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Coach Sadie Miller's Testimonials

Thank you so much for all of your help. I have loved going to the classes and learning how to train him.

Ashlee P.
My dog Scout and I took the Level 1 Obedience class this past summer. Coach Sadie is an excellent teacher - knowledgeable, warm, and friendly. She is always available to her students before/after class for individual questions. She does a great job of giving examples of what we're doing in class, applied to real-life situations. Through the lessons and training from Coach Sadie, I feel that Scout and I have a better understanding of one another - we both learned a lot!

-Scott E.
We had a great experience with both the in-home training and the class. Our trainer, Sadie, was excellent! She was extremely knowledgeable, explained clearly what she was doing and what we could work on after she left, and had our dog taking treats from her hand by the end of the session at our home (this was huge). I also loved that the prices are clearly communicated on their website and there were no hidden or extra charges or any pressure at all to purchase more training/services. In fact, if anything, our trainer reassured us that we could continue the work she started with us on our own.

The class we took through Canine Coach was also really helpful at teaching us what we can do so our dog knows we're in control and thus doesn't have to react. They had small class sizes and a nice facility (St. Louis Park location).

Of course we still have work to do to implement what we learned consistently, but we have seen great improvement. Sadie had mentioned we could email her anytime we had questions and she was very prompt and helpful responding to emails both in helping us select the right group class for us and in finding boarding for our reactive dog (email communication was no extra charge). We look forward to taking more classes through Canine Coach and highly recommend them!

Cristina L
Also, this is our 2nd round of classes with Canine Coach; the first was the puppy class. We signed up again with Sadie- she is wonderful. She offers a lot of useful information we can apply to our daily lives. I love that she gives examples of how to use these commands, and how it might make our lives a little easier (at the vet, while you're making dinner, etc.). We really enjoy her classes and teaching style, the hour flies by!

Thanks again,
Amy H
Thanks for all your help and tips.

Sabine F.
Hi Sadie,

You are really making a difference for our family.

Thank you!
Jean B
Hi Sadie, thought you'd like to see Lionel's new little sister! Lionel is doing great with her. He is very gentle and likes to sniff but then goes back to doing his own thing. He doesn't mind crying or other new noises and routines. I'm so proud of him. Thanks again for a great class!

Karin and Bill O
Sunshine is a whole new girl on leash. Thank you so much for your honest insight and willingness to keep trying with us until we figured out something to work to make leash walking not such a horrendous challenge. It is really like night and day. We appreciate you! Thanks again for not giving up on us we were feeling pretty frustrated and now were feeling so proud of our Sunshine girl.

Sarah D, Rob D, and Sunshine
Hi Sadie,
If there had been any doubt in my mind before yesterday, there is none now. We are going to go for a therapy dog "certificate" for Anna. I had Anna at the Fridley dog park when a girl of about 8-10 yrs came sobbing up to the bench we were standing by. Her dad was sitting there and she told him that one of the bigger dogs just raised its head and clobbered her in the nose. I can imagine that it really hurt. Anna went right up to her and began whining and licking her face. It was the most empathetic gesture I've ever seen. At least that's how I interpreted it. Even her dad though so. We start Obedience 2 on Sunday at NE. Thanks for the idea.

Diane H.
Thanks again for all your time and help,

Martin S
While out of town this past weekend, we took Keeda on a run and she did wonderful! A little pulling and some distractions when we passed the cow pastures but overall, she did wonderful! Before this class, I could not take her on a walk, let alone, run with her. With your corrective techniques, we are both learning how we can work together to walk and run.

Thank You!
Keirsten R.
Had our first class last week. Instructor Sadie has the perfect personality and disposition for the job. She is great!

Ann K
Thank you so much for your help today!!!! You rock!

Amanda J
I am so grateful for all of the amazing training I have received at Canine Coach ( obedience level 1/2/3, leash walking, tricks, recall, no jump, agility for fun - twice and Lure Course)

All of the teachers have been amazing!! Amanda, Courtney, Sadie, Taylor ( If I missed someone it was only due to my lack of "recall")

You guys rock!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful advice, training and support you have provided me!
Kathy O and Bella
Thank you so much for your help last night! It's been fun working on these things and watching the kids interact with Rookie better:) I will let you know how things are going!

Jessica R
Thank you so much for everything. We have loved [class]. And Sadie! We will see everyone soon with a new class!

