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Coming Soon in 2021: Year Round Training at our BRAND NEW Indoor Facility at this Location!

Don't worry, we'll still have the fully fenced field for dogs to enjoy seasonally!

Our Sport Park provides seasonal outdoor activities that capitalize on letting DOGS BE DOGS.

The park is a fully fenced acre, with a pavilion building for shade, a bathroom, and water for the dogs.


                                      1700 Marthaler Ln, West St. Paul

My dogs squeal like pigs when we turn into the Canine Coach road :) I've been through luring coursing (twice), disc dog, and agility with our boxer. She loves the classes!!

Next year I'm going to try scent work with the Basset and hopefully advanced disc dog if you have it with our boxer.

Love Canine Coach! :)
Andrea F.


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Lure Coursing: for dogs who like to chase, hunt and RUN!   Dog Camp for Kids: send your child and dog to camp together this summer!
Scent Work: For dogs who like to sniff, hunt and eat treats!   Treibball (Urban Herding!): For dogs who like to herd, chase and eat treats!
Agility for Fun: For dogs who like to run, jump, climb, tunnel, eat treats and play with toys!   Disc Dog 1: For dogs who like to chase, run, fetch, jump and tug!
Agility 2: For dogs that have completed Agility for Fun.  

Freestyle or Games: For dogs that have completed Disc Dog 1 or by instructor approval.

Outdoor Recall: For dogs to practice coming when called!   Level I Obedience: For dogs that have never taken a group class before!