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Canine Coach

See what Yelp users are saying.

It's awesome the the K9 Coach has become such a household name as the best place to train pups.

Jen P.
Erin was positive and encouraging in straightforward explanations of tasks/method. I've already recommended Canine Coach to several of my neighbors.

Andy L
I just wanted to send you a "thank you" from my dog Angus and myself. Your enthusiasm, patience and skill in teaching opened a new door for me in communicating with my dogs. It has allowed my to train Angus in a way this is fun, rewarding and loving. I will continue to us the fantastic homework sheets and reinforce the lessons that we both learned together. Most of all I am grateful to you and the Canine Coach for enlightening numerous dog owners that there is another way besides punishing a dog for not knowing. In your way you are helping keep dogs in there homes and out of shelters.

Warm regards,
Lynn T.

We love your organization, amazing!
Thank You

-Gail M
I just want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone I have worked with at Canine Coach - Audrey is doing so much better at listening and obeying commands and I so much appreciate the leadership, help and flexibility you guys have offered us!

Thank you -
Sarah F (and Audrey!)
Wish I would have taken my dogs to Canine Coach years ago. Have done one class with each of my dogs and plan to continue doing more in the future.

- Matt C

With any dog-related question, I always start with you all at the Canine Coach...there is literally nobody that I trust more.

Chad S.
Amazing trainers! They really helped me and my dog. We love going to classes. We also enjoy private lessons. They always have great ideas and helpful tips to train your dog, no matter what your situation is.

Lindsey S.
Things are going really well! It's amazing how quickly Juno has picked up on things - she is very proud of herself. ? All in all, a great experience so far.

Heather S
Thank you so much! Your company has been so great to work with both in taking multiple classes and with this rescheduling. You have our business for life!

- Jim C.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great Obedience I class.

You are a great teacher, very accommodating and understanding of each person and their dogs' unique situation and personality, and made everyone feel special and understood.

We had a great group of people and dogs and I saw improvement in each and every one of them. I really felt a camraderie within the group and that was so nice to see and experience.

Maverick and I had taken a puppy manners class (Not Canine Coach) prior to the Obedience I class with Canine Coach and I wish I could have done things differently. I felt almost defeated after each puppy manners class, that I had a maniac dog on my hands and that he would never mellow and behave and that I would experience a total uphill battle with him. In contrast, I was happy and positive after the Canine Coach classes, excited to work with Maverick and then to see the improvement in him after 6 weeks was just icing on the cake!

Thank you again, and Maverick and I will see you in January!

Karen H. & Maverick
All my dog-parent friends, I highly recommend The Canine Coach for any and all training, and now there is another convenient location. Consider them for your pooch training and activities.

Amy P
To the outstanding team at Canine Coach,
Thank you very much for all you hard work and patience with our dog Alice. We signed up for boot camp hoping she would become a better, more well behaved dog and she has! Not only that, be we have become much better owners to her.

Thank you for all you help!
Geoff and Laura S
Hi Lauren,

We've had a lot of success today...no zipping, lots of rewards (food), little talk. In the game of 3, he went almost straight to the open hand & foot over food & was able hang back.

It's been very peaceful & Leo has been calm w/little frustration, if any. Complete ignoring has worked well w/that talk-back barking & so he didn't escalate.

I can't thank you enough!
Melissa M.

I LOVE the Canine Coach! I've taken just about all the classes I can with my dog, and plan on retaking the lure coursing and agility classes this summer. I've had a number of different trainers, and every one of them has been fantastic. I've even had to do a little in home training for kenneling/separation anxiety.

I've recommended them to a number of friends, and everyone who has gone to training here has really liked them. I would highly recommend Canine Coach to anyone looking for a great trainer!!

Amy. A.
Honestly, I don't know what we would do without you guys. Not only has all of the training that we've done from bootcamps, to group training been so beneficial to first time dog owners (especially of a reactive puppy), but we absolutely adore FitDogs. Howie loves it. We can tell that the trainers care about him a lot and they go above and beyond all the time. FitDogs is more expensive than other "just let the dogs run around like crazy all day" daycares, but we find it to be incredibly worth the extra cost. Howie can be a reactive dog at times and so those traditional daycares just do not work for him at all. We just adore you all and so does Howie.

Janell S
I have to tell you I think the Canine Coach and your classes are just the best. I had forgotten how good class is since it is about ten years since I was in a class and 12 years since I took my first level 1 obedience class with my rescue dog Butterscotch (with Maureen.) Now I am remembering how Butterscotch came to me when I called him at the end of level 1 even though Maureen was playing with him. I was stunned. I didn’t think he’d do it. And he did. Butterscotch went on to do leash walking, tricks and level 2 obedience. The classes we did with you helped him become the amazing dog he was.
I have enjoyed all of the instructors in the classes I’ve taken.
Thank you for your role in filling our city with polite and well behaved dogs.

Barbara R
We have loved the puppy classes so far. Puppies are so cute but so hard to train and it's great to be in a camaraderie of a class all learning together with great advice and solutions. We are excited for additional classes and obedience!

Ashley B.
I love your business, you're all the best!!!

Teddi S
The training seems to be going really well and Friday continues to open up more and learn more tricks. Love the trainers and the facility and all of the support team that needs to set the door every day. we look forward to continuing her training with you guys in the future.

Kelly O
Loki and my husband had an absolute blast at class with Karissa yesterday, please thank her for us! This class is great and we are loving the mental exercise Loki's getting, it's a nice option for the winter months.

Thanks for reaching out,
Kelly C.
Kerry is absolutely amazing as a dog trainer. She often even did extra research outside of class to help my dog who was a bit shy at times. We took obedience 1 and 2 with Kerry and had so much success with it. It was extra sweet because even when I snapped pictures during the holidays my dog was so eager to do her sits, downs and stays and show off everything she learned in class. We love the K9 coach so much that we are looking forward to going on to therapy dog training with Kerry.

Jesse L
Thank you for being such an honorable organization. Your candor and help make me happy I choose you folks to help me learn to train Sunny.

Debra H
Thank you so much for everything that you taught us last night. We are all very excited to get started. I have my first "guest" set for Saturday. The kids are super excited about their door bell training task. I love that you gave them their own special thing to work on. We look forward to working with you again in a few weeks on outdoor behavior.

Hildi H.
I am quite happy with my experiences with all of your coaches. You are an awesome group.

Thank you for all you do.
Diane J
We love the work you do and tell everyone Lena is such a good girl because of you!

All the best,
Laura & Cathy (& Lena!) G
Hi! Charley and I just finished the quarantine puppy class and hope for further quarantine classes. Wonderful puppy class.

Susan J
Love Canine Coach! All my pups have been through classes
Karyl H
Canine Coach was AWESOME!! We learned more about Layla, training and dogs in 90 minutes and it was an incredibly effective session. He answered all of our endless questions, gave us a bunch of workable tips and tricks and helped us feel confident that we could train Layla. We so look forward to working with him again.

Thanks again!
Emily H.

So proud of my girl. From her very first class cowering under the chair refusing to move, Rhaenys was curious and loved her advanced obedience at Ace Hardware. I never thought she would have this much confidence and I owe it all to the Canine Coach! A year and a half of nonstop training with them has turned my abused farm dog into a confident dog. She might still have a little to go but she's come so far! Jess Kittredge and Blair thanks for all you do!!

Brianna L.J.
Just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the great session you did with Pearl last week! You provided really helpful information in a really kind, easy to understand way. We are glad to have your suggestions to begin implementing with Pearl!

Thanks again!
Carley K
Well, Boot Camp is fantastic! I'm already excited about the "oh-so-scary" hurdles Thomas has jumped over in just a few days--metaphorically and literally. Our Coach is such a great fit for his personality and needs. I've never seen another human being Thomas has allowed to come near him, let alone pet him. It brought tears to my eyes. I carry a lot of emotion and guilt that come with handling a reactive/fearful dog, but Jake is being very supportive and positive with his recommendations and coaching style. I am already starting to feel more assured that I can gain my dog's trust and learn to be a more confident leader. Our trainer and Canine Coach are saving lives and giving hope.

Thanks for all you do!
Briehn M.
We are very happy with the progress that Courtney has helped achieve.

Rich I
Had our first class last week. Instructor Sadie has the perfect personality and disposition for the job. She is great!

Ann K
I don't know exactly what it is, but she was just very easy to approach and talk to. Sometimes people who are really good with dogs aren't very good at working with people. This is definitely not the case with Courtney!

Level I Obedience Class Feedback
[Agility Class]
She's loving it! She comes happy and leaves happier. We love it!

Lisa M
We had a phone consultation for our dog Sidney at the end of July regarding his bathroom habits. I'm glad to say that things have vastly improved since our conversation
Ben M

Thanks so much. Everything is going great. Theo loves the classes and Dan and I are learning so much more on how to work with him at home. Alex has told us Theo is being used to show the other dogs what to do since he already knows such much, but the magic Alex and Adam are working is helping us so much more at home.

Susan T.
This whole experience has been amazing! Kirsten is warm and gentle and SO informative. We are so grateful we found your service. Thank you SO much!!
Mali W.
My dog Baxter is in the Leash Training class with our trainer(WHO IS AWESOME!!!!!). I just wanted to let our trainer know that we will not be in class tomorrow afternoon and wanted to thank him for being such a great teacher.

Baxter had so much fun and is doing great with his walking on a leash.

We will be taking more classes as soon. Thanks again for everything,
Amy and Baxter K
Yay! I can't thank EVERYONE enough for working with Jackson the last four weeks. His custom program was perfect.

Marcy V.

[[Jackson was enrolled in our Boot Camp Program!]]
Our foster, Hooch, looked forward to class. He knew what was going to happen once we pulled up and got his happy tail going.

Molly R.
The Boot Camp has been a first class experience thus far. It is a privilege to have Jenny work with Murphy and with us - to learn from her the essential canine parenting tools that we should have and consistently apply. Murphy is a highly energetic dog and we are on a "journey", but we love him dearly. Jenny is very persistent and patient with Murphy. Jenny also demonstrates great time management as she integrates the basic program core but is also addressing Murphy's issues as we raise them (and there are several!). We can see that Jenny cares about Murphy in the way she communicates and works with him. With Jenny's guidance both Murphy and we should have a better life together in the future - as long as we stick to the program both during Boot Camp and afterward :). The facility is very neat, clean and organized. Chad has also been helpful with a couple tips for Murphy's handoff in the mornings. All the team members are knowledgeable, professional and very friendly!

Thank you for checking in.

Deanna and Gary C.
I learned a ton of great information. Courtney was very professional, energetic, and knowledgable. I highly recommend her! She loves her job and it showed.

Leah R.
[Boot camp] is very good! I noticed an improvement in Sooner when I walked her over the weekend. I think I need a bit more training on walking on a leash than she does. Brandon is a great trainer. I rely on him for excellent advice.
Ginny H
We LOVE this place.

I have done the "Just Tricks" with my 9 year old, Izzie, with the AWESOME teacher Lauren. ADORED HER, she was so sweet, calm, had a REAL LOVE for dogs and SHOCKINGLY remembered all the dogs names (bonus because the dogs did not care).

Right now we are doing, "Obedience 1" with my 8 month old, Robot, with another AWESOME teacher. He rocks! Super knowledgeable, patient, positive, and overall fun class.

We also have gone to Canine Coach in St. Paul for "Therapy Dog Class" and ADORED OUR TRAINER!

We love the classes there, even though we often are not A+ students! It's so ruff!

Brittany H.
The fitness class with your dog was a blast! We will be back!

Brianna L.
My daughter and Rylie are enjoying our obedience level 2 class tremendously.

Kris E.
Things are going awesome. We love the results and Brandon is great!

Jesse C
Thanks so much for all your specialized help with Josie during obedience level two. We’ve really appreciated your patience and expertise.

Becky L.
I worked with a trainer on training my dog Izzy to walk nicely and she's a model dog now (well, 95% of the time) on her leash! Canine Coach was great!!

Thank you.
Marta B
Koa loves going to camp every morning and he adores Brandon. I am impressed with how well Brandon has taught Koa to listen. Brandon is very patient and answers any questions any day. He knew my top goal was getting good leash walking and taught that to Koa at the beginning of week 2.
Brandon is a really great trainer. I have probably learned as much or more than Koa. I'm very happy with boot camp and all the staff.

Barbara R.
Thank you so much for teaching Maisy the basics.. showing her "the ropes"! Perhaps we'll see you for advanced training or a follow up at our house.

Amy, Mark, Ara, Viv and Maisy
Thanks again for the awesome private lessons with June! She is doing so much better, she's paying attention and listening to us more than she ever did. The dog park training is going well!

Take care!
Emilie Justen
Ellie and I have been personally blessed to have both Paul Holt and Britt McCann as wonderful dog trainers. Both Britt and Paul are wonderful dog trainers. These 2 trainers have been there for me when I needed them. They are wonderful dog loving people who I want to personally endorse.
A personal "Thank you K9 Coach" for the Service you provide to make our puppies the Good K9 Citizens of the future.

Donna T

Awesome job today!!! Rona is still sleeping. You have a tremendous care and your style in training is terrific. I look forward to the next sessions.
-Mark R
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today's class. I finally feel that I have found the perfect fit for both Copper and myself. I felt energized and excited when I left class this morning. It so much different than what we have experienced previously and I finally feel as though there is hope for my crazy dog. I left other classes with the feeling of hopelessness and frustration that Cooper was just going to be a naughty (however cute) and disobedient dog, which is causing strain at home. I'm not sure if we will be addressing behavior issues such as eating everything he comes in contact with...I mean ....everything. Or if that will be a separate class we'll need to take down the road. I notice you offer so many classes and I am eager to participate in many. Our initial goal when we got Cooper was to have him become a therapy dog. That idea went out the window when I was informed that "not all dogs are calm enough to be therapy dogs"...(add a discouraging look here). That may be true, but I am hoping to disprove that....

Once again, thank you and I look forward to next week's class.

Jana B.

We've had a great experience with you guys and want to thank Kirsten for doing such an awesome job with Wilma!

Thanks again,
Harlan J
Tofu and I won't make tonight's class, but we had a BLAST and we look forward to taking classes again soon. Thank you for a very laid-back and fun approach to training!

Trina S.
We couldn't be happier with you and the classes so far, Hannah and I just keep talking about how great Margo seems to do and how much she really loves going to the classes, which for how scared she usually is of new places is just wonderful!

Brian I.
Thanks for all your hard work and making the Scent Class so fun!

Jennifer F.
Love this place! The trainers are friendly and very professional. They offer an assortment of classes throughout the Twin Cities. We especially love Coach Jess!

Niky B.
We are very pleased so far! The improvement in his behavior after one week is already impressive. We are seeing significant improvement in his responsiveness to our commands and controlling his impulsive behaviors. Very excited to see his total improvements in a couple weeks from now!

We already said that any dog we get in the future will go through the class as well. Definitely will recommend to others.

Colin T.
Thank you Lauren! Really appreciate everything you've done for us :) I don't remember if I told you, but I took aria to psycho suzis that Saturday that was super warm- it was the busiest I've ever seen it, we had to wait for a patio table. I definitely planned where we sat, and brought a bone to distract her, but we got the best compliment from our waitress. After sitting there for probably an hour and a half, "oh, I didn't realize you had a dog with!" :) definitely come a long way and learned a LOT.

Morgan C.
Just wanted to let you know how I value the service provided. My 8 month old Dixie, a Shepherd-Collie mix seemed to always to on high alert during her walks and would bark uncontrollably at other dogs, pop up on her leash when she saw a rabbit or squirrel and I would have to say the only way I could do loose leash walking was to sort of run to catch up to her.

Within two hours you taught me a few very simple techniques that put me back into control and I have to say Dixie and my walks are now enjoyable and she seems so much more relaxed. Not perfect yet but with consistency I know she will continue to improve and seems to understand finally what I am asking of her. Tried other trainers with very limited results so I contacted Canine Coach. I am glad I made the call.

After a week I have continued to see so much improvement that I no longer use a leash to take Dixie to the back yard or to the neighbor's house since she follows me. We seem to be finally communicating with each other. Lovely dog, high energy and now I have the tools to communicate with her in a way she seems to understand what I am asking of her.

Karen L. St. Paul

I am absolutely amazed at your skill in training these animals and conducting classes. WOW! Thank you for all your good work.

Doug C.

Thanks for being such an awesome coach! We learned a lot and had fun with Lena at the the same time. We found your advice and techniques to be spot on. Thanks again, it was a great help.

Erik, Mandy and Lena D.
You guys are awesome and I never hear anything but rave reviews from those who have had behavioral evals. You should know that I also appreciate always being willing to work with my crazy requests of new foster trainings, aggression 101 sessions, fly-by emails I send you to pick your brain about something (like aggressive puppies), and that you'll let me call you for issues too.

It's great having you and your trainers as a resource for Pet Haven. Our fosters have more confidence working with their foster dogs, and most important - we are able to benefit the dogs we adopt out. We couldn't be working with a more professional and supportive group of trainers for our rescue.

Jenny Jurek - Director of the Dog Division for Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota

This is Ella's mom from your Monday 1115am class. I just wanted to email you to let you know that we are really enjoying your class. We adopted her at 9 months old and we were her third home. We were told that she was dog friendly and easy going when we adopted her and then to find out the truth was quite a shock. She was very dog aggressive and uncontrollable. I cried almost everyday for the first 3-4 months we got her and I contemplated giving her back to the rescue so many times. She failed out of her first obedience class at a different place so we did private lessons there and she didn't get any better. We found out about k9 coach and signed her up for the socialization class for aggressive dogs. We continued to be "that dog" of the "that dogs" and couldn't leave that side room to be with the other dogs. Then we working 1:1 with Blair and that changed her life and our life. I never in a million years would have thought we could actually be in a regular obedience class and here we are. I wanted to thank you for the instruction and encouragement you have given us this past two weeks and for the future classes. I was extremely nervous about bringing her and I am surprised and proud of how she is doing. You have really set her up for success in the class. I'm excited to see where she'll be at the end of the 6 weeks. So I just wanted to say thank you for helping us on our journey with Ella.

Jen D.
We are looking forward to 1.5 and Amanda our coach has been truly amazing. Your classes have been a huge help to us, and we appreciate everything you have done for us, and want to continue to support you and our dog's education.

Thank you
Becca D
I have taken three classes with my trainer and could not be happier! I started with her when my new rescue dog, Bear, started acting aggressively towards other dogs in his Level 1 obedience class that we took at a pet store. I was a new dog owner at the time and didn't realize the importance of finding a really good trainer and training facility so I did what was easiest and signed up for Obedience classes while buying dog food.

When we started our Dog to Dog Aggression class with my trainer I was pretty nervous the first day. I knew Bear was a great dog but was afraid that other people wouldn't agree since he wasn't "perfect." The main thing I took away from that class was confidence that I know how to handle different situations. I also learned that it was okay that Bear didn't get along with every dog. My trainer told me after class one day "Dogs are similar to people. We don't love everyone we meet so why should we expect our dog to?" Although Bear still doesn't love every dog, I'm not afraid to go for a walk when other dogs are out. I now feel confident that I can keep the situation under control with the skills I learned in class.

The next class I took with my trainer was Level 2 obedience and Bear and I both loved this class! One thing I really liked was the cross-over in skills between what we learned in our Aggression class and what was expected in Level 2. Another thing I noticed was the difference in this class between my pet store obedience class. I left that class feeling embarrassed and frustrated. With my trainer, never once, not even on a "bad" day at training, did I leave with these negative feelings. I left feeling hopeful and excited to practice our new skills.

Right now we are taking a loose leash class with my trainer. After the first class we are already going on walks with a loose leash!

I really can't say enough good things about my trainer! She seems to adore Bear and she is able to see his potential. She is able to give relevant advice that addresses my (sometimes bad) habits as well as Bear's personality. My trainer is always available for questions after class or between classes which seems to be the time when I need the most support!

I highly recommend the Canine Coach to anyone and everyone whether you have the "perfect" dog or not!

Libby K
My name is Mia and my fiance Sam and I are huge fans and have attended a few classes with our pup as well as an in home with plans to continue both. ...we have been so impressed with your trainers.

-Mia J
I've been practicing lots of door greetings w Sunny like you recommended. People are saying they already see improvement!

You're amazing!!
Sarah L
Hi Jordan Hope you enjoyed a great weekend. Can’t believe Riley is in her last week at BC. Her progress has been amazing. I walked her both days this weekend and was so impressed with her listening and leash manners. So excited that this is OUR dog! :)

Kay and Mike E.
Capo loved class so much today that he fell asleep the second he got in the car! We were so impressed with the class and are looking forward to many more classes at Canine Coach. Also, my 10 year old daughter thought it was so fun that we just signed her up for the kids/dog camp this summer with you guys.

I had been feeling so overwhelmed with our puppy and I left the class feeling like I had just been given tools to help him become a well mannered boy. THANK YOU!!! We will be doing a lot of practicing this week. :)

Bryn W
Jenny did a fantastic job coaching us and our dear Riley through puppy class on to obedience I. Jenny's classes are engaging and informative. She explains next steps in a very practical, easy-to-understand way. Though Jenny had a natural ability with the pups, she made us novice owners feel empowered and not intimidated by her skill. Riley progressed SO much during classes. It is clear to everyone how much Jenny loves dogs. I would definitely recommend Canine Coach and Jenny to other dog owners.

Thank you!
Laura B
We are very pleased with Adam and the expertise at Canine Coach. Mac seems to be taking to the training well and we have no concerns other than the usual puppy antics. :-) I sincerely appreciate Adam's demeanor with Mac and taking the time to explain different things to me as well as answer my questions at the end of the day. I look forward to seeing Mac's progress along the way!

Thank you, Amy H
Angus update for Adam Stell...we have been cruising around Lake Harriet most mornings (who would have thought) He has made some new dog friends and ironically a couple people friends, one who wants me to go out of town so he can dog sit for me! Thanks so much for all you did. Guess I will take that free dog sign off his back now (hahaha)

Jennifer H.

Brian and I wanted to thank you, beyond words, for all you've done for our little family.

Sonny is unmuzzled now. He and Greta play together all the time. They respect each other's boundaries. They follow each other around the house. He licks her face an awful lot. They can't wait to see each other in the morning.

I don't think we ever believed we'd get here, and I'm certain we wouldn't have without you. Thank you, so much.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Julie W.
I am very happy with boot camp. Don is very attuned to Avi's personality and her need to build confidence in varied settings. He's adapted the plan to incorporate her learning needs. This has been a great first week.

Thanks for inquiring!

Christine C.
This woman! She has saved my sanity and very likely Ginsberg’s quality of life. She works doggie miracles. If you’re ever looking for a trainer to help you with a challenging pup, proceed directly to Canine Coach and request Jenny.

Kathleen K
Hi Lauren

Just a quick note to say thank you for the training lessons.

Lucy did really well this morning on our walk -- she knew before we even left the yard what to do!

Having her by my side instead of pulling made the walk enjoyable instead of a fight. I simply cannot thank you enough!!

Karen S
My very independent minded coonhound and I just finished Level 1 Obedience. I had had my dog for 6 weeks prior to starting the class, and as a senior rescue, we were having some challenges. We had an awesome trainer who helped us learn basic obedience, but most importantly gave me the tools to understand my dog, change my behaviors, and help him build respect for me.

Jake and Jess both went above and beyond when I called on them for additional advice to address some specific challenges. I'm so thankful for the great work of Canine Coach! The trainers are knowledgable and passionate about their work. Looking forward to the next class!

Amanda V.
Ok, you may need a new title, you seriously work miracles! Buster and I went for a walk shortly after his nap, a neighbor needed something but had dogs and it was too much distraction so I told them I could come back…I left buster inside by the front door and told him to stay, never expecting he’d actually do it. I walked 3 houses down talked for a few minutes and came back to find Buster still waiting for me!! We hadn’t even practiced tonight…You are awesome!

Connie B
I just wanted to thank you for a truly worthwhile experience. Your clear, direct style was incredibly helpful to us, and it was balanced with such patience, affection and support for the dogs and owners. And you were especially kind to my two boys, who were always beyond impressed with your skills (they were totally wide eyed at how responsive your puppy was today. It was nice to see where all this training could get us! :) )I would highly recommend your class to anyone who needs help getting started with training. Thank you, thank you!

Jessica L. (Lili's mama)
Thanks so much for all of your guidance -- I've really learned so much from the classes I was able to attend and while Millie and I still have a long way to go I feel much more in control of the journey than I did before.

Maura D.

Thank you for a wonderful course. We really enjoyed working with you, and Ami has made great strides!

Kathryn G.
Thanks so much for all you have done and the support you've given. It is paying off! One step at a time!

Cyndi V
Thanks again for such a great Obedience class – you have a great teaching style, very positive and encouraging for both people and dogs and I’m really glad I found the K9 coach!

Casey M.
I am really appreciating Kirsten and boot camp. I know I have my own share of "homework" and try to work it in as I can. I appreciate Kirsten's instruction with me, too! She's great.

Initially I thought it was a lot of money - and it is - AND I'm glad we made the decision. It's been very well worth it and I suspect we may come back, as needed.

Thank you!
Jodi N
Dear Canine Coach, I just wanted to drop you a note about my mini-poodle, Mariah. You helped me train her in July for a plane trip to Germany. I believe I worked first with Erin, then with Taylor and Lauren. But they were wonderful, and I thought I should tell you that Mariah did wonderfully on the plane. Granted, she was pretty terrified at first, even with relaxing meds from the vet. But then she really calmed down and slept the whole second leg of the trip, from Atlanta to Germany....

Anyway, THANK YOU for your wonderful support and for the training sessions and for helping me make this trip with my baby. :) hahah.

I hope your team is doing well.

Amy M
We have been having a great experience so far. Kirsten is great at explaining how to complete Nala's homework and I appreciate the facility being flexible with her kennel aversion.

Sabrina and I attended and completed Puppy Socialization and just recently, Agility for Fun, with Courtney. I really enjoy Courtney’s training style. When I first adopted Sabrina and started with the Puppy Socialization, Sabrina was a very rambunctious 6 month old with almost no manners. 9 months later and I still remember and use some of the techniques. Agility was a bit tricky for Sabrina to pick up and enjoy but Courtney remained calm and steady and took the time to help Sabrina overcome her fear of the plank walk and the A frame.

Susan K
We loved the Agility for Fun class and look forward to future classes.

Thank you!
Rob H
You're a super trainer who has given us lots of great tools to help us improve Meg's dog aggression and we are thankful for your efforts. I would highly recommend your class and your expertise to friends with similar dog behavior issues.

Thanks for for patience with me.
Rick W.
I can't tell you how happy I have been with the classes I have taken with you guys. My relationship with my dog is so amazing and it is because I leaned to understand her from amazing trainers.

I tell people all the time to take classes with you guys. I'm looking forward to this last class!

Emily E.

The first week has been great. I'm really happy with the progress I'm seeing, and I'm really excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for J.R. Thanks so much for checking in.

Anthony S
She is FANTASTIC! Miracle worker.

Amanda P.
I just had my 3rd private session with my trainer and could not be more thrilled with how this is working out! My dog Shefu is a little terror on walks - pulling on the leash, barking at dogs, people, cars, her shadow, the pavement, etc. Today, in one session, she was walking next to me peacefully and wasn't yanking on the leash or going wild at passing cars. I feel confident I have the skills to keep our walks calm like the practice one we did today. My trainer is fantastic - she uses excellent metaphors in her training which cement the skill for me in a way that I won't forget what she said. Our session today was like a Dog Whisperer episode - a skill was passed on and immediately implemented for a happier owner and dog!

Julie M.
He will prove to be a positive influence in our lives! He has shown us some great techniques to work with our dog, Guinness!

Christina O.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent instruction during the Therapy Dog class this spring. Quinn is fully certified and happily accompanying me in my therapy groups at at treatment center. The ladies just love her! She is also with me in private practice as my co therapist and she is a natural!

You are an awesome and highly intuitive trainer. I am so grateful to have been in your class!

Mary W.

Hi Lauren,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and wisdom.

So, thanks again and Hagrid says hi!
Meg P.
My husband and I have been using Canine Coach for over two years now. Blair has been our trainer and she has been wonderful. She was wonderful to work with. It was so nice and convenient that she came to our house for the sessions .Our dogs loved her. We had two dogs a Pit Bull and German Shepard/Husky mix (our pit bull passed away.) Blair worked with both our dogs. Thanks to Blair we saw huge changes in both our dogs. Not only in the way they behaved and there demeanor but how they responded to us and how much better they listened. We have a 20 month old daughter I was worried about having 2 big dogs. Blair taught us and our dogs things to help with this area. The exercises that she taught us to do with our dogs were so helpful and we still use them to this day, We want to thank you for having such a wonderful trainer.

Thank you,
Stephanie & Jason S
I can't tell you how awesome your class has been for me and Stillwater. It has made an enormous difference not only in his behavior around other dogs but also in my willingness to connect with him. He and I have been on thin ice for a while, so I'm glad I was right in suspecting that taking a class with him would get us back on track.

So thank you soooo much. Stillwater and I are both so grateful.

My best,
Alex P
Guthrie and I (and Theo) have loved working with you. Thank you. Seriously, just a month and a half ago Guthrie and I felt like we were not capable of working with Theo and now he is really starting to become a part of our family. Thank for you all of your encouragement and answers to all of our millions of questions!

Laura B.
My wife and I are thrilled with Boot Camp! Luther is learning so much, and we're finding ways to utilize all of the new commands Alaina is teaching him. Alaina has been wonderful too. She's very helpful when we're together for our twice-weekly check-ins, and very communicative otherwise. What a great program you have!

Thank you.
Bill H

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent training Layla and I received at boot camp. I was nervous about spending this kind of money on training for a 4-5 year old rescue dog with lots of bad habits and a dog family with even worse training habits. I am so glad I did, the training both Layla and I received from my trainer is priceless!

Layla now walks by my side with out pulling me over as she is trying to chase a squirrel, when she sees something like a squirrel or a bunny, she "leaves it" and just keeps walking! We are able to let her off the leash and actually have her come when she is called!!! This is truly amazing given where she was before boot-camp.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the training. You are way way better than the dog whisper! Thanks to all of you, this training has dramatically impacted the amount of fun we are now able to have with Layla.

