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Drop In Class Sessions


Drop In Classes provide the opportunity to practice your skills in different areas, learn new things, provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog.. and have fun! Please see below for a summary of each Drop In Class we are offering. All Drop In Classes are taught by one of our Canine Coach Trainers.

Obedience Games! For dogs that have completed Level I Obedience or equivalent. This class is also a good option for graduates of our Dog to Dog Socialization class. Each session of Obedience Games will utilize skills taught in Level I Obedience in a fun and creative way to help proof and polish up those behaviors!

More Disc Dog! This class is for graduates of our Disc Dog 1 or Disc Dog 2 classes. Each week we'll cover new and exciting tricks, routine ideas, throws, and more!

More Agility for Fun! This class is for graduates of our Agility for Fun or Agility 2 classes. Each week we'll have courses set up, games to play, and fun challenges for you and your pup to tire them out.

More Tricks! This class is for graduates of our Just Tricks class, Level I Obedience, or Dog to Dog Socialization Class. Each week we'll cover new and exciting tricks to challenge your pup and tire them out :)

Dogs are expected to meet the prerequisite requirements. These drop in sessions are built around the skills covered in the prerequisites. For your benefit, you must have completed the listed requirements or receive written permission from Jess (jess@thek9coach.com) to attend.

Price & Session Information

Drop In Class sessions are one hour sessions. The price is $20 for one session, or $50 for 3 sessions. Drop In Class sessions and packages are purchased online during the playtime registration process (below). No refunds will be issued within 24 hours of scheduled start time for drop in classes, or for no-shows.

Register: You Must Pre-register Online To Hold A Spot (space is strictly limited)

See below for registration information. Drop In Classes during severe weather are the most popular, and space is strictly limited.

Sign Up Information

To Select Drop In Class, Sign Waiver and Pay:

  1. Go to bottom of this page and select desired drop in class type.
  2. Select your desired location.
  3. A calendar with the session times will appear. Click days to select sessions.

To Schedule More Than One Drop In Class:

  1. Complete steps 1-3 above.
  2. Select your first session by clicking a date and listed time.  
  3. Select "Add Additional".
  4. On the pop up screen, you have to option to add that session day/time on repeat, or just select that one date.

- To select that day/time combo more than once, adjust the number of times you like to visit. 

- To select just that day/time combo on that date, adjust the number of visits to "1".

Continue to repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've selected all of the sessions you would like to attend.

To Use a Drop In Class Package:

  1. Select the facility you'd like to attend.
  2. Click "Redeem Coupon/Package", located above the calendar.
  3. Enter the code that was emailed to you with your package purchase.

NOTE: You do not need to schedule your package all at once. You can return at a later time to schedule more sessions using the same code.