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Coach Courtney Gabel's Testimonials

I love what I've experienced with K9 coach obedience classes and Courtney is a fantastic instructor!

Thank you,
Rachel G
Overall, I'd say this was the best investment of time and money that we've made with Oskar.

The time was incredibly useful in helping me understand both my behavior and our dog's behavior. The two key strategies that we worked on--introducing "back" in the house, and working on loose-leash walking--changed our dog's behavior (and mine) almost immediately. I was hoping the session would begin to make a difference, but I did not expect such a dramatic change in our dog's behavior in such a short time. It was pretty amazing.

Courtney gave me feedback on various behaviors and strategies for addressing them, in addition to the ones we worked on, along with several handouts that she emailed afterward. The next day, I spent time in our backyard using some of the strategies that Courtney provided, and that has already reduced Oskar's barking at squirrels significantly, which I was originally at a loss as to how to address. It's made a huge positive difference in terms of his walking on leash, too.

I think most importantly, Courtney showed that it's possible to change Oskar's behavior, even ones that I had presumed were deeply ingrained. So now I am starting to think about ways to keep developing his skills and abilities through training, which is a big change from wondering how we'd be able to tolerate some of his more annoying behaviors. It was absolutely worth the time and money.

Nate A
We just finished Thursday night Obedience 1 with Courtney in south Minneapolis. Courtney was an excellent trainer! Her directions and explanations were clear and easy to follow. She made the class fun too.

Our dog Josie is a high-energy one year old former stray who lived in a pack on a reservation. She loves other dogs and people so getting and keeping her attention when we're out and about is very important. Learning both the methods and the reasons they work was great.

Thanks so much for giving us the tools we need!
Sue, John, and Josie
My puppy and I just finished the puppy socialization class with Courtney in the S. MPLS location. We are so pleased with what we have learned, and the overall facility of Canine Coach! So thank you for having such a great place for my puppy to learn! The 9am class was absolutely perfect time in the day for Monty, he was attentive, and wasnít tired out from his day yet. Also, we loved the timing so it wasnít smack dab in the middle of the day!

Thank you so much,
Anna M
I will gladly say Courtney did a great job during our session. She came across as very knowledgeable, was easy to have in our home, she was nonjudgmental and professional.

Anna G.
Very informative, very simply laid out, very effective. My pup finished the class at 5 months old and I've only had her for 2 months and she has come so far. If you are considering taking obedience classes with your dog I would highly consider canine coach.

Blake A
We loved the class and the trainer was fabulous! I continue to highly recommend your services!

We just completed Tuesday night dog training with CourtneyÖ We really liked the program and Courtney is a very good trainer!!

Lara K
We have done puppy class and in home training. Both were excellent. Our puppy has come along way. We highly recommend this to family and friends. (We came here on a recommendation from our vet)

-Kellie R
We just had The Canine Coach to our house yesterday and are already THRILLED with the results!

- Maisha F.
Courtney was excellent! She helped us ďthink like the dogĒ to better understand her behaviors and how to correct them.

- Leona S.
Please thank Courtney for being a great teacher, even though Missy really didnít enjoy tricks like I thought she would. Sheís more of a scent class dog, Iíve learned :)

Thanks again, and Iíll keep a few of the simple tricks in mind to work on over the next few months.

Laura H and Missy
I want to add that Courtney did a great job. Both dogs loved her and my wife felt very comfortable with Courtney's techniques and demeanor. She is welcome here anytime.

- Rich I.
Very informative, very simply laid out, very effective. My pup finished the class at 5 months old and I've only had her for 2 months and she has come so far. If you are considering taking obedience classes with your dog I would highly consider canine coach.

Blake A
Done two trainings here with my dog who tends towards anxious and then at times aggressive. The trainers are suuuper knowledgeable, their training techniques are great. They scaffold the trainings nicely and each class builds off the one before, therefore, you're held accountable to do the training homework in between- which is great for me. I highly recommend canine coach!

-Alexandra M
I just wanted to let you know that Nandi has walked perfectly like a champ since you came over! Thank you SO much! No attacks while on walks - our first goal accomplished! She is getting better at "backs" and not throwing such a fit when asked to leave a room. This work has translated in other areas - she isn't so pushy in the morning when trying to get me up - and when on gentle leader she falls into the "walk" pattern naturally.
I will be setting up another appointment for us in a week or so. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!

-Jennifer S
We found the appointment extremely helpful. We've worked on these behaviors in group classes in which our dog did great but struggled to generalize them in our home. Courtney was very knowledgeable and pointed out body cues in our dog in the moment that were extremely helpful. She also provided real life opportunities to practice and helped coach us through the situation.

-Lauren K.
Excellent trainers! They have a training plan that helped our rescue pup become a well behaved and happy girl. Highly recommend!

Online Review
Courtney was so great with not only giving us tips for training, but also understanding Bozley (in particular). I'll 100% be bringing her back to focus on the puppy. [She] was so helpful and calm at our house with our dogs. She had 0 judgement and it made me feel so comfortable being honest with her about our issues.

- Amanda A.
"We work on the exercises the trainer provided every day. Already seeing improvement. [Courtney] was calm and confident, which helped ease my own anxiety about our dog. She gave us just the right amount of exercises to work on without it feeling overwhelming."

- Ellie S.
Courtney has been great with June.

Jason S
This is Raika the dobermans handler. I personally wanted to email you after the first class and say thank you! Raika was a return to breeder and I got her at the beginning of the year. I donít know much about her upbringing, other than a dog in her household was aggressive towards her. I was nervous about bringing her to an obedience class because of her dog reactivity. Especially on leash. I had doubts after a terrible obedience 1 experience with my rough collie. 15+ dogs all out and about with each other.

This was so much better. I am appreciative of you accommodating my dog so that we can start working on ignoring other dogs, or at least getting her to the point of not caring so much about them. I loved the fact that you kept us separated from the other dogs a little more, and the x pen fences with tarps is amazing. So if you see me treating her quite a bit, itís because Iím just trying to reward relaxed, attentive to me, behavior.

Thank you for such a positive, rewarding environment for me and Raika. We look forward to next week!!!

River H