Kathy Conner, St. Paul

Jordan and this class have been great! She has really made Foxy blossom into a friendly, happy little dog, instead of being afraid of everything.

Thanks for your help,
Donna G
Thanks for checking in! Everything is going great and Garth is doing so great. We're eternally grateful for Karen.

Cristina L
We loved Erin's blend of knowledge & professionalism - and warmth & kindness.

Rebecca and David S.
This has been life changing!! I can’t believe the difference in walking on the leash— and it’s almost like she’s so proud of her skills. It’s adorable and amazing!! We’re still mastering walking past another dog without going crazy but I’m just so happy!!
I haven’t been doing “back” in the apt nearly as much, but I used it yesterday while baking and she only returned once!
Seriously, it’s awesome!

- Sarah R.
Came to the St Paul location with Pepper for Shy Dog Socialization class. Facility was always very clean and our trainer, Sadie, was very kind and lovely. Would definitely recommend for first-time (or long-time) dog owners!

-Sammy S
Everything’s going really well with Boot Camp so far, thanks for checking! We are starting to see changes at home so that is exciting. Don is very thorough and we appreciate that.

Thanks, again
Stephanie and Tom B
Gibson and I had a great day with Erin today. What a joy she is to work with ! Her knowledge and patients is fabulous.

Thanks so much
Elizabeth J
Hello Maureen & Co-Owners,

I don’t know if you remember me Maureen, but you taught me years & years ago in the early days of K9 Coach, how to train my Siberian Husky “Silver” how to heel and walk nicely. I was always impressed and to this day, I continue to train my dogs using your methods and classes.

In 2017, I rescued a Bassador that was a Hurricane Nate victim, and I have brought him to several of The K9 Coach’s classes, at 3 of your different locations. The majority of your trainers have been good, except for one named Erin Lanz, who has been more than good. She has been exceptionally excellent!!!

A couple months ago in September, I took the “Teaching Tricks” class. I didn’t realize how far the drive would be, so after arriving to the 1st class, I debated on whether I wanted to drive for 5 more weeks to class. You see, I had recently undergone foot & back surgeries in June and July so I was still on the mends. Well, after 5 minutes in the class, I knew that Erin was not just any trainer, and that I would be coming to all her remaining 5 classes.
I’m sorry for the delay in sending this information to you, but I had to tell you what a rare gem you have in Erin. I’d never met her before, nor have communicated with her since this 6 week course; but I have to tell you how amazing she is. On a scale 1-10, of ALL of your good trainers I’ve worked with, I would rate Erin an ELEVEN Plus.

She is patient, shares her time equally with clients, is extremely knowledgeable and understood what some breeds in class could and couldn’t do, due to their shapes, sizes, etc. She explained things to everyone, about every present breed’s abilities & limitations. She created a great community amongst us, by how she worked with us together & separate. She made each owner feel like their dog was her favorite in a true way. She loved all the dogs and was so patient with us all. I especially liked that if a dog had limitations, she showed how to do the same tricks but in a different way.

Literally ALL of the other class parents were also “singing the praises” about Erin and how she made this one of the best classes taken. Even though I couldn’t do many of the tricks due to my physical limitations, this has been the very best K9 Coach class that I’ve ever taken, and that is 100% solely because of Erin.

I will eagerly be continuing my dog Zeke’s training at your business and continue to highly recommend it, as I have done these many years. The only difference is that I’ll be looking for Erin’s name as the instructor and will be excited if she’s teaching any future classes I sign up for.

Erin - Thank you for making this the best training experience I’ve ever had. With an extensive career in the financial & professional industries, customer service and attention to details is one of the assets we look for in people. I’m very impressed with your professionalism & excellent customer service. Wishing you all the success & satisfaction as you continue to excel in your career.

Thx Much! ~ Zina K
Thanks! I did want to give my praises to Annette too. She has been such a help and went far beyond what I ever would have expected with sending me info and following up after she was at our home. What a great person to have on your team!!

She had our puppy sitting within 3 minutes of walking in our door. That’s when my husband and I realized we had made the right call – we were clearly clueless! She gave us hope! He he!

Heather D
Thanks so much! We absolutely LOVE the training we have already participated in and always recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great place to get some training.

We are looking forward to continuing with classes in the Spring! Thanks so much for your help. :)
Roberta E
Also, this is our 2nd round of classes with Canine Coach; the first was the puppy class. We signed up again with Sadie- she is wonderful. She offers a lot of useful information we can apply to our daily lives. I love that she gives examples of how to use these commands, and how it might make our lives a little easier (at the vet, while you're making dinner, etc.). We really enjoy her classes and teaching style, the hour flies by!

Thanks again,
Amy H
Thanks Jess for everything! We had a great time, and learned so much!!!

Teryn G.
Thank you so much for all you do! I cannot believe what he learned in just the one class, and am very excited to keep practicing the skills.

With the exception of the first week or two after we adopted him, when I'm guessing he was just a bit reserved and nervous, I have never seen him calm in the presence of other dogs as he was when we were walking him around the therapy dog class. Absolutely incredible.

Thank you!

Mike S.

Jackson and I are thrilled to see you each week again!! You are so great with him and I can't wait to learn additional tools to help him enjoy life more :) See you Thursday.

Best Regards,
Nicol J.
Thanks, Jordan; really fun class today. Can't wait for next week!! And you were right, Koda was exhausted when we got home :)

See you next week,
Kellie P
We think it's really helping both our dog and the experience around the house. We've learned new ways of speaking with Rafa, new hand signals, and refashioned old ones.

The staff are great. Present. Positive with our dog. More importantly, patient with the dog owners.

Yes, we love it.

Tom T.

Hi Sadie,

You are really making a difference for our family.

Thank you!
Jean B
We just recently completed Obedience 1 with Jenny at the South Mpls location with our newly rescued pit bull and I wanted to say how happy we were with the class and Jenny! We learned so much and Fawkes is really shining at home with the lessons we learned in class. Jenny is patient and so knowledgable, we loved it!

Thank you very much!!

Sarah N
I am so grateful for all of the amazing training I have received at Canine Coach ( obedience level 1/2/3, leash walking, tricks, recall, no jump, agility for fun - twice and Lure Course)

All of the teachers have been amazing!! Amanda, Courtney, Sadie, Taylor ( If I missed someone it was only due to my lack of "recall")

You guys rock!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful advice, training and support you have provided me!
Kathy O and Bella
This is Sarah, mom of Sophie the Papillon from last night's puppy class in St. Louis Park. My boyfriend Ryan and I (and Sophie) were extremely impressed with the way you taught class and handled Sophie's shyness and caution. Sophie has never been that confident in class before and we were so excited to see her coming out of her shell!

-Sarah C.
Hi Courtney
I have really appreciated the late morning classes for Barley(Lhasa-Bichon mix) Barley and I want to thank you for all your efforts and training tips(all wonderful and helpful) in the recent class you held. Though Barley's circumstances are unique (as with most dogs, no doubt) I appreciate the way you present your techniques and your great amount of patience with those of us who don't get to keep at the training regiments as much at home as trainers get to teach classes :>)

Thanks for a great Beginner I class :>)

Sheila P. & Barley
Wanted to send you all a sincere thanks for all the help and rescheduling with waitlists and getting sick. Truly appreciated! I'm feeling much better, successfully out of quarantine as of last week, and just signed up for some more waitlists

Thanks again!
Terrific experiences with trainers at Canine Coach. Both Jenny and Jordan are professional, helpful and educated in the art of dogs!

Cynthia L.
Just want to let you know how grateful we are for your help last night. I (Mary) was able to take Annie for a really nice walk this morning. She didn't resist me putting the harness on her (the correct way) and it is so much easier to walk her and let her have a little freedom during the walk.

Mary & Gary E.
Boot camp is FABULOUS! I love our trainers. What an awesome team!

Abby K
Thank you for your help on Wednesday. Levi and I are making incredible progress! We have been using your system for less than 3 days and already our walks are more enjoyable. Prepare to have your socks blown off when you come back in 2 weeks to show us the next step!

Sarah B. St. Paul
I wanted to take a minute to write and tell you that Betty has REALLY turned a corner on her "stranger danger." I just wanted to thank you for helping us go from "Ahhhhhh, can we ever have people over????" to "Hey, let's have people over AGAIN!" Thank you for helping us understand our dog's issues better and for teaching us the skills and tips to help her more consistently be the awesome, sweet dog that she is!

Monica M.
Thanks for the great class. Ryan, Nora, and I had a lot of fun!

Susan M
I really want to thank you for the help you have given to us with Kody. Using your techniques have been so helpful for us. It is an ongoing work in process, but Kody has responded well. Our calmness with him really works for all of us. We have been trying to walk him whenever possible which also helps him a lot.

Want to thank you again for helping us. Kody is a very sweet little guy.

Carole S.
Thanks so much for coming over and helping us with Boeuf yesterday! We tried the "leave it" command with the toilet paper (which she loves to terrorize), and it worked great! Plus, she is already going potty super fast in her "designated" area. :-)

Rose P.
The first week has been great. Both Howie and I love Cameo. She is fantastic and I feel like he learns so much from her. I also really feel like she loves him, so it makes it that much easier to bring him there every day.
It has been a really great experience for Howie for sure.

Thank you so much! Steel was walking great for both me and my sister when we got home!! So awesome to see :) You are amazing!

-Mercedez T.
Very impressed. Our trainer is really awesome! Go Jess! In a single first one hour session we already have a better more appropriate little beastie. And we were in puppy hell before this. Well worth the money! I highly recommend. Easy techniques that are doable for the whole family.

Krista B.
We were very impressed with our trainer and we will absolutely recommend you in the future.

Thanks again
Peter and Kristin F
Love these guys! Started with the puppy class and just kept going. We have learned so much and I owe it all to them. I can't say enough great things about each "coach". I've had 4 different trainers (4 different classes) and they all are fantastic.

Titan's Mom
We're very happy with Tater's Boot Camp experience so far. Alyssa is great and we're always amazed at Tater's learning when we have our in person sessions. He's doing well at home too - never as good as with Alyssa, but he's getting there. He goes happily everyday which gives us great peace of mind that he's being loved as well as taught.

Looking forward to more progress this week-
Cath and Mike P
It's been amazing so far! We are super impressed with the progress Mabel has made and the trainers have been sooo helpful. It's been wonderful!

John B
Oscar's training is going well.Alyssa has been great to work with and she's been giving me some good strategies to help train a rambunctious six month puppy!
Dana M
Zoey has been having a blast at boot camp I know she misses it on the weekends haha. Its so fun to see how excited she is to get there in the morning. The first few days she definitely was reluctant and scared to go in as she can be pretty shy/nervous. And now she cries the whole way there and runs past me to get to the door so that makes me feel really good.
Hannah B
[Boot Camp]
With week one complete and we are noticing nice progress already and looking forward to the weeks to come. I really like working with my trainer when I pick up Ruger in the evenings, she does a great job of answering questions, explaining homework and giving little tips that have been very helpful.

Tami W

Thank you and Canine Coach for putting together such a great program for reactive dogs. It's helped my dog Harry and myself better understand each other and the world we live in. I was impressed with your ability to differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of each dog. I feel like I've been equipped with tools and knowledge that will help me recognize and try to prevent dog aggression. I'm grateful that you do what you do as you have such a tremendous gift.

Brittany F
Thanks for the great care and training you've provided for Alys! Lori, Alys and I will be forever grateful :) We hope to see you soon at future classes.

Alys, Lori and Ryan R.
Tonight I took Sandy to a restaurant that had outdoor seating and she behaved so well. Not a single whine! Thank you so much for all you taught me and Sandy! I am such a proud Dog Mom now!

Sarah M.
I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing teacher/coach! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was that Buster and I were able to pass the Therapy Certification test! We could not have done it without your thoughtful teaching approach, challenging us in class and out of class and sharing your expertise to get us to where we got! I look forward to your advanced class, starting tomorrow eve.

On behalf of Buster too! Thank you!
Jennifer M.
Thanks for your most kind and understanding instruction and tolerant, supportive attitude. Canine Coach is lucky to have you on their team.

Jon B.
I want to thank you for the excellent training & support. I learned new skills and sharpened old ones. Chewie enjoyed his class days, he ran into the car tail wagging whenever we headed off to class.

Again thanks for the therapy dog training, I am excited to complete TDI registration and figure out where we should try to work.

Holly vG.
Just had to let you know that Annette is a FABULOUS teacher!!! She is animated, excited, and loves teaching obedience. What a breath of fresh air!

Susan S.
Overall, I'd say this was the best investment of time and money that we've made with Oskar.

The time was incredibly useful in helping me understand both my behavior and our dog's behavior. The two key strategies that we worked on--introducing "back" in the house, and working on loose-leash walking--changed our dog's behavior (and mine) almost immediately. I was hoping the session would begin to make a difference, but I did not expect such a dramatic change in our dog's behavior in such a short time. It was pretty amazing.

Courtney gave me feedback on various behaviors and strategies for addressing them, in addition to the ones we worked on, along with several handouts that she emailed afterward. The next day, I spent time in our backyard using some of the strategies that Courtney provided, and that has already reduced Oskar's barking at squirrels significantly, which I was originally at a loss as to how to address. It's made a huge positive difference in terms of his walking on leash, too.

I think most importantly, Courtney showed that it's possible to change Oskar's behavior, even ones that I had presumed were deeply ingrained. So now I am starting to think about ways to keep developing his skills and abilities through training, which is a big change from wondering how we'd be able to tolerate some of his more annoying behaviors. It was absolutely worth the time and money.

Nate A
Lucia so enjoyed dog camp. It was the highlight of her summer so far!"

Mary S.

Izzy is SO GOOD now! Last week, I walked her all over the neighborhood, and we had her off leash at the cabin with no trouble whatsoever over the weekend.

I feel like she’s calmed down and has a sense of the rules. She’s choosing to stick around us instead of bolt and she has shown no inclination to jump over the fence in the backyard.

Amazing what 8 weeks of super-awesome professional training will do for a girl!

Nancy B.
Kiya and Sadie bounded down the driveway today after camp - both very excited and anxious to share their morning. Such a GREAT Maureen! Count us in for next summer ;)

Nicole G.
My daughter Maggie (Peter) and niece Katrina (Ivy) had a wonderful time at dog camp today!
They can’t stop talking about it! See you tomorrow.

Amie Odahl
My wife, Erin, and I adopted our sweet, adorable and well-behaved pittie, Mae, when she was six months old. Though she was none of those things when we got her. In fact, quite the opposite. She was a real handful. Destructive, super naughty and so full of energy we didn’t know what to do with her, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. She nipped at our hands, pulled on our scarves, destroyed throw pillows and put holes in more than one down jacket. She was crazy. So we signed up for Obedience 1 class, and it completely changed our relationship with our dog. That class (and later, Obedience II class) gave us the ability to effectively communicate with Mae in a positive yet firm manner that’s not only rewarding for her, but for us as well. The classes gave us confidence to be strong leaders, and gave Mae the confidence to trust us. In the short time she’s been with us we’ve developed a language and established rules that we all understand and benefit from. Oh, and our trainer was super awesome. The classes are fun, the dogs stay engaged and before you know it. Being able to work with someone who understands canine behavior like he does is invaluable. If you feel your relationship with your dog is not living up to its potential, you should do yourself – and your pup – a big favor by giving Canine Coach a call. Mae is now 20 months old, and we could not be happier. And judging by all the licks, tail wags and big pittie smiles on her face, Mae could not be happier either. Thanks!

Ryan B.
I have been taking classes at your St. Paul location with my Australian Shepherd. We first completed obedience 1 with Pauli and are now enrolled in agility with Pauli as well and we are loving it! The K9 coach has been a great resource for me and my puppy, and Pauli is such a knowledgeable and skilled trainer that we’ve felt very comfortable and in good hands from the start.

Meranda Z.
Everything is going really well with Penny's training. Don has been great to work with.

Looking forward to week 2 :)
Eric S.
So far, everything has been great! Don has been really awesome and we're already seeing positive behavior changes.

Thanks for checking in!
Ryan R
We took our puppy there for puppy class and are now doing the obedience training as well. He's learning really fast and the trainers are fantastic. On top of all this, the cost is very reasonable for what you get out of it.

Sameer P .
Thanks again for all your time and help,

Martin S
The first week seems to have gone well! She appears to be catching on rather quickly.

Brian R.
Thanks again for your help with our pooch, Eira. With your tips, things are changing. She's now going up and down stairs like nobody's business.

Jon B
Thank you Kelli, you and all the staff at Canine Coach have been great. Take care!

Michael R
Hi Sadie
I just want to say thank you for your classes. It was really rewarding to see Callen's improvement today from 4 weeks of your coaching. We still have lots of work ahead of us but it nice to feel we are moving forward to being less stressed around strange dogs and people.

Looking forward to next week.
Jane S
It's working! Nella picked up a dead bird while running with my husband yesterday...she already had it in her mouth before he realized what it was. He said, "Leave it!" & she immediately dropped it! Don is clearly doing a great job with her!

Chantel J
We are so impressed with Jenny. She has done wonders with Sophie. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for checking in.

She is such an awesome trainer!
Keith M
Have a cup of coffee on Ebony for your excellent care of Ebony. She is so delighted to come for training due to your great skills.

Thanks Again
Things are great. Charlie loves coming to Boot Camp every day. Her behavior this weekend was excellent! She's doing her Sits and Downs and walking on the leash. My parents came over today and said she was like a different dog. Much calmer when they came in, and eager to please.

Angelica V
Don, Super thanks! I hope all of us will be better behaved… thanks to you!

Buttons S.
I can't tell you how pleased we are with the training provided by Alex. Zoey has made great strides in just four days. Please thank my trainers for a great start.

Mike G
Hey Lauren,
We are so pleased by the results of our training with you [Lauren] and Sadie! More than ever you guys made me realize how much I have to learn and with the successes we saw throughout your class my confidence was totally renewed. So, thank you so very much. I'm looking forward to lots more fun with Herc and Canine Coach.

Cammy J.
Hi Lauren,
I just really wanted to send you an update. I really have to thank you. Sophie is like a different dog. The other trainers had me convinced that Sophie was probably going to end up to be a very mean dog and I was going to end up with a lawsuit eventually. I am so much more relaxed now. Thank you so much. Because of me being so much more confident so is Sophie, she is way different towards me now. She's very very relaxed. I can't express to you how much this means to me. Gosh thank you SOOO much!

So happy we found you!!
Colleen K
Training is going really good! Birdie has been doing great with the invisible line, though she sometimes tries to sneak around the other way. It has been really nice for us, especially when we are feeding the baby.

Thanks again for all your help. It really made a huge difference in the way we are able to interact with her.
- Clare M.
Hi Blair,

I just wanted to thank you for the great classes Cam and I have had with you--you're a terrific trainer and a delight to be around! Good luck with that puppy and maybe we'll see you sometime in the future at another class. Thanks again!

Liz A.

Both of my dogs, Greta and Rhoda, have had such a good experience with our trainer! She is so knowledgeable about dogs and she has the ability to really teach the owners the whole picture rather than just the "how to". This is the best, most comprehensive training I've ever done with dogs and I just cannot say enough good about The Canine Coach. Thank you!

Pam O. Minneapolis

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your flexibility and accommodations for Elo! It's so much easier to work consistently on his issues when we can be in class.

Looking forward to our next session!

Tania L.
My bulldog, Jes, loves Canine Coach. If you awe at those dog trainers on TV, you should go see them. They are every bit as good as the Dog Whisperer and the British woman. And right here in the Twin Cities.

Stacey M. Eagan
Please thank Courtney for being a great teacher, even though Missy really didn’t enjoy tricks like I thought she would. She’s more of a scent class dog, I’ve learned :)

Thanks again, and I’ll keep a few of the simple tricks in mind to work on over the next few months.

Laura H and Missy
We are happy with the training so far! Sandy seems to be learning a lot.

Emilie T.
Amy, I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we've enjoyed participating in your classes. You definitely know how to bring out the best in dogs (and owners, too) and do it with such a relaxed, enjoyable and most of all fun way. We were always excited to come to class and you were one of the top reasons why.

Thanks, Amy, you're the best!

Teddy and Jan and Duane B.
We just had The Canine Coach to our house yesterday and are already THRILLED with the results!

- Maisha F.
Thanks for a great Level II class! We really enjoyed your approach and the interest you seemed to have in the success of each dog.

Brittni B.

Thank you again for Disc 1 class. I appreciate your patience and teaching knowledge. I would be interested in the Disc 2 class. In the meantime, Tilly and I will continue to work on our disc skills. Hopefully she will realize that the Disc can be just as exciting the Chuckit ball. It looks like the weather is going to turn nice soon so then we can do more “golf-course” work to improve our disc skills.

Thank you again and have a great week.
Greg M.
Hi Jess! I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. I learned a ton in your class, and Hunter caught 3 discs today. I was so proud and happy. It wouldn't have happened without you're patience and dedication (and your willingness to answer 17 million questions). Hope you're having a great day!

Casey V.
Dearest Canine Coach People-

Michelle and I have been greatly enjoying our obedience and dog walking classes.

Thanks very much- Lora G.

PS- All three of us think Jordan is a really good teacher, please let her know that. Benny's vote may have been swayed mostly because Jordan carries chicken, but Michelle and I really did like her :)
Hi Jordan,

Thanks for your help last night. We particularly appreciate your calm, knowledgeable approach combined with your clear instructions.

We're looking forward to helping him improve, and we'll look into that leash aggression class!

Emily N
Thank you so much for all that you accomplished with Gertie, she learned a lot. We learned a lot. Looking forward to many years with Good Gertie.

Pat and Cat B.
I just wanted to leave an update for Jordan. We adopted Zoey who was a 9 month old rescue German Shepherd. While she seemed like a great dog she had a fear of children. Our 7 year old soon could never go near her unsupervised.

I called around to a few dog trainers and one told me too put her to sleep immediately and she would never warm up to kids. I decided instead to go through Canine Coach and have Jordan come out to our home for a 1 on 1 session to observe.

She gave us alot of helpful feedback and homework for training and follow up whenever needed. After extensive training and working with Zoey and our son on our own with the tools Jordan gave us things started to improve.

My son and zoey are best friends now. I can trust her again and we still continue working with her despite her excellent behavior. Im confident she can remain in our family forever!! We had already contacted the rescue to give her back but wanted to give Jordan a try first. Truly a miracle worker!!

Miranda S
Chipper attended his first fit dogs day today and by all accounts he had a great time. We absolutely want to bring him back! Thank you for giving him an amazing day! Hearing about all he did makes me so happy!

Angela T.
Our normal timeslot is on Wednesdays in SLP with Sadie, but we have a conflict this week for Week 5, which we’re sad about – both because it’s the last class with the dogs & people we’ve met, but also because we think Sadie is awesome.

Steve B.
Hi Jordan,

Well it's been 1 week since you came over for Windy's training session. I wanted to update you on her progress. We cannot thank you enough for all your help. You really turned things around for us and for her. I know it's your job to do that but I just want to let you know that you do your job very well!

Windy's walks with us are 100% better. She listens very well and will walk next to us whenever we ask her, she enjoys her free moments as well. I even managed to go running with her one morning and she only tried to trip me up one time.

We thank you very much and look forward to having class with you and seeing you again!

Windy, Joy & Chris W
Thank you so much for your help today!!!! You rock!

Amanda J
Our Lola loves little kids and people, but her hatred towards other dogs had recently become dangerous. We decided that $170 was worth it if it can prevent her from hurting another dog. The first night of class we were a bit apprehensive, a room full of aggressive dogs (6 dogs were in the class)? Yikes. Jordan, our teacher, had everything under control and works very well with the dogs (and people)! If your dog needs a little more attention with a certain activity, she spends the time to work one on one with you, even offering to stay after class to help. She doesn't make you feel guilty that you have an aggressive dog. By the third week, our aggressive dog was laying on the floor next to another dog, calm as could be. I highly recommend this class! We are very impressed with the staff and the facilities.

Keep up the good work, Canine Coach!

Erica J.
We are really happy with Riley's training, and how she is progressing. very happy with Jordan too. She is a wonderful!

Thanks for checking in!
Kay and Mike E.
Thanks again Courtney for all the extra time you spent with us over the last couple months. It has helped a lot with Finn.

He and I were out for a walk at Baker this afternoon and he did so well. A person was coming from the opposite direction, and he seemed spooked buy it. we stopped when she was about 15 yards away. He sat and never made a single move towards her. She stopped to talk for about 2 minutes, and he never moved. Never even acted like he wanted to get up. Once she went on her way, we continued and he was unfazed.

Progress indeed.

See you Sunday for our next class.
Mark H.
This note is to thank you for the dog-on-dog class. Between Rosie (our 7-year-old Lab mix) and Angus, we have taken a LOT of classes at Canine Coach and have also had a couple of in-home trainings. All of the teachers were great but you were the best. Angus did great, but we have so much farther to go, especially with his initial reactivity to visitors (and the vet). But he's come a long way from that day when he turned 4 months old when he suddenly started barking fiercely at every person, every dog.

-Laurie H
I love them. We have had two classes with them! Amazing and so knowledgeable

- Jenn P
Thank you so much for everything you have done with Duke. He has been doing great and runs right with me at the golf course! We really appreciate all you do :)

Julie O.
Dear Don,
Thanks so very much for helping Ferby. He’s much calmer now.

Maureen K.
Thank you for all your guidance, teaching and training of Charlie. Our home has changed with all the new learning. It's more joyful for everyone, especially Charlie.

Liz G.
Jordan is grrreat! Charlotte truly enjoys training with her and is making progress.

Julie B.
Hi Blair!

As Nylah and I were walking back to the car after a dog park visit this morning, I found myself with a huge smile on my face and thought I should let you know ;)

I'm so happy I took the step to learn how to work with Nylah on the leash aggression. It's honestly been the most important thing we've done for her (us). Since our class last week Nylah and I have had a few good challenges on our walks and we both handled them really, really well. I'm actually seeking out dogs to pass on our walks now! This morning my partner and I took her to the dog park (which hasn't ever been a problem in the past, just the major excitement and lack of control getting to the gate!). I opened the back of the car and didn't even have to give Nylah a command to stay. She was excited when we started walking towards the gate, but was easily reminded that we were "walking". Her encounters with other dogs were great. She swam and ran... it was wonderful.

So- just wanted to send a note of thanks. You gave me the tools to feel confident with Nylah and it's done wonders for both of us. I'm looking forward to having her be out and about with us more and more. Thank you.

Maybe we'll see you again in a class that's a little more "fun" ;)

Enjoy your summer!
Jennifer K.
Thanks Annette!
Thanks so much for coming over and helping us out! You’re amazing!

Natalia R
Thanks so much for this class. It has really helped me bond even more closely with Scout, and has taught me some great skills that we can use for the rest of her life. Our lives are more enriched because of it.

Brian S
Socks has been making amazing progress from the Boot Camp. For the past three years I have not been able to bring him in the Petco store or in Vet office without him barking like crazy at dogs and people. He was not able to get ahold of his excitements. The first day he finished the boot camp, I took him to Petco and he actually behaved! Only one day and it was amazing. Also bringing him to vet was peaceful, he sat quietly while waiting for his turn in the waiting room.

With the full week done, his behavior has been great on the walks and ignoring any distractions and continue to walk without any problems. He is following the house rules very wonderfully. I am super glad I enrolled him and with the trainers taking their time to show me how I can work with him outside of camp. I'm looking forward to see what he gets out of this with next three weeks!

Ashley R.
Coach Julia was FABULOUS! She was easy to talk to and very clear about what we needed to do to help Kenny be less fearful.

We realized that we were giving Kenny a ton of love and that's what he would want from us, but it was actually super scary for him. Since we've backed off and given him more space, he's less fearful. She gave us a lot of information on how to spot signals that a dog is anxious or scared. She also gave us some training exercises to work on with him----especially to get him less fearful of my husband.

Julie P.
Opie is enjoying his new baby brother. Thank you so much for all of your help!! We were at a breaking point of finding a new home for Opie but now I couldn’t imagine our family without him and you have helped us learn how to work with him and how to handle real life situations. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you!

Bryanna H
Thanks so much for both Poppy's agility and Ruby's Disc class. Both super fun:)

Nancy L.

Hi Jess,
I really enjoyed your level one obedience class and it has made life with our energetic rescue dog Maggie much more manageable and enjoyable.

Brenna G.
Erin is the bomb.com. We are trying to dream up reasons to have her back."

Catherine D
We wanted to thank you and will recommend your services to others, as Canine Coach was recommended to us.

Thanks again. Best wishes,
Peter M.
Buddy would like you to know he enjoyed working with Erin yesterday. He now has a head start over the other campers! He’s practicing walking on leash and doing great!!

Deb M
Courtney was a pleasure to work with! We really enjoyed having her help us with Cowboy.

-Sabrina P.
I just wanted to thank you for your help in tonight's Leash Aggression class. It was the first time I feel like Hopper and I might make it as a team. So thank you.

Thanks for your patience for us!
Jessica L
We loved class I and look forward to when he can start up again. I was super impressed with Erin too!

Kathy M
I just want to pass along how happy we are to get Lauren Coombs’ help with our dogs. She does an amazing job and we are pretty sure she has special powers :)

Thank you,
Scott A
Julia did a great job of explaining behaviors and how malamutes best respond. She also educated us on stuff that just might not be trainable and how to work around those behaviors.

Julia was great! I would recommend this service to anyone having behavior issues or canine coach classes for basic training needs.

Kelly J.
Bama just loves it there. You guys are great!

Shawn S
I loved your class. I have been training dogs since the early 90's and your class is one of the better ones I have taken. I loved that you made class time productive for all owners and dogs enrolled, regardless if there was an issue behind a dog and owner being enrolled. Every dog/owner team got the most possible out of each class. It was thrilling to see all dogs advance over the weeks. I also valued the real life application of the exercises we did in class.

Lastly, you treat all owners with respect and interject appropriate, light hearted humor that allows people to relax and then their dogs relax.

Thanks for a great class and as soon as I get done with PT I will be taking another class from you.

Gail T.
We have taken many classes with the Canine Coach and we highly recommend!

Candi L
We love boot camp almost as much as Wrigley does! He is awake every morning waiting to go. I am impressed with our trainer and everyone we have met there. And we can tell Wrigley is learning.

