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Coach Sarah Clarke's Testimonials

I'm so grateful for Canine Coach's help. Coach Sarah did an amazing job.

Thanks again,
Jenny K
I want to say thank you for all of your help in the leash walking class. Before your class we would have to go on many 1 block walks. Today, Greta and I finally made it to a mile without her getting too frustrated to continue. She is doing very well with the structured walks. She walks by my side (most of the time), doesn't chase after squirrels, and we're still working on not staring down other dogs, but she's made a lot of progress! The techniques you showed us really made a difference.

Thank you,
Hannah P
I am thrilled by what I learned already...we adopted Lileth in Oct and we had her about four weeks and were struggling w/ potty-trained (at ten months). She didn't cue me at the door... and after our first class I used the "simple say and YES" method, and improved the treats and my enthusiasm (read = hot dog pieces and sounding a lot like Meg Ryan in "when Harry met sally" w/ the yes) and within two days she got it! Since class she has only had one accident. For me this was worth the cost of the class! She just needed stronger motivation/reinforcement!

Thank you.
Melissa G
Sarah has a really great approach--super knowledgeable and helpful and understanding of the frustrations, as well as the joys, of puppyhood. Sometimes I went into class frustrated with puppy behaviors like biting, and when I left class I felt better--more patient with stuff puppies are going to do, and more capable of handing it.

So appreciated!
Nancy B
She was able to give instruction for dogs who were at differing levels. She encouraged us to practice and train where we are at and was able to give me more challenging tasks for my dog who was more focused than others.

Amanda N
She was very patient and offered tips in real time.
Jason M