Kelli S
Hi Sadie
I just want to say thank you for your classes. It was really rewarding to see Callen's improvement today from 4 weeks of your coaching. We still have lots of work ahead of us but it nice to feel we are moving forward to being less stressed around strange dogs and people.

Looking forward to next week.
Jane S
Thanks for leading such a positive and comfortable session last night! My wife and I (and almost certainly Frank, to be honest) were a bit nervous coming into the class but are feeling more confident in our ability to work through his reactivity going forward.

Jake R
I was really impressed with Sadie. She gave me some real life, basic and enlightening understanding of Edina's behavior that I will be able to implement and pass on to her adoptive parents. Sadie is an excellent communicator!

Suzanne O.
Canine CPR [Urgent Care] with Sadie was WONDERFUL!

-Sharanya J
Came to the St Paul location with Pepper for Shy Dog Socialization class. Facility was always very clean and our trainer, Sadie, was very kind and lovely. Would definitely recommend for first-time (or long-time) dog owners!

-Sammy S
We really enjoyed our time with you yesterday. Thanks for the notes. We will arrange a second appointment for two or three weeks from today.

Mark R
My husband and I and our dog Kima recently took both the level one obedience class, and your class for dogs and new babies. I just wanted to write and say what a great experience both of those classes were for us, and how much it helped, especially in regards to having a new baby at home. We are happy to report Kima and baby Xavier get along wonderfully. We couldn't have imagined a better outcome. Kima loves to give the baby kisses, but gives space as soon as you ask her. She does "leave it" excellently with all the baby things that are now around the house, and walks with the stroller are a breeze (other than for the occasional squirrel she has to try to get to).

Thank you so much for all that you taught us in those classes, we will definitely recommend your classes to others!

Laura M
Sadie was absolutely fantastic! She is tops in her knowledge of tips in training Ozzie! I would highly recommend her to everyone. I do look forward to a follow up appointment later.

Gail W.
Thank you so much!!! I have really enjoyed our classes!! Its been one of the best decisions I have made for my dog , to build her confidence!! We can not wait to sign up for more classes!

Emily W
Our normal timeslot is on Wednesdays in SLP with Sadie, but we have a conflict this week for Week 5, which were sad about both because its the last class with the dogs & people weve met, but also because we think Sadie is awesome.

Steve B.
My dog Lola and I have completed three classes with Sadie: Leash Training, Level 1 Obedience, and Level 2 Obedience. We just love her and Lola is so incredibly obedient as a result of Sadies work with us! We look forward to more classes with Sadie! She is wonderful and I have been referring people to her!

Sonja and Lola K
Thanks again for your help with our pooch, Eira. With your tips, things are changing. She's now going up and down stairs like nobody's business.

Jon B
Very happy with their knowledge and experience. I have already seen an improvement in our knowledge and my dog's training after just 2 classes!

Katherine W
Good coaches, prices were reasonable. we did "puppy socialization" classes (our puppy is too young for obedience training) - was a really good experience for the puppy and also for training us humans!

Eric K
It is obvious that the trainers at this location love animals. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in the results

-Paul D
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed email. Having someone like you that we trust has been so valuable. I really like the ideas you set out. Wed also like to thank you for all the time youve taken answering all of my questions. I cant wait to train with you soon. Im planning on taking either a tricks or agility class with you this next year depending on the boot camp situation.

Best Regards,
Jen S and Olly
Hi Sadie,

This is Nikki and Collin (Ryder's "parents"). We wanted to share something with you :)

Prior to training, we tried bringing Ryder to Petsmart only two times. To say each time was sensory-overload would be an understatement. That was in November. Today, we decided to bring him to Petsmart again. This time it was busier and the store was much larger. Here is where you come in:

Ryder did not jump on anyone even when they came to pet him.

He did not growl or become aggressive while interacting with any dogs.

While waiting in line, he sat on command and "stayed" when asked. The man behind us even said "wow, nice job." We were even shocked.

Lastly, when he started to get a little antsy and whiny, you're all too familiar with how this looks and sounds, I said "Ryder watch me," and you guessed it, he sat and watched me! WOOHOO!

haha we felt like proud little parents and walked out of Petsmart in shock.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and support during training and wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you.

