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Our Sport Park provides seasonal outdoor activities that capitalize on letting DOGS BE DOGS.
The park is a fully fenced acre, with a pavilion building for shade, a bathroom, and water for the dogs.

                                      1700 Marthaler Ln, West St. Paul

Evening/Weekend Note: Our office is closed in the evenings and most of the weekend (click here for more details). If you are a *new* field renter, we do not recommend signing up for your first rental time while the office is closed, as we won't be able to get you the gate code before your scheduled visit.


What is it?

  • PRIVATE use of our fully fenced field and pavilion.
  • One hour visits (once or twice a week depending on your rental plan).
  • Includes access to the bathroom, flood lights for night use, kiddie pools (please drain if the water is dirty, and leave the rocks on the bottom to hold down the pool), water bowls, a grill (BYOC - bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid. A bin is provided to dispose of used charcoal), chairs, picnic table and fire pit.
  • The rental does not include the agility equipment.
  • Please note, water has been turned off for the season, so there is no access to the bathroom until Spring 2018.

How does it work?

  • Select one of the available rental plans.
  • Follow the steps on the registration page to sign up for visits that fit your schedule.
  • Our office will email you a unique gate code to access the field once you've selected at least one rental time.
  • No shows are forfeited time unless you notify the office 1 business day in advance to free up the space for others.

Can I bring a friend or guest?

  • Dogs outside your household are not allowed.
  • Maximum of 3 dogs per person, per the City of West St. Paul Ordinances.
  • You may choose to have other paying members join you in a play date for your reserved time. You would each use an hour of your rental plan to play. Contact the office to arrange.

Park Rules & Etiquette:

  • You may book your hours back to back on a day if you'd like to stay for 2 hours.
  • Please do not arrive early for your rental time. If you do, please remain parked on the street until the current renter has left.
  • Others may be using the field after you. Please do not stay beyond your booked time.
  • Please pick up after your dog. There are poop bags and a garbage can located within the park to use.
  • Rinse away urine on the building, equipment, or under the pavilion, to prevent the smell from accumulating.
  • You are responsible for any damage to the property during your use.
  • Please do not tie your dog to the fence or pavilion posts (they will get damaged).
  • Report any damage, abuse, or suspicious activity immediately. Call 612-202-4732. Text after 6pm and on weekends.
  • Prevent your dog(s) from leaving the fenced field. If your dog climbs or jumps fences you must keep your dog from the fence or reconsider use of the field.
  • The property needs to be mowed or serviced from time to time. The owner or agent of The Canine Coach has the right to stop by the field at any time. If your dog is human reactive or aggressive please let us know.

Rental Plans and Registration:

Rental Plans - Purchased after selecting one of the registration links below (Core or Off season months).

Rental Plan Details - Visits are one hour long

Total Price

Price per Visit

One Visit



1 Month 1 Visit/Week (Core or Off Season)



1 Month Core Season 2 Visits/Week (June to October)



1 Month Off Season 2 Visits/Week (November to May)



5 Months Core Season 2 Visits/Week (June to October)



7 Months Off Season 2 Visits/Week (November to May)



Year Long 12 Months 2 Visits/Week



Core Season: Click here buy a package or reserve park time for dates between June and October

Off Season: Click here to buy a package or reserve park time for dates between November and May

Coach Jake and Iver the Heeler enjoying their time at the park. Photo by Don Nguyen