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Coach Kerry's Testimonials

Hi Kerry!!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all your help over the course of this class! Unfortunately I missed the last class but I I wanted to send you a thank you! Blu’s been doing great and we work on new tricks everyday. Definitely benefited from taking your class!

Thanks again,
Katie W & Blu
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the instructor! She was amazing!!!!

Nicole F
You have by far been our best trainer in all of the classes we’ve done and we love K9 Coach.

Sally F
Kerry is absolutely amazing as a dog trainer. She often even did extra research outside of class to help my dog who was a bit shy at times. We took obedience 1 and 2 with Kerry and had so much success with it. It was extra sweet because even when I snapped pictures during the holidays my dog was so eager to do her sits, downs and stays and show off everything she learned in class. We love the K9 coach so much that we are looking forward to going on to therapy dog training with Kerry.

Jesse L
Awesome job today!!! Rona is still sleeping. You have a tremendous care and your style in training is terrific. I look forward to the next sessions.
-Mark R
I loved that it never felt like she was judging the dog or the owner; she was happy to help no matter where we were at.

Megan S
Training was often individualized. Kerry took time to problem solve and adapt skills to us and our dog.

Robyne F
There was no doubt in my mind from the first class how knowledgeable she was and how much she cared

Joyce F
Kerry made it practical, easy to understand, and kept it simple and straightforward. We also liked that she got through a lot in a class without making it rushed.

Patt L
I love that Kerry modeled the expectation with a real dog, and then gave us lots of time to practice. While observing, Kerry would make suggestions as to how to challenge our dog, or meet the dog where it was at.
Melanie P
Today was our final day of L1O (she graduated). I just wanted to thank Kerry for being an awesome coach. Olive has seen a ton of improvement and I am looking forward to L2O which I will look into early next year.
Mike W