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Coach Paul Holt's Testimonials


Thank you for your help last night. We are feeling a lot more optimistic after last night’s training session.

Sincerely, David B
We had such a wonderful experience with Paul yesterday!

Nicole S
Thanks for this Paul, the handouts are very helpful! We enjoyed the session a lot. It was very useful for us and yesterday we had a good day without any aggressive behavior. So we are very happy to see progress!

Wendy L
We just had an in home training session with Paul for our new puppy we have had a week. Again we were amazed at how the puppy responded to Paul and his training. We learned so much and would definitely recommend and have recommended Canine Coach for anyone.
-Kristal H
We loved the class with Paul, so please tell him thank you!

- Andrea F
We love trainer Paul. He gave us great advice and my husband has been making great progress with Riley.

Anne K
I just wanted to say thank you. I learned a ton and I think things have improved. And will continue to. Walked Jax yesterday and he sat and ate his treats calmly while 3 dogs went by (not at once). I'm definitely going to keep it up.

Thanks again. It was totally worth it.
Toni M. & Jax the GSD
Ellie and I have been personally blessed to have both Paul Holt and Britt McCann as wonderful dog trainers. Both Britt and Paul are wonderful dog trainers. These 2 trainers have been there for me when I needed them. They are wonderful dog loving people who I want to personally endorse.
A personal "Thank you K9 Coach" for the Service you provide to make our puppies the Good K9 Citizens of the future.

Donna T
Hi Paul,
Almost seems too good to be true but Bentley is responding very well to the “back” command. It is really helping to calm him.
After we came back from our walk he was a bit excited so I did the back and he calmed quickly. A while later he started chasing his tail so I walked him to the living room and moved back in the kitchen giving him the “back” command.
I stood there as I continued to cook in the kitchen and he soon laid down and stayed there for about 3 minutes. When I let him back in the kitchen he settled and found a place and watched me cook or has been sleeping the rest of the morning.
Crossing our fingers that he is getting the hang of it!
Thanks for your advice!
Renee T
Thanks for the session today -- solid start with clear direction for the future!

Terri R
He is a doll, he was so wonderful! He was really great to work with, and we really appreciate that he was able to come out so quickly.

Lorin G
Thanks for being a great instructor in the level 1 class.

Connor B