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Coach Amanda's Testimonials

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the great session you did with Pearl last week! You provided really helpful information in a really kind, easy to understand way. We are glad to have your suggestions to begin implementing with Pearl!

Thanks again!
Carley K
We are looking forward to 1.5 and Amanda our coach has been truly amazing. Your classes have been a huge help to us, and we appreciate everything you have done for us, and want to continue to support you and our dog's education.

Thank you
Becca D
I've been practicing lots of door greetings w Sunny like you recommended. People are saying they already see improvement!

You're amazing!!
Sarah L
I am so grateful for all of the amazing training I have received at Canine Coach ( obedience level 1/2/3, leash walking, tricks, recall, no jump, agility for fun - twice and Lure Course)

All of the teachers have been amazing!! Amanda, Courtney, Sadie, Taylor ( If I missed someone it was only due to my lack of "recall")

You guys rock!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful advice, training and support you have provided me!
Kathy O and Bella
Amanda is very knowledgeable and if our pup wasn't getting it one way, she was quick to correct or encourage trying another way.

Sarah B
Amanda was very approachable, listened to questions, and demonstrated what she wanted from the dogs and owners in the class.

Peggy S
She was calm and informative and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Abby A
She was laid back and had a good sense of humor. Also, I really appreciate her overall attitude towards the dogs in the class as she was very understanding and accepting. From my experiences, "aggressive dogs" tend to have a very bad reputation and you sometimes feel judgement from others for having one. She never once made it seem like anyone had failed as an owner for having a reactive dog.

Andrea J
She was very helpful with specific questions and ideas for moving forward with training or behavior correction.
Lita A
Everything that we've learned and implemented as a family from your program has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all the instructions and tools. Your program is really life changing.

Thank you!!
Sara C + Waffles
Amanda is great! She worked with us on introducing our dog to new dogs. Our dog has not had social interaction with other dogs. We came away understanding what is normal and expected canine behavior, best practices, what are red flags, more about what type of dog she is and what type of dog would be a good fit in our home if we decide to get a second dog.

Jen S
Amanda was great. Her explanation of our dogs behavior and how to correct them was very informative. Our dog is doing so well with the tips she gave us.

We are very pleased!!
Jamie K
Amanda was non-judgmental and made me feel so much better about my rescue dog's behavior. I appreciated that Amanda jumped right into training and never once made me feel like my dog was bad or that somehow I was messing up. She was confident and that made me confident too.

Mary H
Amanda was phenomenal! We feel like we have a new perspective going forward that will help our puppy succeed.

Amanda D
Amanda's knowledge and sharing of her experiences with her own dog gave us hope and understanding that annoying & bad behaviors of our dog were not unique and can change with time and work.

Kurt S
I only wish I had done this 5 years ago with my dog Olive. She has responded very well to to Amanda's guidance. We had our first practice session today with a friend stranger and Olive did very well.

Karen M
She is amazing! She broke down everything my dog is going through and gave us great pointers that we can do to make my dog have a better life.

I am so happy we decided to go through Canine Coach!
Trinia P
We would certainly recommend Amanda, she's very composed and knows a ton.

Jeff T