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Coach Karen Hager's Testimonials

Boot camp is going great! We have noticed a difference already in Sunny's behavior. Karen is a great fit for Sunny. We are looking forward to working with her over the next few weeks.

Thanks for checking in!
Maureen M
Hello to All,
Just wanted to let you know what a great experience the Canine Coach is. We are greeted every morning & evening. Morgan can't wait to jump in the van when we say "time for school". Karen is Awesome!!!! Morgan adores her and Karen is a wonderful trainer. She sure understands our very energetic girl and not only does Morgan learn from her, we have learned so much from her. She has given us positive ways & tools to work with Morgan. We all Win!! We are very pleased & Morgan must be happy to understand what we are asking of her. Thank You Karen!!!

Boot camp has been amazing so far. Without the advice from Karen, I would probably still not be getting any sleep. She helped me figure out how to get my little Henry to sleep in his kennel which is absolutely amazing!

Andrea R
The first week has gone very well. Karen is great and is taking things a little slower with Gus. I appreciate that she is modifying the training to meet him where he is at.

Michelle M
Karen and the team are doing an outstanding job. I know we are not supposed to over-train Orion, but he almost seems bored at home if we arenít asking him to do something!

Loved our first week, thanks.
Philip G
I think the first week went really well. I love that Karen is so willing to work with us to see what we need most for Fergus.

Stacy M
Everything is going great and Karen is wonderful! Thanks.

Denny & Laura L.
I'm loving it, and so is Bea! She seems to be learning quite a bit. Karen is excellent. I am so glad that we did this.

Gretchen T
Thanks for checking in! Everything is going great and Garth is doing so great. We're eternally grateful for Karen.

Cristina L
He loves "school" and I don't know what he'll do once it's over! Weird to say about a dog, but he's VERY excited to get there every morning. Thanks for checking in!

Karin S.