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Coach Jenny Brisson's Testimonials

I canít tell you enough how much you have changed our lives! Nix is so much happier being a good girl! We will forever be thankful for you!!!!!

Ana A

Again thank you so much for training our Finn. youíve been patient and kind with him. He has learned so much!

Mike K
Thanks for all of your work with Max!

Caroline and Rob Goedken
Thanks again for all you are doing with Monte. We really appreciate it and know that he is in good hands.

Drew and Natalie H
We are really enjoying boot camp so far and have started to see some improvements at home. We love Jenny and think that she is doing a great job and is a good fit for Charlie!

Thanks so much!
-Emi E

Thank you for all your work in training Izzy! Sheís a much better pup at home and I think has really enjoyed boot camp! Our family really appreciates all youíve done!

Scott and Carrie S
Jenny, Thank you so much for all your work with Willow this past month. Itís been amazing to see her progress - especially in walking nicely :) Itís obvious you and Willow love each other and she will - no doubt - be missing you!

Thank you for training Willow and thank you for training us :)
With gratitude
Shelly and Dan H
The boot camp was great! Jenny is amazing! Looking forward to more training!

Thanks a lot,
Ana S
Thank you so much for taking care of Charlie and training him over the last 4 weeks! We have learned so much from you. We appreciate you patience with him and all of his energy - he loves you!

We hope to see you around SLP this summer - Thank you Again!
Love, Rob, Emi and Charlie E
[Boot Camp is] great. I wish it was longer. Finn is learning so much.

Mimi K
She was awesome, with Lola and with me. I really enjoyed working with her.

Jenny is so personable, and she made me feel okay about asking any questions. I never felt like she was exasperated with us for not doing more at home : )

You could tell that Jenny really enjoys her job and really loved Charlie!

She clearly enjoyed Doug!

Jenny has a calm but confident demeanor and clearly loves dogs.

Everything seems to be going really well and Jenny has been great!

Thank you,
She clearly clicked with Runa. They had a such a fun bond. Jenny also answered all of Runaís Pawrents questions, which there were quite a few.

I felt like she really individualized her approach to Guthrieís strengths and she figured out very quickly what motivated him and what didnít work.

He is such an excited dog and her teaching approach really taught him to be calm and to listen.

Thank you Jenny for being so great! Diggy is a such a well trained dog now and we couldn't be happier!