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Minneapolis Animal Care & Control
Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dog Training

Click here for MACC’s website. All questions outside of the training offered by Canine Coach should addressed directly by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control.

How to Get Started:

All MACC cases must start with a $145 prepaid in-home training session (1.25 to 1.5 hours long). Click here. The trainer will create a recommended training plan and begin the training in this first visit. Likely the most effective training will be accomplished through private training.

Follow Up:

You have a minimum of 6 to 12 months (depending on your declaration) to complete the recommended training before moving onto the 6 or 12 month appeal. After the proper training, your trainer will come back for an in-home evaluation to assess the dog’s behavior in real situations. The evaluation costs $115, plus the cost of the written evaluation ($40). The trainer will provide a written evaluation to submit to MACC with your appeal paperwork.

Refund Policy

No-shows and cancellations within 48 hours will be refunded a portion of their pre-payment. $50 will be retained to cover the trainer's time and the remaining amount prepaid will be refunded. Prior to 48 hours from your scheduled session, the entire prepayment is 100% refundable.

After the initial training session, our standard refund policy applies for follow up training (in-home or group classes). Click here for more details.

Commonly Asked Questions

“Where does the training take place?”

We will come to your home for the initial training session. Follow up training may occur at our facility, at your home, or at a local park depending on the training plan suggested by your trainer.

“When are you available?”

Trainers are available for in-home training afternoons, evenings and weekends. We will send a schedule of opening appointment times once we receive your prepayment.

“Why do you require a prepayment?”

A prepayment helps prevent no-shows, which we have experienced multiple times before.

“How much will this cost?”

The initial training session is $145. The training rate after your first session drops to our follow up rate of $115 per session. The remaining training cost for follow up depends on what the trainer recommends. Private training is $115 per follow up session and group classes can range from $65-260.

“Why can’t I just take a class?”

There are two main reasons we require starting with an in-home session. The first is that we need to determine the best training route for your dog based on the reason the declaration was given and how your dog responds during the first session. The second is that the trainer needs to establish a baseline assessment of you and your dog so that they can later determine the amount of change that has occurred with the training you’ve completed at the 6 or 12 month appeal time point.

“Should I do the initial appeal?”

This would be best discussed with directly with Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. We cannot answer that question for you.

Schedule Your Initial Session:

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Pay for the Session

Click the “Buy Now” button to pay for the session. Our office will contact you within 24 hours once payment is received to begin setting up a date/time for the initial session. Once a session has been scheduled, your trainer will contact you with instructions on how to prepare for their arrival