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In-home Behavior Training. Call 612-202-4732 to Schedule.

Private Training: When, What, Where
Pricing & Payment
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Commonly Asked Questions

Private Training: When, What, Where

When is In-Home Behavior Training Needed?
Private, in-home behavior training is needed to modify behaviors which are specific to your dog's environment or family members, and that require an in-depth look at the specific behaviors your dog is exhibiting. Examples of some of those behaviors include:

  • Housemate Aggression
  • Aggression at family members or guests
  • Aggression on walks (leash aggression)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
Other Good Uses for Private Sessions
  • Pre-puppy appointment
  • New dog introductions
  • Potty Training - We also offer PHONE HELP for Potty Training, click here for details!
  • House manners: door greetings, jumping, counter surfing
  • Children interactions
  • Training in the comfort of your home and schedule
What is In-Home Training Like?
With an in-home training session for behavior or obedience, we will take the time to fully understand your dog, personal situation, an environment to customize a training solution that works best for you and your dog. From the very first lesson, you will receive and practice training solutions that will make a difference.

Follow-up Training
You have the choice at the end of your first lesson to either work the training plan on your own, or buy a 4-hour package for follow-up training. Follow-up training enables us to make sure you are executing the training properly and skillfully, and allows us to make adjustments based on how your dog responds.

With a 4-hour package, we can also break down the training into smaller, more manageable pieces that build on one another to get the end result.

We will either come to your home or where the problem behavior occurs (like at a public walking area for leash aggression). We travel almost the entire Twin Cities metro area. Please see the Pricing & Payment section for more details!

Pricing & Payment

Initial private training sessions typically take an hour and a half, but could be less or more. Cost is $85.00 per hour, or 4 hours for $310. The 4 hours of time is typically divided over 3 - 4 sessions, over 1 - 2 months.

There is a modest fuel surcharge of $8.00 for each visit. For locations over 15 miles from the nearest Canine Coach location, add $1 each way for every mile in excess of 15 miles. For locations over 20 miles from the nearest Canine Coach location, we do require a prepayment of 1 hour plus travel fee.

Refund Policy

No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours will be charged for one hour of training. No refunds are available on the 4-hour package. The package value expires after 4 months.

To Schedule In-Home Training Call: 612-202-4732 or email office@thek9coach.com

Our In-Home Behavior Trainers:

Blair Lauren Jordan Annette Courtney Jenny Sadie

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How/when do I pay?

A: We accept all credit cards, cash and checks at the training session.

Q: Do I have to purchase the 4 Hour Package right away?

A: No, you can decide at the end of your first session.

Q: How do I know how many sessions I need?

A: Many issues require only one session to teach you the tools necessary to correct the behavior. You can decide if you need additional sessions with the help of your trainer at the end of your first session.

Q: When are you available?

A: Trainers are available for in-home training afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Q: If I buy a 4 hour package but donít use all of it, can I apply the remaining credit toward a class?

A: No. Money spent on private training is non-transferable.

Q: If I have two dogs, does the rate change?

A: No, the rate will be the same.

Q: Why do you require a prepayment for locations over 20 miles away?

A: A prepayment helps prevent no-shows, which we have experienced before. Generally the travel time for these appointments can range from 45 mintues to over an hour, and take up a larger portion of the trainer's day. A no-show would result in the trainer loosing half their income for the day.