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Coach Sadie Miller's Testimonials

Thank you so much for all of your help. I have loved going to the classes and learning how to train him.

Ashlee P.
My dog Scout and I took the Level 1 Obedience class this past summer. Coach Sadie is an excellent teacher - knowledgeable, warm, and friendly. She is always available to her students before/after class for individual questions. She does a great job of giving examples of what we're doing in class, applied to real-life situations. Through the lessons and training from Coach Sadie, I feel that Scout and I have a better understanding of one another - we both learned a lot!

-Scott E.
Also, this is our 2nd round of classes with Canine Coach; the first was the puppy class. We signed up again with Sadie- she is wonderful. She offers a lot of useful information we can apply to our daily lives. I love that she gives examples of how to use these commands, and how it might make our lives a little easier (at the vet, while you're making dinner, etc.). We really enjoy her classes and teaching style, the hour flies by!

Thanks again,
Amy H
Thanks for all your help and tips.

Sabine F.
Hi Sadie,
If there had been any doubt in my mind before yesterday, there is none now. We are going to go for a therapy dog "certificate" for Anna. I had Anna at the Fridley dog park when a girl of about 8-10 yrs came sobbing up to the bench we were standing by. Her dad was sitting there and she told him that one of the bigger dogs just raised its head and clobbered her in the nose. I can imagine that it really hurt. Anna went right up to her and began whining and licking her face. It was the most empathetic gesture I've ever seen. At least that's how I interpreted it. Even her dad though so. We start Obedience 2 on Sunday at NE. Thanks for the idea.

Diane H.
Thanks again for all your time and help,

Martin S
While out of town this past weekend, we took Keeda on a run and she did wonderful! A little pulling and some distractions when we passed the cow pastures but overall, she did wonderful! Before this class, I could not take her on a walk, let alone, run with her. With your corrective techniques, we are both learning how we can work together to walk and run.

Thank You!
Keirsten R.
Thank you so much for your help today!!!! You rock!

Amanda J
Thank you so much for your help last night! It's been fun working on these things and watching the kids interact with Rookie better:) I will let you know how things are going!

Jessica R
We really enjoyed our time with you yesterday. Thanks for the notes. We will arrange a second appointment for two or three weeks from today.

Mark R
Thanks again for your help with our pooch, Eira. With your tips, things are changing. She's now going up and down stairs like nobody's business.

Jon B