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Coach Lauren Coombs Testimonials

"Jeremy and I loved you so much, I just signed our other puppy for your Obedience II class. Hopefully both dogs can do Rally together.

See you in a few weeks!

Ashley B.
We couldn't be happier with you and the classes so far, Hannah and I just keep talking about how great Margo seems to do and how much she really loves going to the classes, which for how scared she usually is of new places is just wonderful!

Brian I.

Thank you so much for the first weeks class yesterday. Paul and I learned a lot and we almost wondered if the dog we brought to class was the same one we took from home!

See you next week!
Katie J.
We LOVE this place.

I have done the "Just Tricks" with my 9 year old, Izzie, with the AWESOME teacher Lauren. ADORED HER, she was so sweet, calm, had a REAL LOVE for dogs and SHOCKINGLY remembered all the dogs names (bonus because the dogs did not care).

We love the classes there, even though we often are not A+ students! It's so ruff!

Brittany H.
Thanks for your most kind and understanding instruction and tolerant, supportive attitude. Canine Coach is lucky to have you on their team.

Jon B.
I just had to tell you how amazing the transformation has been in my walks with Sonic and our other dog, Ozzie. This is life-changing! There's no more crisscrossing leashes and constant pulling.

Thank you thank you!
Sallie Q.

Thank you Lauren! Really appreciate everything you've done for us :) I don't remember if I told you, but I took aria to psycho suzis that Saturday that was super warm- it was the busiest I've ever seen it, we had to wait for a patio table. I definitely planned where we sat, and brought a bone to distract her, but we got the best compliment from our waitress. After sitting there for probably an hour and a half, "oh, I didn't realize you had a dog with!" :) definitely come a long way and learned a LOT.

Morgan C.

We have already seen improvement in his interactions with Niko. He has quickly picked up that coming up to Niko and pestering him is not a welcome behavior. Yesterday, even after being alone most of the day (which usually means Hurley wants to be literally on top of me), he saw me on the couch with Niko and promptly went over to his crate, got a toy, and hung out on his own. That’s progress!

Erin H.
Hi Lauren,

I cannot thank you enough! You really provided great insight into Jackson’s behavior and how we can be better “parents/trainers” to him. I learned a lot from you and this summary is really great- I can go back to this if I forget or have questions about what we should focus on. We’re having our first structured play date with Cyrus at 3 pm today. Wish us luck!

The other training in the house is going VERY well! Jackson is sitting, lying or responding nearly 100% of the time. His response rate is a bit less when he’s outdoors, but still fairly good. We’ll continue to work on this!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Clarice C.
Thanks so much for this class. It has really helped me bond even more closely with Scout, and has taught me some great skills that we can use for the rest of her life. Our lives are more enriched because of it.

Brian S
Hi, Lauren

I can't tell you how encouraged we feel about Pete since you met with us on Monday. ( and we very extremely impressed with your dog training knowledge and prowess). He has responded very well ( though we have not encountered a strange dog yet) to the eye contact/yes treats when encountering a strange man on our walks, a rabbit, and today, our neighbor entering the yard and gate. He is smart and a quick learner, thank goodness. We have many challenges ahead, of course, with dogs and workers in the house so, so far, so good!

Also, we have gated him into our room at night and no pooping in the house yet. We have our fingers crossed!

I will keep in touch but thanks again.
Vicki & Jan & Pete T. F.
Hi Lauren,

We've had a lot of success today...no zipping, lots of rewards (food), little talk. In the game of 3, he went almost straight to the open hand & foot over food & was able hang back.

It's been very peaceful & Leo has been calm w/little frustration, if any. Complete ignoring has worked well w/that talk-back barking & so he didn't escalate.

I can't thank you enough!
Melissa M.
This is Sarah, mom of Sophie the Papillon from last night's puppy class in St. Louis Park. My boyfriend Ryan and I (and Sophie) were extremely impressed with the way you taught class and handled Sophie's shyness and caution. Sophie has never been that confident in class before and we were so excited to see her coming out of her shell!

-Sarah C.
Thanks so much for all your specialized help with Josie during obedience level two. We’ve really appreciated your patience and expertise.

Becky L.
Wanted to thank you for a great class. You were great with Copper and I really appreciate it!

