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Coach Annette Scribner's Testimonials

Thanks for being such an awesome coach! We learned a lot and had fun with Lena at the the same time. We found your advice and techniques to be spot on. Thanks again, it was a great help.

Erik, Mandy and Lena D.
John and I want to say “Thank You!” and let you know how great our experience has been with the Canine Coach in general, and more specifically, how grateful we are for our time with Annette. We feel very lucky to have met Annette our first night in puppy class with our dog, Bruiser. We had such a great experience with Annette in puppy class that in just over a year since his first puppy class Bruiser has been in 5 additional Canine Coach classes (Level I Obedience (with Annette), Agility for Fun (with Annette), Outdoor Recall, Lure Coursing and Level II Obedience (we are currently in this one with Annette and working hard to learn how to heel). During that year, we’ve also spent many hours exploring every inch of the Outdoor Sport Park during private Sport Park time.

Bruiser has been such a delight in our lives and our home, and a huge amount of credit for that goes to Annette for guiding us. Her knowledge and understanding of dog (and human) behavior and the interaction between dogs and humans is second-to-none, and her ability to train and teach (dogs and humans) is amazing. It is clear that she’s spent many hours learning her craft and perfecting her skills. It is also obvious that she genuinely cares about the people and the pups in her classes. She is extremely patient and generous with her time. On more than a few occasions we’ve e-mailed Annette for advice and she always responds quickly with helpful answers and encouragement. After every class we’ve attended we inevitably see Annette spending a little extra time with someone (sometimes us) offering a few extra tips, answering some questions or just giving a little extra support and attention.

A little over a month ago, we decided to take the leap and get a second dog, Macho. He was rescued from a puppy mill and living in a shelter when our paths crossed. We were nervous and a little unsure that we would have the skills to have a dog like Macho (one with much different needs than Bruiser) join our crew, but the minute we met Macho we knew he had to be a part of our lives. We weren’t the only ones who were nervous. When Macho first came home with us he was so shy and apprehensive that he wouldn’t take treats from us (actually, he wouldn’t even eat treats at all) and he wouldn’t let us anywhere near him (let alone let us pet him or hold him). He seemed scared of his own shadow. We knew that if we were going to make Macho a part of our lives we were going to need help–in the form of some private lessons with Annette. And, as we hoped, Annette has been a true lifesaver for us and our dogs. After two in-home sessions (and some guidance from his partner-in-crime, Bruiser), Macho has started to come out of his shell–he even crawls up on the couch and snuggles up with us to be petted. With the tips and techniques we’ve learned from Annette, Macho, Bruiser, John and I are getting more and more happy and comfortable every day. We still have plenty of work to do and lots to learn, but we are excited to see what life has in store for Macho, Bruiser and us and we truly believe that none of this would have been possible without Annette. Our knowledge that we’d have Annette (and the Canine Coach) as a resource to help us through the process was the only thing that gave us the confidence that we could provide a good home to Macho. We can’t thank the Canine Coach, and especially Annette, enough. We love our little guys so much and they are off to a great start in life because of our time spent with the Canine Coach team. We are sure you know this already, but we wanted to make sure we expressed it loud and clear–ANNETTE IS THE BEST!

Mary G and John N
Thank you for a wonderful course. We really enjoyed working with you, and Ami has made great strides!

Kathryn G.
We wanted to thank you and will recommend your services to others, as Canine Coach was recommended to us.

Thanks again. Best wishes,
Peter M.
I just wanted to thank you for your help in tonight's Leash Aggression class. It was the first time I feel like Hopper and I might make it as a team. So thank you.

Thanks for your patience for us!
Jessica L
You teaching and the dog to dog socialization class made a HUGE improvement in Abby’s comfort around other dogs. We are now able to enjoy our walks with her, and she’s staying calm and even comfortably interacting with an occasional butt sniff. WOW.

We are looking forward to taking the recall class later this summer. We love Canine Coach, your team is terrific!

Thank you,
Amy K
Hi K9Coach! I wanted to let you know that I just finished Level 1 Obedience with Annette at the Front Ave. location--and I also did puppy socialization with her in Feb-March. I had such a great experience-she is a wonderful teacher/trainer- very practical, very clear. My little miniature schnauzer Klaus is a typical terrier--joyful and not especially easy to train-and Annette was always so full of praise when he was starting to master certain behaviors! We will either continue to Level 2 with Annette later this summer (we are going to spend the summer mastering what Annette taught us for the past 11 week...) or I am thinking of the boot camp in the fall. As you can tell, I had a fantastic experience.

