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Jordan Phillip's Testimonials

I was very impressed by Jordan's teaching and the way that all of your staff reached out to Lucia while at The Canine Coach. In fact, everyone in the class, including the particpants, celebrated Lucia's progress with me. I can't commend you enough for creating an environment like that. Lucia was too frightened to make eye contact with anyone in her first class. The environment was so positive that she started to relax a little and take treats in the second class, which was very heartwarming. I'm sure that you'll see me again, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that I know that has training needs.

Julie M.

My husband was AMAZED today! We walked passed three dogs at the park (arching and reassuring) with no pulling, no reaction. At the beginning of the walk AJ says "I wish there was a dog nearby so we could see his reaction" and I point up the path to an off leash dog with its owner and say "there is one nearby", he was speechless. :)

We are so appreciative for all your help, I think all of us are so much happier now! I look forward to consistently training him so our walks continue to be delightful!

Thanks again!!
Bridgett J
Jordan is grrreat! Charlotte truly enjoys training with her and is making progress.

Julie B.
I can't tell you how awesome your class has been for me and Stillwater. It has made an enormous difference not only in his behavior around other dogs but also in my willingness to connect with him. He and I have been on thin ice for a while, so I'm glad I was right in suspecting that taking a class with him would get us back on track.

So thank you soooo much. Stillwater and I are both so grateful.

My best,
Alex P

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience at the St. Paul Puppy class! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and took away so many useful tips!

Looking forward to additional classes with the Canine Coach!

Scott, Gina, Trygve

Hi Jordan -

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great Obedience I class.

You are a great teacher, very accommodating and understanding of each person and their dogs' unique situation and personality, and made everyone feel special and understood.

We had a great group of people and dogs and I saw improvement in each and every one of them. I really felt a camraderie within the group and that was so nice to see and experience.

Maverick and I had taken a puppy manners class (Not Canine Coach) prior to the Obedience I class with Canine Coach and I wish I could have done things differently. I felt almost defeated after each puppy manners class, that I had a maniac dog on my hands and that he would never mellow and behave and that I would experience a total uphill battle with him. In contrast, I was happy and positive after the Canine Coach classes, excited to work with Maverick and then to see the improvement in him after 6 weeks was just icing on the cake!

Thank you again, and Maverick and I will see you in January!

Karen H. & Maverick
We think Jordan is terrific. Calm, funny, clear with instructions and the reasons behind those instruction--we are very happy with the puppy class.

Julie B.
"Thank you so much for all of your work with Apollo this month! You are amazing! We can't believe the change in him...he has come so far and listens so well. You were gentle and loving with him and patient and encouraging with us. And you made it fun!

You are knowledgeable and effective. You made a difference in our lives.

Thank you.
Terrie and Carter
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the classes and so did my dog Buffy. Jordan was an excellent trainer and so wonderful with all the dogs and their needs. I have been to a few different training classes with my other dogs and never enjoyed them like I did this one. Buffy was always excited to come to class and so was I. Met wonderful people there and it was fun.

Thanks so much for your recommendation to this class. I am looking forward to signing up for the Class with Jordan at Lake Nokomis in the Spring.

I would highly recommend Canine Coach to anyone interested in lessons or anyone having problems with their dog.

Thank you.

Kathy H

Guthrie and I (and Theo) have loved working with you. Thank you. Seriously, just a month and a half ago Guthrie and I felt like we were not capable of working with Theo and now he is really starting to become a part of our family. Thank for you all of your encouragement and answers to all of our millions of questions!

Laura B.
We just thought you might like an update on Otis. He is doing great. We had to take a few steps back in training, like walking him on off times at the park. But, it worked. We now have free roam of the park, upper loop and busier lower loop at any time of day. He still has trouble with some of the busier city streets, and objects that flap in the wind. Overall though, we are super proud of him.

Thanks for giving us the tools and advice we needed to start Otis off on a safe, happy, and healthy life.

Robert R.
I signed up my puppy mill dog for the Socialization for Shy and Fearful Dogs class, as she is painfully skittish- she is always terrified of new people, especially children, or any startling sounds etc. Jordan was fantastic, showed us the ways to approach "scary" things, introduce new people and identify/plan ahead for what is going to make your fearful pup feel on edge. Obviously, this is a more gradual change than other classes, but I can definitely see a difference in my dog's confidence!

