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Update - 4/8/2020
Hey everyone! We will have a full update shortly on services as it relates to the Stay-At-Home extension that lasts until May 4th. Please be patient with us as we plan for May and contact all students affected by changes. We can provide a short update on services below, with more details coming soon on specifics!

1 - Online Group Classes on Zoom and Private Lessons on Skype will continue as planned. We are working on adding more options to our schedule for the rest of April.

2 - Boot Camp and FIT Dogs will be closed for April, and resume May 4th. Please be patient as we contact all students originally scheduled for April, we are working on May schedules right now.

3 - In-Home Training scheduled for late April will be rescheduled to a new date after May 4th. Please be patient as we figure out May schedules for our trainers and contact all clients originally scheduled between April 13th to May 3rd.

4 - Group Classes - these were delayed until May 1st after the original Stay-At-Home order, so classes scheduled on May 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will have another delay. We are currently discussing if additionaly delays may be needed, please be patient with us as we work through this discussion.

5 - Drive Thru Puppy Social Hours - these will be delayed until May 4th as well. More details coming soon!

Thank you everyone for your continued support in these difficult times. We look forward to helping you with your training needs, both online and eventually in-person. Tell your dog we said hi!

Old Updates:
Update - 3/25/2020
In accordance with the Stay-At-Home Order declared in Minnesota, we have delays to some of our training services. In an effort to keep our staff at home, we are temporarily delaying all in-person training services for the duration of the Stay-At-Home Order. All affected services will resume on Monday, April 13th. Please see below for more details on each service. It will take us time to contact all of our clients. Please be patient with us as we reach out to everyone with specific details on your upcoming or in-progress training.

1 - Group Classes: These were all originally delayed until April 3rd, that delay will now be extended to MAY 1st. We will send all clients an updated email on Thursday or Friday with more details.

2 - Boot Camp: All in-progress Boot Camp programs will finish this week, take a two week break, and then resume on Monday April 13th. If you are scheduled to start Boot Camp during the closure time frame, we will send you a few new start date options to select from for your program. We will send all Boot Camp emails on Thursday or Friday with more details.

3 - FIT Dogs: we will still have FIT Dogs this week on Thursday and Friday (3/26, 3/27). We will be closed for FIT Dogs for two weeks, and resume this service on Monday April 13th. We will contact all scheduled clients for March 30th-April 3rd and April 6th-April 10th to reschedule to a later time. We will also be adding additional spots (and staff) for April 13th-end of month to help accommodate any clients affected by the cancellations during Stay-At-Home. All package restrictions on timing for scheduling have been temporarily lifted as well. We will email clients this Thursday or Friday with more details.

4 - In-Home Training: all sessions scheduled between March 28th and April 12th (including those dates) will be rescheduled to a day on or after April 13th. We will reach out to all scheduled clients with a selection of new dates and times to select from for your in-home session. We will send those emails on Thursday or Friday.

5 - SKYPE Private Training: still on! These are conducted by our trainers in the comfort of their own homes.

6 - Online Group Classes: The Stay-At-Home closure will not affect this training service. All classes are hosted by our trainers in their own homes right to your computer.




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