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Coach Jessica Lund's Testimonials

Great place for puppy classes. Very well organized with a lesson well planned.

-Kimberley A
Boot Camp has been going very well. Jess has been wonderful - clearly shows me what to do and answers all my questions. Riley LOVES going to school. She can barely contain herself in the morning.

-Sandra M
Bama just loves it there. You guys are great!

Shawn S
Thank you! I have been so happy and impressed with Rebels progress during boot camp so far. Jess has been fantastic, and I feel like I have the support and tools I need to work with Rebel at home. You guys are great!

Katie S
[Jess] was very calm and good at explaining the training (she would give the rationale as to why we were going to something).

You could really tell [Jess] loves what she does. Helga really responded will to Jess.

Jess is great at teaching me how to build upon the amazing training she gave to my dog!

[Jess] was willing to talk through any issue that we were dealing with and giving us great tips for the real world.

Ollie’s training is going very well ! She loves to go there every morning.
Jess is a great trainer :)

Lael O