Caitlin S.
Charli and I wanted to let you know that we unfortunately have to miss the final class today. I am sick. I wanted to thank you for the skills that you taught us and for helping us continue to bond together. Charli has made great progress in “watching me” for signals on how to behave both in the home and outside. Most of all, the class gave her the opportunity to try something new all the time. We are going to be signing up for the shyness class with YOU! Please tell Buffy and Lambchop’s mom’s that we had a great time training next to them and they were so gracious to Charli. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Oh yeah…Charli has had NO accidents in the house for 7 days!!!!

Les F.
Thanks so much for such an enjoyable puppy class!! We thought your training skills to be outstanding! Again, we thank you for a wonderful puppy learning experience!!

Peggy B.
Jackson and I are thrilled to see you each week again!! You are so great with him and I can't wait to learn additional tools to help him enjoy life more :) See you Thursday.

Best Regards,
Nicol J.
Thanks for all your great training - he walks so much better already - it is magic!

Thank you!

Rachel C.
Hi Jordan!

I've attached a video of not one, but two of your past pupils playing together. We brought Libby (yellow lab) to the "doggie aggression" classes this past winter--and I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress she's made! This weekend was the first time she's actually played with another dog...so we were pretty excited. The other dog in the video is Marley (Corgie, Aus shepherd mix) who took a puppy class with you. Libby & Marley definitely had to build a relationship first, but they get along wonderful now :)

Thanks again for all your help/teaching! We've definitely put it to use and it has ?paid off :)

Mary & Anthony? B.

We loved the Agility for Fun class and look forward to future classes.

Thank you!
Rob H
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that your work really makes a difference. Charlie is doing great and responding well.

Life is good for Charlie. Thank you, thank you! If you were ever wondering if you make an impact you most certainly do.

Best, Jayne N.

Thank you again so much for teaching such a great class. I feel like I gained a lot of tools for working with my dog!

Ben O.
Thank you so much Jordan! Jack (my son) and I loved the class last night…so did Pepper! We practiced “down” last night and are making progress! See you next week :)

Ann Marie L.
Hi Jordan!
Thank you so much for a wonderful Puppy Class! Ella had a lot of fun and Aaron and I certainly learned a lot!

Thanks again!
Madalyn R.
Jordan and this class have been great! She has really made Foxy blossom into a friendly, happy little dog, instead of being afraid of everything.

Thanks for your help,
Donna G
So happy with Jordan, she was a really good fit for us and helping out with Iris. We are going to practice what Jordan taught us and we have another meeting set up. Jordan was just perfect!

Laura F
Hi Jordan,

Thanks for your help last night. We particularly appreciate your calm, knowledgeable approach combined with your clear instructions.

We're looking forward to helping him improve, and we'll look into that leash aggression class!

Emily N
I just wanted to leave an update for Jordan. We adopted Zoey who was a 9 month old rescue German Shepherd. While she seemed like a great dog she had a fear of children. Our 7 year old soon could never go near her unsupervised.

I called around to a few dog trainers and one told me too put her to sleep immediately and she would never warm up to kids. I decided instead to go through Canine Coach and have Jordan come out to our home for a 1 on 1 session to observe.

She gave us alot of helpful feedback and homework for training and follow up whenever needed. After extensive training and working with Zoey and our son on our own with the tools Jordan gave us things started to improve.

My son and zoey are best friends now. I can trust her again and we still continue working with her despite her excellent behavior. Im confident she can remain in our family forever!! We had already contacted the rescue to give her back but wanted to give Jordan a try first. Truly a miracle worker!!

Miranda S
Hi Jordan,

Well it's been 1 week since you came over for Windy's training session. I wanted to update you on her progress. We cannot thank you enough for all your help. You really turned things around for us and for her. I know it's your job to do that but I just want to let you know that you do your job very well!

Windy's walks with us are 100% better. She listens very well and will walk next to us whenever we ask her, she enjoys her free moments as well. I even managed to go running with her one morning and she only tried to trip me up one time.

We thank you very much and look forward to having class with you and seeing you again!

Windy, Joy & Chris W
Thanks for working with Elses - it's made a big difference. I really appreciate the work you do.

Michelle H
Thank you for helping us with Nigel. You are a dog whisperer!

Sharon and Peggy S
Thank you so much for training and coaching Winnie! You took such wonderful care of her and we know she is going to miss you! Really amazing experience and we couldn't be happier with the results! Promise we will keep working with her! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Mary Beth and Andy
A quick thank you for assisting with Baxter's and my training. I appreciate all your insights, Especially the house training advice. It has been a pleasure working with Canine Coach!

