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Coach Julia Berquist's Testimonials

Thank you for all the great information/training so far from Julia! She has been absolutely amazing, love her!

Rachel J
Just wanted to let you know that Julia was fabulous! She was attentive, answered all of our questions, engaged my daughter and taught us lots of great things to work on with Piper.

Melanie L
Hi Canine Coach. Thank Julia for yesterday for me please. Samson did great and hopefully every human in my house will take full advantage of what she had to offer. I know I will be.

Coach Julia was FABULOUS! She was easy to talk to and very clear about what we needed to do to help Kenny be less fearful.

We realized that we were giving Kenny a ton of love and that's what he would want from us, but it was actually super scary for him. Since we've backed off and given him more space, he's less fearful. She gave us a lot of information on how to spot signals that a dog is anxious or scared. She also gave us some training exercises to work on with him----especially to get him less fearful of my husband.

Julie P.
This past week with the leash walking I'm blown away. Everything is great and super happy that we decided to do the boot camp.

Nate M
Things are going great!! His in home behavior has changed sooo much! The boundary training is the greatest thing ever!

-Kortni A.
Thank you – and fyi – Julia was VERY helpful today! We feel a new sense of direction on what we are doing to create a good environment and routine for Eddie – we are newbies and need lots of hand-holding in this puppy stage!

Nancy L
Just wanted to say we had our first class tonight in South Minneapolis and it was such a great experience!

Thank you Braden, Liam and I cannot wait to come back.
- Emma F
Excellent trainers! They have a training plan that helped our rescue pup become a well behaved and happy girl. Highly recommend!

Online Review
Hi Julia!

Thank you so much for your suggestions on helping me with Bella the other day! I have to say that since your visit and following through with “settle”, “back”, and extinguishing jumping, she is showing so much improved behaviors and self-control. She seems so much calmer and so willing to please!!!

Again, thank you for your great demonstrations and simple explanations!

All the best!
Cheryl R.
Thank you so much for all of this Julia! Already the things you taught me last week are having a VERY POSITIVE impact on Finn. We had a busy weekend with a family wedding, so there were lots of new people (including kids!) around him and the new methods worked wonders. I was able to keep him calm around the new people and by the end of the weekend, he was even comfortable walking around without his leash around everyone. It wasn't perfect and we still have work to do, but he was so much more relaxed and confident than I've seen him in awhile.

He has also been much calmer in general. The leadership work is incredibly powerful stuff. He seems to be regaining some of the relaxed, happy demeanor he had when he was younger.

Thank you so much for helping us with Finn.
Jodi L.
We thought Julia did a great job bringing a lot to the table. She had great energy and was very helpful.

Chad W.
Thanks again for all your tips and tricks, we are finding them very helpful.
It feels like we're in a much better place and have specific goals to keep working on. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

-Melaina B.
Great professional dog trainer. Only place I would use again. Very impressed.

-Sarah G
Julia did a great job of explaining behaviors and how malamutes best respond. She also educated us on stuff that just might not be trainable and how to work around those behaviors.

Julia was great! I would recommend this service to anyone having behavior issues or canine coach classes for basic training needs.

Kelly J.