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Coach Michele Tate's Testimonials

Hi it's Michelle, Parkers mom (and Montys). I just wanted to tell you that you are magic. The loose leash walking trick has literally transformed Parker. She doesn't pull or bark at dogs on the leash or much in the dog park. We even stopped using the harness on her. Tim loves that it was instantly effective as he gets frustrated easily. Maybe you can teach me a trick for him next. :P

Thanks again, seriously magic.

Michelle D
Hi Michele,

I wanted to update you!

Charlie is getting adopted and goes home on March 3rd! Yay!!!!! And he has been doing super well with not jumping on people! My niece came over last night and he didn't jump on her, which has never happened when people have come over. I feel like the training really clicked with him and since then he has been even more attentive to me and what I ask of him. He is always checking in with me with his eyes, waiting for the next command.

Thank you again for helping me with my beasts!
Aria S

I'm so grateful for the Canine Coach! I love the Obedience classes! I tell everyone "they're for me more than they are for my dog!" I have three lovely, loving and gentle dogs... and no one will know it if I don't use the help in front of me!

Thank you so much!!!

Megan E
Hey Michele!

So I've been meaning to email you because Boomer's behavior has been like night and day after our training session. I'm absolutely thrilled.

Boomer has completely, I'm talking 100%, stopped attention barking. He still barks out of excitement when he knows it's dog park time, but that's dropped DRAMATICALLY. We're working toward a goal of him going a full 24 hours without barking, and so far he's made it 21 hours! He's like a completely new dog. Instead of barking he now grumbles and sounds like an old man. It's hilarious. But he has learned to ask to play politely by dropping toys in our laps and asks for pets by bumping into us or leaning on us.

Thanks so much for your email and for your excellent training with Boomer! Seriously we could not be happier.

Kayla K
You were amazing and truly helped he and I out! :) Its been a world of difference just in our daily walks at how much better I am at walking him and how much more behaved he is as well!

Thank you again for your ninja skills with my stubborn pup!

Adrienna C