We worked on leave it walking over the crackers today. Leave it and stay combos even adding it some go to bed/stay and then walking past crackers on ground when called. He did great. We did stay/recall and throw treats /leave it, he did great. And then he was doing so well I started having him down stay and we put treats about two feet in front of him and we let Idgie eat them. He just stared at me waiting for his great. Then we moved the treats about a foot away and he did the same thing. Then we took Idgie away and I put a treat on his foot as he was in a down stay and I said leave it with my hand in front of his face. He again stared at me until I said release and then he ate the treat from his paw!!!!!! Tabatha and I were cheering and probably woke our kids up! Tabatha took the dogs on a walk together and Mater did great.

Thanks for all of your hard work with him.
Nitara F.
We are really happy with Riley's training, and how she is progressing. very happy with Jordan too. She is a wonderful!

Thanks for checking in!
Kay and Mike E.
Our Lola loves little kids and people, but her hatred towards other dogs had recently become dangerous. We decided that $170 was worth it if it can prevent her from hurting another dog. The first night of class we were a bit apprehensive, a room full of aggressive dogs (6 dogs were in the class)? Yikes. Jordan, our teacher, had everything under control and works very well with the dogs (and people)! If your dog needs a little more attention with a certain activity, she spends the time to work one on one with you, even offering to stay after class to help. She doesn't make you feel guilty that you have an aggressive dog. By the third week, our aggressive dog was laying on the floor next to another dog, calm as could be. I highly recommend this class! We are very impressed with the staff and the facilities.

Keep up the good work, Canine Coach!

Erica J.
Thanks so much Jordan! You are so good at what you do...an excellent trainer indeed. We are so fortunate that we had YOU to train Harriet and us! We'll let you know how we're doing!

Vicki M
Dearest Canine Coach People-

Michelle and I have been greatly enjoying our obedience and dog walking classes.

Thanks very much- Lora G.

PS- All three of us think Jordan is a really good teacher, please let her know that. Benny's vote may have been swayed mostly because Jordan carries chicken, but Michelle and I really did like her :)
Hi Jordan Hope you enjoyed a great weekend. Can’t believe Riley is in her last week at BC. Her progress has been amazing. I walked her both days this weekend and was so impressed with her listening and leash manners. So excited that this is OUR dog! :)

Kay and Mike E.
Thanks again for a fantastic "Just Tricks" class. Amani just suddenly mastered the "shall we dance?" trick!

Gloria S. with Amani
Ok, you may need a new title, you seriously work miracles! Buster and I went for a walk shortly after his nap, a neighbor needed something but had dogs and it was too much distraction so I told them I could come back…I left buster inside by the front door and told him to stay, never expecting he’d actually do it. I walked 3 houses down talked for a few minutes and came back to find Buster still waiting for me!! We hadn’t even practiced tonight…You are awesome!

Connie B
Thank you for being such an attentive, fun, and helpful trainer. Even though Loretta knew most of the commands before we started class, I have learned so many new and wonderful tips on how to interpret and modify her behavior. I’m glad you do what you do :)

Ashea B.
We had Jordan this spring and summer for both puppy class and Level 1 obedience (oh, and Walking Nicely on a Leash class!). She was so patient and understanding with our yellow lab puppy, whose unending "exuberance" definitely made him the "problem child" in the class!

Lisa T

Jordan is great!

Lara R
Thanks, Jordan; really fun class today. Can't wait for next week!! And you were right, Koda was exhausted when we got home :)

See you next week,
Kellie P
Leo has had a terrific first week of boot camp! We are very impressed with the trainers and the level of obedience he has demonstrated already. We are seeing results and he certainly seems to be enjoying his days in training.

Greta H.

Thank you so much for teaching us! We have all come really far with training & could not have done it without you! Simon & I look forward to Obedience two soon.

Cheers, Angie, Aaron, Simon & Ruby D.
Hi Jordan,

Thank you so much for the great class and for helping us prepare for CGC. She passed everything else so we ended up passing! I am so thrilled--we'd have never done it without you.

Mary and Mishka

Hi Canine Coach,
I am writing to let you know how much I loved working with Jordan Phillips. My now 2 year old Boston Terrier, Bucky, has some issues with nervous aggression and protective behavior in some situations. He is a pure bred dog that came from a very good show dog lineage. Jordan is very positive in her instructions, really wanted to know all about me and my dog to understand how we work with him, is so enjoyable to spend time with in a training session, and so professional in her manner and follow up. Jordan provided me with some tools and instruction that really made a difference in Bucky when put into action. He is now an even better dog than he was before. And I know he will continue to be - thanks to Jordan. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs to make some corrections in their dog's behavior. Thank you Jordan!

