in the art of dogs!

Cynthia L.
Ginger and I truly enjoyed the training classes. Jenny is an amazing trainer and makes the classes fun and enjoyable. We looked forward to going to class every sunday evening. Everything we worked on during the 6 week course has been extremely helpful, not only in our home but in public places as well. I would and have recommend the canine coach to friends.

Kristin B
Jenny is passionate about being a dog trainer. That is obvious in her skill and attention to detail. She customizes the class for each dog since they are all different. She's easy to understand and follow. I took the leash walking class with her and it was amazing. My dog walks beautifully on a leash and that was possible in just 3 short sessions. She's friendly and genuinely cares about your experience in the class.

Thank you Jenny!

Maggie Christopher
I looked forward to every class. Jenny is very energetic and is good at motivating me to maintain structure with my dog. I am a better dog owner and Rufus is a better dog because of her.

Travis F
I want to extend a huge thank you to trainer Jenny for her wonderful instruction in the dog-to-dog socialization class that we took with our dog Maxine. She was both a really great, attentive instructor and also a very warm, friendly person…it made learning fun for all of us! The lessons provided us (both humans AND dog!) with a foundation that has proven to be instrumental in helping improve Max’s skills as a doggie citizen.

Week after week, Jenny guided us through exercises that not only helped build confidence within our dog, but more importantly formed a better human-dog bond that relied on trust, comfort, and control. As we continued to complete both classes and homework, I was starting to see a HUGE improvement in how Max listened and responded to me. I never imagined that I would see such a drastic change…but it happened! As the improvements continued, I became more and more proud of her, and she just wanted to please me more. It really brought our relationship closer. Plus, Max can now see other dogs without having a complete meltdown.

A big plus about the class as well, we were never once made to feel like we have a “bad dog” or that we were “bad parents.” Having an under- or non-social dog can be embarrassing, but I didn’t feel that way here. Jenny made us feel comfortable and listened to our concerns, and paid attention to each person and dog as an individual. Also, before our first class, I was nervous that the environment might be volatile or explosive with 6 under-socialized dogs in the same room, but utmost care is taken for the safety of everyone in class and Jenny maintained control at all times. Overall our experience was fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Kerri & Maxine H
Jenny is a God-send!! She is knowledgeable and reassuring. I liked that she was able to relate with us and explain things in a manner that anyone can understand. She listened to us and our wants for Oli and provided steps that we can take now and in the future. I would recommend Jenny to anyone that wants a dog to listen and know who's in charge. 11/10.

-Shawn W.
The Boot Camp has been a first class experience thus far. It is a privilege to have Jenny work with Murphy and with us - to learn from her the essential canine parenting tools that we should have and consistently apply. Murphy is a highly energetic dog and we are on a "journey", but we love him dearly. Jenny is very persistent and patient with Murphy. Jenny also demonstrates great time management as she integrates the basic program core but is also addressing Murphy's issues as we raise them (and there are several!). We can see that Jenny cares about Murphy in the way she communicates and works with him. With Jenny's guidance both Murphy and we should have a better life together in the future - as long as we stick to the program both during Boot Camp and afterward :). The facility is very neat, clean and organized. Chad has also been helpful with a couple tips for Murphy's handoff in the mornings. All the team members are knowledgeable, professional and very friendly!

Thank you for checking in.

Deanna and Gary C.
This woman! She has saved my sanity and very likely Ginsberg’s quality of life. She works doggie miracles. If you’re ever looking for a trainer to help you with a challenging pup, proceed directly to Canine Coach and request Jenny.

Kathleen K
People don’t take time out of their days often enough to compliment or recognize outstanding service. We’re just too quick to complain, which is really sad. We completed Puppy School and now have one week left on Level 1 Obedience with Jenny at your Front Street location. We’re picky show dog people (and novice rally and CGC and Therapy and Lure Coursing).

Can I please tell you how good Jenny is at her job? She captures the humans attention while teaching us how to communicate with our dogs. The very first day in Puppy School Jenny “wowed” me by helping an owner control her Jack Russell Terrier. She continues to wow me as she tries to help solve other behavioral issues. Now over the past few months she’s made me laugh with her spot on analogies. I have to teach people how to be a banker which isn’t always easy, but I do understand that people learn differently. Jenny has a great way of communicating and giving us examples of why our dogs are dogs and we are well…..humans. She’s really good at keeping the class on pace keeping things focused.

I will continue to utilize your training because Jenny has been such a great advocate for your business. I am beyond wowed and impressed with her style and technique of training. She is an excellent Ambassador for your business and represents you very well.

I just wanted to say JOB WELL DONE JENNY and K9 Coach. Very, very happy, satisfied and impressed.

Jody C
Hi Jenny,
My doggie Keeva and I took your leash aggression class last summer and I wanted to share our exciting walk from today! For the first time we crossed the Stone Arch Bridge! We passed joggers, bikes, strollers, and other dogs! Keeva absolutely loved the wind in her ears and she was so happy to be able to look down into the water, I feel like she looked at me and was proud of herself.

Emma B
I seriously can’t thank you enough for such an amazing Leash Aggression class. Your examples are so clear, and make it so possible to practice when we are on our own. We literally have a different dog, who more deeply trusts us, relaxes on her own, and wants to listen for the sake of listening, not just a treat. Thank you so, so much for all your great work! What you do is truly life changing. Thank you!!

Cady, Sarah and Kiki
Jenny, you were so very clear. You gave great demos with many dogs. You encouraged us constantly. I would take another class with you. You are just amazing with dogs. Teddy thanks you as much as I do.
I enjoyed the session so much. I was surprised at how easy Jenny made the concepts and tools. She helped me understand my dog’s behavior. She was candid about what could be changed dramatically, what could be worked on over time and what was not a reasonable expectation. She understood a lot about canine behavior but I didn’t feel like I needed to master that in order to be successful.

