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Coach Britt McCann's Testimonials

Ellie and I have been personally blessed to have both Paul Holt and Britt McCann as wonderful dog trainers. Both Britt and Paul are wonderful dog trainers. These 2 trainers have been there for me when I needed them. They are wonderful dog loving people who I want to personally endorse.
A personal "Thank you K9 Coach" for the Service you provide to make our puppies the Good K9 Citizens of the future.

Donna T
Thank you Britt! Your class was great and helps us feel as though we will be able to help Kip get his impulses under control!

Bill and Dannette M
I am wondering if Brit will be teaching any Sunday level 1 classes at the St. Louis Park location in October? We had her as our puppy kindergarten teacher and really enjoyed having her as an instructor.

- Rachael P
She is always happy and genuinely happy to see us and our dog.

She moved at the perfect pace, was hands-on and hands-off just the right amount, and was willing to help us with questions at any point. She also created an environment that fostered support, learning, and fun!

Cindi Y
Our dog is afraid of people and by the end of class would say hi on his own thanks to her approach with him.
Lindsay W
She's an amazing trainer and is so great with our dog.

Rhea S