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Coach Melanie Ehlers's Testimonials

Hi K9 Coach!
I just wanted to share some feedback on The Agility for Fun course Leo and I completed with Melanie last Wednesday. She did a wonderful job with all humans and dogs. Leo and I had such a great experience. She let all dogs be themselves without judgment. It was so much fun learning yet we were focused and well guided by her. I was surprised to hear Melanie say it was the first class she had instructed. She is clearly a natural! Thanks for having her on your Team.

Angie G
I have to let you know how much I enjoyed Coach Melanie's class. Until the last night of class I thought she had been teaching the class for years. She immediately recognized when a dog was struggling and coached their human to help the dog to be successful. There were several reactive dogs, including mine, in the class and she made sure we all felt welcome. It was fun for my dog - she loved going to class.

Thanks Canine Coach for another great class!
Susan S.