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Coach Caitlin's Testimonials

Caitlin did such an awesome job with our group! I really appreciated Caitlin's upbeat and informative communication. I always felt like I understood what was going on and why decisions were being made in play, which will be helpful in future play and social situations. Caitlin was also super open to my questions (of which I have plenty) and even let me take up extra time after our last session with lots more questions, which I really appreciated.

Emma C
She helped recognize what was different about my dog and what would work well for her that might not work well for other dogs.
Natalie D
She was honestly so great. I enjoyed the classes at first, but I really really liked Caitlin's teaching style. She was very informed and helpful, able to ask our varying questions. She was very systematic in her approach, she didn't just instruct but she was good at teaching. My husband and I both agreed we learned best under her teaching style.
Caitlin makes me want to look into more Canine Coaching courses. I know it's a lot to say after only having her for 2 classes, but she was excellent and I will be looking for her name on the schedules again.

She was sooo great!!!
Monica T
Very friendly and attempted to answer everyone's questions throughout the night by asking each person individually what questions they had.
Very open to questions, kind, approachable, and never made me feel dumb or silly.
Corinne S
Very personable, clearly loved dogs and knew a lot about the different breeds.
Melissa S