Thanks for checking in!
Jenny is a great teacher. She has a lot of experience, she made us feel comfortable as new dog owners and she has a very positive command over the class. Most of all she has a lot of information that you can start applying from day one. We started in Puppy class with our 9 week old lab and our confidence grew tremendously over the 5 weeks. I credit this to Jenny's instruction, her positive attitude and passion for the subject. We are very thankful to her and Canine Coach.

Rob R.
Thanks for checking in! Both Polly and I are loving boot camp so far. Our trainer has been great and even though she has only had three days with him I can already tell she is listening to me much better. Took her to a friends grilling party last night and everyone was super impressed with how good she did. Can't wait to see how the next three weeks goes!

Kelly D.
My puppy and I just finished the puppy socialization class with Courtney in the S. MPLS location. We are so pleased with what we have learned, and the overall facility of Canine Coach! So thank you for having such a great place for my puppy to learn! The 9am class was absolutely perfect time in the day for Monty, he was attentive, and wasn’t tired out from his day yet. Also, we loved the timing so it wasn’t smack dab in the middle of the day!

Thank you so much,
Anna M
This is Nichole S with little Boston girl E.V. We LOVED working with you in Obedience 2 Sundays at 715pm -- Thank you for always being so amazing with the dogs and so gentle with your human redirection. We truly appreciate your support in helping us work with her.
Hi it's Michelle, Parkers mom (and Montys). I just wanted to tell you that you are magic. The loose leash walking trick has literally transformed Parker. She doesn't pull or bark at dogs on the leash or much in the dog park. We even stopped using the harness on her. Tim loves that it was instantly effective as he gets frustrated easily. Maybe you can teach me a trick for him next. :P

Thanks again, seriously magic.

Michelle D
Thank you – and fyi – Julia was VERY helpful today! We feel a new sense of direction on what we are doing to create a good environment and routine for Eddie – we are newbies and need lots of hand-holding in this puppy stage!

Nancy L
Just wanted to say we had our first class tonight in South Minneapolis and it was such a great experience!

Thank you Braden, Liam and I cannot wait to come back.
- Emma F
Brandon was amazing with Lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think Lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Brandon was knowledgeable, approachable, warm, and friendly.

He was able to relate the training to real life situations. He was really patient and learns what works best for each dog!

When Emmy was struggling, he was so creative! He used all kinds of different methods and incentives that worked for her when treats didn't. He took the time to answer our questions thoroughly and never rushed us. He looked after her in group play time. He not only taught us how to reinforce the training, but explained the psychology behind the training so clearly that we could problem solve at home.

It was so helpful when Brandon modeled how to manage Remy's reactive behaviors, instead of just describing the steps. Brandon was very knowledgeable, warm, and patient. He was consistently able to help us troubleshoot problem behaviors and we could tell that he really cared about Remy. Such a great experience!

Very personable. Answered all questions and I have a lot! I loved that Sazzy was excited to go to camp.

Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

[Brandon] was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

Hi Karissa,
Thanks for all the help with Kaia! We have seen such wonderful improvements!
Today, we were outside and she was doing a super awesome job staying near us. A boat pulled up a couple of docks away and a little dog got out. Kaia started to run towards it and I told her to “Leave It” and she stopped! She then turned and looked at me so I told her to “come” and she did!! I gave her ALL the cheese and we were so excited!
“Leave it” has also been helping with her quieting down when people arrive.

We are so grateful to have good tools to help us with her!
Anne M
Camp is going well! Ira seems to be picking up the commands. Brandon has been very good at helping answer all of my questions when we meet up on Mon/Fri and was really accommodating with our schedule last week.

Sara K
Things are going well! We’ve been blown away by the progress we’ve seen in just two weeks. Brandon has been so patient and positive with Sparky AND with us. We (including Sparky) couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in the next two weeks of Boot Camp!

Thanks for checking in!
I finished week 6 of the level 1 obedience class and was really happy with the class :) I loved that it was structured enough to where I felt like I was getting a lot of really productive/structured training sessions in each session with Nellie. My schedule is really busy (as everyones' is) and it's just me and my puppy, so I was concerned at first that I would fall behind some of the people who seemed to get a lot more serious training sessions in during the week (which I did, but definitely not daily), but it was great to see that the class is really what you make of it, and it's just a good place to come in and ask questions and learn foundational skills. Jess was really great—super laidback, and always seemed to maintain control of the class (which I'm sure was a challenge with a class full of puppies and young dogs learning basic obedience). Most importantly, I could totally tell she was there because she loves dogs and wants the best outcome for them & their owners, so that made me happy and made me feel like I was in the right place for Nel

Emily B
John and I want to say “Thank You!” and let you know how great our experience has been with the Canine Coach in general, and more specifically, how grateful we are for our time with Annette. We feel very lucky to have met Annette our first night in puppy class with our dog, Bruiser. We had such a great experience with Annette in puppy class that in just over a year since his first puppy class Bruiser has been in 5 additional Canine Coach classes (Level I Obedience (with Annette), Agility for Fun (with Annette), Outdoor Recall, Lure Coursing and Level II Obedience (we are currently in this one with Annette and working hard to learn how to heel). During that year, we’ve also spent many hours exploring every inch of the Outdoor Sport Park during private Sport Park time.

Bruiser has been such a delight in our lives and our home, and a huge amount of credit for that goes to Annette for guiding us. Her knowledge and understanding of dog (and human) behavior and the interaction between dogs and humans is second-to-none, and her ability to train and teach (dogs and humans) is amazing. It is clear that she’s spent many hours learning her craft and perfecting her skills. It is also obvious that she genuinely cares about the people and the pups in her classes. She is extremely patient and generous with her time. On more than a few occasions we’ve e-mailed Annette for advice and she always responds quickly with helpful answers and encouragement. After every class we’ve attended we inevitably see Annette spending a little extra time with someone (sometimes us) offering a few extra tips, answering some questions or just giving a little extra support and attention.

A little over a month ago, we decided to take the leap and get a second dog, Macho. He was rescued from a puppy mill and living in a shelter when our paths crossed. We were nervous and a little unsure that we would have the skills to have a dog like Macho (one with much different needs than Bruiser) join our crew, but the minute we met Macho we knew he had to be a part of our lives. We weren’t the only ones who were nervous. When Macho first came home with us he was so shy and apprehensive that he wouldn’t take treats from us (actually, he wouldn’t even eat treats at all) and he wouldn’t let us anywhere near him (let alone let us pet him or hold him). He seemed scared of his own shadow. We knew that if we were going to make Macho a part of our lives we were going to need help–in the form of some private lessons with Annette. And, as we hoped, Annette has been a true lifesaver for us and our dogs. After two in-home sessions (and some guidance from his partner-in-crime, Bruiser), Macho has started to come out of his shell–he even crawls up on the couch and snuggles up with us to be petted. With the tips and techniques we’ve learned from Annette, Macho, Bruiser, John and I are getting more and more happy and comfortable every day. We still have plenty of work to do and lots to learn, but we are excited to see what life has in store for Macho, Bruiser and us and we truly believe that none of this would have been possible without Annette. Our knowledge that we’d have Annette (and the Canine Coach) as a resource to help us through the process was the only thing that gave us the confidence that we could provide a good home to Macho. We can’t thank the Canine Coach, and especially Annette, enough. We love our little guys so much and they are off to a great start in life because of our time spent with the Canine Coach team. We are sure you know this already, but we wanted to make sure we expressed it loud and clear–ANNETTE IS THE BEST!

Mary G and John N
Boot Camp is going wonderfully! We can see a huge improvement in Gustav in the first week. We are excited to see what the next three weeks bring!

Taylor B
Things are going great. We've noticed that Luca is more confident, which we were hoping for (he has some separation anxiety) and he's learning to stay away from us, which helps with that as well. And, he loves going there!

-Rebecca R
June and I took your holiday greetings class last year, and I wanted to let you know we've been getting compliments on how well June sits for visitors. We've been working on our other dog's greeting manners too, and we're so happy with the results! Thank you!

Emilie J
I just love your classes and they’ve done so much for my Wheatens— I just wanted to go ‘on the record’ and thank Annette who is Wonderful!!!

Thanks again,

Cyndi S
Crispin went to work with me this week and was a rock star…everyone was impressed with his new manners. I plan to bring him to my office at least once a week from now on! And increase that incrementally until he can come as often as I want to bring him! Needless to say I am very pleased with his training!"

Cindy B.
I am very happy with boot camp. Fraizer can't wait to get there each morning.

Thank you,
Barbara M.
We LOVE boot camp! Our Coach is an amazing trainer and Ruthie is learning so much so quickly! We are very impressed with the program!

Ashley C.
Hi Canine Coach,
I am writing to let you know how much I loved working with Jordan Phillips. My now 2 year old Boston Terrier, Bucky, has some issues with nervous aggression and protective behavior in some situations. He is a pure bred dog that came from a very good show dog lineage. Jordan is very positive in her instructions, really wanted to know all about me and my dog to understand how we work with him, is so enjoyable to spend time with in a training session, and so professional in her manner and follow up. Jordan provided me with some tools and instruction that really made a difference in Bucky when put into action. He is now an even better dog than he was before. And I know he will continue to be - thanks to Jordan. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs to make some corrections in their dog's behavior. Thank you Jordan!

Karen S
We just wanted to say thank you for the wealth of knowledge that you gave us in class. Because of your classes: we have peace and quiet while Lucy eats- thanks to the dog feeder mat idea AND we can walk easier with less pulling-thanks to the halter clipped in front, AND we can answer the door without her nosing her way outside. We loved your style of teaching and hope to see you in another class sometime.

Thanks again.
Mark and Jane and Lucy T.
Thanks so much Jordan! You are so good at what you do...an excellent trainer indeed. We are so fortunate that we had YOU to train Harriet and us! We'll let you know how we're doing!

Vicki M
Reggie and I are enjoying our Level 1 Obedience class on Sundays. Great instruction and love to have the homework sheets for reminders!

Karen H
Everything is going great. We are really happy working with Cameo. She is teaching us how to use the commands we had already been working on with Onyx in a way more effective way, and it is showing each day more and more.

Joe R
We did the Socialization for Shy and Fearful Dogs class with Gryff and it was incredibly beneficial for him!

- Stephanie H
We just did human/dog trough Canine Coach and was so impressed! Mia is finally on the right path and we have the tools to continue helping her.

- Sarah K
I’ve taken 4 classes with canine coach and starting the next puppy next month and our older with CGC in sept. Our fav place.

- Carly A
[Sent during the 4 Week Boot Camp Program]
Things are going quite well!

I so appreciate the lovely way in which our trainers are working with Gracie, especially because she can be a very bouncy, curious girl.

Thank you so much!
Maureen G.

[Sent after completion of the program]
Hi, hope you are having fun. Just want you to know that I received 2 compliments today on how well behaved Gracie is--at daycare they were in awe of how well she walks on leash! So thank you to you for working with Gracie! And tonight she snuck out and came right back when called--Woo-hoo! She still is quite the thief tho :)

Take care
Maureen G.
Everything has been great - we've noticed tremendous change (for the better!) in Wally.

Andrew C.
Kaze and I had a blast at Agility 2. Thanks so much for your excellent training.

Larry F.

Dear Canine Coach,
Lauren was a truly wonderful help to my troubled little rescue dog. He’s a very “persistent” (as she put it) dog who is not very food driven. He was pretty difficult in my mind.
I really appreciate what she did for me, and I’m continuing to work on the things she helped me with.

Thanks again, I’m sure he feels better and more confident too.
" Elizabeth L
We took the previous class with Canine Coach, and both my husband and I couldn’t believe how great he was to work with! He is a fantastic dog (and human!) trainer!



Lauren, you guided us toward our goal with Teddy by your patience and demonstrations on how to help him. Often you used analogies to help us understand the correction. You zeroed in on what needed to be done and did fine tuning regularly. Clearly, you understood the challenges we were facing. Your coaching background and skills were evident at each session by your clear, specific instructions. You never gave up on us or Teddy. We are not there yet but we will get there, with your help.

THANK YOU, Lauren.
Carol A
Sabrina (dog) and I have completed Obedience 1 and 2 with Canine Coach. I know I’m repeating others but Canine Coach has one very dedicated, passionate trainer. He took the time to listen and respond to questions and showed patience with my willful and independent girl! We would not have come where we are now as a owner/pet team without his help and training. He delivers consistently and compassionately.

Susan K
[Kiel] made the experience feel personal, for me and our dog. You can tell he cares about his job and dogs.

Kiel was great with Fozzie. We liked that he was able to address our specific concerns about how Fozzie was doing in playgroups and really knew how to motivate our dog to work hard!

Kirsten has a gift with dogs. Oscar loves her!

Coach Kiel was very approachable and helpful with my questions. We have a smart puppy, but she need redirection. Coach Kiel was very helpful.

Kiel is very good at explaining not only the behavior being worked on, but the thinking behind it too.

Kiel was absolutely wonderful! We can’t wait to continue to work with him. He is a great listener and takes his time. Also, Quinn loves him!!

Kiel understood that Indy was fearful of the new environment and new people (especially men) and he used a gentle touch to acclimate Indy. We weren’t sure if Indy would respond well enough to continue the whole 4 weeks, but by the second week Indy was working really well with Kiel. He also worked with Indy to help get over fear of strangers. And he taught Indy how to socialize and play nice with other dogs. I could tell that Kiel really loves working with dogs and we’re very pleased with his training.

Hi Jordan!
Annie will surely miss you this week, as will we but we'll be back for another class with you in the new year. Have to get through the holiday push but it's on our to do to register for something else.

You made training so fun and easy. I have been using stay the last three mornings and it's worked like a charm! She sits and stays for 5 minutes while I get ready and prep a chew snack and then when I release, she's so relieved to get her treat. Such a relief to find what works for my sweet girl. And I actually think I could spell out her name soon with "leave it"! She's so obedient about "leave it", I can't believe I have a dog leaving the treats on her paws! And can't believe all the other tricks she's picking up - our new fave is figure 8 and she'll do it without treats. We will be fun entertainment at our holiday gatherings :)

Wanted to thank you so much, I appreciate your passion and love of our pets.

Have a great holiday season and we will keep see you in the new year!

Tobie, Dan, and Annie (and the cats who really appreciate all the work we are putting in to make living with a dog fun!)
I will gladly say Courtney did a great job during our session. She came across as very knowledgeable, was easy to have in our home, she was nonjudgmental and professional.

Anna G.
It was a great training session - thanks so much for the information you shared.
Again, I’m really excited to get this training. Your information has helped me so much with my frame of mind.

Kari L
Thanks so much! I have enjoyed ALL of the classes I’ve taken at The Canine Coach (all instructors great, especially love Jordan) and look forward to hopefully getting little Leo into therapy dog volunteering someday soon.

Cari L.

Thank you so much for all the help you've given us over the last couple months in obedience II and in leash-pulling. We've learned so much and had a lot of tun!

Johanna K.
Boot camp is going well! Thank you for taking such good care of Shadow! Shadow and I both love Cameo! She is amazing!

Barb S
It's been a wonderful experience, and I will continue to recommend you and K-9 Coach in my local community.

Jane C.


Thank you for all your help with Sebastian. You’ve made our lives so much better! We wish you all the best for 2016!

Josie, Brian, Emma, Jack and Sebastian
I just had to tell you how amazing the transformation has been in my walks with Sonic and our other dog, Ozzie. This is life-changing! There's no more crisscrossing leashes and constant pulling.

Thank you thank you!
Sallie Q.
You are a genius!!! The biting has just about stopped.

Cookies have been gently taken from my hand without being bitten. I am having success in down training using your instructions. Life with Boomer is much better. I think he would agree about life with me. Thank you so much

Liz E.
Tammy [my dog] has made leaps and bounds. I am so excited to continue boot camp and then move on to the next level!

Katie C
We are very happy with Jenny as a dog trainer! She is positive, upbeat, very knowledgeable, and has an obvious love of dogs and teaching their people how to train them.

Jenny was very patient with us, and never made us feel bad if our dog didn't perform correctly during class. She didn't let us off the hook, though, either, which I really appreciated, but was positive and encouraging to us to keep working with our dog at home, and if we did our dog would learn the behavior we were trying to teach him.

Jenny provided a lot of content and substance to our classes. We took a class at a different company and were very disappointed in that the trainer made it seem more like a play date than a training class. Not Jenny at Canine Coach! We loved how Jenny fit so much content into our classes, but didn't make us feel overloaded.

She reviewed previous skills learned before teaching new skills so we felt successful:)

We will be returning to Jenny at Canine coach for Level 2 classes--we are definitely satisfied customers! We have other companies that are located much closer to our home, but it's definitely worth the drive once you find such a great teacher/dog trainer.

Susan O
Hi Amanda,
This morning on our walk, Mozzie ran into a dog in the neighborhood who he really dislikes. He walked past the dog by my side, without lunging or growling back like usual, wagging his tail while I just talked to him calmly through it. It was so amazing!!!

I was really skeptical that a class could help my dog but the complete 180 I’ve seen in Mozzie makes me wish we would have done this years ago! This new bond between us is going to make us even better pet parents and Moz will enjoy his life with us even more!

Thank you so much for what you do, in only a few short weeks it’s changed our lives!

Danielle, Nick, & Mozzie S.
The last 5 weeks of our Dog to Dog Socialization class have been very helpful. Thank you for giving such wonderful care and instruction. I think Paisley and I both learned a lot, and will be much happier and confident in the future.

Katy M
"Thank you so much for all of your work with Apollo this month! You are amazing! We can't believe the change in him...he has come so far and listens so well. You were gentle and loving with him and patient and encouraging with us. And you made it fun!

You are knowledgeable and effective. You made a difference in our lives.

Thank you.
Terrie and Carter
It's been very engaging for him, and it's great to see both his progress (and ours), and know that he's well taken care of at boot camp. Our trainer is letting us know the right behaviors and what we need to work on.

Laura P

Wanted to thank you for a great class. You were great with Copper and I really appreciate it!

I want to make sure you get recognized for having such an open, friendly approach those dogs with special needs.

Thank you and look forward to my next class with you.
Brandi B.
Thank you so much for the wonderful instruction! We have really seen the difference in Carmina and are excited to get her going with level II.

Thanks again! :)
Eddie D.
It's going really well! Very impressed with the progress we are already seeing. Thank you!

Leslie L.
Thanks so much for all of your help--it's been great! Murphy gets lots of compliments about how well-behaved he is for such a young dog, and we always recommend the Canine Coach when people ask.

Molly M.
Hi Courtney,
Thank you so much for making the past 6 wks fun. Baxter has improved so much since going to your class. We will be getting him enrolled in Level 2 soon, hope to have you as his teacher again.

Thank you again
Amy, Brian and Mr. Baxter
We want to take this moment to say THANK YOU for doing such an AMAZING job with Cooper. The progress he has made over the past month has definitely exceeded our expectations. We know that Cooper is a unique dog, with unique challenges and we so appreciate all your patience andlove you gave him during training. We feel so much more confindent that Cooper will now make a great big brother.

You are an amazing trainer wtih an amazing gift! Thank you - Thank you!!

The Donavon's, Minneapolis
Hi, Just wanted to update you on Stella. She took to her kennel training immediately. In fact I have to pick it up and put it away so she won't crawl in to await treats for good behavior. haven't made a plane trip yet, that is next week but I hope the 2-3 times a day training will inbed the routine. I'll keep you posted after our first flight but instead of dreading it, I am almost looking forward to it. You are a miracle worker,Thanks!!!

Deb L. Minneapolis

Thank you so much for the first weeks class yesterday. Paul and I learned a lot and we almost wondered if the dog we brought to class was the same one we took from home!

See you next week!
Katie J.
We are currently in Jess' Triebball class and continuing to make progress. Rhaenys was even a great little demonstrator dog the other day in class learning the command, "Freeze". She has become super goofy puppy at classes and loves Jess, with this latest class being our third with her.

You guys have been, and will continue to be, imperative to her progress in becoming a confident, happy dog.

Bri L.
I just wanted to tell you how happy we were with our first session. Blair was so helpful and Gio really responded to her. He seems more confident and I can't wait to go home after work and do some training with him. He likes to learn! We are so excited to have a plan and for our next session.

Thanks so much!!!

McKenna F.
I had a fantastic personal lesson with Amy on Friday - she really helped me with how to handle Kyra's leash aggression. Wanted to tell you how great the work with Amy was! After about 5 - 10 minutes with Amy we were seeing huge improvements in Kyra. Advice I had been given by _____ and ______ was to ignore it - which wasn't working at all.

I will be looking to sign up for future training sessions at Canine Coach!

Sarah L. St Paul

My dog, Poppy, has gone through your level I Obedience program, and is continuing to do very well. I thank you very much for running such a wonderful program, I have no doubt what we learned has benefited our lives & helped create the amazing dog she is.

Dan C.
Kona and I are so thankful we found you and the rest of the gang at the Canine Coach. I was watching Kona in our last class as she was watching the other dogs in class and she looked relaxed, she even wagged her tail a few times. I would never have thought that was possible! And I see myself doing a much better job of helping her by changing what I am doing. I wish we had found you years ago. Thanks so much, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Carolyn P. Edina
I seriously can’t thank you enough for your help! I thought this would be so much more difficult than it is. We are super grateful for you guys allowing us to make up this entire class after remy’s surgery. We are so excited to get back into it!

Thanks again,
He is a doll, he was so wonderful! He was really great to work with, and we really appreciate that he was able to come out so quickly.

Lorin G
Thanks for being a great instructor in the level 1 class.

Connor B
I wanted to let you know how great Canine Coach is. We have a 5 year old Wheaten male. Cookie has always been aggressive with other dogs. When our other dog died, the aggression showed up even more as we wanted to be out and about more with him. I was fed up! A friend recommended the k9 coach. We started working with a trainer a couple of weeks ago. My husband 'went along' with this... mostly because I set it up and he had no choice! But the 1st night after our trainer left, I was so impressed. I didn't say a word to my husband. I didn't want to influence him.. I was curious about what he would say. The trainer drove away and my husband Blake said " wow - that guy REALLY knows what he is doing. I am impressed". My husband is NOT the type to heap praise.. and this was a HEAP. We are continuing to work with Canine Coach and will start one of your aggression classes as well. My kids come along, and our trainer is kind, funny and insightful. He is patient and REALLY good with Cookie. We are ALL so impressed.. we think there may be a possibility for Cookie to go to a dog park some day!

Thanks Again-- We love working with you.

From COOKIE, Cynthia, Blake, Spencer and Isabella.

My trainer was so patient with my hyper puppy and gave me lots of great advice! She gives each and every puppy/owner equal attention and advice. I can't wait to bring Millie to her Level 1 training next week!

Anne W.
Erin was extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, honest, and helpful. It was a very meaningful session for us; the training techniques we received in that session have been working very well. We are very thankful to have had our consultation with Erin, who is clearly a master in the work they do.

Amy H
Everything has been awesome. We are really happy with all that Vincent is learning. Brandon has been so sweet and answers all of our questions - Vincent also adores him!

Thanks again,
Mary L
Cora has been doing a good job at home with her obedience training, and Brandon has been a great teacher to both Cora and us two. We look forward to continued results over these last two weeks!

Max and Amy
Thank you so much!!! I have really enjoyed our classes!! Its been one of the best decisions I have made for my dog , to build her confidence!! We can not wait to sign up for more classes!

Emily W
Thanks for leading such a positive and comfortable session last night! My wife and I (and almost certainly Frank, to be honest) were a bit nervous coming into the class but are feeling more confident in our ability to work through his reactivity going forward.

Jake R
Eloise is quite attached to us and was a little shy when we left her for the first couple of days. Don mentioned that she was pretty timid and didn't want to play with the other dogs during play time, so we were thrilled on Friday when Don had a video of her not only playing with a friend, but initiating the play! We have also already seen a difference in the way that Eloise listens better at home and while out on walks. We really appreciate Don's efforts with Eloise, taking the time to answer our questions, and helping us learn the skills necessary to be successful with her training. It's comforting knowing that she is in the hands of trainers who really care about her well being.

We're looking forward to see how far she will come at the end of 4 weeks.

Ashley and Cory C
She loves it there! Jess is doing such a fabulous job, we need to keep up her training but couldn’t be happier, I’m so glad we picked the boot camp!

Jane H.
It’s going great! We love Jess and are learning a lot of helpful things. Can’t wait to see how Malo does after the last two weeks!
It’s going very well! Eddie loves it. We’re working with Jess and she is fantastic. We sent her an email with a couple questions we had and she responded back within an hour and had lengthy feedback. We’re very impressive thus far. Thanks for checking in!
Charlie girl is having a great time! And gets SO excited when we are walking up to the door! Which I love to see! She’s learning so much and my family and I are truly enjoying practicing at home and showing off her new skills.

Excited to see what this week brings!

ALSO – thank you for having such incredible staff! Everyone has been amazing!

Have a great day!
Robin H
Hi! I'm the person you talked to on the phone twice one day last week about our new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy JoJo--the One Who Would Not Be Confined. We just returned from 3 nights with another family at their cabin, and JoJo did GREAT. Each night went wonderfully. We woke her up to take her out, gave her little hotdog pieces to reward her, and she didn't bark or whimper once on any of the 3 nights. She even began willingly going into her crate on her own. It was a miracle.

I am referring to you as The Good Dog Whisperer (as opposed to the other trainer from a different place who told me to pinch my puppy's Adam's apple and put her in her crate in our car all night, who I refer to as The Bad Dog Whisperer.) I am looking through the schedule and hope to sign up for your puppy class in St. Paul starting August 29th.
Thank you soooo much for taking the time to talk to me and help us make our sweet little puppy to not be fearful of her crate. You are amazing!

Nancy B.
Hi Amy, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with the girls this winter. The girls run around in the back yard with eachother and we've gotten Jada to accept small dogs now too (very reluctantly). We dogsat a shih tzu-poodle mix and he and Jada played non-stop. I love it.

To think it wouldn't have happend without you!

Amanda N. Plymouth
Great trainers. Really know their stuff. I've taken many classes.

-Tom M
Heard excellent things about this place. Our first Puppy Socialization class was tonight, and the experience was even better than we anticipated it would be. Great location, super clean (and cute) facility, and the trainer was amazing. Our puppy had an awesome time and we were surprised a bit by that because he’s kind of timid. He already learned some commands and met every single other puppy in his class. 10/10 would recommend.

-Julie O
Very happy with their knowledge and experience. I have already seen an improvement in our knowledge and my dog's training after just 2 classes!

Katherine W
I am writing just to say I had a great first class (Agility for Fun!) last night with Ollie. I am so excited for next week already!

Thank you!
Sarah W
It is obvious that the trainers at this location love animals. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in the results

-Paul D
Good coaches, prices were reasonable. we did "puppy socialization" classes (our puppy is too young for obedience training) - was a really good experience for the puppy and also for training us humans!

Eric K
Otis is on week 7 of FIT dogs and we love it. I've told so many people about it... I hope a few of them become customers!

Meagan M
I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed puppy class. I learned a lot! Solo is still learning... He is a good trainer.

Camie P. St. Paul

I appreciate how positive Taylor is...I felt like they truly enjoy working with our dog and know that he can be successful.

LeAnn G
Taylor is personable and Zoe has respect for them. Taylor is quite affirming for us and how we have done as new puppy parents.

Lori W
Thank you so much for the great recall class!

All best,
Excellent training experience for my new german shepherd puppy. Staff was prompt, professional, knowledgable and accommodating. I had such a positive experience that I signed up for a level 2 obedience class and expect to enroll in future classes as well.

David B.
We’ve had a great experience! Cameo has been really responsive and helpful.

We’re working with Ruby this weekend on our homework and we know she’s looking forward to being back on Monday with her new friends!

Mallory M
Everything is going great so far. Ace LOVES going everyday and having a schedule. I’m surprised at how well he listens to us at home- he does what he’s told. Thank you for everything so far!

Jenny is a God-send!! She is knowledgeable and reassuring. I liked that she was able to relate with us and explain things in a manner that anyone can understand. She listened to us and our wants for Oli and provided steps that we can take now and in the future. I would recommend Jenny to anyone that wants a dog to listen and know who's in charge. 11/10.

-Shawn W.
Jenny was great! It's like I'm dealing with a new dog! He was always a taut leash dog on walks, going left to right and back again, his nose leading our walks. Now he walks next to me on a loose leash. Inside, he does a great job of staying in whatever place I instruct him to stay until I release him. Thanks!!!!

-Dallas C.
I seriously can’t thank you enough for such an amazing Leash Aggression class. Your examples are so clear, and make it so possible to practice when we are on our own. We literally have a different dog, who more deeply trusts us, relaxes on her own, and wants to listen for the sake of listening, not just a treat. Thank you so, so much for all your great work! What you do is truly life changing. Thank you!!

Cady, Sarah and Kiki
Thank you Britt! Your class was great and helps us feel as though we will be able to help Kip get his impulses under control!

Bill and Dannette M
I just wanted to say thank you. I learned a ton and I think things have improved. And will continue to. Walked Jax yesterday and he sat and ate his treats calmly while 3 dogs went by (not at once). I'm definitely going to keep it up.

Thanks again. It was totally worth it.
Toni M. & Jax the GSD
I'm loving it, and so is Bea! She seems to be learning quite a bit. Karen is excellent. I am so glad that we did this.

Gretchen T
We have really enjoyed the class and hope to sign up for it again in the future.

Audrey A.
"Jeremy and I loved you so much, I just signed our other puppy for your Obedience II class. Hopefully both dogs can do Rally together.

See you in a few weeks!

Ashley B.
We've brought our dog there since a puppy. Have probably taken 6 classes at this location. The staff is great, each of them are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to talk to. They have experience with all sorts of dog personalities and owners.

- Reese Z
I have been very pleased with Cameo. She is a great instructor. She does a great job in the class and always provides alternative options for training and good ideas for on-going training work at home or in other real life situations.

Darla H
While we know it’s going to be a long process to get Hurley to feel comfortable and calm when greeting folks, we have already seen improvement in his interactions with Niko. He has quickly picked up that coming up to Niko and pestering him is not a welcome behavior. Yesterday, even after being alone most of the day (which usually means Hurley wants to be literally on top of me), he saw me on the couch with Niko and promptly went over to his crate, got a toy, and hung out on his own. That’s progress!

