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Coach Kirsten Ivens's Testimonials

It is going very well. Kirsten is really good at explaining what she is working on with Oliver, showing me and then giving me detailed “homework.” Thanks again!

Best regards,
Mel S
Things are going great! On Thursday night, Evee came home and was like a different dog! She's responding well to practice at home, and is being calm enough to actually be an enjoyable companion. :-)

Sara K et al
Huey comes home happy and tuckered out so that’s always a good thing considering he’s still a puppy. We think we’re making some good progress towards some basic commands as well as better manners when it comes to other dogs. Thanks again for checking in!

Talicia H and Jon S
We are very happy with Boot Camp. I was gone for three days last weekend and noticed a significant difference in Boomer upon my return. And he absolutely loves being there.

Thanks for checking.
Joan V
Thanks for checking in. It’s been going great! Kirsten is so sweet and really wonderful with Oakley. We are learning a lot! :)

Katelyn M