Nikki, Collin, & Ryder
Sadie came on Thursday last week and helped with Ginger. I'm really happy with her training and the results are great so far.

Bill K
Dear Sadie--
Thank you a million times over!!!! I took your leash walking class yesterday, and from just one class, Tully has been transformed! I need to walk Tully 1 to 3 miles a day (with some park play also) and have dreaded every step. I am so excited for the next two classes.

See you next week and thank you again,
Lisa R
I really want to thank you very much for a great class! It has been a lot of fun, and your energy is fantastic!
Take care, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see you in a Level 2 class soon.

Leigh S
We are so pleased by the results of our training with you and Sadie! More than ever you guys made me realize how much I have to learn and with the successes we saw throughout your class my confidence was totally renewed. So, thank you so very much. I'm looking forward to lots more fun with Herc and Canine Coach.

Cammy J.
Sadie, we would like to thank you so much for your leadership and training! You do a wonderful job, with dogs and people. Despite some of his high-energy dog-greeting antics, Baker really is doing pretty well at adapting to life.

Thanks again to you and to Canine Coach!
Kim, Steve, Tu, and Baker H
Hey, Sadie.
It's been awhile since you have been to our house to work with Charlie, so I thought I would send you an update.
1) The "in your bed" is fantastic! He will follow that command regardless of what is going on. He can be barking at people/dogs through the window and he will follow the command. We do still have to get up and at least make a move toward his bed, but we are fine with that. He follows the "stay" command once in the bed. The longest he has stayed was 20 minutes!
2) It took about 2 months but we were able to use the doggie diapers to train Charlie to be out at night without accidents! Oh, did people laugh at that training, but it worked. We waited until we had 3 weeks of no accidents in the diaper before we tried it without he diaper. We also have a daily alarm to take-up his water dish at 8PM every day. He has been "diaper free" for 3-4 weeks now with no accidents. I think he is finally comfortable with the new routine.
3) We are starting the door bell training this coming weekend. We wanted to focus on one thing at a time and the door bell training could wait. Since all of our other training with you has gone well we are sure this one will too.
4) All of the previous training is going well. He has to sit for just about everything, "leave it/come" works when he is barking outside or just needs to come in, AND he doesn't hide in the mornings anymore!! We almost never have to use the teather in the morning before we gate him. Most of the time we find him sitting in his bed as if he is waiting for us to put the gates up. We do use "in your bed" from time to time when we are leaving the house, but not often.
We just can't thank you enough! Training is a ton of work but it works!! We are lucky to have found you.

Take care,
Erin G
Sadie is a fabulous instructor who is great at communicating with dogs and dog owner alike! Our puppy class was so successful for Rex, and we know we will be back for further obedience training, specifically with Sadie!

-Laura B
Hi Sadie
Thank you for your training classes that have helped so much to advance Callen to a point that he can participate in a regular group training class.
Ii was so pleased with him in last nights [Level II Obedience] class.
Thank you for your patience with my poor handling skills. You have no idea how happy I was after leaving class last night.

I recommend you and Canine Coach to everyone.
Hope you have a great day!
Jane and Callen.

Thank you for Class 1 of the online Obedience and Basic Manners class yesterday!I have been doing dog obedience classes since 1976, both in Minneapolis and Saint Cloud. I had no idea what to expect from an online class...and I was blown away by how good it was! First of all, the distraction factor was gone...Daisy and I were able to concentrate on one another and on the task at hand. We got more done in that hour than I ever have in a four or six week in person/dog class. I was also so impressed by how you were able to keep the class going, do demos, and give people individual attention. I'm looking forward to next Saturday...and so is Daisy!

Kathy M
She was very assertive and good at enunciating and making herself heard on camera. She was also quite clear when she was teaching something and then when it was our time to practice: great facilitation and management of time!
Claire L
"I do, we do, you do" is a sound pedagogical approach. This is coming form a 20+ year middle school teacher and instructional coach.

Sadie did a great job.
Brandon W
I liked Sadie's ability to see what each dog and person needed. Sadie then was able to make the necessary adjustments so we could all work on what would be most helpful to our particular situations.

Kathy O
I really enjoyed the way that Sadie taught us to reinforce our dog's positive behaviors and build trust with our dogs. Sadie helped us to understand the rationale behind training methods by explaining to us what our dog might be thinking or experiencing during common behaviors.

