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Coach Erin Lanz's Testimonials

Erin is the bomb.com. We are trying to dream up reasons to have her back."

Catherine D
We loved Erin's blend of knowledge & professionalism - and warmth & kindness.

Rebecca and David S.
Our experience was wonderful. We heard about you from a colleague at work. Tito responded very well to training and we are continuing with what Erin taught us. She know a lot about Boston's and their quirky behaviors. Overall we had a great experience and would recommend you guys in the future. Erin was very sweet and professional. We were hoping for help with Tito and got it!!

Georgette P.
Erin was extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, honest, and helpful. It was a very meaningful session for us; the training techniques we received in that session have been working very well. We are very thankful to have had our consultation with Erin, who is clearly a master in the work they do.

Amy H
We have done puppy classes and obedience one classes. Both were great! Erin is my favorite dog trainer!

Christina T
We loved it. Gracie (dog) absolutely loves Erin, and gets so excited to pull up to the building to see her. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and Erin was always super fun. Gracie is quickly turning into a whole new dog. We are so thankful for all that we have learned in the classes that we have taken.

-Monica G.
I felt like we’ve been waiting for Erin for a long time. We did puppy class and obedience 1 with tails up and struggled with our dog. She seems very smart, but struggles with paying attention as she’s often fixed on any other possible noise or sight. We’ve learned that our Joonie struggles with anxiety which makes it difficult for her to concentrate and sometimes act aggressively on leash or at the vet. Erin did a great job of explaining it.

Erin talked us through our goals and wrote them down for us. We feel we’ve already seen small improvements in Joonie’s behavior, though I also know it may have something to do with the confidence Erin helped us have as owners. It is great peace of mind to have a professional help when your fears are that your anxious dog may one day be aggressive with the wrong person or dog.

Molly R.
Gibson and I had a great day with Erin today. What a joy she is to work with ! Her knowledge and patients is fabulous.

Thanks so much
Elizabeth J
Thanks so much! We absolutely LOVE the training we have already participated in and always recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great place to get some training.

We are looking forward to continuing with classes in the Spring! Thanks so much for your help. :)
Roberta E
She was wonderful. I can already see improvements in my dog's behavior around other dogs.

Kim H
We loved class I and look forward to when he can start up again. I was super impressed with Erin too!

Kathy M
Hello Maureen & Co-Owners,

I don’t know if you remember me Maureen, but you taught me years & years ago in the early days of K9 Coach, how to train my Siberian Husky “Silver” how to heel and walk nicely. I was always impressed and to this day, I continue to train my dogs using your methods and classes.

In 2017, I rescued a Bassador that was a Hurricane Nate victim, and I have brought him to several of The K9 Coach’s classes, at 3 of your different locations. The majority of your trainers have been good, except for one named Erin Lanz, who has been more than good. She has been exceptionally excellent!!!

A couple months ago in September, I took the “Teaching Tricks” class. I didn’t realize how far the drive would be, so after arriving to the 1st class, I debated on whether I wanted to drive for 5 more weeks to class. You see, I had recently undergone foot & back surgeries in June and July so I was still on the mends. Well, after 5 minutes in the class, I knew that Erin was not just any trainer, and that I would be coming to all her remaining 5 classes.
I’m sorry for the delay in sending this information to you, but I had to tell you what a rare gem you have in Erin. I’d never met her before, nor have communicated with her since this 6 week course; but I have to tell you how amazing she is. On a scale 1-10, of ALL of your good trainers I’ve worked with, I would rate Erin an ELEVEN Plus.

She is patient, shares her time equally with clients, is extremely knowledgeable and understood what some breeds in class could and couldn’t do, due to their shapes, sizes, etc. She explained things to everyone, about every present breed’s abilities & limitations. She created a great community amongst us, by how she worked with us together & separate. She made each owner feel like their dog was her favorite in a true way. She loved all the dogs and was so patient with us all. I especially liked that if a dog had limitations, she showed how to do the same tricks but in a different way.

Literally ALL of the other class parents were also “singing the praises” about Erin and how she made this one of the best classes taken. Even though I couldn’t do many of the tricks due to my physical limitations, this has been the very best K9 Coach class that I’ve ever taken, and that is 100% solely because of Erin.

I will eagerly be continuing my dog Zeke’s training at your business and continue to highly recommend it, as I have done these many years. The only difference is that I’ll be looking for Erin’s name as the instructor and will be excited if she’s teaching any future classes I sign up for.