Best regards,
Mary S.
Thank you SO much for last night! I feel really empowered now. We've already made HUGE progress already. Thanks again!

Natalie S and Sam
Hi Annette, I learned so much from you in class these past 6 weeks! Thank you thank you! You were fantastic! !

Nichol W and Mango (Dog to Dog Aggression Class)
Annette came to see my dog Butch and I to see whether he could take a dog-human aggression class. (Butch was under an Animal Control designation for an incident). Annette was professional and friendly, and taught me a lot in just 45 minutes! After taking the class, she evaluated Butch (and coached me some more), and her evaluation led to Butch being taken off the potentially dangerous dog list! I can't thank her enough for giving me the confidence to take the class with Butch.

-Scott E.
June and I took your holiday greetings class last year, and I wanted to let you know we've been getting compliments on how well June sits for visitors. We've been working on our other dog's greeting manners too, and we're so happy with the results! Thank you!

Emilie J
Thanks so much for all you have done and the support you've given. It is paying off! One step at a time!

Cyndi V.
Thanks so much for all of your help--it's been great! Murphy gets lots of compliments about how well-behaved he is for such a young dog, and we always recommend the Canine Coach when people ask.

Molly M.
Hi Annette,
With our last class approaching, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent coaching in our Dog to Dog Socialization class. Daisy did great at the wags event this weekend, meeting lots of dogs for the first time!

Thanks again, see you in class!
Julie T.
Thank you - this was a great help (even in just a day).

I also want to say I really like the way you teach the puppy class. I have recommended your services to her new family. I know I will be back with our next foster kid. There is something about a group setting that works so well with the dogs. My Springer Spaniel was trained in a group setting like that and he is a VERY well behaved dog. But you have a few additional training items that I really like.

Thank you,
Jennifer G
I just love your classes and they’ve done so much for my Wheatens— I just wanted to go ‘on the record’ and thank Annette who is Wonderful!!!

Thanks again,

Cyndi S
Thanks! I did want to give my praises to Annette too. She has been such a help and went far beyond what I ever would have expected with sending me info and following up after she was at our home. What a great person to have on your team!!

She had our puppy sitting within 3 minutes of walking in our door. That’s when my husband and I realized we had made the right call – we were clearly clueless! She gave us hope! He he!

Heather D
I took the Leash Walk class with Annette and I am still in Obedience I classes right now. I also took Puppy classes with Pauli and Jennifer. I LOVE all the classes, they are all so good. My dog Mickey loves them too. I will highly recommend The Canine Coach to anyone who wants/needs dog training.

Thank you!
Susan C
I have gone through puppy kindergarten, level I, level II, loose leash walking, and CGC courses all within the past 8 months with my one year old German Shepherd and will be starting agility for fun in a week so I thought it was about time to write a review! This company is AWESOME. I've had three different trainers (Annette, Maureen, and Pauli) and they've all been spectacular at what they do. The trainers know how to tweak instruction to better suit you and your dog individually and also fully understand dog body language so thankfully none were put off by my very talkative, but very friendly GSD. I would recommend Canine Coach 100x over!

Samantha B.
Thanks again Annette! You helped me to feel much more confident about my plan and added some great tips I would have never thought about!

Krista S
Thanks Annette!
Thanks so much for coming over and helping us out! You’re amazing!

Natalia R
Just had to let you know that Annette is a FABULOUS teacher!!! She is animated, excited, and loves teaching obedience. What a breath of fresh air!

Susan S.
Tonight I took Sandy to a restaurant that had outdoor seating and she behaved so well. Not a single whine! Thank you so much for all you taught me and Sandy! I am such a proud Dog Mom now!

Sarah M.
I wanted to say thank you so much for a great class! Diego and I are excited to use our new skills!

Take care!
Emily P.
Thank you for all your help. I now have the tools to work with Bentley and have been able to practice with him.

Enjoy tonight's weather and again, thanks,
Deb G
It was fun to see our little pal so engaged with you! We got the treats and he is enthusiastically learning. Yeah Annette! Yeah Bosco!

Anne B.
Thanks Annette, I am so impressed with the way you handle the class and manage to provide individual attention despite the crazy energy. You are really gifted!

See you next week.
Ross O.
I thought you should know that the reason you keep seeing me and Matisse is due to your awesomeness! You have really made a huge impact on my life and Matisse's. And I always look for your classes because I know I will learn so much and see real progress. So thanks and keep being awesome!

