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Coach Alyssa's Testimonials

It is going really well! I love working with my trainer, Alyssa, and Bill Murray seems to be learning a lot of commands.

Stacy T
We are doing great. We LOVE Coach ALyssa.
-Carly A
Stanley seems to be doing well at boot camp. Alyssa has been great working with him! So far so good!

We're very happy with Tater's Boot Camp experience so far. Alyssa is great and we're always amazed at Tater's learning when we have our in person sessions. He's doing well at home too - never as good as with Alyssa, but he's getting there. He goes happily everyday which gives us great peace of mind that he's being loved as well as taught.

Looking forward to more progress this week-
Cath and Mike P
It's been amazing so far! We are super impressed with the progress Mabel has made and the trainers have been sooo helpful. It's been wonderful!

John B
Oscar's training is going well.Alyssa has been great to work with and she's been giving me some good strategies to help train a rambunctious six month puppy!
Dana M
Zoey has been having a blast at boot camp I know she misses it on the weekends haha. Its so fun to see how excited she is to get there in the morning. The first few days she definitely was reluctant and scared to go in as she can be pretty shy/nervous. And now she cries the whole way there and runs past me to get to the door so that makes me feel really good.
Hannah B