Erin H.
Hi Lauren,

I cannot thank you enough! You really provided great insight into Jackson’s behavior and how we can be better “parents/trainers” to him. I learned a lot from you and this summary is really great- I can go back to this if I forget or have questions about what we should focus on. We’re having our first structured play date with Cyrus at 3 pm today. Wish us luck!

The other training in the house is going VERY well! Jackson is sitting, lying or responding nearly 100% of the time. His response rate is a bit less when he’s outdoors, but still fairly good. We’ll continue to work on this!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Clarice C.
Tuli, Finley (FKA Mundee) and I had a great time. Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity. I know I was going a bit crazy with two foster teens and two of my own. Your classes really helped.

Leah R.
Thank you so much for your help last night! It's been fun working on these things and watching the kids interact with Rookie better:) I will let you know how things are going!

Jessica R
It was fun to see our little pal so engaged with you! We got the treats and he is enthusiastically learning. Yeah Annette! Yeah Bosco!

Anne B.
Thank you so much for all the work you have done with Zurich. We have seen such a difference in him.

Thanks again,
Michelle and Joy T.P.
Thanks Annette, I am so impressed with the way you handle the class and manage to provide individual attention despite the crazy energy. You are really gifted!

See you next week.
Ross O.
This is simply the best in the twin cities. Had a very shy/fearful dog and they helped rehabilitate her. Without them I probably would have brought her back to the humane society. Class selection is great, facilities are great and the trainers are awesome!

Kyle Y.

We recently had an In-Home Training Session with Coach Blair. We were super happy with how the session turned out. She gave us great advice and training tips for the future!

Sara N
Boot Camp has been going very well. Jess has been wonderful - clearly shows me what to do and answers all my questions. Riley LOVES going to school. She can barely contain herself in the morning.

-Sandra M
Thanks for checking in. It’s been going great! Kirsten is so sweet and really wonderful with Oakley. We are learning a lot! :)

Katelyn M
Courtney has been great with June.

Jason S
Aengus is a new dog - well- not really- just one that really minds and loves to be rewarded.

You worked wonders with training me how to be a better dog momma.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Judy-Ann and Aengus E.
Boot camp is going great! Kona is learning a lot and loves playing with the other dogs in class.

Sean D
We've enjoyed the experience, Henry is a better trained dog because of it, and please say HI to Kiel for us – Henry misses him! :)

Michael R
Caitlin did such an awesome job with our group! I really appreciated Caitlin's upbeat and informative communication. I always felt like I understood what was going on and why decisions were being made in play, which will be helpful in future play and social situations. Caitlin was also super open to my questions (of which I have plenty) and even let me take up extra time after our last session with lots more questions, which I really appreciated.

Emma C
We've had a great experience with training so far. Clayton seems to love his trainers, and comes back home every day with improved listening and is extra exhausted!

Thanks for reaching out!
Bree L
Odin LOVES Canine Coach. He is so eager to go every day, and really enjoys working with Brandon. It has been a great experience for both of us. Wish I could give more than 5 stars. They exceeded my expectations. Everyone loves dogs, understands how dogs learn. Training was superb. My dog was eager to go every day. Lots of fun activities and dog sport opportunities in addition to training.

Hilda M
I was really impressed with Sadie. She gave me some real life, basic and enlightening understanding of Edina's behavior that I will be able to implement and pass on to her adoptive parents. Sadie is an excellent communicator!

Suzanne O.
It's going really well. Karla and the staff have been amazing, and Stanlee seems to be learning fast. We are incredibly happy we invested the money in this class.

Chad S.
I was blessed to be able to take a class with Lauren Coombs with my fearful of people pup, Belle. I learned so much in this class. I am so thankful for Lauren's experience and her illustrative teaching. She opened me up to the whole language of dogs. How did I ever successfully own a dog before this class?! I guess I must've owned very tolerant (and not at all fearful!) dogs.

We are slowly going through the things Lauren taught us. Making tiny steps forward, slides to the left, a couple steps back, and then forward again. Typical progess with a not so experienced owner! Haha! Thank you so much for your time. I recommend Lauren and Canine Coach to anyone I know who is struggling to understand their dog!

Tara S. (Shy/Fearful grad)
Don is really good at what he does. I am very happy.

Becky W.
Thank you so much for everything. We have loved [class]. And Sadie! We will see everyone soon with a new class!

Kelli S
Thanks so much for the email and for checking in! Jessie Jo is doing amazing (at least I think so!!!) and I am so grateful for the trainer and staff. They have been extremely accommodating of my insane schedule.

Katie S.
Just wanted to pop you a quick note. Took Mr Leo on a 6 mile run today and along the way we passed 12 or more dogs. They were either on the other side of the road or on the same trail. He did AWESOME! MUCH improved! Not perfect, but not nearly the emotional episodes they tended to be in the past. Just a little too much attention, but then got right back on track immediately after they passed. Previously he'd still be all keyed up half a block down the street after we passed them.

Thank you for your class and instruction. I think we're making inroads!

Kind regards,
Brian B.
We have our dog Tilly in two classes right now (obedience 1 and leash reactivity) and it is AMAZING how the training is paying off!!

Keep up the good work :)
Aly M
I took puppy socialization with Jenny. And it was a life changing experience. I think I gained much more from the class than my puppy did. I have 3 dogs and I have used everything Jenny taught us from puppy class on my adult dogs. We are much less stressed, and much happier and calmer household. I got so much benefit from the way she leads and speaks. Her information was life changing and I tell everyone I talk to about her and how great the Canine Coach is! I don't want to over do-it, but I am so grateful for Jenny and for Michele. My life as a dog parent has drastically improved and it gets better with each class. So thank you to them and to your facility for all you do.

Megan E
We are finishing up boot camp today with Cameo. She’s done such a fantastic job with Moki, it’s truly unbelievable. He’s like a whole new and much more controlled dog. She’s great and such an asset to Canine Coach.

Annette S
I took the Leash Walk class with Annette and I am still in Obedience I classes right now. I also took Puppy classes with Pauli and Jennifer. I LOVE all the classes, they are all so good. My dog Mickey loves them too. I will highly recommend The Canine Coach to anyone who wants/needs dog training.

Thank you!
Susan C
What a fun class today. It was good for me to see Arnold pushing through his fears, especially with the distraction of all the other dogs around. I’ve learned so much from you. Name Game, Mat training, and the idea of putting ‘money in the bank’ have been tremendously helpful for me. And now, finding treats around the house… Brilliant. His ‘sister’ is a bit better at it, but that little bit of competitive incentive is making him really engage and hunt.

Brian S.
Hi K9Coach! I wanted to let you know that I just finished Level 1 Obedience with Annette at the Front Ave. location--and I also did puppy socialization with her in Feb-March. I had such a great experience-she is a wonderful teacher/trainer- very practical, very clear. My little miniature schnauzer Klaus is a typical terrier--joyful and not especially easy to train-and Annette was always so full of praise when he was starting to master certain behaviors! We will either continue to Level 2 with Annette later this summer (we are going to spend the summer mastering what Annette taught us for the past 11 week...) or I am thinking of the boot camp in the fall. As you can tell, I had a fantastic experience.

Best regards,
Mary S.
Everything's going great. I’m really happy with Carbon’s progress so far.

- Austin L
Jenny is doing amazing with Sophie and I appreciate her help and responsiveness! We are trying to practice at home, and I appreciate the homework assignments and write ups. I am seriously so grateful for all the progress Jenny has made with her already!

Jenny has been great and we are very pleased with what Buffy is learning.

Christy W
Wanted to let you know that Boot Camp is going great. Jenny our trainer is wonderful! I love the young girl that greets Romeo in the am, so warm and welcoming. Romeo can’t wait to get to school everyday and is learning so much. It’s been a great experience.

Thank you.
Lynne R.
I've taken obedience 1 and 1.5 with Miranda. We love her! She is very welcoming, positive and patient and we always look forward to her classes and are happy after. Our dog has made quite a bit of progress in her classes and it's been well worth the trip (sometimes in deep snow :-) ) once a week to work with her. We plan to continue obedience classes with our dog and to take as many classes with Miranda as we can find that works with our schedule. Miranda is amazing and represents your company well. :-)

Cassandra G
So Piper and I have put your advice to use. In the past 24 hours we have practiced 10 times so far of me leaving my apartment with her in her kennel. I have varied what I all have on (since a few of these trials were super early this morning before work) between shoes, jacket, and/or purse. She has a success rate so far of 60% of not barking at all between 30sec-2mins (most trials around one min). If that wasn't huge enough (which in my world, it's as big as winning the lottery), but now she has started to just chill in her kennel. With the door open... Something she has NEVER done before.

Thank you again soooooo much and I will definitely keep sending updates!

Reanna F.
Things are going good! I really like working with Don. I feel comfortable asking him questions without fear of judgment.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Best wishes,
We've really enjoyed your help and enthusiasm!

Amy and Thomas
Thanks for helping Annie and me learn so many great things over the last 4 weeks! I loved picking her up each day and hearing what she did and she loved going to Boot Camp each day! We will work hard on what she's learned and hope to see you in one of your classes soon!

Happy holidays, Annie C
Everything is going great and Karen is wonderful! Thanks.

Denny & Laura L.
Thanks for checking in with us. Our first week of Boot Camp was great! We noticed so many good things and Annie is really seeming to listen an want to learn. Our trainer has great follow through and I enjoy the daily recap so I know what we need to work on in the evenings.

Doreen C
Thanks for the email- we had a fabulous weekend with Gus and his new tricks!! (Name, sit and down- and getting a little better with the crate!) I even expanded his repertoire and added "Kisses"! :) He loves his trainer and we do too...would recommend this program to anyone already- and we still have this week!!

Krissy S.
We are very happy with Boot Camp. I was gone for three days last weekend and noticed a significant difference in Boomer upon my return. And he absolutely loves being there.

Thanks for checking.
Joan V
Thank you so much for everything you did with P.Nut last month. You fundamentally changed the way he (and we) behave and we will be forever grateful!

Best of luck with your future endeavors, Take care,

Ian, Jenny and P. Nut
Amazing experience with level 1 obedience class! We rescued a 5 month year old puppy who only knew how to sit. Now she stays, comes, watch me, and down. We are going to continue to practice the skills and then sign up for 1.5 obedience training in the near future.

Jenna R
Thank you so very much for the amazing care and training for Brita. You have a great gift, thanks for sharing it.

Karen W.
I thought you should know that the reason you keep seeing me and Matisse is due to your awesomeness! You have really made a huge impact on my life and Matisse's. And I always look for your classes because I know I will learn so much and see real progress. So thanks and keep being awesome!

Karissa C
Just wanted to let you know that Julia was fabulous! She was attentive, answered all of our questions, engaged my daughter and taught us lots of great things to work on with Piper.

Melanie L
Thank you for everything you did to help us train our sassy wee Pug, Ethel. You were a great Instructor and made class a fun, positive place to be. We all learned so much from you and I can't thank you enough. I've referred your name to several people who have rescue dogs- you seem to really understand some of the special challenges they face. And you're just a really nice person, which is always a bonus.

P.S. This morning, on our walk, a big red dog barked and lunged at Ethel. She just stood there and looked at him like he was nuts. The owner asked if we could trade dogs. I was so proud of our girl! That's due to you :)

Katie Q.
Our Coach is an awesome instructor; Gertie and I learned so much in Obedience 1. We are looking forward to more classes with K9Coach.

Joel R
Dear Jess,

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the agility class. You are a great teacher and made it so much fun.

Ellen S.
Attended our first puppy training class today and learned a ton how to work with our 3 1/2 month old Golden Retriever. Very patient and teaches you at a steady pace that your dog will not get bored and/or worn out.

David H.
Pooches gracias!

Thank you for your great coaching - both canine and human! It has been a treat to work with you.

Dale, Joan and Izzi F.
Thank you for being such an attentive, fun, and helpful trainer. Even though Loretta knew most of the commands before we started class, I have learned so many new and wonderful tips on how to interpret and modify her behavior. I’m glad you do what you do :)

Ashea B.
Thank you so much Jordan! Jack (my son) and I loved the class last night…so did Pepper! We practiced “down” last night and are making progress! See you next week :)

Ann Marie L.
I wanted to start off by thanking you for coming into my home and providing me with training skills and confidence. Verde and I went on vacation to Texas last fall to visit my ex and his family and things went outstanding. He was great with everyone.

Thank you, and I hope I can get some training scheduled with you in the near future.
Michelle M.
Thanks for the training. We both had a lot of fun. I didn't realize how much fun Morgan was having until I saw this video. His tail doesn't stop wagging.

Lyn W.
Coach Lauren has been awesome!

Oona V
I LOVE Lucie!
I sign Buck up for Fit Dog once a month. It is incredible how this program and your amazing staff members have built Bucks confidence.
One of the highlights of my day is seeing Lucie at afternoon pick up. Her excitement of Buck’s progress really shows how much she cares and how much she loves her job.

Mary B.
Hi Jordan!
Thank you so much for a wonderful Puppy Class! Ella had a lot of fun and Aaron and I certainly learned a lot!

Thanks again!
Madalyn R.
Hi Jess,
Laddie passed the test!
Thank you for your cheerful coaching throughout these last weeks. I so enjoyed taking this class.

Kind Regards,
Mary L.
I have been having so much fun at my class. I really appreciate what our trainer has taught us so far and hope to return soon.
Lori E
I am wondering if Brit will be teaching any Sunday level 1 classes at the St. Louis Park location in October? We had her as our puppy kindergarten teacher and really enjoyed having her as an instructor.

- Rachael P
We loved it. Gracie (dog) absolutely loves Erin, and gets so excited to pull up to the building to see her. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and Erin was always super fun. Gracie is quickly turning into a whole new dog. We are so thankful for all that we have learned in the classes that we have taken.

-Monica G.
Sadie is a fabulous instructor who is great at communicating with dogs and dog owner alike! Our puppy class was so successful for Rex, and we know we will be back for further obedience training, specifically with Sadie!

-Laura B
Erin is amazing!! I have recommended Canine Coach/Erin to my friends. She had my puppy in her puppy obedience and remembered him when we came back for Level 1. I will continuously come back to Canine Coach and try to schedule my classes with Erin. My dog LOVES her and she seems to be patient with his Terrier attitude.

-John T.
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the instructor! She was amazing!!!!

Nicole F
Hi Sadie, thought you'd like to see Lionel's new little sister! Lionel is doing great with her. He is very gentle and likes to sniff but then goes back to doing his own thing. He doesn't mind crying or other new noises and routines. I'm so proud of him. Thanks again for a great class!

Karin and Bill O
I have really enjoyed my training with the Canine Coach. Thanks so much! I think the trainers and staff are just the best!!

Karen R
We worked on leave it walking over the crackers today. Leave it and stay combos even adding it some go to bed/stay and then walking past crackers on ground when called. He did great. We did stay/recall and throw treats /leave it, he did great. And then he was doing so well I started having him down stay and we put treats about two feet in front of him and we let Idgie eat them. He just stared at me waiting for his great. Then we moved the treats about a foot away and he did the same thing. Then we took Idgie away and I put a treat on his foot as he was in a down stay and I said leave it with my hand in front of his face. He again stared at me until I said release and then he ate the treat from his paw!!!!!! Tabatha and I were cheering and probably woke our kids up! Tabatha took the dogs on a walk together and Mater did great.

Thanks for all of your hard work with him.
Nitara F.
Just wanted to thank you for your work on Wednesday. We've taken Russell on 3 long walks since then and each one has been like we have a completely different dog. He walks behind us with virtually no need for correction, and even though he still reacts to other animals, the response is greatly reduced and he quickly calms down.
Looking forward to our next session whenever you have time in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

"We work on the exercises the trainer provided every day. Already seeing improvement. [Courtney] was calm and confident, which helped ease my own anxiety about our dog. She gave us just the right amount of exercises to work on without it feeling overwhelming."

- Ellie S.
We really enjoyed your class! Thank you for using your gift with animals to help the rest of us understand & enjoy them so much more :)

Nancy M
After the first week of boot camp, I have already noticed dramatic changes in Penny’s obedience. Not only are the skills she has learned so far reliable, she is happy to perform them. Penny’s tail starts wagging the second she sees the Canine Coach awning and loves her trainers, Adam and Alex. We’re both looking forward to additional progress and are so happy with the choice to enroll in Boot Camp.

Allison K & Penny
Don - thank you so much for training my humans. I will miss coming to class every day, but I’m sure my mom will find other ways to keep me busy. Thanks for all the lessons and treats!

-Henry (& Hannah & Jon)
I have taken classes from Jake in St. Louis Park and he is a great teacher. Very patient and happy to answer questions and is so patient with the dogs! He has some great tips, and was very open to me taking "maintenance" training with my own service dog!!!

Lisa B.
Thanks for your email. So far everything is great! The flexibility with the pick-up and drop off times is very helpful. Don has been doing a wonderful job with Buffalo and I am impressed with the results so far!

Thanks, Ryan S.
I have to say that all of the techniques you gave us worked really well with Pepper and she has been really good all week long. Just wanted to say thanks again, you really made a difference.

Jennifer A.

We had Jordan this spring and summer for both puppy class and Level 1 obedience (oh, and Walking Nicely on a Leash class!). She was so patient and understanding with our yellow lab puppy, whose unending "exuberance" definitely made him the "problem child" in the class!

Lisa T
Jordan is great!

Lara R
I just wanted to let you know what a God send The Canine Coach is to our family. After a month of emotional stress after my dog bit a kid and wrestling with the decision of what to do. Our trainer really did a wonderful job of helping me understand Kirby’s fear, and how to play my role as a leader. I feel much more confident and hopeful after today’s training session. I can’t wait to tell my husband how well he did and how our trainer thinks him to be a fast learner.

I really am inspired by today’s progress and her words of encouragement. Thank You!

Karla N.
I want you to know that you are an incredible dog trainer and have changed the way Twyla and I walk together. Thank you for that.

Jean C. Minneapolis

Boot Camp is going very well! I'm really happy and seeing results already. Glad we enrolled our dog, Ogie, in Boot Camp. Ogie likes it too!
Joleen S
Hi, Lauren

I can't tell you how encouraged we feel about Pete since you met with us on Monday. ( and we very extremely impressed with your dog training knowledge and prowess). He has responded very well ( though we have not encountered a strange dog yet) to the eye contact/yes treats when encountering a strange man on our walks, a rabbit, and today, our neighbor entering the yard and gate. He is smart and a quick learner, thank goodness. We have many challenges ahead, of course, with dogs and workers in the house so, so far, so good!

Also, we have gated him into our room at night and no pooping in the house yet. We have our fingers crossed!

I will keep in touch but thanks again.
Vicki & Jan & Pete T. F.
Thank you for the extra assistance you've given me. You've Literally made me decide that I'm going to have continuous training for Yana and Bear through The Canine Coach. Before I was thinking I would have both of them go through level 1 Obedience and that would be all, but now I'm just going to make them a part of The Canine Coach Family.

Tope D
Thank you SO much for last night! I feel really empowered now. We've already made HUGE progress already. Thanks again!

Natalie S and Sam
Hi Annette, I learned so much from you in class these past 6 weeks! Thank you thank you! You were fantastic! !

Nichol W and Mango (Dog to Dog Aggression Class)
Annette came to see my dog Butch and I to see whether he could take a dog-human aggression class. (Butch was under an Animal Control designation for an incident). Annette was professional and friendly, and taught me a lot in just 45 minutes! After taking the class, she evaluated Butch (and coached me some more), and her evaluation led to Butch being taken off the potentially dangerous dog list! I can't thank her enough for giving me the confidence to take the class with Butch.

-Scott E.
Thanks again for a fantastic "Just Tricks" class. Amani just suddenly mastered the "shall we dance?" trick!

Gloria S. with Amani
I love consulting with you and knowing that we're doing it the "right" way. I'll get in touch with you in a couple of weeks and let you know how things are going.

Take care
Tricia L
Thanks for your teaching. It was helpful to see some areas where Manitou could use some work with recall, even after 2 classes!

Sally G.
Boot Camp is going great! Selby seems to love it (and Don) and she is learning so much!

Thanks, Aimee & Ben O

Hi Annette. I hope all is going well. We just wanted shoot you a thank you for your help training Sherman. He's been great with our son Edmund (he is now 4 months old) and you helped us lay the foundation for that relationship. Have a great week.

Paul & Katie H

I wanted to let you know I brought Mr.Weenie and Wednesday to the farmers market last weekend and a vendor who meet weenie last year said he is a different dog! He was stunned and so was I. He walked right up and said hi tail wagging and the whole time we were walking around the market he was walking up to people! I can’t thank you enough, hopefully we can work the same magic with Wednesday :)

Thank you,
Emily T.
Its going really well! Huck is learning lots and so am I. We both really like Cameo, Huck’s trainer and are practicing at home on evenings and weekends...

Mary and Huck H
It is going really well, thanks for checking. Clearly Earl loves it too as he goes flying in the doors in the morning he is so excited.

Have a good weekend!
Katie A

I've been meaning to send this email for a couple of weeks now! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for all your help as part of the leash walking training I attended with Maggie! I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to go out for a nice relaxing walk around the lakes and not get my arm ripped off! We were out a week or two ago, when we had that nice bit of warm weather, walking around Lake Calhoun and I got not 1 but 2 comments on how well behaved Maggie was, based on her leash walking. So, sincerely, thank you for all your help!

Patrick R.
Courtney was a fantastic instructor with passion for what she does - keep doing all the good things you do.
Mark B
Her ability to sense when someone was struggling, and not just give a boilerplate answer to the owner/dog's issues. She is able to adjust training techniques and give specialized feedback in real time.

Mara M
Positive attitude and patience, the 1st class my dog had an accident and I was so embarrassed. Courtney didn't make a big deal of it and was like, no biggie and just kept going with training.
Gina McCabe
She taught us some things ahead of time in our puppy's development - like how puppies sometimes have a "fear stage" when they near adolescence and how to address it.
Grace J
She was extremely clear and explained things well, she also never made a dog or an owner feel guilty if a dog was nervous or barking, she helped to take care of it

Jenna G
She was very knowledgeable about dog behavior and would provide alternates if your dog wasn't into whatever command we were working on.

Lita A
Thank you so much for everything! Dexter has been doing great and really responding to what you have taught us. We feel like we got our money's worth. :) Thank you for all of your help and I'm sure we'll see you in a future training!

Melissa S & Brad G
Canine Coach offers excellent communication and it has been very smooth since making the first appointment to completion of my dog's training.

Thank you.
Takahiro I
Courtney did a great job. She provided helpful information in a kind and respectful way. It was clear that she wanted to help us to allow our dog to be successful in situations that had been problematic and she had helpful insights.

Tim H
Courtney helped us with some serious issues with our boy dogs. She is amazing. She is also a very nice person.

Rich I
Courtney was amazing. She knew what we wanted to work on and had great ideas on how to help us with our training. She explained everything very clearly and gave us some new things to work on. We had a fabulous experience and would highly recommend your company.

Thanks so much!
Kari W
Courtney was extremely informative and will work with her again!!!!
Steven F
Courtney was fantastic! She gave us a realistic expectation of training time line and didn't sugar coat an over night fix (dog and cat introduction) she was clear with training expectation and made the experience fun and enjoyable.
Kirsten T
Courtney was great! We really appreciated her clear teachings and patience with our Pup.
Stephanie M
Courtney was great. We focused in on a few key takeaways and things to work on, and Chewie's been improving in those areas. Would happily work with Courtney again if/when Chewie (or our future Saint Bernard puppy!) has new important things to work on or reinforce or proof in more challenging environments.
Christopher C
Courtney was not only a dog person but it was also clear that she was a people person as well. This helped us immensely since she was able to teach us, not just our dog. We had a great conversation and she was able to answer all of our questions in a knowledgeable and friendly way. She also shared our interest in primitive and Japanese dog breeds, which was a plus.

Kristen C
I am blown away by the progress Aiden has had since our first training last week! He may have lots of progress ahead of him with his reactivity to dogs, and working towards possibly having play time again; I am just so happy to see him walking loose leash, and being able to enjoy his walks! We are still 10+ feet away from other dogs when we sit/stay, but he is working so hard to be able to move closer and stay calm! The corrections he needs decrease daily, and I can't wait to see his progress after his next training down the road :)

Thank you so so much Courtney!
Alexas B
I am SO happy that I made an appointment with Courtney! She helped us better understand Hugo's behavior and showed us how we could improve it. We have been practicing with Hugo every day and he has made HUGE progress. It makes me so hopeful and happy!

Thank you, Courtney!!
Maura W
I was so thankful for Courtney's positive and friendly attitude. We're going through a tough situation with a dog bite incident, and she didn't show any judgement. She focused on moving forward with great advice on equipment and training. We've implemented her equipment and training suggestions and are a week into muzzle training with very positive results.

We're so thankful.
Sarah I
She is great! Positive, patient, and has a great understanding of dog behavior. I would love to have her here everyday.
Susan M
This exceeded my expectations. Courtney was so good at no only showing us the exercises that we should be doing, but helped us understand why we were doing them. It was like putting together pieces of a puzzle.

I would recommend this to anyone who asks.
Ann P
Amy - On behalf of Sahara and myself I want to thank you for the great class you conducted. The big thing I got from it was the confidence to direct Sahara in a way that is enjoyable for both of us. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a training program and will contact you if I have questions. Take care.

Richard H.
Jenny, Thank you so much for all your work with Willow this past month. It’s been amazing to see her progress - especially in walking nicely :) It’s obvious you and Willow love each other and she will - no doubt - be missing you!

Thank you for training Willow and thank you for training us :)
With gratitude
Shelly and Dan H
We really love classes and how it is improving our relationship with our puppy (and each other as a family!). Great class and awesome teacher!

Thank you!
April has been a different dog since taking your class. We began to see changes after the first session and we learned proper techniques to keeping better control of our dog. Since the leash aggression class April has been more relaxed in general and a lot easier to deal with on our day to day walks.

Thanks for your time! Hope you are doing well!
Joshua and Kimberly S
I want to express my extreme gratitude to The Canine Coach and our instructor for providing the Dog to Dog Socialization class!

My dog Elsa, a lab mix, was readopted to me when her first adoptive family could not prevent her from fighting with their resident dog. When Elsa and I went for our daily walks, she barked at and pulled towards every dog she saw on a leash, even those across the street or further away. Her barks were aggressive and it took effort to keep her at my side. I was frustrated that I had a new dog I’d never be able to take hiking at the state parks or walking at our city lakes. I also dreaded attending any group obedience classes.

However, upon attending the socialization class, I immediately began seeing improvements in Elsa’s dog to dog behavior. By the end of the six weeks we could hike in the state parks and walk at the city lakes; with my guidance Elsa now remains quiet and under control as we pass other dogs. We also just started attending a large group obedience class and despite her excitement around so many new dogs, Elsa was quiet and able to focus on the training.

The socialization class taught me how to work with Elsa and it provided the environment in which I could practice the skills so I can act quickly and calmly when we encounter dogs. I now look forward to bringing Elsa into various dog-popular environments to continue our work on her dog interactions. I hope one day we will be participating in the ‘fun and sports classes’ at The Canine Coach!

~ Sherri N.
Dear Don,

Thank you sooo much for your care and training of Brody at Boot Camp - he has a solid foundation for obedience, thanks to you! We enjoy him so much more now that we can communicate - you have really made a difference in our lives!

Happy Holidays!
Nicole G.
I am thrilled by what I learned already...we adopted Lileth in Oct and we had her about four weeks and were struggling w/ potty-trained (at ten months). She didn't cue me at the door... and after our first class I used the "simple say and YES" method, and improved the treats and my enthusiasm (read = hot dog pieces and sounding a lot like Meg Ryan in "when Harry met sally" w/ the yes) and within two days she got it! Since class she has only had one accident. For me this was worth the cost of the class! She just needed stronger motivation/reinforcement!

Thank you.
Melissa G
Sarah has a really great approach--super knowledgeable and helpful and understanding of the frustrations, as well as the joys, of puppyhood. Sometimes I went into class frustrated with puppy behaviors like biting, and when I left class I felt better--more patient with stuff puppies are going to do, and more capable of handing it.

So appreciated!
Nancy B
She was able to give instruction for dogs who were at differing levels. She encouraged us to practice and train where we are at and was able to give me more challenging tasks for my dog who was more focused than others.

Amanda N
She was very patient and offered tips in real time.
Jason M
I love what I've experienced with K9 coach obedience classes and Courtney is a fantastic instructor!

Thank you,
Rachel G
Hi Blair,

I can't believe I already have good news for you! After class I had a baby shower to go to and brought banks with, the intention of stopping in quick and leaving banks in the car however I should have known that he would of course be invited in! They normally have a very sweet pit bull but he was gone for the day so banks came to the party...then the pit bull came home!! And I got very nervous but tried to keep calm introducing them letting them sniff and praising banks for saying hi etc. then I decided I was feeling confident and felt comfortable with their dog so I took them in the backyard and they had a GREAT time playing!! I'm such a proud momma! Thank you for all the help building the skills and confidence to deal with doggy situations, I will recommend you to everyone!!!

Amelia S
Jess, you are the best dog trainer ever!

Terri J.
People don’t take time out of their days often enough to compliment or recognize outstanding service. We’re just too quick to complain, which is really sad. We completed Puppy School and now have one week left on Level 1 Obedience with Jenny at your Front Street location. We’re picky show dog people (and novice rally and CGC and Therapy and Lure Coursing).

Can I please tell you how good Jenny is at her job? She captures the humans attention while teaching us how to communicate with our dogs. The very first day in Puppy School Jenny “wowed” me by helping an owner control her Jack Russell Terrier. She continues to wow me as she tries to help solve other behavioral issues. Now over the past few months she’s made me laugh with her spot on analogies. I have to teach people how to be a banker which isn’t always easy, but I do understand that people learn differently. Jenny has a great way of communicating and giving us examples of why our dogs are dogs and we are well…..humans. She’s really good at keeping the class on pace keeping things focused.

I will continue to utilize your training because Jenny has been such a great advocate for your business. I am beyond wowed and impressed with her style and technique of training. She is an excellent Ambassador for your business and represents you very well.

I just wanted to say JOB WELL DONE JENNY and K9 Coach. Very, very happy, satisfied and impressed.

Jody C
Sadie, we would like to thank you so much for your leadership and training! You do a wonderful job, with dogs and people. Despite some of his high-energy dog-greeting antics, Baker really is doing pretty well at adapting to life.