I want to make sure you get recognized for having such an open, friendly approach those dogs with special needs.

Thank you and look forward to my next class with you.
Brandi B.

I owe these slack leashes and wonderful Sunday walk to Lauren. She's great.

Thanks Canine Coach.

Tracey M.

We very much enjoyed the session with Lauren and have used a few of the tips she gave us to great success already! We are excited to get the written information from her to continue and elaborate on the training.

Thanks for your help.
Susan Shaw
Ahhhh I'm so sorry Lauren, but Chewie and I will not be able to make it tonight, I had to go home sick from work today. He and I are just cuddling. He loved your class and keeps looking at the door wondering when we are going to go.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher, you are awesome!! A few of friends have actually signed up for the same class after the holidays.

If you ever have another class for Chewie please let me know!!!

Thank you again,
Ashley, Chewie, Yoda H
Lauren was a miracle worker in getting both Daisy and Wiley to heel perfectly on walks within an hour. It's like she waved a magical want. Today we worked on decreasing Wiley's anxiety in the car and increasing Daisy's recall ability. I have no doubt they'll be stars in those new skills soon as well.

Lee R.
Hi Lauren,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and wisdom.

So, thanks again and Hagrid says hi!
Meg P.

Brian and I wanted to thank you, beyond words, for all you've done for our little family.

Sonny is unmuzzled now. He and Greta play together all the time. They respect each other's boundaries. They follow each other around the house. He licks her face an awful lot. They can't wait to see each other in the morning.

I don't think we ever believed we'd get here, and I'm certain we wouldn't have without you. Thank you, so much.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Julie W.
I was blessed to be able to take a class with Lauren Coombs with my fearful of people pup, Belle. I learned so much in this class. I am so thankful for Lauren's experience and her illustrative teaching. She opened me up to the whole language of dogs. How did I ever successfully own a dog before this class?! I guess I must've owned very tolerant (and not at all fearful!) dogs.

We are slowly going through the things Lauren taught us. Making tiny steps forward, slides to the left, a couple steps back, and then forward again. Typical progess with a not so experienced owner! Haha! Thank you so much for your time. I recommend Lauren and Canine Coach to anyone I know who is struggling to understand their dog!

Tara S. (Shy/Fearful grad)
Just wanted to pop you a quick note. Took Mr Leo on a 6 mile run today and along the way we passed 12 or more dogs. They were either on the other side of the road or on the same trail. He did AWESOME! MUCH improved! Not perfect, but not nearly the emotional episodes they tended to be in the past. Just a little too much attention, but then got right back on track immediately after they passed. Previously he'd still be all keyed up half a block down the street after we passed them.

Thank you for your class and instruction. I think we're making inroads!

Kind regards,
Brian B.
Hi Lauren,
The class was great! Exactly what I was looking for. The drop in format makes it so convenient and Izzy seems to learn so much from just being in a classroom setting!

Thank you.
Hey Lauren,

What a fun class today. It was good for me to see Arnold pushing through his fears, especially with the distraction of all the other dogs around. I’ve learned so much from you. Name Game, Mat training, and the idea of putting ‘money in the bank’ have been tremendously helpful for me. And now, finding treats around the house… Brilliant. His ‘sister’ is a bit better at it, but that little bit of competitive incentive is making him really engage and hunt.

Brian S.
Thank you so much! Steel was walking great for both me and my sister when we got home!! So awesome to see :) You are amazing!

-Mercedez T.
Hi Lauren

Just a quick note to say thank you for the training lessons.

Lucy did really well this morning on our walk -- she knew before we even left the yard what to do!

Having her by my side instead of pulling made the walk enjoyable instead of a fight. I simply cannot thank you enough!!

Karen S
Hi Lauren,

So Piper and I have put your advice to use. In the past 24 hours we have practiced 10 times so far of me leaving my apartment with her in her kennel. I have varied what I all have on (since a few of these trials were super early this morning before work) between shoes, jacket, and/or purse. She has a success rate so far of 60% of not barking at all between 30sec-2mins (most trials around one min). If that wasn't huge enough (which in my world, it's as big as winning the lottery), but now she has started to just chill in her kennel. With the door open... Something she has NEVER done before.

Thank you again soooooo much and I will definitely keep sending updates!

Reanna F.