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Doggie Boot Camp (South Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, and NE Minneapolis Locations Only)

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We do the training for you!

A professional trainer can train your dog better and much faster than doing it yourself with the help of lessons from class or in your home. We provide professional skill, knowledge, patience and of course repetition, repetition, repetition.

What's Different with Our Program:


1 - You don't have to send your dog away.
Our program is a Monday - Friday "work day" program. You get to pick up your dog each day and enjoy a peaceful evening with a satisfied, tired pooch from her day’s activities.

2 - Convenient city locations.
South Minneapolis and St. Louis Park

3 - Work with your dog's trainer during the program.
Twice a week you will work with your dog's trainer on practicing the skills your dog has learned. This strengthens the transition of the training from us to you. You are also able to give us feedback with areas you may be struggling with so we know where to put more focus.

4 - We send a trainer to your home at the end of the program
In-home training sessions are included with our Basic Obedience program. These in-home sessions show you how to utilize your dog's training to get the behavior you want in your home environment. Each session is 1 hour at your home. We have trainers available for you Monday - Friday afternoons.

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Training Environment:

Our indoor training facility for boot camp is 3000 square feet where we can structure separate areas for one-on-one training, off-leash play, and crated nap time. Your dog will spend multiple sessions in each area throughout the day.

Walking training in the Basic Obedience Program will be done outdoors in the immediate neighborhood of the training facility past the bus stop, stores, houses and dogs for real life environmental distractions.

Exercise, Socialization, and Playtime:
Your dog will receive socialization, playtime with other dogs (provided your dog is dog friendly), and outdoor walks every day!


  Puppy Start-Up Program - 2 Weeks - $645
Have a new puppy under 5 months?  Help them get “off on the right paw” with our our 2 Week Puppy Start-up Program.  Our Coaches will introduce and lay the foundation for commands they will need throughout their life (see below). Additionally your puppy will get important human and dog socialization multiple times a day during the 2 week program.  Puppies MUST be 5 months old or younger at the start of the program.    
  • Name - learning name recognition
  • Sit & Down - basic obedience
  • Drop It - release various items in their possession
  • Walking Foundation - for leashed walks
  • Wait & Impluse Control - waiting to be released from crate, at doors
  • Come - Indoor Recall - with some distractions in our indoor facility
  • Go to kennel - helping pups learn to relax and enjoy their kennel, a valuable life skill!

An In-Home training session can be added for $100, if desired.

Click here to sign up & pay for the Puppy Start-Up Program
Puppies must be under 5 months old at start of program. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from us asking which location you want to attend for Boot Camp.

  Basic Obedience Program - 4 Weeks, 2 In-home visits - $1495
In our 4 week Basic Obedience Program, we will teach your dog 12 reliable behaviors. Your dog may already know "sit" but does your dog sit when people enter the house? Reliable means your dog responds to the command despite distractions. This program is for dogs over 5 months old. Behaviors taught:
  • Name - reliably turn head toward handler
  • Sit - a reliable sit even when distracted
  • Down - a reliable down even when distracted
  • Stay - a reliable stay even when distracted
  • Walk - at your side for leashed walks
  • Boundary training - teaches your dog to stay away wherever you establish, at anytime, until you invite your dog
  • Wait - to be released from crate, at doors
  • Come - Indoor Off-Leash Recall - with distraction of dogs, playing, thrown toys in our indoor facility.
  • Go to your bed/mat - a nice portable "stay station" you can bring with you around the home or elsewhere.
  • Leave it - do not touch item dog is showing interest in
  • Drop it - release items out of your dog's mouth
  • Watch me - used to proactively look at you while a distraction occurs or goes by.

2 in-home follow-up training sessions are part of this program. These in-home sessions show you how to utilize your dog's training to get the behavior you want in your home environment. The sessions are yours to schedule, but we encourage you to schedule your first session for the week after your camp ends to make the most out of your dogs training.

Please email office@thek9coach.com before your dog's start date to make sure you get your first appointment scheduled the week after your program. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday at 1, 2, 3 or 3:30 pm. Sessions are 1 hour long.

Click here to sign up & pay for the Basic Obedience Program
Dogs must be over 5 months old at start of program. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from us asking which location you want to attend for Boot Camp.


South Minneapolis Location
February 25th (1 spot, Any Program)
March 4th (3 spots, Any Program)

St. Louis Park Location
March 4th (1 spot, Any Program)
March 11th (3 spots, Any Program)

NE Minneapolis Location
Next Openings: Late Summer 2019



Program Days - Monday through Friday
Boot Camp Holidays 2019: We will be closed on Monday, May 27th, Thursday, July 4th, Monday, September 2nd, Thursday, November 28th, and Wednesday, December 25th. Your program will be shorter if it falls over these holidays, but your dogs training results will remain the same.

Morning Drop Off
Drop Off Times: Drop off anytime between 7:00am and 9:00am.

Afternoon/Evening Pick Up
Mondays & Fridays you meet with your trainer at pick-up. You will select a time between 3:00pm and 6:00pm at drop-off on a first come, first served basis.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday you can pick up anytime between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
Currently, we offer Boot Camp at two of our locations in the Twin Cities, South Minneapolis and St. Louis Park. We are planning a NE Minneapolis Boot Camp for late Summer 2019. We do not offer Boot Camp at our St. Paul or West St. Paul locations.

South Minneapolis: 5405 42nd Ave So
St. Louis Park 6500 West Lake Street


Boot Camp Manager
Training Manager
South Minneapolis Trainer
South Minneapolis Trainer


Jenny B
St Louis Park Trainer
St Louis Park Trainer
St Louis Park Trainer
Cancellations for any program must be received at least one week prior to your start date in order to receive a full refund.
Welcome Email & Vaccinations
After registering, we will contact you via email confirming your start date in a Welcome Email. The email will also include a list of what to bring, where to drop your dog off each day, as well as requesting vaccination records. Bordatella is required for Boot Camp.
Missed Days
Due to our strict limit on the number of dogs per trainer, any missed days during the program will be forfeited.
Click here to read our FAQ on Boot Camp. You can also contact the office if you have other questions about Boot Camp.