Thanks again to you and to Canine Coach!
Kim, Steve, Tu, and Baker H
Canine coach is doing classes and the puppy level includes socialization time. We've had a wonderful experience with them in the past and now again with our new pup.
Amanda K
Canine Coach is great, you really can't go wrong there.
Eric J
Your background in training was showing today. You gave us so many tips to help Teddy. Your calm and thoughtful leadership showed. I am so glad we took the walk. Teddy is my third dog and many training classes. That made the most sense of any leash training I have ever had....ever! I regret that I did not start puppy class with k9coach.

Thank you again and again,
Carol and Joan A. and Teddy, too.
Hello to All,
Just wanted to let you know what a great experience the Canine Coach is. We are greeted every morning & evening. Morgan can't wait to jump in the van when we say "time for school". Karen is Awesome!!!! Morgan adores her and Karen is a wonderful trainer. She sure understands our very energetic girl and not only does Morgan learn from her, we have learned so much from her. She has given us positive ways & tools to work with Morgan. We all Win!! We are very pleased & Morgan must be happy to understand what we are asking of her. Thank You Karen!!!

We just had an in home training session with Paul for our new puppy we have had a week. Again we were amazed at how the puppy responded to Paul and his training. We learned so much and would definitely recommend and have recommended Canine Coach for anyone.
-Kristal H
FYI your brief leash lesson with Charger was amazing!!
Best walk I've ever had with him today!!
Thank you so much!
Have a good weekend. Dan H
We loved the class and the trainer was fabulous! I continue to highly recommend your services!

The class was great and we still have lots to work on- thank you for helping build a solid foundation

Sam C
I've now taken two dogs here for classes and they have been very helpful! I like how the trainers teach very practical tips and give plenty of time to practice with them, but also give homework to work on at home. The trainers are knowledgeable and kind, never make you feel like you're asking a dumb question. Both of my dogs are still benefiting from what they have learned at Canine Coach, and I am too.
We love trainer Paul. He gave us great advice and my husband has been making great progress with Riley.

Anne K
Very informative, very simply laid out, very effective. My pup finished the class at 5 months old and I've only had her for 2 months and she has come so far. If you are considering taking obedience classes with your dog I would highly consider canine coach.

Blake A
I completed the Leash Aggression class with my dog Lady earlier this spring, and I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciated this class!!!

Not only is Lady MUCH less reactive, but now I feel like I have the skills and confidence to be able to handle any situations we might run into. Jenny was so helpful and accommodating during class. It's nerve wracking and embarrassing having a reactive dog, but Jenny really made me feel comfortable. I also loved how Jenny made my "bully" breed feel more than welcome. Thats HUGE in my book!

I feel like things just recently "clicked" and I am starting to really enjoy walking my dog!! No more waiting to walk until after dark when I know there won't be any other dogs around. I really feel like my dog has appreciated me stepping up my confidence, and she now looks to me for guidance when we come up on another dog. She's not perfect yet, but this behavior didn't appear overnight, so I certainly can't expect it to disappear overnight either. Lady has come so far, and I just can't say enough good things about the Canine Coach. We've taken 2 classes with you now, and I've enjoyed both of them so much. Really looking forward to our next class. Thank you so much!!

Allison C and Lady
I want to thank you for all of your help! Chuckles and I have both made tons of progress. There is such a difference in both of us on our walks. I used to get so anxious that we would run into another dog and I wouldn't be able to control him. I'm sure me being anxious didn't help him calm down. I feel so much more confident now. We are even able to walk at the lake near our house, which is usually busy with many other walking dogs, without incident! Our walks have become much more enjoyable. We have a ways to go, but I never imagined this kind of progress.

Thank you so much.

Katie K
We worked with Coach Kyle 3 times and Coach Jess once. They were both very good, friendly and informative.

Donald S.
You have by far been our best trainer in all of the classes we’ve done and we love K9 Coach.

Sally F
[Boot Camp is] great. I wish it was longer. Finn is learning so much.

Mimi K
I just wanted to say thank you for a great Level 2 obedience class! Lucy and I are very sad and sorry that we missed the end of the class.
Thanks to your guidance, she has improved on many tasks in the past few weeks. And I intend to continue to go through your "homework" sheets and take her to as many parks and stores as possible!

Thanks again, and hopefully we will see you in another class soon!
Leigh S and Lucy
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed email. Having someone like you that we trust has been so valuable. I really like the ideas you set out. We’d also like to thank you for all the time you’ve taken answering all of my questions. I can’t wait to train with you soon. I’m planning on taking either a tricks or agility class with you this next year depending on the boot camp situation.

Best Regards,
Jen S and Olly
I loved that it never felt like she was judging the dog or the owner; she was happy to help no matter where we were at.

Megan S
Thank you, you guys are always so great to us :)
Amber J
Canine Coach has exceeded my expectations with the Fit Dog Program. It's such a good fit for Ox.
Please extend my appreciation to Lucie and the staff.
Angie K
Training was often individualized. Kerry took time to problem solve and adapt skills to us and our dog.

Robyne F
There was no doubt in my mind from the first class how knowledgeable she was and how much she cared

Joyce F
Kerry made it practical, easy to understand, and kept it simple and straightforward. We also liked that she got through a lot in a class without making it rushed.

Patt L
Hi Annette,
With our last class approaching, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent coaching in our Dog to Dog Socialization class. Daisy did great at the wags event this weekend, meeting lots of dogs for the first time!

Thanks again, see you in class!
Julie T.
Thank you for teaching our class on Sunday. The hour flew by! I really enjoyed the red light/green light activity so much. You had us all participating the entire hour. You also gave us skill challenges when someone else was doing a one on one. It kept Teddy and I focused for the entire hour. Your enthusiasm was contagious.
At the end of our class normally I am the only one who says thank you our coach. I think I heard that from almost everyone on Sunday. Just wanted you to know that I noted a shared reaction to your teaching.
Teddy also had no outbursts at all. (Oh, he thought about it very seriously on e and then decided that would not be wise.)
It was so clear that you love being the Canine Coach! We are so thankful to have your help and coaching.

We lick you so much,
Carol and Teddy
We are LOVING boot camp and the change in Artie! Thank you!

Kjersten J
Hey, Thanks again for coming over last night. We appreciate your knowledge and your time and my mom is now raving about you. You have made another new fan. You have been so helpful in the past that I know we will be successful with sweet Leo too. Thank You!

Jodi P.
Hi Jenny,
My doggie Keeva and I took your leash aggression class last summer and I wanted to share our exciting walk from today! For the first time we crossed the Stone Arch Bridge! We passed joggers, bikes, strollers, and other dogs! Keeva absolutely loved the wind in her ears and she was so happy to be able to look down into the water, I feel like she looked at me and was proud of herself.

Emma B
Excellent training service. I was worried about how difficult it might be, or that it would be sort of chaotic or just a lot of work. The trainers really "de-mystify" the process of training and even though we are in a group, have been able to tailor the training instruction to the specific needs of the different dog families in the group. I would say that the group training is less of them training your dog and more the trainers teaching you (the owner) how a dog learns and giving you some effective evidence based strategies on dog training and socialization. I would highly recommend a class with these guys. Well worth it.

Al N
I enjoyed how relaxed she was. We had a couple (including my dog some days) that were very active and loud and she took her time and waited until the dogs were settled and moved on.

Gabby P
I liked that she drew from her own experience fostering puppies. She also covered topics that were very relevant and that I might not have thought of (good and bad chew toy options).

Lanna M
Everything is going great. Cameo is doing a great job and I can already see results in certain behaviors with Skeeter! Hooray!!!!

I wanted to say thank you!! for allowing Cecilia (CC) and me to train with you. She was able to pass the Delta certification test to become a therapy dog! CC is a different dog than before she started the training. However, it's possible that I am a different pet owner than before I started the training. I feel a lot more in tune with my dog. It has really helped me bond with my dog and pay more attention to body language and nonverbal signs in animals and humans.

Thank you for all of your help and for making the classes so fun. I was dreading going to the classes at first. But after the first week I was really excited to go back because I was able to see changes in me and my dog after the first night. Again, thank you.

Addie W. Maplewood
Boot Camp is going great! Alfie absolutely loves it and is learning so much. Brandon is an awesome trainer, and the rest of the staff have also been excellent. It’s such a fun place to be - Alfie and I both enjoy it!

Boot Camp is great, Stewie is learning tons from Brandon!

We are extremely happy with Brandon and our Puppy Boot Camp experience.

Don, Thank you for all your work with Lucy! It has been a pleasure working with you and the Canine Coach Crew.

Much Appreciated,
Brian S

Thank you for Class 1 of the online Obedience and Basic Manners class yesterday!I have been doing dog obedience classes since 1976, both in Minneapolis and Saint Cloud. I had no idea what to expect from an online class...and I was blown away by how good it was! First of all, the distraction factor was gone...Daisy and I were able to concentrate on one another and on the task at hand. We got more done in that hour than I ever have in a four or six week in person/dog class. I was also so impressed by how you were able to keep the class going, do demos, and give people individual attention. I'm looking forward to next Saturday...and so is Daisy!

Kathy M
She was very assertive and good at enunciating and making herself heard on camera. She was also quite clear when she was teaching something and then when it was our time to practice: great facilitation and management of time!
Claire L
"I do, we do, you do" is a sound pedagogical approach. This is coming form a 20+ year middle school teacher and instructional coach.

Sadie did a great job.
Brandon W
I liked Sadie's ability to see what each dog and person needed. Sadie then was able to make the necessary adjustments so we could all work on what would be most helpful to our particular situations.

Kathy O
I really enjoyed the way that Sadie taught us to reinforce our dog's positive behaviors and build trust with our dogs. Sadie helped us to understand the rationale behind training methods by explaining to us what our dog might be thinking or experiencing during common behaviors.

Nora B
My dog had a hard time after the first class and was super spooked by the correction I was giving. Sadie worked with me over email through a couple trials and errors to get my pup back on track.

Sarah H
Really good at keeping the class moving. Very well articulated, I never had a problem hearing instructions or was I ever unclear what was being instructed.
Christopher L
Sadie is knowledgeable about training, but very down to earth and relaxed in her approach. She suited my style very well and I would take another class from her.

Susan S
Sadie is super friendly, keeps people engaged and remembers names of all the dogs.
Jennifer H
Sadie is very friendly and knows dogs and people well. She is an effective communicator and an engaging teacher.
Claire D
Sadie really got my Huskies and understood the challenges with training them sometimes. She was also awesome about always keeping the time we spent on new concepts short and giving the dogs a break before going on, which helped keep my dogs interested.

Tara K
Sadie was very organized and had a lot of good ideas to share. She gave personal attention to all the dogs and their owners.
Carole M
Sadie's positive energy was very refreshing. Also, her willingness to act out scenarios was a great demonstration tool which made it easy to replicate obedience training strategies with my pup in other environments.

Sam H
She always explained from dog's perspective first. She offered practical tips, fun and funny examples, a bit of theatrical drama and lots of positivity for dogs and people!
Cindy C
She made me laugh at least once during every class and never made me feel bad when I couldn't get Kevin to do what I wanted him to dol

Karen L
She was funny...but her approach was always from a place of strength.
Nancy F
she was very approachable and willing to answer any questions even outside of class as well. she was also a ton of fun and super knowledgeable.
Matthew B
She wasn't overly commanding nor was she a pushover. She demonstrated how to do the various activities, and made sure we knew what was acceptable and what wasn't.

Dian J
She's very open and friendly and does a really great job giving clear step by step instructions, as well as providing rationale for the training processes that help avoid pitfalls

Marissa M
I've had a great experience - thanks for all you do!
Danielle D
Sadie was awesome, we'll definitely go back to her with our future training needs.
Mariah M
Sadie was great. We have a long way to go with our dog but she showed us how it can be possible.
Marsha H
Sadie was very helpful. She listened to exactly what we were dealing with and addressed each topic. She was very thorough with what and why she was doing and hoping to achieve. Sadie helped us make a plan with very clear instructions.

Amy K
Sadie's the best! She had so much good information and tips. And she was approachable, funny, understandable, and a good teacher. I wish she could live at our house as a live-in trainer and friend!

Libby K
"I felt Coach Sadie was genuinely interested in Koa and his success not only with Boot Camp behaviors but also his current struggles with nail trim and unexpected jumping/ impulse control. She understood his desire to tug and helped me understand it better. She was kind and compassionate throughout the visit......and she was following up from long ago visit from Coach Courtney, who was also excellent with Koa. Both of these coaches following up in home from coach Brandon's fabulous work with Koa at Boot Camp. As I prepared for this recent visit with Coach Sadie I was surprised and pleased to realize the Koa has nearly achieved all the Boot Camp end goals......which in February at the first home visit I was not sure some of these would be achievable. I cannot tell you how happy I am especially with the current state of leash walking. It's amazing. Koa gets compliments from the neighbors and I feel confident I will be able to continue walking him through two months of recovery from ankle surgery with a walking cast followed by a boot. I'm also confident that while I'm stuck with crutches for two weeks immediately following surgery that Koa will walk nicely with the neighbors who have offered to help, In January I was despairing of teaching Koa to walk nicely on leash. Thanks to Boot Camp, Koa is truly a pleasure to live with. I feel truly fortunate that Koa had the opportunity to be in Boot Camp when he was, before COVID19 and for your kindness and compassion rescheduling his second follow up appointment so many times without complaint. Because of COVID, Koa and I might not have managed to train through level 2 and honestly Boot Camp did exactly what was advertised.....Koa was trained faster and better than had I done it in classes (as I did train my previous rescue dogs). Yes I've worked a loT with .koa following up at home, but the foundation came from Coach Brandon and the at home support was truly helpful to us.

Thank you again.
We hope to be back eventually and learn to be a Canine Good citizen when that becomes possible.
Barbara R
I doubted the helpfulness of the Zoom training, as did my spouse. We were both pleasantly surprised at how helpful we found it to be.

Thank you Sadie!
Emily R
Hi Lauren,
I wanted to thank you for working with us last Tuesday. I feel like we have new dogs, the difference is amazing!
Oscar and Zelli are doing great, still in the learning mode as we continue to work on being consistent (getting three people on the same page can be challenging). However, Zelli has figured out that when I say “yes” she gets a treat. She will intentionally look at another dog, then look at me for her treat. It’s also working with geese, which is great as she can be very challenging around geese.
Again, thank you for changing our lives! I love that I can enjoy our walks.

- Linda C.
Hi Maureen, I just want to thank you for your help with Izzy. We have had no problems since you instructed us on how to deal with her. She listens to me now and, you're right, she seems more loving toward me as her leader. You really helped us out. Thank you.

Susan, Anney, and Pat L. St. Paul
[Before contacting me, Izzy, a Welsh Terrier, was was aggressively attacking her housemate (dog) and biting her human mom causing injury to both. Susan was considering rehoming Izzy due to her aggressive behavior. Looks like shes staying!]
[She] answered my dog's specific questions about his behavior rather than generalizing to the entire class and it not helping.
Christopher C
She explained things well and also demoed actions so we could understand. She seemed to really enjoy being with the class--a genuine interest in our success.

Karen R
She seemed to really enjoy what she was doing, which made the class fun for me and my dog. She genuinely liked the puppies too.
Laura K
Tami is so knowledgeable, professional, and concise. She is an asset to the program!
Kate G
Maureen, I can't tell you how many good things I am hearing from our volunteers about working with you! I have been passing along your name to anyone and everyone who asks me to recommend a trainer! I should get some of your cards; I'd be glad to hand them out to people who are looking for a trainer.

Susan Bakken, Director of Pet Haven's Dog Divison
"Sadie was absolutely fantastic! She is tops in her knowledge of tips in training Ozzie! I would highly recommend her to everyone. I do look forward to a follow up appointment later."

- Gail W.
I love Lauren! We took puppy through obedience 2 and a tricks class with her. We also had her out for a private session to deal with my then puppy's temper tantrums. She was wonderful. We've also taken 2 other classes from other trainers at Canine Coach and had great experiences.

- Alyssa R.
Hi Maureen - you are a miracle worker. After one demonstration from you Finnegan knows the difference between "walk" and his usual pulling routine. After me trying for 9 months to get him to stop pulling you succeeded in one minute!

Kim G. Minneapolis

It feels like I finally have MY dog back!

Donna T.
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that your work really makes a difference. Charlie is doing great and responding well.

Life is good for Charlie. Thank you, thank you! If you were ever wondering if you make an impact you most certainly do.

Best, Jayne N.
What a great place to bring our new dog to learn a few things. I will always go through CC going forward!
- Paul R.
We really enjoyed our time with you yesterday. Thanks for the notes. We will arrange a second appointment for two or three weeks from today.

-Mark R
I just wanted to say thank you for making this class such a success for Lady. I really appreciated all the modifications you made in order to make her more comfortable. I am so happy with the changes I've seen in her. I feel like she walked out a very different dog after just 6 classes! I was so nervous to take her to this class because I knew she's not great with scary new environments and strange dogs. I honestly was expecting to be asked to leave class. How you calmly handled her nervousness and set her up for success with the gates made me relax right away. It's probably no big deal for you because you deal with this all the time, but it really made Lady and I feel more comfortable from the get go. Can't wait to take the leash aggression class, and maybe obedience 2!! Highly impressed with your training, and Canine Coach in general.

Thank you so much for all your help with Lady!!
Allison C.
I love Cameo! So awesomely enthusiastic and crystal clear in her approach. Seems to be working like a charm with our 21 week old Clumber Spaniel!

-Jeff H
Alaina has been great to work with and I see Drew making a lot of progress in his behavior! He LOVES coming to camp everyday and gets so excited when he sees me grab my keys and his leash in the mornings.

Alaina has been really good about explaining things for me and being available for questions, so no questions or concerns for me at this time! I do really appreciate you checking in though, so thank you for the note. ?

Jodi G
Thanks SO much for your help ~ of all the trainers I've hired thus far, you were by far the most affective & helpful in training Kava... and Me! ;)

Take Care,
Mela A
He loves "school" and I don't know what he'll do once it's over! Weird to say about a dog, but he's VERY excited to get there every morning. Thanks for checking in!

Karin S.

Thank you so much for making Boot Camp such a great experience. You went beyond my expectations and Sampson got so much more out of this than I ever thought possible. He was so happy to go to boot camp everyday. He’s going to miss you! Thanks again for helping to make Sampson a better listener, calmer, more controllable dog!

Jane R.
We were having aggression issues with our one year old Maltese. He was super aggressive towards all other dogs at all times. We spent a single lesson with a trainer and after using his tips and techniques, we notice a complete change in our dog's behaviors. Previously our highly reactive dog would lunge and bark uncontrollably at the sight of other dogs. Now, our dog will calmly observe other dogs with no reaction. We are so happy to see this positive change. We highly, highly recommend working with Canine Coach.

David S.
We are doing great. We LOVE Coach ALyssa.
-Carly A
It is going really well! I love working with my trainer, Alyssa, and Bill Murray seems to be learning a lot of commands.

Stacy T
Stanley seems to be doing well at boot camp. Alyssa has been great working with him! So far so good!

I really enjoyed the classes with you. You are so good with the dogs and they just love you.

Mitzi & Judy S.
I loved this class! I learned how to work with my puppy better and he enjoyed class too. It was something fun to look forward to do with him and was overall beneficial for the both of us.

-Jenny P
I think it’s going really well! Buster seems to be adjusting to the drop offs and comes home appropriately tired. Don has been great, very direct and communicates well. Thanks for checking in!

Rachel H
The first few weeks are going amazing! I can definitely tell a difference in Bear and I can tell that he loves going.

Thank you so much,
Rachael G
Everything is going great. I am really impressed with Don and how much he has been able to teach my puppy in just 5 days! Just awesome.

Summer S
Life for us has been absolutely crazy but we have absolutely LOVED the classes we have been a part of. It is so much fun learning how to better connect with your dog and be the best owners we can be!

Thanks for all that you guys do, we absolutely LOVE the Canine Coach!

Nathan M
Miranda was knowledgeable and friendly, and she helped folks in the class to not take things too seriously (she invited laughter instead of frustration when a dog didn't do what they were supposed to do). Sharing her personal experience with her own dogs was also very helpful and made lessons more relatable. She also did a great job of helping anyone 1-on-1 who was struggling with any given activity.
Lanna M
I want to add that Courtney did a great job. Both dogs loved her and my wife felt very comfortable with Courtney's techniques and demeanor. She is welcome here anytime.

- Rich I.
Don is great to work with - and Albert obviously adores him. All good so far!!

Lisa W
Hi! Boot camp is going great. I’m really impressed with how much Buddy has already learned!

Ashlee W
Hi! Everything is going really well! We’ve enjoyed our sessions with Don and Gatsby is doing well when we practice at home. I think he’s having fun at boot camp.

Kelly W
Our first week was wonderful. We're seeing such a huge difference with Hazel already! Don is great and I'm so happy we brought her to boot camp. We're really looking forward to obedience classes following this.

-Lauren K
Never a boring moment. They were so good at keeping things moving while imparting information.
Molly H
I just want to leave a quick message. I took a walking nicely on a leash class last May with Pauli and I can't speak highly enough of Pauli. I had a very positive experience with her, she's a great person. With the experience I had with Pauli I will definitely come back to the canine coach in the future. Like I said I can't speak highly enough of Pauli, she's a great person.

Thank you,
Dave H
Please thank the instructors for their excellent training and tips during the previous 5 classes. They were immensely helpful in Henley’s socialization and development.

Ann H
Thanks for the wonderful experiences we have had thus far with Pauli and Blair.

David B
We used Lauren from canine coach to do two in home sessions last year. Our dog is reactive to other dogs so the class wasn’t a good option for us & Lauren was great. We did one session before the baby was born and another when he was 5 months before our baby started crawling and trying to pull her tail.

--Jamie K.
Just want to drop a note of thanks for Blair and Jake’s recent dog to dog aggression class in St. Paul. I found the training (of me!) very helpful, and I can see the beginning of good results with my wire fox terrier, Cleo. She will continue to offer many challenges, but I feel I have some good skills now to manage her better, especially on-leash when walking in public areas.

You guys were great, thanks for having us in the class, helping us both learn some things, and keeping everyone feeling safe through it all. No mean feat, and I will certainly recommend Canine Coach to my friends.

All the best, Joe W and Cleo
She helped recognize what was different about my dog and what would work well for her that might not work well for other dogs.
Natalie D
She was honestly so great. I enjoyed the classes at first, but I really really liked Caitlin's teaching style. She was very informed and helpful, able to ask our varying questions. She was very systematic in her approach, she didn't just instruct but she was good at teaching. My husband and I both agreed we learned best under her teaching style.
Caitlin makes me want to look into more Canine Coaching courses. I know it's a lot to say after only having her for 2 classes, but she was excellent and I will be looking for her name on the schedules again.

She was sooo great!!!
Monica T
Very friendly and attempted to answer everyone's questions throughout the night by asking each person individually what questions they had.
Very open to questions, kind, approachable, and never made me feel dumb or silly.
Corinne S
Very personable, clearly loved dogs and knew a lot about the different breeds.
Melissa S
Courtney was excellent! She helped us “think like the dog” to better understand her behaviors and how to correct them.

- Leona S.
Excellent trainers! They have a training plan that helped our rescue pup become a well behaved and happy girl. Highly recommend!

Online Review
I very much enjoyed your class and Clem continues to grow right before my eyes

Lonnie M.
Things are going great!! His in home behavior has changed sooo much! The boundary training is the greatest thing ever!

-Kortni A.
Taylor seemed very Knowledgeable about how dogs think, and the training seemed to be based on human-dog communication.
Garrett S
Taylor would model it with our dog and show us how to practice it. Our dog is pretty reactive so it was good to see someone else do the training properly so that we can mirror what they did in our work. Even if it took a while, they would see it through until it was done properly.
Megan M
They are good at meeting different dogs at where they are in their development and adjusting the space/training for the dogs capabilities/mood
Alyx A
They were super friendly with all the dogs and helpful when things weren't going perfectly.
Marah C
They were the best. Absolutely loved Taylor. Made the class very accessible and tailored answers to your situation.
Gia V
We completely enjoyed our Puppy Class through Canine Coach. You had great protocols in place when we did our class with Taylor.

Thanks so much!

Sydney B
I can tell Taylor has a real passion working with dogs!
Craig H
I can't emphasize how much I appreciated Taylor's training style and just overall positive, kind demeanor. I have cried so many times over my dog's behavior, feeling like I am a terrible dog mom. Taylor was so empathetic and assured me that I am not a bad dog mom--I honestly wasn't expecting them to be so free of criticism and judgement. That gave me the confidence and motivation I need to move forward with my dog's training. I also liked how they focused on positive reinforcement with Pippin rather than negative. The whole experience was so informative and enjoyable. I will definitely be booking a follow up appointment with Taylor!
Francesca D
I loved our in-home training session with Taylor. It was so helpful to learn about ways to implement Boot Camp skills in our own environment. Putting a sequence of skills together to get my dog to calm down when visitors come over is going to be absolutely invaluable! Taylor is awesome and we can't wait for our follow-up session.
Briana G
It was a wonderful experience to see Taylor in action with our dogs. It left us much calmer knowing that we will now do things in a healthier way with them.
Carolina G
Taylor did an amazing job! I learned a lot!!
Kristin B
Taylor is amazing - they've been so helpful and given us so many tools to help our pup.
Megan R
Taylor was excellent. They were engaged, listened well, demonstrated what they wanted me to do with Max and then had me do it.
Taylor was patient, realistic, reassuring, and so helpful. They did a great job of providing feedback and guidance in how to work with Stout.
Beth D
Taylor was positive, pointed out strengths in my dog, and in myself that were already happening. I felt they were there to support & collaborate rather than to ""fix"". A great teacher!

Janelle F
We have already recommended you and K9 coaches to my sister and a friend. We just can't express how wonderful you were in helping us gain new insight.
-Lindsey D
We just can't say enough wonderful things about Taylor. We have already recommended them to a family member and a friend. They were so easy to work with and explain things so well!
Lindsey D
Working with Taylor was great! Thanks so much for providing this safe option while it's harder to do group classes.
Jessica H
Hi Julia!

Thank you so much for your suggestions on helping me with Bella the other day! I have to say that since your visit and following through with “settle”, “back”, and extinguishing jumping, she is showing so much improved behaviors and self-control. She seems so much calmer and so willing to please!!!

Again, thank you for your great demonstrations and simple explanations!

All the best!
Cheryl R.
We just finished Thursday night Obedience 1 with Courtney in south Minneapolis. Courtney was an excellent trainer! Her directions and explanations were clear and easy to follow. She made the class fun too.

Our dog Josie is a high-energy one year old former stray who lived in a pack on a reservation. She loves other dogs and people so getting and keeping her attention when we're out and about is very important. Learning both the methods and the reasons they work was great.

Thanks so much for giving us the tools we need!
Sue, John, and Josie
Thank you so much for all of this Julia! Already the things you taught me last week are having a VERY POSITIVE impact on Finn. We had a busy weekend with a family wedding, so there were lots of new people (including kids!) around him and the new methods worked wonders. I was able to keep him calm around the new people and by the end of the weekend, he was even comfortable walking around without his leash around everyone. It wasn't perfect and we still have work to do, but he was so much more relaxed and confident than I've seen him in awhile.

He has also been much calmer in general. The leadership work is incredibly powerful stuff. He seems to be regaining some of the relaxed, happy demeanor he had when he was younger.

Thank you so much for helping us with Finn.
Jodi L.
Maureen, you have an incredible way of working with dogs and people! Your energy, communication style and approach to dog training with positive reinforcement, have made working with Missy and Shadow so much fun. I never imagined a day when I could walk with two dogs, and be the one leading them versus having them drag me around the block, or up trees as they chase squirrels! I would also like to thank you for giving so much of your time and knowledge to helping us at Pet Haven, giving hope and a second chance to many dogs who would otherwise be labeled as “unadoptable”. On behalf of Pet Haven, thank you!!

Marilou Chanrasmi, Pet Haven, Director of Human Resources
We are so proud of Lucy and how far she has come. We can't say thank you enough. We go hiking as a family frequently and were unable to take Lucy because of how reactive she was. The past two weeks we have taken her on several walks and every hike! While she is not perfect with it yet she is trying so hard to make us happy and we now have the tools to help her.

Thanks again for everything
Brittany and Tim L
Hi, I just want to express what a wonderful job Annette does. She is patient, encouraging, and really knows her stuff.

Thank you,
Roxanne and Mike C
We found the appointment extremely helpful. We've worked on these behaviors in group classes in which our dog did great but struggled to generalize them in our home. Courtney was very knowledgeable and pointed out body cues in our dog in the moment that were extremely helpful. She also provided real life opportunities to practice and helped coach us through the situation.

-Lauren K.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into training Molly. We can see a big difference already. Molly really loves her new toy!!

Thanks again,
Dennis & Diane Z
My trainer is an honest-to-goodness miracle worker. In ONE private lesson, my trainer taught me training techniques that have transformed my lovable, but neurotic, miniature poodle-ish rescue pup from a barking, pulling nightmare into a loose leash walking pro. I still kind of can't believe it.

Not only is she a whiz with dogs, she also excels at working with humans (probably the real key to her success, as I have much more to learn than my dog does). She is professional, punctual, and patient. She gives clear instructions and checks for understanding often - hallmarks of a great teacher. Plus, she is super nice.

Working with my trainer is an all-around A+ experience. If there is a dog in your life who needs some strong direction, delivered with TLC, get yourself to the Canine Coach!

Abby C.

Hi Courtney,
As class ended today I wanted to personally thank you for your work with us, but you had other responsibilities.
Anyhow I really appreciated your focus and patience with all of us. As you noted today, Mercy is getting bigger and stronger so it was critical to get training started just about the time we did. We haven't been as conscientious with homework as we should have been, but a lot better than if we didn't have the classes to motivate us.

Best wishes,
Mercy (typed for her by her 'dad' - Tom N)
I brought my 7 year old dog here for Obedience 1 because he was acting up and not listening as well as before. Cameo was an excellent teacher, patient and fearless. I noticed a change in my dog right away and learned so much about his abilities. I would recommend this to anyone and plan on continuing training here.