Karissa C
Thank you for everything you did to help us train our sassy wee Pug, Ethel. You were a great Instructor and made class a fun, positive place to be. We all learned so much from you and I can't thank you enough. I've referred your name to several people who have rescue dogs- you seem to really understand some of the special challenges they face. And you're just a really nice person, which is always a bonus.

P.S. This morning, on our walk, a big red dog barked and lunged at Ethel. She just stood there and looked at him like he was nuts. The owner asked if we could trade dogs. I was so proud of our girl! That's due to you :)

Katie Q.
The last 5 weeks of our Dog to Dog Socialization class have been very helpful. Thank you for giving such wonderful care and instruction. I think Paisley and I both learned a lot, and will be much happier and confident in the future.

Katy M
This note is to thank you for the dog-on-dog class. Between Rosie (our 7-year-old Lab mix) and Angus, we have taken a LOT of classes at Canine Coach and have also had a couple of in-home trainings. All of the teachers were great but you were the best. Angus did great, but we have so much farther to go, especially with his initial reactivity to visitors (and the vet). But he's come a long way from that day when he turned 4 months old when he suddenly started barking fiercely at every person, every dog.

-Laurie H
We've really enjoyed your help and enthusiasm!

Amy and Thomas

I really enjoyed your training style!

Beth T
Great trainers. Really know their stuff. I've taken many classes.

-Tom M
Heard excellent things about this place. Our first Puppy Socialization class was tonight, and the experience was even better than we anticipated it would be. Great location, super clean (and cute) facility, and the trainer was amazing. Our puppy had an awesome time and we were surprised a bit by that because he’s kind of timid. He already learned some commands and met every single other puppy in his class. 10/10 would recommend.

-Julie O

Hi Annette. I hope all is going well. We just wanted shoot you a thank you for your help training Sherman. He's been great with our son Edmund (he is now 4 months old) and you helped us lay the foundation for that relationship. Have a great week.

Paul & Katie H

I am writing just to say I had a great first class (Agility for Fun!) last night with Ollie. I am so excited for next week already!

Thank you!
Sarah W
Cannot say enough good about Canine Coach. We've brought our rescue to the Saint Paul location and we are on our 3rd class. I keep looking for new classes to sign up for, ( just signed up for agility. ) Our first class was leash training and the improvement of our dogs leash walking skills was so impressive after the first class. We have since done obedience 1&2, and each one has done wonders for our dog. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient as well as available for questions anytime.

I recommend Canine Coach to any dog owner. Keep up the good work!

Kelli B.
Hi Annette,

I wanted to let you know that Remi did very well at Christmas with our guests. We did as you suggested and had her stay upstairs until everyone was settled in the living room and then brought her down and had our guests give her treats. Her body language was fearful but she slowly warmed up to everyone and did well the remainder of the evening staying in the same room as the guests. She did not bark or growl as she had done at Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for all your help. I am very grateful.

Best wishes for a happy new year!
Juli K
Good morning Annette,

Thank you for helping us with Zora. We were happy that several things that we had started were moving in the right direction. Your suggestions, house training info and support were appreciated. We are positive that it will get better.

John and Linda K
We are so proud of Lucy and how far she has come. We can't say thank you enough. We go hiking as a family frequently and were unable to take Lucy because of how reactive she was. The past two weeks we have taken her on several walks and every hike! While she is not perfect with it yet she is trying so hard to make us happy and we now have the tools to help her.

Thanks again for everything
Brittany and Tim L
Hi, I just want to express what a wonderful job Annette does. She is patient, encouraging, and really knows her stuff.

Thank you,
Roxanne and Mike C
Hello Annette!
I just wanted to write to thank you for everything. Joey and I have been attending classes of some form or another since last November. You have been our trainer for most of our classes- and you are fabulous! You have always been there for Joey and I and have always been beyond helpful with your training advice. You are a very gifted do
g trainer and Joey and I are so fortunate to have met you and attended some of your classes.
Likely we will take level 2 obedience again sometime and hopefully one day advanced obedience. It all takes time and continued practice!
So, I just wanted to write and thank you for everything!!

Thanks again,
Mary and Joey D
Good news is we have been working with Lydia with plastic bags, loud trucks on our walks, and even other scary things. She is even getting very comfortable with the vacuum and can be in the same room with it running now! That's huge! Thank you so much!

~Gretchen L
I wanted to let you know I brought Mr.Weenie and Wednesday to the farmers market last weekend and a vendor who meet weenie last year said he is a different dog! He was stunned and so was I. He walked right up and said hi tail wagging and the whole time we were walking around the market he was walking up to people! I can’t thank you enough, hopefully we can work the same magic with Wednesday :)

Thank you,
Emily T.