Erin - Thank you for making this the best training experience I’ve ever had. With an extensive career in the financial & professional industries, customer service and attention to details is one of the assets we look for in people. I’m very impressed with your professionalism & excellent customer service. Wishing you all the success & satisfaction as you continue to excel in your career.

Thx Much! ~ Zina K
Erin is amazing!! I have recommended Canine Coach/Erin to my friends. She had my puppy in her puppy obedience and remembered him when we came back for Level 1. I will continuously come back to Canine Coach and try to schedule my classes with Erin. My dog LOVES her and she seems to be patient with his Terrier attitude.

-John T.
I loved this class! I learned how to work with my puppy better and he enjoyed class too. It was something fun to look forward to do with him and was overall beneficial for the both of us.

-Jenny P
We won't be able to make it to class tonight, but we really appreciate the first 5 weeks of class. We feel like we learned a lot, and we have a lot to work on with Rory, and we really appreciate all the time you put into teaching us how to make our dog a little bit better. So, thank you, and hopefully we'll see you guys at another class!

Dan & Sarah K
Dear Canine Coach, I just wanted to drop you a note about my mini-poodle, Mariah. You helped me train her in July for a plane trip to Germany. I believe I worked first with Erin, then with Taylor and Lauren. But they were wonderful, and I thought I should tell you that Mariah did wonderfully on the plane. Granted, she was pretty terrified at first, even with relaxing meds from the vet. But then she really calmed down and slept the whole second leg of the trip, from Atlanta to Germany....

Anyway, THANK YOU for your wonderful support and for the training sessions and for helping me make this trip with my baby. :) hahah.

I hope your team is doing well.

Amy M
We LOVE our in-home training! We did feel prepared and Erin did a great job of helping us understanding Oliver's behaviors and gave us a clear understanding of how to work with him to change the behaviors and gave us homework to help us move forward.

Erin is awesome and has given us great information at our sessions and lots of homework ideas. We look forward to continuing to work with her and Oliver to make him a fantastic family dog.

Thank you for offering us this opportunity.
Christa S.
Please thank the instructors for their excellent training and tips during the previous 5 classes. They were immensely helpful in Henley’s socialization and development.

Ann H
Erin was positive and encouraging in straightforward explanations of tasks/method. I've already recommended Canine Coach to several of my neighbors.

Andy L
Buddy would like you to know he enjoyed working with Erin yesterday. He now has a head start over the other campers! He’s practicing walking on leash and doing great!!

Deb M
I thought [Erin] was very knowledgeable, she was great with my little Sweetie - at one point Sweetie actually went to her instead of me and that never happens. I am totally satisfied. I appreciate having Erin open my eyes to things that made sense once she explained them.

Kathye H.
Adaptability was certainly one of Erin's strong suits. She is incredible about reading every dog in the class and making adjustments to fit their unique situation.

Kathryn M
Erin did an amazing job of helping us fine tune our technique to be more successful in our approach. Erin really made the class fun too! Loved the anecdotes and fun phrases!

Jaclyn F
Erin helps each dog at their own pace and takes each individual into account. I always felt that she had my pets best interest at heart. Additionally, I really appreciate Erin's ability to help focus on handling skills as in addition to counter conditioning the dogs.

Katie M
Erin is just eager to share training. She is obviously a dog whisperer - and I always want to follow her advice,

Ruth M
Erin was great about providing support and guidance for any/all puppy issues and training concerns. Very open, approachable, and good at brainstorming solutions!

Kaity J
I overall just really liked Erin. She has a great sense of humor, is patient and not judgmental, and goes above and beyond to help. Brienna K
I really appreciated Erin's positive attitude, even when our dog was misbehaving. It feels so stressful when your dog acts up in a group setting like that, especially because it can set off the other dogs as well. But Erin made us feel so comfortable and gave us the tools we needed to help to avoid situations like that in the future, and to de escalate them when they do occur.
Avery M
Very personable and clearly has a lot of experience with dogs, her demeanor was calm but assertive and helped us to also feel confident as we modeled and practiced the techniques. She was willing to show you how to do a skill with you dog, like a see one/do one technique. The neighborhood walks as a group really synthesized the skills and gave us a cohesive group feeling, as we could enjoy seeing other dogs do well :) Our dog became comfortable around the other dogs, in a few short weeks and this helped us to see how successful the techniques were in short period of time.

Anna D & Nick S
We appreciated Erin's straightforward and confident approach with the dogs. Her knowledge base about dog behavior was broad and she was able to give us helpful tips on the spot.

Susan K
We appreciated the way she would remind us to take a step back if our pup was not getting it yet. I feel like it helps us take the extra time to understand the process.

