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FIT Dogs (NE Minneapolis Location Only)

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A Mental and Physical Fitness Day Program

This is a structured drop-off day program that focuses on the mental and physical fitness needs of your dog. Dogs work one-on-one with their coach on both mentally and physically challenging exercises. There is also small group play at the beginning and end of the day for our dog-social guests.

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What dogs benefit from FIT?

1 - Dogs that don't thrive in a traditional dog daycare
Maybe your dog prefers smaller groups of dogs to play with, or maybe they just want to hang out and chill with other dogs without rough and tumble play. Very young pups, adolescents, adults, and older dogs all have different social needs and smaller individualized group play can provide those opportunities.

2 - Busy Dogs with energy to burn
Do you have an active & busy dog?? Busy dogs often do better with more structure in their day with focused, structured games and exercises. Too much freedom can make these dogs more hectic and stressed. We'll give your dog a job to do each day.. we have lots of activities to choose from!

3 - Dogs that like to learn new things
Some dogs need mental stimulation. Doesn't matter what it is, some dogs just enjoy learning and problem solving.

4 - Special Needs Dogs
We love ALL dogs, and providing a safe space for dogs with separation anxiety to have an enriching day is right up our alley. (Though your dog must be able to rest quietly in a crate.) This program is also great for dogs that need to shed some pounds!

Dog Requirements:

  • Dogs must be kennel trained to attend this program.
  • Dogs do not need to be dog friendly to attend this program, but they will not receive group play.
  • Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old before enrolling in FIT Dogs.
  • We also accept intact dogs into the program.

Small Group Play: personalized to play style and temperament, monitored by a professional trainer
Individual Play with a Trainer: hide and seek, tag, chase, etc. We have tons of room to move it move it!
Treadmill Training: cardio! We have electric treadmills designed specifically for dogs.
Freedom Walks: long line walks in an open field. Great for sniffing and exploring!
Body Awareness Exercises: using dog specific exercise equipment such as balance pods, peanuts, etc.
Doga (Dog-Yoga): stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to each dog's physical ability.
Agility: basic courses that include jumps, tunnels, A-Frame, Dog Walk, and more!
Fetch: disc/frisbee, ball, toy.. we'll throw it and they can fetch it!
Flirt Pole: chase and tugging! Flirt pole play is like mini-lure coursing for dogs.
Shaping Games: this is all about thinking! We'll do tricks, skills, problem solving, and more.
Puzzle Toys: great for lunch time or snacks.
Scent Work: we'll teach them to sniff out a specific odor hidden in containers or in a room!
Treat Hunting: modified nosework. We have a big area with lots of hiding spots for food!
Urban Walks: explore NE Minneapolis! Take in all the sights, smells, noises, and people!

Activity Notes:

All activities will be introduced at an appropriate rate to new dogs. As they gain skills in each area they can grow in activity difficulty, duration, etc. Activities will be tailored for young and old dogs, as well as dogs working on losing weight. Our number one goal is to make sure dogs are having FUN during any activity. If your dog doesn't enjoy a particular activity, we will skip it and find ones they love instead!

Program Environment:

This is a structured environment. Upon arrival, dogs are assigned to a crate. Dogs are rotated out 3 to 4 times a day depending on when they are dropped off and if they are compatible for small group play. Our FIT activities are one dog at a time, with a FIT Coach from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Your dog's Senior FIT Coach is available to talk about your dog's activities from 4:00 - 5:00 pm, but you may pick up as late as 6:00 pm and talk to the afternoon Jr. FIT Coach.


Preregistration Required!

We currently accept 12 dogs daily for our FIT Dogs program in order to provide a quality experience to each dog, so preregistration is required. We have several sign up options available designed to fit a variety of schedules and needs. Packages can be purchased below in the sign up area. If you need help signing up just give us a call at 612-202-4732. Please plan to spend about 10-15 minutes at our facility on your very first day of FIT Dogs. We have a waivers and additional forms you'll need to fill out.

Pricing & Packages
1 Day
8 Days*
12 Days*
16 Days*
$40/day Sibling
$35/day Sibling
$31/day Sibling
$27/day Sibling

*Must be used within 4 Weeks of first visit. Package is nonrefundable. Unused days will be forfeited.


Sign up and package purchases are done using Acuity Scheduling. Please allow a moment for the sign up box below to load. You'll be able to do all scheduling online using Acuity. We recommend creating an account with Acuity at the end of your first registration to allow for faster sign up in the future! If you need help please give us a call at 612-202-4732. To receive the sibling discount on the daily rate, please use code FITSibling below in the "Redeem Coupon or Package" box. Siblings are dogs from the same household.


Program Days - Monday through Friday
FIT Dogs Holidays 2020: We will be closed on Monday May 25th, Monday September 7th, Thursday November 26th, and Friday December 25th.
Drop Off & Pick Up
Drop Off Times: Drop off anytime between 7:00am and 9:00am.
Pick Up Times: Pick up anytime between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Between 4pm and 5pm you'll have the chance to chat with one of our FIT Coaches about your dog's day, and between 5pm and 6pm pick ups will be Grab and Go. You'll still get to see the full list of what your dog did that day, and chat with one of our Staff members during this hour.

We offer FIT Dogs at our NE Minneapolis location.

NE Minneapolis: 3968 Central Ave NE

Program Manager
Jenny E
Day Program Manager
Senior FIT Coach

Junior FIT Coach
Junior FIT Coach
Cancellations & Rescheduling
Cancellation and reschedules for FIT Dogs must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time in order to receive a refund.
Dogs must be up to date on rabies (if over 4 months old), distemper, and bordatella.
Click here to read our general FAQ. You can also contact the office if you have other questions about FIT Dogs.