Jacob R
Thank you so much for teaching us! We have all come really far with training & could not have done it without you! Simon & I look forward to Obedience two soon.

Cheers, Angie, Aaron, Simon & Ruby D.
I enjoyed the session so much. I was surprised at how easy Jenny made the concepts and tools. She helped me understand my dog’s behavior. She was candid about what could be changed dramatically, what could be worked on over time and what was not a reasonable expectation. She understood a lot about canine behavior but I didn’t feel like I needed to master that in order to be successful.

Tricia D
McDuff's afternoon walk was excellent. Just a bit of pulling on his part. We even passed a dog across the street which would normally incite him to bark and tug like crazy but he was so busy respecting his boundaries that he barely noticed the dog! He is doing so great with the new harness and the walking commands, I can barely believe it!

Megan T. Minneapolis
So happy with Jordan, she was a really good fit for us and helping out with Iris. We are going to practice what Jordan taught us and we have another meeting set up. Jordan was just perfect!

Laura F
Our trainer is AWESOME! She got to know our dog and offers some great tips that we can use specifically to our dog. We love the Canine Coach because our entire family is welcome - we all attend classes so we can learn better how to care for our dog!

Thank you!!

Erin P.
[Jess] was very calm and good at explaining the training (she would give the rationale as to why we were going to something).

You could really tell [Jess] loves what she does. Helga really responded will to Jess.

Jess is great at teaching me how to build upon the amazing training she gave to my dog!

[Jess] was willing to talk through any issue that we were dealing with and giving us great tips for the real world.

Ollie’s training is going very well ! She loves to go there every morning.
Jess is a great trainer :)

Lael O
We had both Lauren and Taylor and they were outstanding. I would love to do a follow up with them in the future.

Michelle T
Very upbeat and personable approach. Clarissa really knows her stuff and you could tell she really loved the dogs!
Jennifer F
She was patient and thorough for this first time training participant. Dixie apparently had some training previously as she already knows sit, come and shake. Dixie took to Clarissa right away and was ready to learn. Clarissa gave clear instructions, provided sufficient time to practice and great feedback.
Andrea K
Very thorough and felt like she cared and wanted to be very detail oriented.
Eleanor M
Ginger and I truly enjoyed the training classes. Jenny is an amazing trainer and makes the classes fun and enjoyable. We looked forward to going to class every sunday evening. Everything we worked on during the 6 week course has been extremely helpful, not only in our home but in public places as well. I would and have recommend the canine coach to friends.

Kristin B
Boot camp is going great….exhausted dogs when I pick them up, and excited to get out of the car and in the door each morning. Couldn’t be better!

Sharron T
I think it’s going great! The pups rush to get in your door each morning, and are asleep in the van on the way home :)
For me, the greatest gift has been having McDuff learn to walk with a loose leash. I am so happy with everything they have been learning, and it’s made it so much easier for me to continue to practice with them at home.
I’ve always been so happy with any of the classes I’ve taken at Canine Coach, going back many years with different dogs, but this has been the absolute best!

--Sharron T.
I am very grateful for the training! Molly and I still have work to do (mostly me if I'm honest) but she no longer pulls hard and abruptly when on leash which was one of my primary goals. She's a sweetheart and has received many compliments on her good behavior!

Thank you!
Helen L
Her patience with Annie was great, especially regarding walking on a leash.

Andrea S.
All is very well. We love Kirsten and all the staff are wonderful. Have recommended k9 to several dog lovers!

Christie B.
Kirsten clearly has a great rapport with all dogs, and that was clear with Georgia. Every single day Georgia came home, she had a new skill learned. She is the reason we will be signing up for the Obedience Program when Georgia gets older. She is a valuable person to have at Canine Coach!

Andrew R.
I really appreciated how she talked to me, made sure I understood what she was discussing, showed me the technique and had me practice until I really did understand the goals and methods.

Nima D.
Boot Camp training has been great! Kirsten has been awesome to work with and has been very helpful with our questions.

Stephanie E
Winston is having a blast and progressing quite well with Kirsten - she’s so great with him.

Thanks so much for offering such great training programs!


Bryan F.
He was really helpful and took the time to really understand your dog and his temperament which we liked

Maura H
He was very realistic and gave good advice. He was also very welcoming and always started class on time.
Amy R
I really appreciated that Paul was willing to help with any issues, whether or not directly related to the skills learned in class. He gave me some great tips to help with getting my pup over some of her nervousness.
(not signed)
I really enjoyed watching Paul work dogs of different personalities and interaction levels. He did a great job of pointing out a dog's reaction to interaction.

Barbara S
Liked that he came around to each dog to give plenty of 1:1 training. Good to get specific feedback for my dog rather than all being general tips for the whole class.

Rachel D
My dog was a smidge more advanced and Paul allowed some different ideas to add challenge to our level Lois

My friend and I are training pups for Canine Companions for Independence and he understood we have to do some things differently than the rest of the class, and was supportive and helpful.

Jane S
Paul is calm and consistent. He seems to have a magic touch with large adolescent dogs.

Jennifer C
Paul respected our time & maximized the 50 minutes we were there. He fit a lot into a short amount of time & made sure to check in with all of us individually to assess progress & make adjustments as needed.
Katie B
Paul was awesome! He was so calm and he always demoed the task with a puppy that had a lot of energy.
Caroline S
Paul was very thorough in his explanations of teaching us new commands all which is really helpful, even though I've taken this course with our other dog a few years earlier, because each dog is different!

Thanks for being detailed, Paul!
Kjirsten B
The way he delivered feedback gave you confidence even when frustrated that you will figure it out.
Casey R
Very calm and never accusatory or critical of where owners were at with training. I'm a new dog owner so still learning myself and he helped talk through things more in depth.
Heather H
Very matter of fact and calm. I did not feel embarrassed by my dog's reactivity and he made me feel much more confident about working with her on it.

Emily H
We are loving Boot Camp and our trainer!
Ruby is doing well and it has calmed her down in general! It’s been great!

Her flexibility and willingness to adjust the training techniques to our class and the dogs in it. I think we learned more of what we needed because of this.

Alyssa T
She was patient and pointed out small behaviors in the dogs that show they are learning even if it they didn't do the activity perfectly, keeping up hope for the handler's.

Danielle P
I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for all the work you've done the last 4 weeks.

It has been so rewarding watching Albus learn so many new things the last few weeks. He is such an energetic, playful and friendly dog, it can be hard to redirect and reign him at times. This program has given us the tools and commands we need to guide him. Kirsten, you did a great job and I wish I could be there to thank you!

Mariah L.
Amanda is very knowledgeable and if our pup wasn't getting it one way, she was quick to correct or encourage trying another way.

Sarah B
Amanda was very approachable, listened to questions, and demonstrated what she wanted from the dogs and owners in the class.

Peggy S
She was calm and informative and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Abby A
She was laid back and had a good sense of humor. Also, I really appreciate her overall attitude towards the dogs in the class as she was very understanding and accepting. From my experiences, "aggressive dogs" tend to have a very bad reputation and you sometimes feel judgement from others for having one. She never once made it seem like anyone had failed as an owner for having a reactive dog.

Andrea J
She was very helpful with specific questions and ideas for moving forward with training or behavior correction.
Lita A
Everything that we've learned and implemented as a family from your program has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all the instructions and tools. Your program is really life changing.

Thank you!!
Sara C + Waffles
Amanda is great! She worked with us on introducing our dog to new dogs. Our dog has not had social interaction with other dogs. We came away understanding what is normal and expected canine behavior, best practices, what are red flags, more about what type of dog she is and what type of dog would be a good fit in our home if we decide to get a second dog.

Jen S
Amanda was great. Her explanation of our dogs behavior and how to correct them was very informative. Our dog is doing so well with the tips she gave us.

We are very pleased!!
Jamie K
Amanda was non-judgmental and made me feel so much better about my rescue dog's behavior. I appreciated that Amanda jumped right into training and never once made me feel like my dog was bad or that somehow I was messing up. She was confident and that made me confident too.

Mary H
Amanda was phenomenal! We feel like we have a new perspective going forward that will help our puppy succeed.

Amanda D
Amanda's knowledge and sharing of her experiences with her own dog gave us hope and understanding that annoying & bad behaviors of our dog were not unique and can change with time and work.

Kurt S
I only wish I had done this 5 years ago with my dog Olive. She has responded very well to to Amanda's guidance. We had our first practice session today with a friend stranger and Olive did very well.

Karen M
She is amazing! She broke down everything my dog is going through and gave us great pointers that we can do to make my dog have a better life.

I am so happy we decided to go through Canine Coach!
Trinia P
We would certainly recommend Amanda, she's very composed and knows a ton.

Jeff T
Just finished my shy and fearful class! Thanks for making it an enjoyable and fun experience!

Shawn L.
Dear Canine Coach,

We had a trainer out to the house today to help us welcome our brand new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy (Hagrid) and give us a few tools to improve our chances for a good start. He was professional and friendly but most of all, knowledgable. There is so much for new puppy owners to learn and so many opinions and options for rookies like us to navigate. He was able to explain the rationale behind various options so we can feel more confident about our choices. It was just what we needed and we thank you so much.

All best,
Meg & Chris N
Boot Camp is going great -- I think Charlie is more excited than I am about it, which says a lot.

Julie V

Thank you - this was a great help (even in just a day).

I also want to say I really like the way you teach the puppy class. I have recommended your services to her new family. I know I will be back with our next foster kid. There is something about a group setting that works so well with the dogs. My Springer Spaniel was trained in a group setting like that and he is a VERY well behaved dog. But you have a few additional training items that I really like.

Thank you,
Jennifer G
My husband and I just took Sampson for his post-dinner "poop-walk". And we have decided that you are - and I quote - "a ******* rock star."

When we took the same walk two days ago, it was a nightmare of pulling and yanking and straining. While we still obviously have work to do, Sampson is already heeling nicely (with constant vigilance)...and he's even heeling while following me around the house. We even kept him from completely freaking out when he saw another dog with the face/collar in hands technique.

I know we have a ways to go, but thank you SO MUCH. Even this little bit of a start is going to make our lives easier. I'm still going to be careful for the time being to walk him at off-peak times in off-peak places, but those walks should start getting a lot easier and more productive.

We've also ordered the gentle leader for him, and will start incorporating that next week, so hopefully that will help even more with distractions, which seem to be the root of his problems.
Toni & John H
Amy, Oh my gosh - have your ears been ringing? I've bragged about you to everyone and told them how wonderful you are! He is doing so good outside - oh my gosh. The first day our fence was done, I brought him out on his leash to see Dori. He did really well. The neighbor even got to pet him - that is a first. Additionally - the four dogs kitty-corner from us were all out there barking away and he completely ignored them. It was glorious.

I think we are doing really well. You are the best money I have spent in a really long time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tracy B.

Hi Maureen!

I just wanted to let you know that Nola and Blue are doing so great. Last night I took them for a 45 minute loose-leash walk and it was so great! I was very proud of them and so grateful to you for fixing the problem. We are definitely going to attend one of your play time sessions with the hope that Nola will become more and more comfortable with other dogs. It has only been a few days since your visit but we can see a huge improvement in both of their behaviors already!

Erin M. Minneapolis

We very much enjoyed the session with Lauren and have used a few of the tips she gave us to great success already! We are excited to get the written information from her to continue and elaborate on the training.

Thanks for your help.
Susan Shaw
Thank you coach Taylor and THANK YOU for your awesome class. It was amazing. Not to just get this little nugget to listen to me. Geez puppies are hard!!
Thank you to you both. I've had a wonderful experience. I have signed up for obedience level 1 as well.

Thank you,
Michelle E
I wanted to say thank you so much for a great class! Diego and I are excited to use our new skills!

Take care!
Emily P.
I have done several of your classes in the past, and highly recommend them to anyone who asks about dog training.

We will be back when we feel it's safe to return to in-person programming.
Thanks! Tracy N.
Lauren really took the time and dialed in on each dog's needs and did a wonderful job of tailoring her classes around those. I appreciated her individual attention when she could see us struggling.

Jaclyn F
She started with the more gentle corrections first, giving my dog a chance to respond, but let me know when I needed to be firmer or give a leash pop. She was able to deescalate potentially crazy leash aggression.

Lou A
She was very safety conscious, which was important in our type of class. And we didn't feel she made any presumptions/discriminated based on dog breed, which we really appreciated.

Jessica F
I really appreciate how Lauren conveyed information to us-- she was not once condescending or dismissive-- she heard our concerns & feelings and acknowledged the emotional difficulty of what we were experiencing, and then identified goals & areas for improvement that felt like a series of aha! moments for us.

Shonna K
Lauren could tell exactly why my dog was acting the way he was, thoroughly explained everything to me, showed in depth what I should be doing with him, and made me feel comfortable with continued training without her presence.

Loved her!
Lauren was great. Took time, answered so many questions we had, talked through multiple issues, asked a lot of questions to fully understand the issues. We were supposed to meet with someone else, but due to a sick call, we met earlier than our initial appointment and with Lauren instead. Lauren never seemed rushed or like this hadn't been the plan all along. Our follow-up from Lauren has been excellent. Checking in several times about how things are going, progress, and adjusting the plan based on the info we're providing. We are very happy and plan to schedule a follow-up appointment to address another issue we weren't able to get to that first night.

Laura Y
[Boot Camp]

He did great! He's learned so much from Boot Camp already and it is fun watching him with his play group.

Michelle A
Thanks so much- I loved Jenny- she was super and everything she said and taught me was spot on- Kitt ended up learning self control and how to better conduct herself and is doing very well in her adopted home!

Alex C
My dog Scout and I took the Level 1 Obedience class this past summer. Coach Sadie is an excellent teacher - knowledgeable, warm, and friendly. She is always available to her students before/after class for individual questions. She does a great job of giving examples of what we're doing in class, applied to real-life situations. Through the lessons and training from Coach Sadie, I feel that Scout and I have a better understanding of one another - we both learned a lot!

-Scott E.
I want to say thank you for all of your help in the leash walking class. Before your class we would have to go on many 1 block walks. Today, Greta and I finally made it to a mile without her getting too frustrated to continue. She is doing very well with the structured walks. She walks by my side (most of the time), doesn't chase after squirrels, and we're still working on not staring down other dogs, but she's made a lot of progress! The techniques you showed us really made a difference.

Thank you,
Hannah P
I'm so grateful for Canine Coach's help. Coach Sarah did an amazing job.

Thanks again,
Jenny K
Boot camp has been wonderful! It's so great to see all the progress Stella has made!! My husband and I are thinking about enrolling our other dog, Pippa, sometime in the near future.

Thank you so much for your help!
Lauren B
Jenny is passionate about being a dog trainer. That is obvious in her skill and attention to detail. She customizes the class for each dog since they are all different. She's easy to understand and follow. I took the leash walking class with her and it was amazing. My dog walks beautifully on a leash and that was possible in just 3 short sessions. She's friendly and genuinely cares about your experience in the class.

Thank you Jenny!

Maggie Christopher
I looked forward to every class. Jenny is very energetic and is good at motivating me to maintain structure with my dog. I am a better dog owner and Rufus is a better dog because of her.

Travis F
Hi! As usual, everything is going GREAT!!!! You guys are the very best! Cameo is awesome!!

Elizabeth E and Skeeter
I want to extend a huge thank you to trainer Jenny for her wonderful instruction in the dog-to-dog socialization class that we took with our dog Maxine. She was both a really great, attentive instructor and also a very warm, friendly person…it made learning fun for all of us! The lessons provided us (both humans AND dog!) with a foundation that has proven to be instrumental in helping improve Max’s skills as a doggie citizen.

Week after week, Jenny guided us through exercises that not only helped build confidence within our dog, but more importantly formed a better human-dog bond that relied on trust, comfort, and control. As we continued to complete both classes and homework, I was starting to see a HUGE improvement in how Max listened and responded to me. I never imagined that I would see such a drastic change…but it happened! As the improvements continued, I became more and more proud of her, and she just wanted to please me more. It really brought our relationship closer. Plus, Max can now see other dogs without having a complete meltdown.

A big plus about the class as well, we were never once made to feel like we have a “bad dog” or that we were “bad parents.” Having an under- or non-social dog can be embarrassing, but I didn’t feel that way here. Jenny made us feel comfortable and listened to our concerns, and paid attention to each person and dog as an individual. Also, before our first class, I was nervous that the environment might be volatile or explosive with 6 under-socialized dogs in the same room, but utmost care is taken for the safety of everyone in class and Jenny maintained control at all times. Overall our experience was fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Kerri & Maxine H
Adaptability was certainly one of Erin's strong suits. She is incredible about reading every dog in the class and making adjustments to fit their unique situation.

Kathryn M
Erin did an amazing job of helping us fine tune our technique to be more successful in our approach. Erin really made the class fun too! Loved the anecdotes and fun phrases!

Jaclyn F
Erin helps each dog at their own pace and takes each individual into account. I always felt that she had my pets best interest at heart. Additionally, I really appreciate Erin's ability to help focus on handling skills as in addition to counter conditioning the dogs.

Katie M
Erin is just eager to share training. She is obviously a dog whisperer - and I always want to follow her advice,

Ruth M
Erin was great about providing support and guidance for any/all puppy issues and training concerns. Very open, approachable, and good at brainstorming solutions!

Kaity J
I overall just really liked Erin. She has a great sense of humor, is patient and not judgmental, and goes above and beyond to help. Brienna K
I really appreciated Erin's positive attitude, even when our dog was misbehaving. It feels so stressful when your dog acts up in a group setting like that, especially because it can set off the other dogs as well. But Erin made us feel so comfortable and gave us the tools we needed to help to avoid situations like that in the future, and to de escalate them when they do occur.
Avery M
Very personable and clearly has a lot of experience with dogs, her demeanor was calm but assertive and helped us to also feel confident as we modeled and practiced the techniques. She was willing to show you how to do a skill with you dog, like a see one/do one technique. The neighborhood walks as a group really synthesized the skills and gave us a cohesive group feeling, as we could enjoy seeing other dogs do well :) Our dog became comfortable around the other dogs, in a few short weeks and this helped us to see how successful the techniques were in short period of time.

Anna D & Nick S
We appreciated Erin's straightforward and confident approach with the dogs. Her knowledge base about dog behavior was broad and she was able to give us helpful tips on the spot.

Susan K
We appreciated the way she would remind us to take a step back if our pup was not getting it yet. I feel like it helps us take the extra time to understand the process.

Nicole and Andy O
We really appreciated how encouraging Erin was, whether she was coming around to work one-on-one or when we were doing a game.
Jillian M
Erin is a great trainer! I like her positive way with my dog, but also commands attention and teaches us how to do the same. We are amazed and how our dog responds to her so quickly!

Katie F
Erin is a wonderful coach. The dogs love it when she comes. We call her the "treat" lady! She has really helped us and we are grateful for her!
Casey S
Erin is Amazing and I can't wait to schedule a follow up! She was so great adjusting to Stella's needs and personality and knee just bow to help.

Can't recommend her enough!
Kayla S
Erin was a magician, great insight and the ability to easily relay the information to us and us being able to watch and use the techniques ourselves.
Bridget N
Erin was absolutely amazing and so helpful!! She made me feel comfortable with doing the exercises in home and taking my dog for walks. I cannot thank you enough, this definitely lifts a weight off my shoulders. I used to be so hesitant on taking Lady for walks and this morning on the way back home she walked by a guy with three dogs and she did an awesome job! No pulling or barking, she just kept walking beside me. It's so awesome to see the change in her behavior with walking, I know I sound like a broken record but honestly one of the best decisions I've made and best experience I've encountered.

Thank you so much Erin!
Molly V
Erin was amazing . I feel so hopeful and educated with tools to get my animals to get along.
Kris S
Erin was amazing! So friendly and had so much knowledge. I got so much more out of this training then I imagined
Marissa D
Erin was excellent. She had a plan from the get-go, and was receptive to our concerns and goals. She was accepting of our dogs and empowered us to help support them. She clearly explained the principles behind what she was teaching and demonstrated clearly and effectively how to implement the plan and work with our dogs.

Leslie W
Erin was fantastic. I loved her positive attitude toward both dogs and her ability to give very concrete suggestions. She also rolled with the flow extremely well.

I could not have been more satisfied.
Connie F
Erin was great, friendly and so helpful. She gave me hope that my animals can live together with training .
Kris S
Erin was great! She was helpful to both the adults and the kids in our family!

Highly recommended!
Jamie H
Erin was so much fun and so helpful! You can tell that she loves her job and is very good at it. She took the time to listen to us and adapt her training and plan for our dog so it fit our needs and addressed our dog's unique issues.

Well worth the money!
Jen L
I can't say enough how amazing Erin was! She took her time to answer all of our questions questions, was incredible with my dog, so helpful & understanding! She gave us written notes for our homework to help set us up for success!

We're looking forward to our next training session! THANK YOU ERIN! :)
Katie S
Love Erin... she has such a way with pups and awesome training skills! Our dog responds very well to her. It's the confidence of knowing how to respond to a dog's behavior, but also her mannerisms and commanding presence. She is a gem! I wish I could adopt her for a month or so :-)

Bonnie C
My at-home training experience with Erin was absolutely wonderful! Erin was kind and compassionate, and it felt very natural and comfortable to invite her into my home. She listened the the problems that my dog was having, made a plan to address them, and spent ample time working through it with "real-life practice" on a long walk in our neighborhood. My dog quickly took to Erin's training and by the end of the session was a noticeably more attentive walker. Over a week later, my dog is still doing so much better on our walks.

I couldn't be happier with the results or recommend the in-home training more!
Kelsey C
My husband was very skeptical about the class, but as soon as Erin started talking, he knew we were in the right place and accepted we needed help to better understand how to help our dog.
Adriana W
Our in home training session was AMAZING!! Erin was incredibly helpful, made us feel relaxed and didn't make us feel like we were failing as dog parents. She listened to what we have been doing and suggested an entirely different approach that has already helped immensely!

Nicole D
She really is like magic!
Bridget N
This session was so helpful. To hear Erin say "I'm an experienced dog trainer and this is a challenge" felt so validating and helped me feel way less guilty about being frustrated with my dog. I've felt way more loving toward my crazy pup as a result. Erin also gave us concrete things to work on, with some contingency plans if things don't go exactly as we hope.

It was worth every penny!
Robin L
We are so grateful to the Canine Coach for teaching us the skills and steps towards reducing my dog's "stranger danger." It is very empowering and allows us to work better with our dog - and I'm already starting to see improvements in her anxiety and behavior!

Carleigh R
We have been getting guidance from you all at the Canine Coach since Ollie was a pup...he is now 18 months old and he's a wonderful dog !
Erin was extremely knowledgeable, perceptive, honest, and helpful. It was a very meaningful session for us; the training techniques we received in that session have been working very well. We are very thankful to have had our consultation with Erin, who is clearly a master in the work they do.

Amy H
I am so grateful for you all. Millie responds really well now to "spot" and uh-uh and is much more patient. Still work to do but noticed an immediate improvement in behavior and our understanding of how to handle her behavior.

Thank you!!!
Maddie K
I would highly recommend your services
Carol Z
My pup could barely keep her eyes open after 1.5 hour in home training session with the Canine Coach. We learned so much in that hour and a half and Paul was very patient with us humans as we learned how to help Millie behave better.

100% would recommend!
Madeline K
Paul has been great in helping me understand that my dogs aggression comes from his insecurities and his being scared. I've learned so much from Paul and now my puppy looks to me in times where he would normally get scared and act out and now I know what to do to help him feel safe and secure do he doesn't have to do that. Also knowing his triggers and shutting them down before they even begin were great to learn and understand. My puppy is different today than he was 5 months ago before we had Paul come help us. Now it's just the constant training and reminders so my pup continues down the right path.

Lisa N
Paul was an excellent trainer! He was patient and understood our dog better than us! He gave us great tips and skills to practice. He is very knowledgeable.
Heidi F
Paul was extremely informative and helpful. It has been a week since our training, and we are already seeing MAJOR improvements in Maddie based off of Paul's advice.

Abby G
Paul was great and helped us understand what we need to do. It will be tricky for us due to our jobs but we believe we can get this issue resolved with patience and practice.
Joel C
Paul was great and provided great insights and demonstrated how we could appropriately correct and teach our lovely dog to help her learn to look to us for direction and security.
Anne M
Paul was great. He gave us useful tips that we were able to put into action for guests coming over the next day. We have a lot of work to do with our little guy, but Paul is steering us in the right direction.
Rebecca K
Thank you for coming out to show me different training methods. I learned so much!
Leigh F
We really appreciate Paul's expertise and ability to quickly and confidently assess behaviors, and then immediately implement strategies to help at home. The info provided was not overwhelming, and Paul helped build our confidence with the amount of practice we performed during the training session.

Dan N
Cannot say enough good about Canine Coach. We've brought our rescue to the Saint Paul location and we are on our 3rd class. I keep looking for new classes to sign up for, ( just signed up for agility. ) Our first class was leash training and the improvement of our dogs leash walking skills was so impressive after the first class. We have since done obedience 1&2, and each one has done wonders for our dog. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient as well as available for questions anytime.

I recommend Canine Coach to any dog owner. Keep up the good work!

Kelli B.
She is always happy and genuinely happy to see us and our dog.

She moved at the perfect pace, was hands-on and hands-off just the right amount, and was willing to help us with questions at any point. She also created an environment that fostered support, learning, and fun!

Cindi Y
You are a wizard! Thank you for everything you have taught us! Thanks are going to be pretty great at our house from now on.

Bekket, Louise and Derick T
I love that Kerry modeled the expectation with a real dog, and then gave us lots of time to practice. While observing, Kerry would make suggestions as to how to challenge our dog, or meet the dog where it was at.
Melanie P
Today was our final day of L1O (she graduated). I just wanted to thank Kerry for being an awesome coach. Olive has seen a ton of improvement and I am looking forward to L2O which I will look into early next year.
Mike W
We couldn’t be more pleased with our entire experience with Boot Camp so far! Brandon is knowledgeable, professional, and approachable, our pup is well cared for and clearly learning, the facility is clean and well maintained, and each interaction we have with anyone is positive, informative, and helpful!

We also really appreciate meeting with Brandon on Monday/Friday! So helpful and informative! And I love the homework/worksheet email we received at the end of the week last week!

Thanks for everything you all are doing!
Kana S
I really liked how calm, patience and in control Pauli was throughout the classes. I never felt rushed and yet she managed to move us along to the next lesson, regardless of the distractions.

Level I Obedience Class Feedback

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable puppy class!! We thought your training skills to be outstanding! Again, we thank you for a wonderful puppy learning experience!!

Peggy B.
We looked forward to our Saturday class every week! Pauli was easy to talk to, she was helpful and all her answers made sense. She tailored her approach to each dog and their handler. I thought it was a well rounded class.

Dana M.
Thank you so much for taking care of Charlie and training him over the last 4 weeks! We have learned so much from you. We appreciate you patience with him and all of his energy - he loves you!

We hope to see you around SLP this summer - Thank you Again!
Love, Rob, Emi and Charlie E
Our dog is afraid of people and by the end of class would say hi on his own thanks to her approach with him.
Lindsay W
She's an amazing trainer and is so great with our dog.

Rhea S
Thanks again Annette! You helped me to feel much more confident about my plan and added some great tips I would have never thought about!

Krista S
Sunshine is a whole new girl on leash. Thank you so much for your honest insight and willingness to keep trying with us until we figured out something to work to make leash walking not such a horrendous challenge. It is really like night and day. We appreciate you! Thanks again for not giving up on us— we were feeling pretty frustrated and now we’re feeling so proud of our Sunshine girl.

Sarah D, Rob D, and Sunshine
Canine CPR [Urgent Care] with Sadie was WONDERFUL!

-Sharanya J
We love the obedience class and just know that we will be taking many different classes with our little project dog!!

Megan B.

Thanks for the session today -- solid start with clear direction for the future!

Terri R
You are so sweet. You are a FABULOUS teacher, and I totally enjoyed you. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

Jill P.
Hi Paul,
Almost seems too good to be true but Bentley is responding very well to the “back” command. It is really helping to calm him.
After we came back from our walk he was a bit excited so I did the back and he calmed quickly. A while later he started chasing his tail so I walked him to the living room and moved back in the kitchen giving him the “back” command.
I stood there as I continued to cook in the kitchen and he soon laid down and stayed there for about 3 minutes. When I let him back in the kitchen he settled and found a place and watched me cook or has been sleeping the rest of the morning.
Crossing our fingers that he is getting the hang of it!
Thanks for your advice!
Renee T
His experience in Fit Dogs has helped him improve his self confidence.

Thanks again,
The class is great. Jake is a great teacher and Tiny seems to be responding.

Michelle S
We loved the class with Paul, so please tell him thank you!

- Andrea F
Thank you for working with Stella and I -- we really enjoyed your class. Please let us know if there will be any additional opportunities to practice our skills coming up. We always love attending new classes / events offered through Canine Coach :)

Tara M.

Very happy with Don and his coaching! Great teacher for both dog and mom. Looking forward to more changes as the weeks go by!

Cassidy T
Hi Maureen
I just wanted to thank you again for our session today with Sheldon. I think it went really well and I can't wait to start practicing what you taught me. Thanks for all your tips and tricks. It was very easy to understand! You're a great teacher.

Heather F. Minneapolis
[Sheldon was a 120 lb dog-aggressive dog on his walks and from the house and yard.]

Things are going great! On Thursday night, Evee came home and was like a different dog! She's responding well to practice at home, and is being calm enough to actually be an enjoyable companion. :-)

Sara K et al
Very impressed with willows boot camp training at St Louis Park location, Kiel was our trainer. Very quickly willow and Kiel had a strong bond. Willow made lots of progress and also has much more confidence. Thank you!!!!!

-Kim K
It is going very well. Kirsten is really good at explaining what she is working on with Oliver, showing me and then giving me detailed “homework.” Thanks again!

Best regards,
Mel S
Great puppy and dog coaching for the price. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Wide select and variety of classes. Can't wait to take some more

-Alyssa G
Wonderful coaches, small class size, centrally located.

