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Coach Brandon Holleran's Testimonials

Brandon has done a good job teaching me what I need to practice with Finn at home, and he has clearly taught Finn a lot during Finn's time at the training facility.

Allyn Z
We couldn’t be more pleased with our entire experience with Boot Camp so far! Brandon is knowledgeable, professional, and approachable, our pup is well cared for and clearly learning, the facility is clean and well maintained, and each interaction we have with anyone is positive, informative, and helpful!

We also really appreciate meeting with Brandon on Monday/Friday! So helpful and informative! And I love the homework/worksheet email we received at the end of the week last week!

Thanks for everything you all are doing!
Kana S
We're really happy - Walter seems to be learning a lot and is happy to be there. Looking forward to our second week.

Kate O
[Boot camp] is going great! Sooner loves going and seeing her friends there, and she has learned a lot! We really like Brandon and think he has made great strides with her, and with us. We are finally getting trained too. She has calmed down, and has a sense of discipline she didn’t have before. Of course, some of it may be that she is just tired after a long day of training and playing, but I think it has made a big change in her demeanor.

We will recommend K9Coach to everyone we know who has dog behavior issues.

Ginny H
Boot camp is going great! Kona is learning a lot and loves playing with the other dogs in class.

Sean D
Hi there! Wanted to say thank you for the great experience with training for Max the past two weeks.

Clint F
Odin LOVES Canine Coach. He is so eager to go every day, and really enjoys working with Brandon. It has been a great experience for both of us. Wish I could give more than 5 stars. They exceeded my expectations. Everyone loves dogs, understands how dogs learn. Training was superb. My dog was eager to go every day. Lots of fun activities and dog sport opportunities in addition to training.

Hilda M
Boot camp is going great. I’ve been very impressed by Paisley’s progress.

Thank you!
Abbrielle P
Brandon was amazing with Lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think Lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Brandon was knowledgeable, approachable, warm, and friendly.

He was able to relate the training to real life situations. He was really patient and learns what works best for each dog!

When Emmy was struggling, he was so creative! He used all kinds of different methods and incentives that worked for her when treats didn't. He took the time to answer our questions thoroughly and never rushed us. He looked after her in group play time. He not only taught us how to reinforce the training, but explained the psychology behind the training so clearly that we could problem solve at home.

Things are going really well! It's amazing how quickly Juno has picked up on things - she is very proud of herself. ? All in all, a great experience so far.

Heather S
Boot Camp is going great! Alfie absolutely loves it and is learning so much. Brandon is an awesome trainer, and the rest of the staff have also been excellent. It’s such a fun place to be - Alfie and I both enjoy it!

Boot Camp is great, Stewie is learning tons from Brandon!

We are extremely happy with Brandon and our Puppy Boot Camp experience.

It was so helpful when Brandon modeled how to manage Remy's reactive behaviors, instead of just describing the steps. Brandon was very knowledgeable, warm, and patient. He was consistently able to help us troubleshoot problem behaviors and we could tell that he really cared about Remy. Such a great experience!

Very personable. Answered all questions and I have a lot! I loved that Sazzy was excited to go to camp.

[Boot camp] is very good! I noticed an improvement in Sooner when I walked her over the weekend. I think I need a bit more training on walking on a leash than she does. Brandon is a great trainer. I rely on him for excellent advice.
Ginny H
Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

[Brandon] was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

Koa loves going to camp every morning and he adores Brandon. I am impressed with how well Brandon has taught Koa to listen. Brandon is very patient and answers any questions any day. He knew my top goal was getting good leash walking and taught that to Koa at the beginning of week 2.
Brandon is a really great trainer. I have probably learned as much or more than Koa. I'm very happy with boot camp and all the staff.

Barbara R.
Suki loved him.

Judith G.
Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

Christina R.
He was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

Libby K.
Things are going awesome. We love the results and Brandon is great!

