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Skype Private Training

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Skype Training: When, What, Where


Please note: while we are still happy to come to your home and work on any behavior or issue you may be having with your dog, we are also offering Skype training sessions to our clients temporarily as a way to practice social distancing and ensure your training needs are met. Because this is a new program, please be patient with us as we develop best practices for this service.

When can Skype Training be used?

We have identified the following behaviors as great candidates for online learning through Skype. At this time, we are limiting our training topics to the following behaviors, as we feel everything outside of these topics is better addressed in person with an in-home trainer. Skype lessons will still allow the trainer to provide an individualized plan specific to your dog and environment, just like our in-home training service. You are also able to train in the comfort of your home on your schedule.

Examples of Skype Session Behaviors & Topics:

  • Boot Camp Follow Up Sessions
  • New Puppy Sessions
  • Potty Training & Crate Training
  • Door Greeting Basics (we recommend follow up door greeting session to be done in person only)
  • All Basic Obedience & Manners
  • Trick Training
  • Enrichment and Activity Training (think: keeping busy, finding good outlets for energy, etc)
  • Leash Walking (does not include Leash Aggression or Leash Reactivity)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Shy & Fearful Behavior
  • Resource Guarding
  • Dog & Children Relationship Building & Interactions (Non-Aggression)
  • Barking (Non-Aggression)
  • New Baby
  • Muzzle Training
  • Deaf Dog Foundation Training
  • Blind Dog Foundation Training


What is a Skype Training Session Like?

With your initial Skype training session, we will take the time to fully understand your dog, personal situation, and environment, to customize a training solution that works best for you and your dog. From the very first lesson, you will receive and practice training solutions that will make a difference. Skype training sessions are typically 1 to 1.5 hours.

You will need access to reliable internet services and a computer or laptop with a webcam (video and sound). A tablet can be used as an alternative as well, as long as it has webcam capabilities.

You do not need to install or sign up for a Skype account. We will send you a link to click at your scheduled time that will open in a web browser window. You'll be able to join your trainer in the provided Skype "Meeting Room" for your training.


Sessions can occur anywhere you have reliable access to the internet, and of course, room to train your dog. Most likely this means you'll be training in the comfort of your own home.

Pricing & Payment

Skype Training Session - $100

Scheduling Skype Training

How Sign Up Works for Skype Sessions:

Begin by completing the embedded form below. You may have to scroll within the form to move on to each page of the registration form. Once the form has been submitted, use the "Buy Now" (Paypal) link just below the form to purchase your session.

After we receive your information form and prepayment, will will send you a list of upcoming sessions via email! Please add "office@thek9coach.com" to your approved sender list. We don't want our scheduling email to end up in your Spam/Junk folder! Once you've booked your session time we will send information on how to prepare for your session.

Complete this payment step AFTER you have finished filling out the form above. Clicking "Buy Now" will redirect you to Paypal.

Single Skype Session - $100

Refund Policy
No-shows and cancellations within 48 hours will be refunded a portion of their pre-payment. $50 will be retained to cover the trainer's time and the remaining amount prepaid will be refunded. Prior to 48 hours from your scheduled session, the entire prepayment is 100% refundable.

Common Questions:


Q: Do I need a Skype account to do this training?
A: No, we use the "Meeting Room" service with Skype. No account needed! You will, however, need access to reliable internet services and a computer, laptop, or tablet with webcam capabilities.

Q: How do I know how many sessions I need?
A: Some issues require only one session to teach you the tools necessary to correct the behavior, while other behaviors may benefit from additional follow up sessions. You can decide if you need additional sessions with the help of your trainer at the end of your first session.

Q: When are you available?
A: Most of our Skype sessions will be early afternoon, though we do occasionally have mid- to late afternoon options.

Q: If I have two dogs, does the rate change?
A: No, the session rate will be the same.