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Dog Camp for Kids TM


Obedience.... Sports.... Crafts.... Learning

Send your Child and Dog to camp together this summer!
Or, let your child have a dog experience with one of ours!

This is a 4-day, summer camp for kids aged 5 - 13.  We have separate camps for kids 5 - 8 and 9 - 13, and an Advanced Camp option for ages 8-13 with prior dog camp experience. Children vary widely in their development, so selecting the appropriate camp is at the parents discretion. You know your children's needs best.

Each day, your child will practice obedience control and dog safety, participate in a fun dog sport, make a dog related craft, and learn something new about dogs. Each week they will be visited by guest speakers to learn about jobs with dogs and dogs with jobs.

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Safety and an active, enriched experience is our focus for this camp. How? We have a student/teacher ratio of 2 -3 to 1, with a limit of 10 children each camp. During obedience, dogs will be backed up by a tether 16 feet apart to ensure dogs don't get loose. Dogs must be known to be friendly with unfamiliar people, kids and dogs. During active sports, each child will have an adult assisting them. Enriched and meaningful learning? We consulted with Dr. Melissa Shamblott (a published Ph.D and national consultant in child education). Camp staff includes professional K-9 school teachers, one specializing in ages 5 - 8 and the other ages 9 - 13, and 2 -3 professional dog handlers. All staff have significant experience in dog training, dog sports, handling and love KIDS!

Dogs, dogs, dogs! All dogs participating must be known to be kid and dog friendly, as well as comfortable resting in a crate. Upon arrival, the dogs will be exercised by staff while the kids gather to learn what is in store for their day. Then after getting some of their energy out, the dogs will be better prepared to focus on obedience with their young handlers. Following obedience is dog sport time! Kids and their dogs will try their paws at agility, disc, fetch, tracking, and lure coursing. After two hours of activity, the dogs will certainly be ready for a snack and rest in their crates, and the kids will be ready to settle into learning and craft time. Know a child who loves dogs but doesn't have one of their own?  He or she can sign up to work with a trained Canine Coach dog, who would love to spend the week working with a child.

Where and When. This is an OUTDOOR camp! The Canine Coach owns our own fully fenced park in West St Paul. We call it the The Canine Coach Sport Park. The park is has a shaded pavilion building, bathroom, dog pools, picnic table, and reading/resting area (when sometimes you just need to a break). If weather is bad, we can move into one of the Canine Coach indoor locations. Camp is Monday - Thursday, 9:30 - 12:30. Kids should bring a snack.

Cost of camp is $225. Camp is Monday - Thursday, 9:30am -12:30pm. Kids should bring a snack.

3 Camp Options. You select which is best for your child. The suggested age ranges for the camps reflect the instructional strategies used to deliver the curriculum, not required ages. Children vary widely in their development, so use the age range as a guide to select which camp would fit your child best. We offer camp for Ages 5-8 and Ages 9-13.

The Advanced Camp builds on the concepts and skills learned in the Dog Camp for prior year attendees. We will delve into more advanced topics and build on obedience skills.

* These are suggested age ranges that reflect the instructional strategies used. They serve as a guide to determine which camp might be best for your child.

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The Canine Coach Sport Park! Located just 15 minutes from South Minneapolis and 10 minutes from Downtown St. Paul. Easily accessible off Hwy 52 from 94, 494 or Hwy 62/110.