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Coach Taylor Davis's Testimonials

Taylor's greatest asset is their warm, welcome, gentle, approachable, patient demeanor. They are a gem of a teacher!
I am so grateful for all of the amazing training I have received at Canine Coach ( obedience level 1/2/3, leash walking, tricks, recall, no jump, agility for fun - twice and Lure Course)

All of the teachers have been amazing!! Amanda, Courtney, Sadie, Taylor ( If I missed someone it was only due to my lack of "recall")

You guys rock!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful advice, training and support you have provided me!
Kathy O and Bella
Dear Canine Coach, I just wanted to drop you a note about my mini-poodle, Mariah. You helped me train her in July for a plane trip to Germany. I believe I worked first with Erin, then with Taylor and Lauren. But they were wonderful, and I thought I should tell you that Mariah did wonderfully on the plane. Granted, she was pretty terrified at first, even with relaxing meds from the vet. But then she really calmed down and slept the whole second leg of the trip, from Atlanta to Germany....

Anyway, THANK YOU for your wonderful support and for the training sessions and for helping me make this trip with my baby. :) hahah.

I hope your team is doing well.

Amy M
Thank you coach Taylor and THANK YOU for your awesome class. It was amazing. Not to just get this little nugget to listen to me. Geez puppies are hard!!
Thank you to you both. I've had a wonderful experience. I have signed up for obedience level 1 as well.

Thank you,
Michelle E
We had both Lauren and Taylor and they were outstanding. I would love to do a follow up with them in the future.

Michelle T
Taylor was very positive, friendly, confident and energetic. They really helped us understand how to behave with and around our puppy; their character also put us at ease and helped us look forward to classes and have confidence in what they were teaching us.

Ellie A
Great advice. They made me feel less anxious if my dog didn't get something right away. They were down to earth and realistic about what dogs are capable of learning. Other training that I've done focused on being perfect rather than focusing on what your dog is actually capable of learning and Taylor was great at breaking every skill into mini parts for my dog to learn.

Deb L
Taylor is the BEST! Kona loved them and we did too. Super nice and hoping to have them in another class

Jonna C
They did a great job of responding to and accommodating dogs being on very different levels. They customized the class to fit what seemed best based on what most dogs need.

Joshua G
Taylor was great at providing a variety of options and really helping us understand how to help our dog learn.

Sara N
Reggie and I are enjoying our Level 1 Obedience class on Sundays. Great instruction and love to have the homework sheets for reminders!

Karen H
I appreciate how positive Taylor is...I felt like they truly enjoy working with our dog and know that he can be successful.

LeAnn G
Taylor is personable and Zoe has respect for them. Taylor is quite affirming for us and how we have done as new puppy parents.

Lori W