-Adrienne S
Hey, Sadie.
It's been awhile since you have been to our house to work with Charlie, so I thought I would send you an update.
1) The "in your bed" is fantastic! He will follow that command regardless of what is going on. He can be barking at people/dogs through the window and he will follow the command. We do still have to get up and at least make a move toward his bed, but we are fine with that. He follows the "stay" command once in the bed. The longest he has stayed was 20 minutes!
2) It took about 2 months but we were able to use the doggie diapers to train Charlie to be out at night without accidents! Oh, did people laugh at that training, but it worked. We waited until we had 3 weeks of no accidents in the diaper before we tried it without he diaper. We also have a daily alarm to take-up his water dish at 8PM every day. He has been "diaper free" for 3-4 weeks now with no accidents. I think he is finally comfortable with the new routine.
3) We are starting the door bell training this coming weekend. We wanted to focus on one thing at a time and the door bell training could wait. Since all of our other training with you has gone well we are sure this one will too.
4) All of the previous training is going well. He has to sit for just about everything, "leave it/come" works when he is barking outside or just needs to come in, AND he doesn't hide in the mornings anymore!! We almost never have to use the teather in the morning before we gate him. Most of the time we find him sitting in his bed as if he is waiting for us to put the gates up. We do use "in your bed" from time to time when we are leaving the house, but not often.
We just can't thank you enough! Training is a ton of work but it works!! We are lucky to have found you.

Take care,
Erin G
Thank you for all your help. I now have the tools to work with Bentley and have been able to practice with him.

Enjoy tonight's weather and again, thanks,
Deb G
You teaching and the dog to dog socialization class made a HUGE improvement in Abby’s comfort around other dogs. We are now able to enjoy our walks with her, and she’s staying calm and even comfortably interacting with an occasional butt sniff. WOW.

We are looking forward to taking the recall class later this summer. We love Canine Coach, your team is terrific!

Thank you,
Amy K
I really like that she acknowledged the different breed characteristics and how one thing that works on X might not work on Y.
Thank you for your support and guidance through puppy class and in puppy playtime. Both Boomer and I truly appreciate it.

Joan V
I really want to thank you very much for a great class! It has been a lot of fun, and your energy is fantastic!
Take care, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see you in a Level 2 class soon.

Leigh S
This training has been a life saver! Our trainer makes concepts easy to understand and helps us work through an individual problems we are having. I'm already planning to come back for more classes once we are done with Obedience Level 1!

Stephanie H.
Wow, you have high expectations that led all of us to pass the test! You said you asked us to do more than what was on the test and you were so right. Your precise directions helped me do the right thing with my dog, Teddy. You encouraged participants by correcting positively and by examples. You are outstanding!
Jenny, you were so very clear. You gave great demos with many dogs. You encouraged us constantly. I would take another class with you. You are just amazing with dogs. Teddy thanks you as much as I do
Taken a few classes. I highly recommend it for anything from puppy class to fearful-reactive dogs. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Wish I would have found it sooner!!

-Kristin M
Our experience was wonderful. We heard about you from a colleague at work. Tito responded very well to training and we are continuing with what Erin taught us. She know a lot about Boston's and their quirky behaviors. Overall we had a great experience and would recommend you guys in the future. Erin was very sweet and professional. We were hoping for help with Tito and got it!!

Georgette P.
We have done puppy classes and obedience one classes. Both were great! Erin is my favorite dog trainer!

Christina T
I felt like we’ve been waiting for Erin for a long time. We did puppy class and obedience 1 with tails up and struggled with our dog. She seems very smart, but struggles with paying attention as she’s often fixed on any other possible noise or sight. We’ve learned that our Joonie struggles with anxiety which makes it difficult for her to concentrate and sometimes act aggressively on leash or at the vet. Erin did a great job of explaining it.

Erin talked us through our goals and wrote them down for us. We feel we’ve already seen small improvements in Joonie’s behavior, though I also know it may have something to do with the confidence Erin helped us have as owners. It is great peace of mind to have a professional help when your fears are that your anxious dog may one day be aggressive with the wrong person or dog.

Molly R.
Our trainer really knows how to interact with our dog, gain his trust. We were amazed at how he brought out Benny's potential, giving us hope for a better quality of life & fun to look forward to with Benny.

Stephanie K
We LOVE our in-home training! We did feel prepared and Erin did a great job of helping us understanding Oliver's behaviors and gave us a clear understanding of how to work with him to change the behaviors and gave us homework to help us move forward.

Erin is awesome and has given us great information at our sessions and lots of homework ideas. We look forward to continuing to work with her and Oliver to make him a fantastic family dog.

Thank you for offering us this opportunity.
Christa S.
The boot camp was great! Jenny is amazing! Looking forward to more training!

Thanks a lot,
Ana S
She was awesome, with Lola and with me. I really enjoyed working with her.

Jenny is so personable, and she made me feel okay about asking any questions. I never felt like she was exasperated with us for not doing more at home : )

She was wonderful. I can already see improvements in my dog's behavior around other dogs.

Kim H
You could tell that Jenny really enjoys her job and really loved Charlie!

We just completed Tuesday night dog training with Courtney… We really liked the program and Courtney is a very good trainer!!

Lara K
I wanted to tell how incredible Karla was with Morgan. She was always very informative, helpful and loved Morgan. She was very patient with me on how to train him and always encouraging me on how to handle all the issues I had with him. I would recommend Karla to anyone that has a challenging dog.

Thank you,
Stella P.
We won't be able to make it to class tonight, but we really appreciate the first 5 weeks of class. We feel like we learned a lot, and we have a lot to work on with Rory, and we really appreciate all the time you put into teaching us how to make our dog a little bit better. So, thank you, and hopefully we'll see you guys at another class!

Dan & Sarah K
We had such a wonderful experience with Paul yesterday!

-Nicole S
Thanks for this Paul, the handouts are very helpful! We enjoyed the session a lot. It was very useful for us and yesterday we had a good day without any aggressive behavior. So we are very happy to see progress!

Wendy L
She clearly enjoyed Doug!

Jenny has a calm but confident demeanor and clearly loves dogs.

Everything seems to be going really well and Jenny has been great!

Thank you,

Thank you for your help last night. We are feeling a lot more optimistic after last night’s training session.

Sincerely, David B
She clearly clicked with Runa. They had a such a fun bond. Jenny also answered all of Runa’s Pawrents questions, which there were quite a few.

I felt like she really individualized her approach to Guthrie’s strengths and she figured out very quickly what motivated him and what didn’t work.

He is such an excited dog and her teaching approach really taught him to be calm and to listen.

Thank you Jenny for being so great! Diggy is a such a well trained dog now and we couldn't be happier!

We are really enjoying boot camp so far and have started to see some improvements at home. We love Jenny and think that she is doing a great job and is a good fit for Charlie!

Thanks so much!
-Emi E
I thought [Erin] was very knowledgeable, she was great with my little Sweetie - at one point Sweetie actually went to her instead of me and that never happens. I am totally satisfied. I appreciate having Erin open my eyes to things that made sense once she explained them.

Kathye H.
Hi Sadie,

This is Nikki and Collin (Ryder's "parents"). We wanted to share something with you :)

Prior to training, we tried bringing Ryder to Petsmart only two times. To say each time was sensory-overload would be an understatement. That was in November. Today, we decided to bring him to Petsmart again. This time it was busier and the store was much larger. Here is where you come in:

Ryder did not jump on anyone even when they came to pet him.

He did not growl or become aggressive while interacting with any dogs.

While waiting in line, he sat on command and "stayed" when asked. The man behind us even said "wow, nice job." We were even shocked.

Lastly, when he started to get a little antsy and whiny, you're all too familiar with how this looks and sounds, I said "Ryder watch me," and you guessed it, he sat and watched me! WOOHOO!

haha we felt like proud little parents and walked out of Petsmart in shock.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and support during training and wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you.

Nikki, Collin, & Ryder
[Boot camp] is going great! Sooner loves going and seeing her friends there, and she has learned a lot! We really like Brandon and think he has made great strides with her, and with us. We are finally getting trained too. She has calmed down, and has a sense of discipline she didn’t have before. Of course, some of it may be that she is just tired after a long day of training and playing, but I think it has made a big change in her demeanor.

We will recommend K9Coach to everyone we know who has dog behavior issues.

Ginny H
Never once did she shame or belittle me or my puppy. She kindly gave advice when I missed puppy cues and she was always positive with feedback.

Megan S
I loved that Tami encouraged our dogs and us to try everything, but if the dog tried it and hated it, she was like that is great, we tried and the dog never has to do it again if they don't want to!

Katy P

(Agility Class)
We are SO grateful for your help throughout the training sessions and for Maureen's help at the last session! I feel so much more confident walking him now that I have a better handle on how to manage his reactivity. I can't thank you guys enough!

Asha M
Things seem to be going really well. She already seems to be picking up on things so well and Cameo is doing a great job. We love her demeanor.

Erin A.
Boot camp is going great. I’ve been very impressed by Paisley’s progress.

Thank you!
Abbrielle P
We took ours to a dog to dog aggression class with Lauren. She was very knowledgeable and patient. I felt so much more in control after the classes!

- Cara H
We’ve taken 3 classes with canine coach (none for reactivity, however) and have seen great improvement with both of our dogs. We did level 1.5 obedience with Lauren and she is fantastic. I was really having a tough time getting one of our dogs to engage (one of the reasons we took level 1.5) and she had some awesome tips to build that relationship. We saw the biggest improvement after that class.

- Christina B
Very organized classes and knowledgeable instructors... all around great!

-Wendy F
He was amazing and gave me hope.

Tori S
My dog Prince Tomi Feather was in your boot camp last spring. He has come a long way since then. On Sept 19 he earned his CGC and on Oct 19 he became a Per Partners registered Therapy dog and is starting his career next week thru North Star Therapy Animals. We also graduated from Rally O foundations last week and I hope he can do some trials - he seems to enjoy it.
Thanks so much for the great foundation you laid with him in Boot Camp! It was the perfect kick start we both needed. I hope to take future classes at K9 Coach, just haven't found anything that fits our schedule yet.

Thanks again!
Jerry V
Hi there! Wanted to say thank you for the great experience with training for Max the past two weeks.

Clint F
Canine coach is the best in the business. We've enjoyed all the classes and locations. They've also been very much worthwhile for us and our pup.

J Foster
Suki loved him.

Judith G.
Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

Christina R.
He was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

Libby K.
Brandon was amazing with lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Arin F.
He was wonderful. Today was the first day Clementine did not attend as boot camp was over and she was not happy that we did not go to see Brandon and friends.

Tracy R.
He was knowledgeable and approachable. No question seemed to small or silly. He was prepared with great examples for all of our "what about this" questions. Plus, we could tell how much he liked Blue!

Keri B.
Everything that he taught Sophie was doable for her to learn and for us to continue on with the training at home.

Laura H.
Alfie loved going to boot camp everyday and working with Brandon! He learned so much, and I really appreciate how Brandon took the time to answer all of my questions and provide me with suggestions. We just moved into a new place, and Brandon and the Boot Camp Team definitely helped make the transition easier. Thank you!

Meghan G.
Very passionate and knowledgeable. His approach to training is exactly what we were looking for.

Jack M.
He was extremely patient and was willing to answer our many questions. He also took extra care to teach our dog what we wanted most - for him not to jump on people and for him to walk better on a leash.

Anges M.
He made sure to address the specific issues that we were having with Ira and focused on those when he trained her (and us).

Sara K.
Thanks for helping Annie and me learn so many great things over the last 4 weeks! I loved picking her up each day and hearing what she did and she loved going to Boot Camp each day! We will work hard on what she's learned and hope to see you in one of your classes soon!

Happy holidays, Annie C
We had a fantastic experience with Boot Camp for George last month. We are kind of sad that it is over! Jake was wonderful, very committed and completely easy to work with. Will definitely highly recommend him to others!

Charlotte F.
Just wanted to send a Kudos out to our trainer Jenny Strozinsky. She has been wonderful with helping us learn the skills we need to deal with the aggression in our St Bernard, Ivan. We have taken Dog to Human Socialization for Reactive Dogs, and we are currently taking Dog to Dog Socialization for Reactive Dogs with Jenny. Jenny seems to relate the best with our Ivan. Ivan is still a work in progress, but thanks to Jenny and the Canine Coach Training Classes we see such an improvement in him.

Thanks again!!!!!!
Katie L
We both really appreciate what you did. Totally worth it. It looks like we are going to sign him up for group training at your St. Louis Park location. If it matters to anyone, the work you did and how you handled yourself and your training brought a level of confidence in continuing to work with Canine Coach.

Greg A
Hi Sadie
Thank you for your training classes that have helped so much to advance Callen to a point that he can participate in a regular group training class.
Ii was so pleased with him in last night’s [Level II Obedience] class.
Thank you for your patience with my poor handling skills. You have no idea how happy I was after leaving class last night.

I recommend you and Canine Coach to everyone.
Hope you have a great day!
Jane and Callen.
I would like you to know that this leash walking class is a game changer for me! Lauren helped and explained everything so clearly and it all makes perfect sense! I would like her to know that I really appreciate all her help and advice!!

Thank you!
Barb S and Shadow
We're really happy - Walter seems to be learning a lot and is happy to be there. Looking forward to our second week.

Kate O
We have done puppy class and in home training. Both were excellent. Our puppy has come along way. We highly recommend this to family and friends. (We came here on a recommendation from our vet)

-Kellie R
I just completed the puppy class with my puppy Haley and I absolutely loved this. This is a different, more effective way of training because it is behavioral based, not you average command based class that just teaches your puppy how to sit, stay, and heel. You and your puppy learn about each other and how to respond to each other, and it helps build an even stronger bond with your puppy. We had Mary as a teacher and she is an expert with a lot of patience and does not mind taking extra time to answer questions or try to help find solutions for problems not discussed in class.
Rebecca P.
Thanks for a great class!
I wanted to share a success story with you from this Labor Day weekend: Monty's leash snapped off his dog life jacket as we were walking back up to the cabin with the canoe and he bolted away super excited. So Mike got excited and called Monty to him who ran right back! And then he ran away again so I got excited and called him to me and Monty came right away again - and then Mike got the high value treats and Monty followed us right back to the house no problem and was put back on his leash. Success I'd say! Were going to keep working on it of course :)

Liz S.
Thank you so much! I appreciate your guidance so much.

First I want to thank you for such insightful classes. Hazel and I have been through Level I and are in the middle of Level II and we are BOTH learning a lot, although she catches on faster than I do.

Carla B.
Hulk and I are excited to take class with you again! Thanks for all your help!

Done two trainings here with my dog who tends towards anxious and then at times aggressive. The trainers are suuuper knowledgeable, their training techniques are great. They scaffold the trainings nicely and each class builds off the one before, therefore, you're held accountable to do the training homework in between- which is great for me. I highly recommend canine coach!

-Alexandra M
Your time with us was invaluable in giving us the reassurances and ideas that we needed to move forward with our high-energy, but wonderful and loving, puppy.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you for the role you have played in helping us make it through the rank beginner dog owner stage more successfully.

Rebekah A (and Rich)
Courtney was so great with not only giving us tips for training, but also understanding Bozley (in particular). I'll 100% be bringing her back to focus on the puppy. [She] was so helpful and calm at our house with our dogs. She had 0 judgement and it made me feel so comfortable being honest with her about our issues.

- Amanda A.
I just wanted to let you know that Nandi has walked perfectly like a champ since you came over! Thank you SO much! No attacks while on walks - our first goal accomplished! She is getting better at "backs" and not throwing such a fit when asked to leave a room. This work has translated in other areas - she isn't so pushy in the morning when trying to get me up - and when on gentle leader she falls into the "walk" pattern naturally.
I will be setting up another appointment for us in a week or so. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!

-Jennifer S
Great professional dog trainer. Only place I would use again. Very impressed.

-Sarah G
Thanks again for all your tips and tricks, we are finding them very helpful.
It feels like we're in a much better place and have specific goals to keep working on. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

-Melaina B.
Thanks for checking in with us. Our first week of Boot Camp was great! We noticed so many good things and Annie is really seeming to listen an want to learn. Jake has great follow through and I enjoy the daily recap so I know what we need to work on in the evenings.

Doreen C
Brandon has done a good job teaching me what I need to practice with Finn at home, and he has clearly taught Finn a lot during Finn's time at the training facility.

Allyn Z
I wanted to send a note to the Canine Coach to tell you about my great experience with Jenny Strozinksy as our personal at home trainer. We started at Canine Coach with our 2 dogs for level one obedience class with Maureen and then followed up with at home training with Blair Hauser. Not long into the at home training we had an incident with one of our dogs that ending up having him declared potentially dangerous with the city of Minneapolis. We called Blair right away and she said she could help us through it. Unfortunately, Blair moved away - as you know!

We were referred to work with Jenny in place of Blair. This was such an upsetting time for us, I was worried about having to switch trainers but from the minute we met Jenny I felt so much more confident that we could correct ours and our dogs behavior. Jenny gave us really specific instructions and goals to work on and was also great at correcting us and giving us constructive criticism. The end goal was to get our dog off the declared dog list and that happened! We could never have done it without her.

We will continue to work with Kenny at home with both of our dogs. I just wanted to let you know that you have a real gem working for you! We just love her.

Alexis D.
Boot Camp is going great! Both Cocoa and I are learning how to be a team...and have fallen deeper in love because of it. Thanks to Cameo

Thanks for checking in
Julia and Cocoa
Just a quick note to express my gratitude to our trainer for all he did with Ruby!! She’s like a like a whole new dog with all that she does now. Our trainer has such an amazing talent to read and connect with the dog - Ruby had such a great connection with. He never hesitated in answering all of our questions and taking the time to go over things a few times for my mom as we were at two different levels regarding training. Thank you again!

Anne B
He took the time with Cheese and allowed her to get to know him without giving up on her right away. He truly went at her pace and found effective ways to train her.

Mikayla E.
Our trainer was the best! I’m so glad we ended up with him as our teacher.

Kinda C.
He spoiled my dog and tried to make it the best experience possible.

Amber F.
My trainer took the time to help my very anxious and reactive pup. I cannot say enough good words about our trainer, before bootcamp lady caused me a lot of anxiety due to not being able to even see a dog. I sing his praises to all my friends with dogs, suggesting they request him if they choose bootcamp. Pretty sure my bf thinks I'm cheating on him because i can't stop talking about the magical dog man who helped me oh so very much. give that man a raise, give him a high five, idk, I have nothing but good words for him.

Erika Y.
Our trainer was very flexible in arranging to meet with me for a final review as we were out of town on the regular day. He took the time to show me the training protocols. I learned a lot from his demeanor with Robbie, more in charge than I have been! It works so much better with my pup!

Marilee S.
Super friendly, super knowledgeable, answered our nine million questions and no question was ever answered negatively or like it was stupid, went above and beyond numerous times, took the time to repeat some stuff since my mom and I were at two different levels, wish he could do in home sessions, taught us about the breed.

Anne B.
Very happy with camp - Cannon loves going, and we are seeing very good results so far and practicing at home to continue reinforcement of commands. Think he will miss it when it is done! Has so much fun playing with his friends and enjoys the staff very much. Thanks for checking in!

Nicki H.
Just a quick note to give you an update on Max & Maggie since Bootcamp this spring. They are doing great! They've responded pretty well from their bootcamp training and are so much more manageable now that they understand basic commands.

Max has just started agility classes at the St. Louis Park K9C and is doing so well. I look forward to building our own agility course this summer so we can practice more often and introduce Maggie to it as well.

Thank you again for all your hard work to train M&M. Our household is much happier since their Bootcamp experience!

Thank you,
Julie & Shawn W, Max & Maggie
Thanks for the email- we had a fabulous weekend with Gus and his new tricks!! (Name, sit and down- and getting a little better with the crate!) I even expanded his repertoire and added "Kisses"! :) He loves Jake and we do too...would recommend this program to anyone already- and we still have this week!!

Krissy S.
Hi Blair,
I just wanted to give you an update on our success story. Thank you for all the good tips - we followed exactly what you recommended and look at the two now!! Mina has been with us for 10 days now while my in-laws are on vacation and while they aren't friends (yet...) they can be in the same room together no problem. Once in a while Riley gets frustrated and growls her into the corner but no biting. Yesterday they even played tug for a couple of minutes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)
Hanna L
Thank you so much for everything you did with P.Nut last month. You fundamentally changed the way he (and we) behave and we will be forever grateful!

Best of luck with your future endeavors, Take care,

Ian, Jenny and P. Nut
Thank you so very much for the amazing care and training for Brita. You have a great gift, thanks for sharing it.

Karen W.
[Kirsten was] easy going & took the time to explain everything in 'common' people terms. Her note cards she did every week are very handy & awesome! Able to see that Kirsten truly enjoys her work & enjoys what she does!

Loved how much she liked Frank and all of the new things he learned.

Very good explanation of each skill. Great communication. Very knowledgeable.

[Kirsten’s] personalization is what Heidi needed.

Really good at talking us through new behaviors so we could easily put things into practice -Tom
Kirsten was easygoing and accommodating with us humans. Mipha learned well from her in such a positive environment.

[Kirsten’s] so nice and understanding! She was awesome with Stella!

Mac had zero skills and hadn't even worn a collar/leash prior to starting puppy training. We tried some basic training on our own, but were not getting anywhere with it. Kirsten was incredibly patient with our high energy pup, and really got him to respond to her through positive reinforcement. I appreciate how she showed us what he learned and helped us practice before we left. We are amazed how far he came in the two week period and very appreciative all of Kirsten's work!

She seemed to really like Maddie. They had a nice bond.

Kirsten was so knowledgeable and it was clear that Fozzie loved and respected her. I really appreciated the note cards she gave out. They were handy to keep around the house, rather than having to pull up a GoogleDoc to refresh ourselves on the training exercises.

Great attitude and demeanor. Easy to learn from.

We loved Kirsten. She was approachable, offered great suggestions and responses to our questions and was well paired with Pavlov.

Easy to talk to - I was comfortable asking "stupid" questions!

She was so friendly and approachable.

I've been thinking about you A LOT lately! I can't tell you how WELL things are going. We have left Luna alone a few times with her "sock of sausage stuff" and she has not had ANY accidents or shown signs of being too upset. We went to the Battle Creek dog park the Saturday. She has been great with all the dogs she has encountered.

I can't thank you enough for the new life you have helped us find together!! We have so many new adventures awaiting us, thanks to you!

I would be happy to be a reference, etc., if anyone ever asks you for one.

Sonya H. Woodbury
[Luna is a Doberman mix who was suffering from separation anxiety.]

Just a quick comment.....Jake is a miracle worker; not only with our puppy Belle; also with owner Steve :o) We will be continuing with Basic Boot Camp in November and continue with all level group classes.

PLEASE pass on to Jake major kudo's; I could write a long letter re: all of his positives!

Have a great weekend!
Steve W.
The class is so fun for Taiga and for me. You have such a positive attitude and are great about providing constructive feedback. I'm sorry to be missing any of the classes!

Amy Davis, Saint Paul
I want to say thank you for an excellent Obedience 1 class! There are a lot of unknowns as a first time dog owner, and your class was so helpful! Your teaching approach was both productive and calm, and both your skill with dogs and your love of dogs came through as you incorporated the different dogs from the class into your demonstrations. Rudy and I learned so much!

Thank you again.

All the best to you,
Donna S.
Kiel -
Thank you for laying a good foundation for training with Kirby! He is already a trophy dog at only 3 months! :) We will definitely be back for the 4 Week Program after the 1st of the year! You were a great trainer!

Thank you again!
Mindy S.
Our first week was great - Zara has learned so much in the first 5 days and really seems to enjoy her time with Kiel! We can't wait to see what this week brings :)

Thanks again!
Things are going well. We are happy with Stella's progress and Kiel's tips are working out well.

Thanks a lot.
Elle Y
Kiel, THank you so much for your help with Ruby! She is doing amazing thanks to you! :)

From, Lindsay O.
Thank you for your outstanding training of Indie. She has really improved and your handouts are extremely helpful. Good luck to you

- Kent S.
Everything is going well. We saw a change in Blue after just 1 week. Kiel is doing a great job.

- Martin M
Things are going great! Willow's training is remarkable. We are very pleased. Kiel is able to teach Kim and I the way to properly interact with her so we are on the same page and successful. We are looking forward to the next two weeks.

Thanks, Rick K
Huey comes home happy and tuckered out so that’s always a good thing considering he’s still a puppy. We think we’re making some good progress towards some basic commands as well as better manners when it comes to other dogs. Thanks again for checking in!

Talicia H and Jon S
It was fantastic working with you on our dogs. Our dogs have responded so well to your ideas and techniques. We'll be sure to recommend Canine Coach.

Thank you,
Nate O
Jake rocks! He has helped train both of our dogs, with great results. He is amazing with both dogs and humans. I can't imagine a better experience!

Joan B
The training was very helpful. I was actually at Petsmart yesterday buying crickets and I had Gussy with me. There was an adoption event and an obedience training in progress. Gus was a model citizen and I put him in a down stay. The instructor for Petsmart came over and complimented me on my well behaved dog. I had Gus do a Sit from Down and he hopped right up. She was impressed. I told her he was trained at Canine Coach and she said. “Yes. They are like the top rated training school in Minnesota.” Props from the competition. Regards to the team that you have there. Good, confident people. Blair and Pauli were fantastic.

Brock H.
Thank you so much yet again Jess! You have been seriously awesome, really appreciate your help with everything.

Paige P.
Charli and I wanted to let you know that we unfortunately have to miss the final class today. I am sick. I wanted to thank you for the skills that you taught us and for helping us continue to bond together. Charli has made great progress in “watching me” for signals on how to behave both in the home and outside. Most of all, the class gave her the opportunity to try something new all the time. We are going to be signing up for the shyness class with YOU! Please tell Buffy and Lambchop’s mom’s that we had a great time training next to them and they were so gracious to Charli. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Oh yeah…Charli has had NO accidents in the house for 7 days!!!!

Les F.
Hi Lauren,
The class was great! Exactly what I was looking for. The drop in format makes it so convenient and Izzy seems to learn so much from just being in a classroom setting!

Thank you.
This puppy class was really fun, upbeat, and packed with good stuff! I learned a lot! So did Pumpernickel! The best part is being able to ask about individual problems my pup has; it was like having a personal trainer! Thanks again for the help! I hope to be in class with you again soon.
Maisey T.

We just thought you might like an update on Otis. He is doing great. We had to take a few steps back in training, like walking him on off times at the park. But, it worked. We now have free roam of the park, upper loop and busier lower loop at any time of day. He still has trouble with some of the busier city streets, and objects that flap in the wind. Overall though, we are super proud of him.

Thanks for giving us the tools and advice we needed to start Otis off on a safe, happy, and healthy life.

Robert R.
Hi Annette,

I wanted to let you know that Remi did very well at Christmas with our guests. We did as you suggested and had her stay upstairs until everyone was settled in the living room and then brought her down and had our guests give her treats. Her body language was fearful but she slowly warmed up to everyone and did well the remainder of the evening staying in the same room as the guests. She did not bark or growl as she had done at Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for all your help. I am very grateful.

Best wishes for a happy new year!
Juli K
Boot camp has been amazing so far. Without the advice from Karen, I would probably still not be getting any sleep. She helped me figure out how to get my little Henry to sleep in his kennel which is absolutely amazing!

Andrea R
The first week has gone very well. Karen is great and is taking things a little slower with Gus. I appreciate that she is modifying the training to meet him where he is at.

Michelle M
Karen and the team are doing an outstanding job. I know we are not supposed to over-train Orion, but he almost seems bored at home if we aren’t asking him to do something!

Loved our first week, thanks.
Philip G
Good morning Annette,

Thank you for helping us with Zora. We were happy that several things that we had started were moving in the right direction. Your suggestions, house training info and support were appreciated. We are positive that it will get better.

John and Linda K
Thank you again so much for teaching such a great class. I feel like I gained a lot of tools for working with my dog!

Ben O.
Boot camp has already changed Junior in just a week! I am so thrilled! And Jake really is good with Junior. I can't wait to show him what we worked on this weekend! And I'm looking forward to weeks 2-4!!

-Nicolle F

I am writing to thank Lauren for all of the information and help she provided. Her expertise was invaluable in helping us determine whether we would be able to commit ourselves to a lifetime with a rescued dog - the outcome is a sad one, but we believe the right one. Without her clear-eyed evaluation and sensitive explanations for his behavior, we would not have felt as confident in our decision as we do. She spoke from her own experience and was sensitive and patient as we wrestled with conflicting emotions.

When/if we are ready to try again with another dog, we will ask for Coach Lauren -- and will highly recommend Canine Coach to others in need of in-home training.

Thank you so much,
Rebecca & David S
My husband was AMAZED today! We walked passed three dogs at the park (arching and reassuring) with no pulling, no reaction. At the beginning of the walk AJ says "I wish there was a dog nearby so we could see his reaction" and I point up the path to an off leash dog with its owner and say "there is one nearby", he was speechless. :)

We are so appreciative for all your help, I think all of us are so much happier now! I look forward to consistently training him so our walks continue to be delightful!

Thanks again!!
Bridgett J

Thanks so much for all you have done for Leo over the past few weeks! I always knew he was in good hands with you!

Stephanie E.
They’ve already improved so much! They’ve come home and really been responsive to their names and to commands, I’m so impressed!!

Thank you for your work with the puppies and wishing you a great weekend!
Maura B
Don - Thank you so much for the excellent work you do. We are thankful, you particularly have contributed to Roxy’s world! We all think you’re great.

-Denise, Donnie and Roxy
Don! I just have to tell you we took Pippa for a walk this morning and used the Back instruction just a couple of times and she walked the ENTIRE time by our sides with absolutely NO pulling!! She’s like a totally different dog!! We are amazed with how far she has come in 2 weeks - you are a miracle worker!!

Jessy C
Kudos to Jake for his excellent work this summer with Jasey the Great Pyrenees in Reactive Dog and Leash Reactivity classes! The combination of independent breed plus working livestock dog, transitioning to city life presented significant training challenges. Jake met them all with skillful resourcefulness and quick responsiveness! We are so grateful for his help so that Jasey could smoothly and safely adjust to his new life. Thank you!

I thought you would be proud to hear we took Grayson on a walk to the Dairy Queen (lots of kids and people) and he did so great and just sat next to me looking around.

Kate M
We really like your class. You are a fine trainer and teacher.

Patrick and Julia O.
Hi Blair!
I just wanted to touch base with you & let you know that Gracie has been doing a terrific job with the collar/leash adjustments we made. She’s so easy to walk now, & truly minds her own business when it comes to other dogs or people. In fact, we’ve gotten lots of compliments from neighbors & passersby as to what a well-behaved dog she is!