Jesse C
Brandon was amazing with lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Arin F.
Boot camp is going well! I'm amazed by the progress Murphy has made with Brandon so far and how some of the skills are showing up at home. Murphy can be fearful at first, like on the first day, but has quickly come to enjoy going. I appreciate Brandon's calmness with Murphy and the explanation/demos of the exercises have been easy to understand so far.
Some of the skills he is learning have also been a helpful complement with a recent in-home training session with Lauren, which was also very helpful. I wish I would have done Camp sooner, but no time like the present.
He's got some more work to do, but I'm feeling more confident in what he is capable of. Thanks for the support!

Katie S
He was wonderful. Today was the first day Clementine did not attend as boot camp was over and she was not happy that we did not go to see Brandon and friends.

Tracy R.
He was knowledgeable and approachable. No question seemed to small or silly. He was prepared with great examples for all of our "what about this" questions. Plus, we could tell how much he liked Blue!

Keri B.
Everything that he taught Sophie was doable for her to learn and for us to continue on with the training at home.

Laura H.
Alfie loved going to boot camp everyday and working with Brandon! He learned so much, and I really appreciate how Brandon took the time to answer all of my questions and provide me with suggestions. We just moved into a new place, and Brandon and the Boot Camp Team definitely helped make the transition easier. Thank you!

Meghan G.
Very passionate and knowledgeable. His approach to training is exactly what we were looking for.

Jack M.
He was extremely patient and was willing to answer our many questions. He also took extra care to teach our dog what we wanted most - for him not to jump on people and for him to walk better on a leash.

Anges M.
He made sure to address the specific issues that we were having with Ira and focused on those when he trained her (and us).

Sara K.
Everything has been awesome. We are really happy with all that Vincent is learning. Brandon has been so sweet and answers all of our questions - Vincent also adores him!

Thanks again,
Mary L
Cora has been doing a good job at home with her obedience training, and Brandon has been a great teacher to both Cora and us two. We look forward to continued results over these last two weeks!

Max and Amy
I felt Coach Sadie was genuinely interested in Koa and his success not only with Boot Camp behaviors but also his current struggles with nail trim and unexpected jumping/ impulse control. She understood his desire to tug and helped me understand it better. She was kind and compassionate throughout the visit......and she was following up from long ago visit from Coach Courtney, who was also excellent with Koa. Both of these coaches following up in home from coach Brandon's fabulous work with Koa at Boot Camp. As I prepared for this recent visit with Coach Sadie I was surprised and pleased to realize the Koa has nearly achieved all the Boot Camp end goals......which in February at the first home visit I was not sure some of these would be achievable. I cannot tell you how happy I am especially with the current state of leash walking. It's amazing. Koa gets compliments from the neighbors and I feel confident I will be able to continue walking him through two months of recovery from ankle surgery with a walking cast followed by a boot. I'm also confident that while I'm stuck with crutches for two weeks immediately following surgery that Koa will walk nicely with the neighbors who have offered to help, In January I was despairing of teaching Koa to walk nicely on leash. Thanks to Boot Camp, Koa is truly a pleasure to live with. I feel truly fortunate that Koa had the opportunity to be in Boot Camp when he was, before COVID19 and for your kindness and compassion rescheduling his second follow up appointment so many times without complaint. Because of COVID, Koa and I might not have managed to train through level 2 and honestly Boot Camp did exactly what was advertised.....Koa was trained faster and better than had I done it in classes (as I did train my previous rescue dogs). Yes I've worked a loT with .koa following up at home, but the foundation came from Coach Brandon and the at home support was truly helpful to us.

Thank you again.
We hope to be back eventually and learn to be a Canine Good citizen when that becomes possible.
Barbara R
Camp is going well! Ira seems to be picking up the commands. Brandon has been very good at helping answer all of my questions when we meet up on Mon/Fri and was really accommodating with our schedule last week.

Sara K
Things are going well! We’ve been blown away by the progress we’ve seen in just two weeks. Brandon has been so patient and positive with Sparky AND with us. We (including Sparky) couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in the next two weeks of Boot Camp!

Thanks for checking in!