Tricia D
Your background in training was showing today. You gave us so many tips to help Teddy. Your calm and thoughtful leadership showed. I am so glad we took the walk. Teddy is my third dog and many training classes. That made the most sense of any leash training I have ever had....ever! I regret that I did not start puppy class with k9coach.

Thank you again and again,
Carol and Joan A. and Teddy, too.
I completed the Leash Aggression class with my dog Lady earlier this spring, and I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciated this class!!!

Not only is Lady MUCH less reactive, but now I feel like I have the skills and confidence to be able to handle any situations we might run into. Jenny was so helpful and accommodating during class. It's nerve wracking and embarrassing having a reactive dog, but Jenny really made me feel comfortable. I also loved how Jenny made my "bully" breed feel more than welcome. Thats HUGE in my book!

I feel like things just recently "clicked" and I am starting to really enjoy walking my dog!! No more waiting to walk until after dark when I know there won't be any other dogs around. I really feel like my dog has appreciated me stepping up my confidence, and she now looks to me for guidance when we come up on another dog. She's not perfect yet, but this behavior didn't appear overnight, so I certainly can't expect it to disappear overnight either. Lady has come so far, and I just can't say enough good things about the Canine Coach. We've taken 2 classes with you now, and I've enjoyed both of them so much. Really looking forward to our next class. Thank you so much!!

Allison C and Lady
I took puppy socialization with Jenny. And it was a life changing experience. I think I gained much more from the class than my puppy did. I have 3 dogs and I have used everything Jenny taught us from puppy class on my adult dogs. We are much less stressed, and much happier and calmer household. I got so much benefit from the way she leads and speaks. Her information was life changing and I tell everyone I talk to about her and how great the Canine Coach is! I don't want to over do-it, but I am so grateful for Jenny and for Michele. My life as a dog parent has drastically improved and it gets better with each class. So thank you to them and to your facility for all you do.

Megan E
We have our dog Tilly in two classes right now (obedience 1 and leash reactivity) and it is AMAZING how the training is paying off!!

Keep up the good work :)
Aly M
Jenny was great! It's like I'm dealing with a new dog! He was always a taut leash dog on walks, going left to right and back again, his nose leading our walks. Now he walks next to me on a loose leash. Inside, he does a great job of staying in whatever place I instruct him to stay until I release him. Thanks!!!!

-Dallas C.
Just wanted to send a Kudos out to our trainer Jenny Strozinsky. She has been wonderful with helping us learn the skills we need to deal with the aggression in our St Bernard, Ivan. We have taken Dog to Human Socialization for Reactive Dogs, and we are currently taking Dog to Dog Socialization for Reactive Dogs with Jenny. Jenny seems to relate the best with our Ivan. Ivan is still a work in progress, but thanks to Jenny and the Canine Coach Training Classes we see such an improvement in him.

Thanks again!!!!!!
Katie L
I wanted to send a note to the Canine Coach to tell you about my great experience with Jenny Strozinksy as our personal at home trainer. We started at Canine Coach with our 2 dogs for level one obedience class with Maureen and then followed up with at home training with Blair Hauser. Not long into the at home training we had an incident with one of our dogs that ending up having him declared potentially dangerous with the city of Minneapolis. We called Blair right away and she said she could help us through it. Unfortunately, Blair moved away - as you know!

We were referred to work with Jenny in place of Blair. This was such an upsetting time for us, I was worried about having to switch trainers but from the minute we met Jenny I felt so much more confident that we could correct ours and our dogs behavior. Jenny gave us really specific instructions and goals to work on and was also great at correcting us and giving us constructive criticism. The end goal was to get our dog off the declared dog list and that happened! We could never have done it without her.

We will continue to work with Kenny at home with both of our dogs. I just wanted to let you know that you have a real gem working for you! We just love her.

Alexis D.
The class was great. Higgins has made big improvements, and we intend to keep doing training classes with Canine Coach. Kudos to our teachers!

Joe B
Very organized classes and knowledgeable instructors... all around great!

-Wendy F
I just wanted to send along a little note of gratitude for your Coach Jenny. We have been working we her and our dog, Larry, training at home.

Larry is a spunky, energetic, rescue dog that is not quite a year old. He is a great dog but started to become uncontrollable. I had a baby just over a month ago and we were at our wits end with him. We feel our pets are like family, but, the baby does come first and we were starting to think Larry may have to be rehomed if something didn’t change (I start to cry just writing that sentence). But, we wanted to exhaust all options before making that decision.

Larry had already gone through Level 1 training and leash walking class and did great in the classroom but was having trouble recreating that at home, and with the arrival of the baby, he completely lost all his skills.

Honestly, we were pretty skeptical that the in home training would make a dent in his behavior. But, after our first session with Jenny, we had our dog back. Not only that, but a new and improved dog! He is now a joy for us to have as a part of the family. He even seems happier with new boundaries and the leadership Jenny had us establish.

We still have work to do, and Larry is a work in progress. But, it is normal puppy stuff, and we have the tools we need to create a happy home.

We cannot thank Jenny enough, her time with us has truly been life changing. We have already been telling everyone we know of our great results as well.

Thank you again,
Alex, Britta and of course Larry O
Canine Coach is a great company with many locations, group classes, private training and much more. My husband and I have worked with Jenny for private training and group classes, for both of our dogs, and she is great! She is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and very personable and professional. I HIGHLY recommend Canine Coach and Jenny for dog training and behavioral issues.

Bonita Q