Karen S
Thanks for checking in! We've been really happy with everything so far - both Cele and Jordan are really great and we feel like Indy's in such good hands. He's definitely made progress in the first week and we're already able to practice/use "go to bed" and "back" at home :) Our trainers have also been helpful in giving advice on other behaviors or issues we're having, which is so valuable to have as a resource.

Angeli W.
To the outstanding team at Canine Coach,
Thank you very much for all you hard work and patience with our dog Alice. We signed up for boot camp hoping she would become a better, more well behaved dog and she has! Not only that, be we have become much better owners to her.

Thank you for all you help!
Geoff and Laura S
Thanks for checking in. The first week has gone really well. Conrad is clearly getting lots of good training, and we have appreciated the time with the trainers at the end of the day and the homework to help the lessons stick. Keep up the good work!

Jesse G.
Thank you so much for helping Cooper be the best puppy he can be. He loved coming in to see you & all his friends at school. Not only is he the cutest little guy out there, he now has manners to go with it, thanks for making him quite the gentleman!
Thank You!

Dan, Jos & Cooper
Training is going great! I so appreciate the trainers knowledge and love for dogs.

Jennifer M.
Hi Jordan,
Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help! Roscoe and I really enjoyed class and will continue to work on obedience. Roscoe was excited to "graduate" from level one! :)

Thanks again!
Jessie O
We were very pleased with Jordan and Alex. They did a great job of working with Mulligan and I found Alex to be professional and supportive when I had the 15 minutes with him at the end of the day. We are looking into more classes with Mulligan after we get our daughters back to college. I would recommend your training to anyone.

Brenda C
We really loved the training and results from our Boot Camp experience. The training provided Fiona and us with great tools to get her started on the right track. We really appreciate the professionalism and results.

Molly P.
Thanks so much for all of your guidance -- I've really learned so much from the classes I was able to attend and while Millie and I still have a long way to go I feel much more in control of the journey than I did before.

Maura D.
Thank you Jordan for all of your help over the past four weeks. You've taught our Sawyer how to be more of a gentleman. Drew and I (and our feet) are so appreciative.

We look forward to obedience class in a few weeks/months, once Sawyer grows out of his puppy playtime mentality. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the future!

Katie C.

Hi Jordan!
Annie will surely miss you this week, as will we but we'll be back for another class with you in the new year. Have to get through the holiday push but it's on our to do to register for something else.

You made training so fun and easy. I have been using stay the last three mornings and it's worked like a charm! She sits and stays for 5 minutes while I get ready and prep a chew snack and then when I release, she's so relieved to get her treat. Such a relief to find what works for my sweet girl. And I actually think I could spell out her name soon with "leave it"! She's so obedient about "leave it", I can't believe I have a dog leaving the treats on her paws! And can't believe all the other tricks she's picking up - our new fave is figure 8 and she'll do it without treats. We will be fun entertainment at our holiday gatherings :)

Wanted to thank you so much, I appreciate your passion and love of our pets.

Have a great holiday season and we will keep see you in the new year!

Tobie, Dan, and Annie (and the cats who really appreciate all the work we are putting in to make living with a dog fun!)
I see why Terry speaks so highly of the help you give her with Riley. I enjoyed watching your session this evening.

Carol K.
We wanted to thank you for such a good, informative class. We both learned so many practical tips we can use every day with Wish, and we really appreciated your great teaching style.

Thanks for everything! We'll definitely be back for more Canine Coach classes.

Rebecca and Josh (and Wish)

[Wish was in the Dog to Dog Socialization class for Aggressive Dogs]

The Obedience class started out challenging because my dog is young with lots of energy. The trainer, Jordan, calmly guided me during the 1st couple of classes of how to gain my dogs attention so we could focus on the class topic for the week.

Each week we learned a couple of new commands. Jordan paid attention to each and every dog & owner and the personalities of each. She gave individual tips to each one based on what she was viewing as a potential challenge for the different personalities. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of applying all that I learned. My dog does actually understand and responds to the commands.

This was by far the best bonding experience with my new dog. I will definitely sign up for the Level II class & hopefully have Jordan as the trainer.

Rosemary M.

We love the obedience class and just know that we will be taking many different classes with our little project dog!!

Megan B.