Nicole and Andy O
We really appreciated how encouraging Erin was, whether she was coming around to work one-on-one or when we were doing a game.
Jillian M
Erin is a great trainer! I like her positive way with my dog, but also commands attention and teaches us how to do the same. We are amazed and how our dog responds to her so quickly!

Katie F
Erin is a wonderful coach. The dogs love it when she comes. We call her the "treat" lady! She has really helped us and we are grateful for her!
Casey S
Erin is Amazing and I can't wait to schedule a follow up! She was so great adjusting to Stella's needs and personality and knee just bow to help.

Can't recommend her enough!
Kayla S
Erin was a magician, great insight and the ability to easily relay the information to us and us being able to watch and use the techniques ourselves.
Bridget N
Erin was absolutely amazing and so helpful!! She made me feel comfortable with doing the exercises in home and taking my dog for walks. I cannot thank you enough, this definitely lifts a weight off my shoulders. I used to be so hesitant on taking Lady for walks and this morning on the way back home she walked by a guy with three dogs and she did an awesome job! No pulling or barking, she just kept walking beside me. It's so awesome to see the change in her behavior with walking, I know I sound like a broken record but honestly one of the best decisions I've made and best experience I've encountered.

Thank you so much Erin!
Molly V
Erin was amazing . I feel so hopeful and educated with tools to get my animals to get along.
Kris S
Erin was amazing! So friendly and had so much knowledge. I got so much more out of this training then I imagined
Marissa D
Erin was excellent. She had a plan from the get-go, and was receptive to our concerns and goals. She was accepting of our dogs and empowered us to help support them. She clearly explained the principles behind what she was teaching and demonstrated clearly and effectively how to implement the plan and work with our dogs.

Leslie W
Erin was fantastic. I loved her positive attitude toward both dogs and her ability to give very concrete suggestions. She also rolled with the flow extremely well.

I could not have been more satisfied.
Connie F
Erin was great, friendly and so helpful. She gave me hope that my animals can live together with training .
Kris S
Erin was great! She was helpful to both the adults and the kids in our family!

Highly recommended!
Jamie H
Erin was so much fun and so helpful! You can tell that she loves her job and is very good at it. She took the time to listen to us and adapt her training and plan for our dog so it fit our needs and addressed our dog's unique issues.

Well worth the money!
Jen L
I can't say enough how amazing Erin was! She took her time to answer all of our questions questions, was incredible with my dog, so helpful & understanding! She gave us written notes for our homework to help set us up for success!

We're looking forward to our next training session! THANK YOU ERIN! :)
Katie S
Love Erin... she has such a way with pups and awesome training skills! Our dog responds very well to her. It's the confidence of knowing how to respond to a dog's behavior, but also her mannerisms and commanding presence. She is a gem! I wish I could adopt her for a month or so :-)

Bonnie C
My at-home training experience with Erin was absolutely wonderful! Erin was kind and compassionate, and it felt very natural and comfortable to invite her into my home. She listened the the problems that my dog was having, made a plan to address them, and spent ample time working through it with "real-life practice" on a long walk in our neighborhood. My dog quickly took to Erin's training and by the end of the session was a noticeably more attentive walker. Over a week later, my dog is still doing so much better on our walks.

I couldn't be happier with the results or recommend the in-home training more!
Kelsey C
My husband was very skeptical about the class, but as soon as Erin started talking, he knew we were in the right place and accepted we needed help to better understand how to help our dog.
Adriana W
Our in home training session was AMAZING!! Erin was incredibly helpful, made us feel relaxed and didn't make us feel like we were failing as dog parents. She listened to what we have been doing and suggested an entirely different approach that has already helped immensely!

Nicole D
She really is like magic!
Bridget N
This session was so helpful. To hear Erin say "I'm an experienced dog trainer and this is a challenge" felt so validating and helped me feel way less guilty about being frustrated with my dog. I've felt way more loving toward my crazy pup as a result. Erin also gave us concrete things to work on, with some contingency plans if things don't go exactly as we hope.

It was worth every penny!
Robin L
We are so grateful to the Canine Coach for teaching us the skills and steps towards reducing my dog's "stranger danger." It is very empowering and allows us to work better with our dog - and I'm already starting to see improvements in her anxiety and behavior!

Carleigh R
We have been getting guidance from you all at the Canine Coach since Ollie was a pup...he is now 18 months old and he's a wonderful dog !
Erin was extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, honest, and helpful. It was a very meaningful session for us; the training techniques we received in that session have been working very well. We are very thankful to have had our consultation with Erin, who is clearly a master in the work they do.

Amy H