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Coach Erin Lanz's Testimonials

Erin is the bomb.com. We are trying to dream up reasons to have her back."

Catherine D
Our experience was wonderful. We heard about you from a colleague at work. Tito responded very well to training and we are continuing with what Erin taught us. She know a lot about Boston's and their quirky behaviors. Overall we had a great experience and would recommend you guys in the future. Erin was very sweet and professional. We were hoping for help with Tito and got it!!

Georgette P.
We have done puppy classes and obedience one classes. Both were great! Erin is my favorite dog trainer!

Christina T
We loved it. Gracie (dog) absolutely loves Erin, and gets so excited to pull up to the building to see her. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and Erin was always super fun. Gracie is quickly turning into a whole new dog. We are so thankful for all that we have learned in the classes that we have taken.

-Monica G.
I felt like we’ve been waiting for Erin for a long time. We did puppy class and obedience 1 with tails up and struggled with our dog. She seems very smart, but struggles with paying attention as she’s often fixed on any other possible noise or sight. We’ve learned that our Joonie struggles with anxiety which makes it difficult for her to concentrate and sometimes act aggressively on leash or at the vet. Erin did a great job of explaining it.

Erin talked us through our goals and wrote them down for us. We feel we’ve already seen small improvements in Joonie’s behavior, though I also know it may have something to do with the confidence Erin helped us have as owners. It is great peace of mind to have a professional help when your fears are that your anxious dog may one day be aggressive with the wrong person or dog.

Molly R.
She was wonderful. I can already see improvements in my dog's behavior around other dogs.

Kim H
Erin is amazing!! I have recommended Canine Coach/Erin to my friends. She had my puppy in her puppy obedience and remembered him when we came back for Level 1. I will continuously come back to Canine Coach and try to schedule my classes with Erin. My dog LOVES her and she seems to be patient with his Terrier attitude.

-John T.
I loved this class! I learned how to work with my puppy better and he enjoyed class too. It was something fun to look forward to do with him and was overall beneficial for the both of us.

-Jenny P
We won't be able to make it to class tonight, but we really appreciate the first 5 weeks of class. We feel like we learned a lot, and we have a lot to work on with Rory, and we really appreciate all the time you put into teaching us how to make our dog a little bit better. So, thank you, and hopefully we'll see you guys at another class!

Dan & Sarah K
We LOVE our in-home training! We did feel prepared and Erin did a great job of helping us understanding Oliver's behaviors and gave us a clear understanding of how to work with him to change the behaviors and gave us homework to help us move forward.

Erin is awesome and has given us great information at our sessions and lots of homework ideas. We look forward to continuing to work with her and Oliver to make him a fantastic family dog.

Thank you for offering us this opportunity.
Christa S.
Please thank the instructors for their excellent training and tips during the previous 5 classes. They were immensely helpful in Henley’s socialization and development.

Ann H
I thought [Erin] was very knowledgeable, she was great with my little Sweetie - at one point Sweetie actually went to her instead of me and that never happens. I am totally satisfied. I appreciate having Erin open my eyes to things that made sense once she explained them.

Kathye H.