Hey Jordan,

Hope you are having a good summer. We just wanted to let you know that your "puppy sickle" idea has been so much fun for Gus and our family! I don't think he has ever paid attention to something for as long as he does with this "miracle" treat. :-)

Thanks again for all of your help with training and know that we look forward to seeing you in the fall for Level 2.

Melissa, Aaron and Gus

Dear Jordan,

Dune and I took the CGC test yesterday and she passed! Please know that we would not have been able to have this much success without your wonderful guidance, encouragement and teaching.

I could tell that Dune benefited from the class in numerous ways. She was intellectually stimulated, the socialization was really good for her, the interactions with other dogs was great and it motivated me to want to train with her to be a therapy dog. I can't thank you enough! I too really enjoyed the class, you created a wonderful sense of community among a very disparate group of people and dogs.

Thank you so much for such a great class.

Joanne and Dune

We enjoyed class last night. We suspected it would be great, but we weren't sure what to expect, I guess. When we got in the car, Tony said, "That was really fun!" Thanks so much!

Alison, Tony and Mambo

We finished Puppy class with Jordan, she was great!

Matthew, Jake, and Murray

Everything is going great so far!! We are already seeing excellent results are excited to see Winston’s continued progress!

Jess G.
It is fantastic! Tillie is learning a lot, plus I am too. The Trainers and staff are outstanding.

Have a great day!
Julie H.
We have a Boxer who is now a year and a half and we did all of his classes from puppy kindergarten through Level 2 Obedience with Jordan at your Minneapolis location. We loved working with her and she did such a great job with Gus!

Many thanks!

Melissa K.

Jenny and I are really getting a lot out of the class, and we are both amazed at your effortless ability to work with puppies!

Chris G.

I took Kela to the Battle Creek dog park on Sunday, and she had a ball, played nicely and came back to me 95% of the time when I called. All your suggestions are paying off!

Anna M.

Thanks so much! I have enjoyed ALL of the classes I’ve taken at The Canine Coach (all instructors great, especially love Jordan) and look forward to hopefully getting little Leo into therapy dog volunteering someday soon.

Cari L.

I just wanted to provide some feedback about our recent private training session with Jordan, which was great! Jordan helped us get started on the right foot with our new dog. She taught us practical exercises to work on until we start obedience class and helped us establish our leadership from day one. We all had fun and learned a lot, and we're having great results! Thank you!

Looking forward to starting obedience class with you guys tonight!

Sara S.

I am very impressed with Jordan. She seems very knowledgable about dog behavior. She is very respectful of all the dogs in the class as well as the owners. She gives good information in a way that I can understand. The puppy information is on target for what I am going through with my three month old Boxer, Skylar. Jordan is very open to specific questions and is very approachable. My only regret is that we only have one puppy class left. I wish it went longer.

Pat S.

Yay! I can't thank EVERYONE enough for working with Jackson the last four weeks. His custom program was perfect.

Marcy V.

[[Jackson was enrolled in our Boot Camp Program!]]

Nick was terrific with 28 guests last night: no jumping, no barking, no begging. He has also been good at dog parks. We went to Kaposia in South St. Paul this week. It is a wide open fully fenced area where he could run a lot. His choice is sometimes to visit the owners more than the dogs, but once he gets running, alone or with a pack of dogs, it is a nice sight!

From one teacher to another--you are terrific! Thanks for all that you do. And I hope that we will be able to take the next class with you!

Marcia A.

Jordan, we really appreciate your help with our Nikolas. He and I enjoyed our first big walk down Grand Ave today. He's over his fear of cars and did really well with all the people coming and going. We walked to Urban Animal for a bone so he thought that was pretty cool.

Stacy E.

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for another interesting and educational class. We think our training is coming along nicely and we enjoy your sense of humor.

Tess, Paul and Audrey

I think Lady is doing great and she always does the nice walking on leash when I want her to. So I count that as a great success! The class was great!

Catherine C.

OMG Jordan, I know it's late, but Bourbon LOVES her sock filled with kibble and cheese. She immediately took it into her kennel to work on it.

Jacqueline M.

[Before contacting me, Bourbon, a Basset Hound, had separation anxiety.]

We attended leash training for our two dogs. The trainer Jordan was very punctual and knowledgable. Even though we took obedience training through adult education previously, this class was very helpful and worth the cost. The first night was basic walking techniques. Some of the techniques, I never came across before.

Scott C.

Thank you for allowing us to be in your class and handling Otto's behavior so gracefully!

Petra W.

[Otto has behavioral issues around other dogs, so Petra was taking the Agility for Fun! class to help work through them.]