Nora B
My dog had a hard time after the first class and was super spooked by the correction I was giving. Sadie worked with me over email through a couple trials and errors to get my pup back on track.

Sarah H
Really good at keeping the class moving. Very well articulated, I never had a problem hearing instructions or was I ever unclear what was being instructed.
Christopher L
Sadie is knowledgeable about training, but very down to earth and relaxed in her approach. She suited my style very well and I would take another class from her.

Susan S
Sadie is super friendly, keeps people engaged and remembers names of all the dogs.
Jennifer H
Sadie is very friendly and knows dogs and people well. She is an effective communicator and an engaging teacher.
Claire D
Sadie really got my Huskies and understood the challenges with training them sometimes. She was also awesome about always keeping the time we spent on new concepts short and giving the dogs a break before going on, which helped keep my dogs interested.

Tara K
Sadie was very organized and had a lot of good ideas to share. She gave personal attention to all the dogs and their owners.
Carole M
Sadie's positive energy was very refreshing. Also, her willingness to act out scenarios was a great demonstration tool which made it easy to replicate obedience training strategies with my pup in other environments.

Sam H
She always explained from dog's perspective first. She offered practical tips, fun and funny examples, a bit of theatrical drama and lots of positivity for dogs and people!
Cindy C
She made me laugh at least once during every class and never made me feel bad when I couldn't get Kevin to do what I wanted him to dol

Karen L
She was funny...but her approach was always from a place of strength.
Nancy F
she was very approachable and willing to answer any questions even outside of class as well. she was also a ton of fun and super knowledgeable.
Matthew B
She wasn't overly commanding nor was she a pushover. She demonstrated how to do the various activities, and made sure we knew what was acceptable and what wasn't.

Dian J
She's very open and friendly and does a really great job giving clear step by step instructions, as well as providing rationale for the training processes that help avoid pitfalls

Marissa M
I've had a great experience - thanks for all you do!
Danielle D
Sadie was awesome, we'll definitely go back to her with our future training needs.
Mariah M
Sadie was great. We have a long way to go with our dog but she showed us how it can be possible.
Marsha H
Sadie was very helpful. She listened to exactly what we were dealing with and addressed each topic. She was very thorough with what and why she was doing and hoping to achieve. Sadie helped us make a plan with very clear instructions.

Amy K
Sadie's the best! She had so much good information and tips. And she was approachable, funny, understandable, and a good teacher. I wish she could live at our house as a live-in trainer and friend!

Libby K
"I felt Coach Sadie was genuinely interested in Koa and his success not only with Boot Camp behaviors but also his current struggles with nail trim and unexpected jumping/ impulse control. She understood his desire to tug and helped me understand it better. She was kind and compassionate throughout the visit......and she was following up from long ago visit from Coach Courtney, who was also excellent with Koa. Both of these coaches following up in home from coach Brandon's fabulous work with Koa at Boot Camp. As I prepared for this recent visit with Coach Sadie I was surprised and pleased to realize the Koa has nearly achieved all the Boot Camp end goals......which in February at the first home visit I was not sure some of these would be achievable. I cannot tell you how happy I am especially with the current state of leash walking. It's amazing. Koa gets compliments from the neighbors and I feel confident I will be able to continue walking him through two months of recovery from ankle surgery with a walking cast followed by a boot. I'm also confident that while I'm stuck with crutches for two weeks immediately following surgery that Koa will walk nicely with the neighbors who have offered to help, In January I was despairing of teaching Koa to walk nicely on leash. Thanks to Boot Camp, Koa is truly a pleasure to live with. I feel truly fortunate that Koa had the opportunity to be in Boot Camp when he was, before COVID19 and for your kindness and compassion rescheduling his second follow up appointment so many times without complaint. Because of COVID, Koa and I might not have managed to train through level 2 and honestly Boot Camp did exactly what was advertised.....Koa was trained faster and better than had I done it in classes (as I did train my previous rescue dogs). Yes I've worked a loT with .koa following up at home, but the foundation came from Coach Brandon and the at home support was truly helpful to us.

Thank you again.
We hope to be back eventually and learn to be a Canine Good citizen when that becomes possible.
Barbara R
I doubted the helpfulness of the Zoom training, as did my spouse. We were both pleasantly surprised at how helpful we found it to be.

Thank you Sadie!
Emily R