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Coach Kirsten Ivens's Testimonials

It is going very well. Kirsten is really good at explaining what she is working on with Oliver, showing me and then giving me detailed “homework.” Thanks again!

Best regards,
Mel S
This whole experience has been amazing! Kirsten is warm and gentle and SO informative. We are so grateful we found your service. Thank you SO much!!
Mali W.
Things are going great! On Thursday night, Evee came home and was like a different dog! She's responding well to practice at home, and is being calm enough to actually be an enjoyable companion. :-)

Sara K et al
Huey comes home happy and tuckered out so that’s always a good thing considering he’s still a puppy. We think we’re making some good progress towards some basic commands as well as better manners when it comes to other dogs. Thanks again for checking in!

Talicia H and Jon S
We are happy with the training so far! Sandy seems to be learning a lot.

Emilie T.
Kirsten has a gift with dogs. Oscar loves her!

Thanks so much for checking in. It seems like Boot Camp is really helping Heidi and we are really enjoying all the training from Kirsten. We are seeing a real difference in Heidi’s behavior.

Amy Todd
We are very happy with Boot Camp. I was gone for three days last weekend and noticed a significant difference in Boomer upon my return. And he absolutely loves being there.

Thanks for checking.
Joan V
Thanks for checking in. It’s been going great! Kirsten is so sweet and really wonderful with Oakley. We are learning a lot! :)

Katelyn M
[Kirsten was] easy going & took the time to explain everything in 'common' people terms. Her note cards she did every week are very handy & awesome! Able to see that Kirsten truly enjoys her work & enjoys what she does!

Loved how much she liked Frank and all of the new things he learned.

Very good explanation of each skill. Great communication. Very knowledgeable.

[Kirsten’s] personalization is what Heidi needed.

Really good at talking us through new behaviors so we could easily put things into practice -Tom
Kirsten was easygoing and accommodating with us humans. Mipha learned well from her in such a positive environment.

[Kirsten’s] so nice and understanding! She was awesome with Stella!

Mac had zero skills and hadn't even worn a collar/leash prior to starting puppy training. We tried some basic training on our own, but were not getting anywhere with it. Kirsten was incredibly patient with our high energy pup, and really got him to respond to her through positive reinforcement. I appreciate how she showed us what he learned and helped us practice before we left. We are amazed how far he came in the two week period and very appreciative all of Kirsten's work!

She seemed to really like Maddie. They had a nice bond.

Kirsten was so knowledgeable and it was clear that Fozzie loved and respected her. I really appreciated the note cards she gave out. They were handy to keep around the house, rather than having to pull up a GoogleDoc to refresh ourselves on the training exercises.

Great attitude and demeanor. Easy to learn from.

We loved Kirsten. She was approachable, offered great suggestions and responses to our questions and was well paired with Pavlov.

Easy to talk to - I was comfortable asking "stupid" questions!

She was so friendly and approachable.

Her patience with Annie was great, especially regarding walking on a leash.

Andrea S.
All is very well. We love Kirsten and all the staff are wonderful. Have recommended k9 to several dog lovers!

Christie B.
Kirsten clearly has a great rapport with all dogs, and that was clear with Georgia. Every single day Georgia came home, she had a new skill learned. She is the reason we will be signing up for the Obedience Program when Georgia gets older. She is a valuable person to have at Canine Coach!

Andrew R.
I really appreciated how she talked to me, made sure I understood what she was discussing, showed me the technique and had me practice until I really did understand the goals and methods.

Nima D.
Boot Camp training has been great! Kirsten has been awesome to work with and has been very helpful with our questions.

Stephanie E
Winston is having a blast and progressing quite well with Kirsten - she’s so great with him.

Thanks so much for offering such great training programs!


Bryan F.
We've had a great experience with you guys and want to thank Kirsten for doing such an awesome job with Wilma!

Thanks again,
Harlan J
We are loving Boot Camp and our trainer!
Ruby is doing well and it has calmed her down in general! It’s been great!

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for all the work you've done the last 4 weeks.

It has been so rewarding watching Albus learn so many new things the last few weeks. He is such an energetic, playful and friendly dog, it can be hard to redirect and reign him at times. This program has given us the tools and commands we need to guide him. Kirsten, you did a great job and I wish I could be there to thank you!

Mariah L.
We have been having a great experience so far. Kirsten is great at explaining how to complete Nala's homework and I appreciate the facility being flexible with her kennel aversion.

I am really appreciating Kirsten and boot camp. I know I have my own share of "homework" and try to work it in as I can. I appreciate Kirsten's instruction with me, too! She's great.

Initially I thought it was a lot of money - and it is - AND I'm glad we made the decision. It's been very well worth it and I suspect we may come back, as needed.

Thank you!
Jodi N