Anyway, thanks again. Hope things are going well for you!

Carolyn S.
We had a great experience with both the in-home training and the class. Our trainer, Sadie, was excellent! She was extremely knowledgeable, explained clearly what she was doing and what we could work on after she left, and had our dog taking treats from her hand by the end of the session at our home (this was huge). I also loved that the prices are clearly communicated on their website and there were no hidden or extra charges or any pressure at all to purchase more training/services. In fact, if anything, our trainer reassured us that we could continue the work she started with us on our own.

The class we took through Canine Coach was also really helpful at teaching us what we can do so our dog knows we're in control and thus doesn't have to react. They had small class sizes and a nice facility (St. Louis Park location).

Of course we still have work to do to implement what we learned consistently, but we have seen great improvement. Sadie had mentioned we could email her anytime we had questions and she was very prompt and helpful responding to emails both in helping us select the right group class for us and in finding boarding for our reactive dog (email communication was no extra charge). We look forward to taking more classes through Canine Coach and highly recommend them!

Cristina L
Thank you so much for everything you thought me the other week! Because of it Bianca is calmer around people and we were able to go to a busy coffee shop and she behaved much better than before.

Thank you so much!
Caitlin J
Dear Maureen,

I am writing to let you know we have been sleeping through the night! Thanks to your help and suggestions, our little Yoshi has been going into his kennel with little hesitation and even enjoys his time in there. He will whimper a few times, but then settles down. He lets us know when he needs to go outside and has had one, just one! accident since your visit with us last Thursday at our home. We put castors on his kennel and just wheel him from room to room so he can see us and feel included. We can't thank you enough for your time with us.

See you in puppy class!


Maili F. South St. Paul

Thanks for checking in. The first week has gone really well. Conrad is clearly getting lots of good training, and we have appreciated the time with the trainers at the end of the day and the homework to help the lessons stick. Keep up the good work!

Jesse G.
Hello! So far it's been going great. I love how intently she listens to the instructors by the end of each day - she is clearly working very hard at school :)

Sarah P.
Thank you so much for helping Cooper be the best puppy he can be. He loved coming in to see you & all his friends at school. Not only is he the cutest little guy out there, he now has manners to go with it, thanks for making him quite the gentleman!
Thank You!

Dan, Jos & Cooper
Things are going great with training. We think Murphy has made progress already since starting last week!

Amy M
Boot camp is going really well so far for both dogs. They both seem to enjoy their time there and they appear to be learning a lot. The homework we get we practice with the dogs each night. They really are becoming much more well behaved dogs. We are very happy!

Thank You
Sam G
The trainer has taught us a lot of valuable information that we did not know. So far so good. Koira seems to take very well with Jake. Amazing to see someone that can keep her attention.

Valerie K
Thank you. You're a great teacher! I'LL BE BACK!!!!

Heather F.
Murdock has improved so much from the first class. Everyone is impressed when he shows off his skills. THANK YOU!

Angie A.
Training is going great! I so appreciate the trainers knowledge and love for dogs.

And I want to give a specific word of praise to Alex. He has worked with Sal through boot camp and the advanced boot camp. Sal really responds well to Alex and loves going to training. Also I appreciate Alex's help to give me the skills and confidence I need to continue training Sal. I have a really busy work schedule, so finding boot camp has made all the difference in helping Sal to be a great dog.

Jennifer M.
Things went really well, last week, and we are looking forward to the coming weeks. He learned a lot every day and we are doing our best to stick to the rules and practice his training at home, too. He certainly is tired at the end of the days :)

Thank you - Monica H
I am extremely satisfied with both of Honey's boot camp experiences. I had her in the 4 week boot camp last December and Cele was one of her trainers then so it was nice to have her again. This 2 week outdoor proofing boot camp has been just as wonderful.

I can't say it enough about the trainers and their dedication to the dogs. They both asked if I was at all interested in training Honey as a therapy dog because they feel she would be very good. Thank you to Canine Coach for helping me with my Honey. She is a sweetheart and now she also minds me. :)

Dawn A
It's going very well. Our coaches are great and are doing a perfect mix of training and behavior modification to make the program work for Bing and his unique problems/needs. We look forward to the next few weeks and continued training resources with you guys in the future.

Kristen M
It's going great. We are impressed with what she's learned so far and look forward to more.

Molly P
The first week of bootcamp went very well and we are excited about the results thus far. We are looking forward to the next few weeks.

Thank you,
Nicole D
We were very pleased with Jordan and Alex. They did a great job of working with Mulligan and I found Alex to be professional and supportive when I had the 15 minutes with him at the end of the day. We are looking into more classes with Mulligan after we get our daughters back to college. I would recommend your training to anyone.

Brenda C
We really loved the training and results from our Boot Camp experience. The training provided Fiona and us with great tools to get her started on the right track. Alex was a great partner in this and we really appreciate the professionalism and results.

Molly P.
Taylor was very positive, friendly, confident and energetic. They really helped us understand how to behave with and around our puppy; their character also put us at ease and helped us look forward to classes and have confidence in what they were teaching us.

Ellie A
Great advice. They made me feel less anxious if my dog didn't get something right away. They were down to earth and realistic about what dogs are capable of learning. Other training that I've done focused on being perfect rather than focusing on what your dog is actually capable of learning and Taylor was great at breaking every skill into mini parts for my dog to learn.

Deb L
Taylor is the BEST! Kona loved them and we did too. Super nice and hoping to have them in another class

Jonna C
They did a great job of responding to and accommodating dogs being on very different levels. They customized the class to fit what seemed best based on what most dogs need.

Joshua G
Taylor's greatest asset is their warm, welcome, gentle, approachable, patient demeanor. They are a gem of a teacher!
Taylor was great at providing a variety of options and really helping us understand how to help our dog learn.

Sara N
It has been a couple weeks since you met with us about Daisy and her potty issues. I am happy to say that she has been accident free and the kennel training is going very well. Thanks!

Shawn D. Minneapolis
We are enjoying the class very much and learning a lot. ... Your suggestions for intervening when Loki gets too rough with our other dog have worked well so far. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.

Take care, and we'll see you soon.

Andrea L. Saint Paul
Ahhhh I'm so sorry Lauren, but Chewie and I will not be able to make it tonight, I had to go home sick from work today. He and I are just cuddling. He loved your class and keeps looking at the door wondering when we are going to go.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher, you are awesome!! A few of friends have actually signed up for the same class after the holidays.

If you ever have another class for Chewie please let me know!!!

Thank you again,
Ashley, Chewie, Yoda H
Thanks for working with Elses - it's made a big difference. I really appreciate the work you do.

Michelle H
Thank you for helping us with Nigel. You are a dog whisperer!

Sharon and Peggy S
Thank you for all the great information/training so far from Julia! She has been absolutely amazing, love her!

Rachel J
Hi canine coach. Thank Julia for yesterday for me please. Samson did great and hopefully every human in my house will take full advantage of what she had to offer. I know I will be.

This past week with the leash walking I'm blown away. Everything is great and super happy that we decided to do the boot camp.

Nate M
Thank you so much for training and coaching Winnie! You took such wonderful care of her and we know she is going to miss you! Really amazing experience and we couldn't be happier with the results! Promise we will keep working with her! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Mary Beth and Andy
A quick thank you for assisting with Baxter's and my training. I appreciate all your insights, Especially the house training advice. It has been a pleasure working with Canine Coach!

She really took time to understand Batman's personality and studied his behaviors to try to understand what drove them -in order to make changes.

Deb H.
She understands that all breeds, and dogs specifically, are different. She took the time to understand Xena, and her proclivities to be a loaner and aloof.

Joe C.
We liked her low-key personality. She was structured and firm with Kenai when he needed that, but calm and friendly with us (not ra-ra and high-strung). She consistently answered all of our questions, but didn’t talk nonstop. She gave us some great ideas about how to translate what he learned to the home environment. :-)

Sally H.
She was very calm and good at explaining the training (she would give the rationale as to why we were going to something).

Nancy W.
Yes, she is very calm, easy going and I am sure it really helped Ziggy stay focussed and attentive.

John N.
She was willing to talk through any issue that we were dealing with and giving us great tips for the real world.

Jamie C.
Jess is great at teaching me how to build upon the amazing training she gave to my dog!

Helen L.
Jess was very positive and certainly picked up on Samantha's joyful nature. Jess had good practical suggestions for working with Samantha.

Jotham B.
Jess is wonderful! She’s very patient and clearly explains everything she’s doing.

Christian C.
She was awesome! Birch is a hard pup to teach. The fact that she understood some of his traits was very reassuring.

Nate S.
Boot camp is going well! I'm amazed by the progress Murphy has made with Brandon so far and how some of the skills are showing up at home. Murphy can be fearful at first, like on the first day, but has quickly come to enjoy going. I appreciate Brandon's calmness with Murphy and the explanation/demos of the exercises have been easy to understand so far.
Some of the skills he is learning have also been a helpful complement with a recent in-home training session with Lauren, which was also very helpful. I wish I would have done Camp sooner, but no time like the present.
He's got some more work to do, but I'm feeling more confident in what he is capable of. Thanks for the support!

Katie S
Hi Michele,

I wanted to update you!

Charlie is getting adopted and goes home on March 3rd! Yay!!!!! And he has been doing super well with not jumping on people! My niece came over last night and he didn't jump on her, which has never happened when people have come over. I feel like the training really clicked with him and since then he has been even more attentive to me and what I ask of him. He is always checking in with me with his eyes, waiting for the next command.

Thank you again for helping me with my beasts!
Aria S

I'm so grateful for the Canine Coach! I love the Obedience classes! I tell everyone "they're for me more than they are for my dog!" I have three lovely, loving and gentle dogs... and no one will know it if I don't use the help in front of me!

Thank you so much!!!

Megan E
Hey Michele!

So I've been meaning to email you because Boomer's behavior has been like night and day after our training session. I'm absolutely thrilled.

Boomer has completely, I'm talking 100%, stopped attention barking. He still barks out of excitement when he knows it's dog park time, but that's dropped DRAMATICALLY. We're working toward a goal of him going a full 24 hours without barking, and so far he's made it 21 hours! He's like a completely new dog. Instead of barking he now grumbles and sounds like an old man. It's hilarious. But he has learned to ask to play politely by dropping toys in our laps and asks for pets by bumping into us or leaning on us.

Thanks so much for your email and for your excellent training with Boomer! Seriously we could not be happier.

Kayla K
Dear Sadie--
Thank you a million times over!!!! I took your leash walking class yesterday, and from just one class, Tully has been transformed! I need to walk Tully 1 to 3 miles a day (with some park play also) and have dreaded every step. I am so excited for the next two classes.

See you next week and thank you again,
Lisa R

Again thank you so much for training our Finn. you’ve been patient and kind with him. He has learned so much!

Mike K
Thank you! I have been so happy and impressed with Rebels progress during boot camp so far. Jess has been fantastic, and I feel like I have the support and tools I need to work with Rebel at home. You guys are great!

Katie S
Thanks for all of your work with Max!

Caroline and Rob Goedken
Thanks again for all you are doing with Monte. We really appreciate it and know that he is in good hands.

Drew and Natalie H
Thanks so much for checking in. It seems like Boot Camp is really helping Heidi and we are really enjoying all the training from Kirsten. We are seeing a real difference in Heidi’s behavior.

Amy Todd

Thank you for all your work in training Izzy! She’s a much better pup at home and I think has really enjoyed boot camp! Our family really appreciates all you’ve done!

Scott and Carrie S
[Boot Camp is] great. I wish it was longer. Finn is learning so much.

Mimi K
You were amazing and truly helped he and I out! :) Its been a world of difference just in our daily walks at how much better I am at walking him and how much more behaved he is as well!

Thank you again for your ninja skills with my stubborn pup!

Adrienna C
I can’t tell you enough how much you have changed our lives! Nix is so much happier being a good girl! We will forever be thankful for you!!!!!

Ana A

I want to thank you for your incredible work with Juno! I am so grateful for all the progress she has made - you have changed both of our lives for the better!

Many thanks,

Beth and Juno
Jenny was very calm and confident and Mila responded to that energy in the same manner.

Mindy J.
She took the time to understand both Nellie and myself. Nellie is young, strong and exuberant which is a challenge for me. Jenny gave me strategies for working with these traits and worked with Nellie to practice self control.

Kris N.
Where do I start? Jenny responded to emails, sent me videos of my puppy and honestly, just gave me the reassurance that I needed to feel more confident as a new puppy owner.

Suzy R.
Jenny was very patient and took her time going over the training and showing us how to do each task.

Barb W.
Very friendly and took time to help us learn the training techniques.

Matt S.
She really took the time to learn about pickle and what would be the best way for her to learn.

Tyler L.
Jenny was great, very helpful answering my questions and great ideas for me.

Amy G.
First week has been great !!!

The trainers have been amazing and we can already see big improvement in Beezus and Waylon’s behavior and obedience skills!!

Thank you so much!!!
Chris B
Chloe’s been going great! We noticed the difference the first day. She’s definitely a lot calmer. Don has been great with going through what she’s learned, and answering any questions I’ve had.

Thanks for checking in!
Stacie L
Maureen, I really appreciate the time you take to respond to my emails. You manage to keep giving us just the right amount of positive boost to keep going. I've never been so grateful to "stumble" across a website before in my life! I can't imagine that there is another trainer out there with your enthusiasm and patience.

Nicole C. Minneapolis
Good news is we have been working with Lydia with plastic bags, loud trucks on our walks, and even other scary things. She is even getting very comfortable with the vacuum and can be in the same room with it running now! That's huge! Thank you so much!

~Gretchen L
Everything is going great! She is becoming such a well behaved dog and the trainers are amazing!

Kelly R
Hello Annette!
I just wanted to write to thank you for everything. Joey and I have been attending classes of some form or another since last November. You have been our trainer for most of our classes- and you are fabulous! You have always been there for Joey and I and have always been beyond helpful with your training advice. You are a very gifted do
g trainer and Joey and I are so fortunate to have met you and attended some of your classes.
Likely we will take level 2 obedience again sometime and hopefully one day advanced obedience. It all takes time and continued practice!
So, I just wanted to write and thank you for everything!!

Thanks again,
Mary and Joey D
We are so grateful to have been referred to you by Katie at Secondhand Hounds. Our confidence and level of understanding Howie is forever changed, thanks to you. The lessons we have learned - we have taught the girls - and we have kept the boundaries, with regard to Howie's constant "testing"! Walking him is no longer frightening - our comfort & confidence definitely affects him positively. He listens to us and is not the ticking time bomb he was when we adopted him December 13th, 2015.


We (CharLee and Dave) had a wonderful time in your agility for fun class! Thank you so much. It was great to see you in action too, and see how all the dogs and owners responded to your warmth and enthusiasm.

Dave L.
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the classes and so did my dog Buffy. Jordan was an excellent trainer and so wonderful with all the dogs and their needs. I have been to a few different training classes with my other dogs and never enjoyed them like I did this one. Buffy was always excited to come to class and so was I. Met wonderful people there and it was fun.

Thanks so much for your recommendation to this class. I am looking forward to signing up for the Class with Jordan at Lake Nokomis in the Spring.

I would highly recommend Canine Coach to anyone interested in lessons or anyone having problems with their dog.

Thank you.

Kathy H

The leash walking class I am taking with Canine Coach is already working!

Diane R. Minneapolis
We thought Julia did a great job bringing a lot to the table. She had great energy and was very helpful.

Chad W.
We've been working with Bhumi on the stays and he's really doing great with the sitting and staying now! It was helpful last week to see how you would work with the dogs on all the things: stay, leave it, etc. Your class moves along well and you do a good job of relaying the concepts.


Alix M. Minneaplis

This is Raika the dobermans handler. I personally wanted to email you after the first class and say thank you! Raika was a return to breeder and I got her at the beginning of the year. I don’t know much about her upbringing, other than a dog in her household was aggressive towards her. I was nervous about bringing her to an obedience class because of her dog reactivity. Especially on leash. I had doubts after a terrible obedience 1 experience with my rough collie. 15+ dogs all out and about with each other.

This was so much better. I am appreciative of you accommodating my dog so that we can start working on ignoring other dogs, or at least getting her to the point of not caring so much about them. I loved the fact that you kept us separated from the other dogs a little more, and the x pen fences with tarps is amazing. So if you see me treating her quite a bit, it’s because I’m just trying to reward relaxed, attentive to me, behavior.

Thank you for such a positive, rewarding environment for me and Raika. We look forward to next week!!!

River H
Maureen - I recommend you to anyone I meet who needs a trainer, especially people with "odd" or really troublesome behavior in their dogs. Dante runs up to me eagerly now when she sees me getting out her Gentle Leader, jumps into my lap and puts her nose right into the harness -- no treats needed. (This is a dog who used to tremble, shake, and bite at the mere touch of the Gentle Leader.) We have learned to work around her "moods" and minimize triggers [of her aggression]. Our little dog, who some people suggested we get rid of, or even put down (!) is a joy to have around. Your help has been invaluable. Thank you!

Kit P. Stillwater

Sadie came on Thursday last week and helped with Ginger. I'm really happy with her training and the results are great so far.

Bill K
My dog Lola and I have completed three classes with Sadie: Leash Training, Level 1 Obedience, and Level 2 Obedience. We just love her and Lola is so incredibly obedient as a result of Sadie’s work with us! We look forward to more classes with Sadie! She is wonderful and I have been referring people to her!

Sonja and Lola K
Hi Don,

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Dusty is doing awesome! Dan and I moved into our new house last week and Dusty handled it like a champ. He is making good impressions with our new neighbors and a few have even said he is very well trained and they wish their dogs were as good as him. He loves having a backyard to run around in. He has even killed three rabbits! We go on a 45 minute walk before work and he does a great job especially when we pass other dogs. He and I have been working on "come" in the backyard and he comes most of the time now. We have a bit to go with it but it is encouraging to see him catch on. Thanks for everything you did for us and for Dusty. He is much easier to work with and we love that we are able to communicate with him!

Thank you again!
Stephanie, Dan, and Dusty A
Greetings from sunny FL Abby has been visiting three times per week to a hospital, nursing homes, and schools. She has over 20 visits so far and has been excellent in all cases. She does get tired though and we pace her due to her young age. When we return to MN in may we are set to visit the VA hospital in st cloud as well as maybe regions hospital in ST paul. Her training was excellent through k9 coach as I have gotten a ton of compliments on her behavior for her age as she is not even two years old yet.

Rob M.
Maureen, your advice with Sophie has helped so much I would travel to you anywhere in the twin cities area! Just the voice change makes 100% difference in Sophie's reaction, it's amazing.

Heather K. Minneapolis
I think the first week went really well. I love that Karen is so willing to work with us to see what we need most for Fergus.

Stacy M
Maureen, did I say thanks?  I really mean it.  Sammy and I had a great walk this morning!  He went to garage sales with me and to the local farmers market. His new collar [NewTrix head collar] is the best and he really does behave himself. He got a little over stimulated at the market but I didn't push him too hard there. We couldn't have done it without your teaching!

Rita L. Minneapolis
[Sammy is a Pitbull Terrier fostered by Rita. Sammy couldn't attend the adoption events because of his aggressive behavior. He would lunge out at the other dogs and people who walked by. Rita stopped walking him in public because of his behavior. Rita did fabulously at walking him, keeping him calm and at her side after one visit.
Hey Courtney,
I wanted to say thank you for the class! We really appreciated it and love your heart to help others have well-behaved dogs :)

Shannon M
I see why Terry speaks so highly of the help you give her with Riley. I enjoyed watching your session this evening.

Carol K.
I took Blair's dog-human aggression class with my dog Butch, and learned a lot about how to handle him in a variety of situations. More than that, I learned what cues to look and listen for that my dog might be uncomfortable, and how to redirect him (or another human!) so that I don't put him in a bad situation. I learned that it's my responsibility; as much a part of taking care of him as feeding him. Butch loved the class and our 'homework,' because it involved treats! He insists we keep in training!

Scott E.
I signed up my puppy mill dog for the Socialization for Shy and Fearful Dogs class, as she is painfully skittish- she is always terrified of new people, especially children, or any startling sounds etc. Jordan was fantastic, showed us the ways to approach "scary" things, introduce new people and identify/plan ahead for what is going to make your fearful pup feel on edge. Obviously, this is a more gradual change than other classes, but I can definitely see a difference in my dog's confidence!

Caitlin S.
Thanks for checking in. Lincoln is loving boot camp and it's been so amazing to see the progress he has made in just a week and a half. Lincoln came into the program with some anxiety issues to work through, which I know is not normally dealt with head-on as part of the boot camp program, but Jake has really gone WAY above and beyond in adapting Lincoln's training and teaching us how to help him overcome his anxiety and fears. I have been so impressed and amazed at the working relationship he's been able to develop with Lincoln. I'm looking forward to seeing what else he learns in the next couple of weeks!

Bri F.
It has been a couple weeks since you met with us about Daisy and her potty issues. I am happy to say that she has been accident free and the kennel training is going very well.


Monica & Shawn, Richfield

Thanks for the wonderful experiences we have had thus far with Pauli and Blair.

David B
Things with Sadie are generally going GREAT!....Feel free to give my name to anyone wanting a reference.  I very much appreciated the fact that you were willing and able to work with my particular situation as you were teaching what would work for Sadie.

JoAnne T. Minneapolis

Hey, Maureen! Not that you probably need a weekly update but my house has been very, very peaceful! The exercises are great, and there hasn't been one glare or hackle. It's SO MUCH BETTER! So, thanks!!

Jenny Z. Minneapolis
[Jenny's American Bulldog and Boxer were getting into regular fights.]

Thank you again for your great instruction. I feel like we've come so far with your help. In fact, yesterday I thought, Now this is the benefit of a well-trained dog! A few glass jars came crashing down in the kitchen and shattered glass was everywhere. As Ruthie approached I said, "Back." She laid down behind the line of the tile and never moved until I released her--and it took about 15-20 minutes to finish cleaning it all up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. We would never be here without your help.

Laura (and Ruthie)
Thanks for all your great training - he walks so much better already - it is magic!

Thank you!

Rachel C.
Things are going great with Boot Camp! He’s learning a lot and working with him at home has gone well.

Angela C.

Puppy class was a great experience for both Sophie and I. She loved the socialization, and I loved all the instruction. Your feedback was crucial, on point, non-threatening, and much appreciated. So much so that we immediately signed up for Level 1 Obedience with you as our trainer. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and fantastic communication, and great eye contact make for a great training experience, for we all know that it isn't the dogs that are being trained -- it's their owners! Thanks Jenny!

Jane F.
Hey Maureen,
This new space sounds ideal. As far as the new location, since I live in Minneapolis, it works for me. However, I would travel out to most suburbs of the Twin Cities too for a quality program like yours.

Good Luck!

Cathy S. Minneapolis
Thank you so much, Maureen, for the excellent training you did for Geena AND her human family! We appreciate your positive approach to training, which makes it a real learning experience that is fun for the pet and her humans!

With your training and suggestions, she's overcome her separation anxiety, which is a relief to all of us -- mostly, of course, to Geena! With the new type of head halter (New Trix) you introduced us to, it's now a pleasure to take her for walks! (We also learned lots from the articles on your website.) We'll recommended you to our friends and family. Thank you, again!"

Mary, Craig, and Geena A., St. Paul

Things are going well. In fact, we were out of town this weekend, and the lady at the boarding facility where Gus stayed said he was the most well behaved Doodle that goes there. She even said he was a good listener!

Carrie D.
Boot camp is going great! We love our trainer Cameo! I can't believe how much he has learned in his first week! Now it is just about practicing with him more to increase reliability of the behaviors! But he doesn't mind practicing at home and it's very fun for me to see the fast progress!

Thank you for checking in!
Steph Z
The class was great. Higgins has made big improvements, and we intend to keep doing training classes with Canine Coach. Kudos to our teachers!

Joe B
I just wanted to send along a little note of gratitude for your Coach Jenny. We have been working we her and our dog, Larry, training at home.

Larry is a spunky, energetic, rescue dog that is not quite a year old. He is a great dog but started to become uncontrollable. I had a baby just over a month ago and we were at our wits end with him. We feel our pets are like family, but, the baby does come first and we were starting to think Larry may have to be rehomed if something didn’t change (I start to cry just writing that sentence). But, we wanted to exhaust all options before making that decision.

Larry had already gone through Level 1 training and leash walking class and did great in the classroom but was having trouble recreating that at home, and with the arrival of the baby, he completely lost all his skills.

Honestly, we were pretty skeptical that the in home training would make a dent in his behavior. But, after our first session with Jenny, we had our dog back. Not only that, but a new and improved dog! He is now a joy for us to have as a part of the family. He even seems happier with new boundaries and the leadership Jenny had us establish.

We still have work to do, and Larry is a work in progress. But, it is normal puppy stuff, and we have the tools we need to create a happy home.

We cannot thank Jenny enough, her time with us has truly been life changing. We have already been telling everyone we know of our great results as well.

Thank you again,
Alex, Britta and of course Larry O
We really enjoyed our time with you yesterday. Thanks for the notes. We will arrange a second appointment for two or three weeks from today.

Mark R
My husband and I and our dog Kima recently took both the level one obedience class, and your class for dogs and new babies. I just wanted to write and say what a great experience both of those classes were for us, and how much it helped, especially in regards to having a new baby at home. We are happy to report Kima and baby Xavier get along wonderfully. We couldn't have imagined a better outcome. Kima loves to give the baby kisses, but gives space as soon as you ask her. She does "leave it" excellently with all the baby things that are now around the house, and walks with the stroller are a breeze (other than for the occasional squirrel she has to try to get to).

Thank you so much for all that you taught us in those classes, we will definitely recommend your classes to others!

Laura M
I enjoyed the program. I liked that Angus received training from a professional and then each new task was explained and demonstrated to me.

I am positive Angus enjoyed the program. He was excited to get there each morning and came home exhausted each night. I think he was not only physically spent but tired from being mentally challenged.

Alex and Adam were both very friendly and approachable. Adam was very encouraging during our field trips. Jordan also was very encouraging.

I am more than happy with all that Angus learned. We are now able to walk successfully in an urban setting. This weekend we walked past outside diners several times, people passing us on the sidewalk, and even had a successful hallway encounter in my apt building. He no longer reacts to buses passing by and even ignored a loud motorcycle all things that would have him exploding previously.

All the trainers listened to me with issues I was experiencing and offered constructive advice when transferring different behaviors. I think the field trips and outside walking were the most helpful because I was able to see what to do when Angus reacted to different things (pretty much anything including his own shadow on day one). I plan on taking additional classes because it was such a positive experience.

I liked that Adam listen to a situation I would describe in regard to Angus' reactive behavior and try to duplicate it in training so it could be corrected. He has a calm nature that gave me confidence that I can "urbanize" Angus.

Angus and I had been through several different training classes prior to moving to Minneapolis and finding Canine Coach. None worked...some seemed to make his leash aggression worse. One trainer (who claimed to be a leash aggression specialist) told me that Angus needed to be put on Prozac and there was something "wrong" with him. I am so glad I invested the time and money for boot camp...I can walk my dog again! I am signing up for the leash walking classes to keep the momentum going.

Jennifer H.
You are so awesome. You have worked magic on our pup scared, timid pup. After you left today we introduced Lucia to 3 new people and 2 new dogs. The first interaction was with my friend and her 8 month old Golden Retriever. Her dog was so hyper you would hardly believe it. After about 15-30 minutes of intensive treats and progressively moving closer and closer to the dog, Lucia started initiating interactions with the dog to the point of running full speed across the yard to jump on the dog and play.

The second interaction was with our neighbors and their very elderly and mellow huge Golden Retriever. By the end of that interaction she was running underneath him and biting his tail, all the while her tail was wagging. It was great.

Thank you so much for your help. We are so incredibly appreciative.

Angela L. Minneapolis

Winnie and I are enjoying your classes so much and definately want to continue on with more classes. I am seeing such a difference in her behavior and we have so much fun practicing together!!  You're a great instructor... I'm glad we found you!

-Karmen M. Minneapolis

You have worked magic! I have not been bitten once since you have
been here. She has the door answering routine down as well. Thanks for the help!"
- Maureen N. Shoreview

I just wanted to let you know that I think that you do a fantastic job and I have really enjoyed the classes. Thanks."

-Leah C. (and Legend), Minneapolis

Maureen, your attention to Cyri is much appreciated. She just keeps becoming a better dog week by week. Your enthusiasm is infectious - I think, perhaps, you were a dog yourself in another life."

-David H. St. Paul
I walked Jesse at Como this morning, and he did so well! Your training has given me so much confidence and more importantly: HOPE. I feel like the second time, it finally sunk in. THANK YOU!!
Also, I just signed us up for a Dog-to-Dog class! Was really hoping to see your name on the schedule of upcoming sessions, but didn't. Bummer. :(

Thanks again for being so good at what you do!!!
Rachel A
Thanks for your help, Maureen. The information you have provided us has been worth every penny."

- John H. Falcon Heights
Thanks for the class last night! Mariana and I both thought it was wonderful! I am so impressed WITH WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED !

Even in the car just after class - we were able to use your advice to get Loki out of the driver seat and into another one after he had decided he was going to sleep there/or drive us home! Also - during play biting - your advice worked! He certainly learned that the fun would stop if he bit us too hard. Ignoring him is SO much easier than telling him "no!" He caught on right away - and the play was able to resume once he realized we weren't chew toys!

Puppy ping pong is AMAZING! He now "Comes" when we walk him past a distraction. Can't wait for next week!"

- Suzie H. Minneapolis
Maureen Haggerty has an obvious passion for animals & training. Her enthusiasm is highly motivating for her stidents. Everyone was very eager to do their best. Her compassionate approach to training is highly effective. Her techniques are much more effectiove & enjoyable then the heavy handed alpha approach. I would recommend her to my clients without hestitation."

- Margaret F. DVM, Cottage Grove
We've attended the obedience classes and a class for aggressiveness and they were excellent. All the trainers know dog (and owner) behavior very well. Their training place in Nokomis is really close by.

Barb A
"My dog, Spunky, and I were in Maureen's obedience class I this summer. Spunky, a pom, came into the class without knowing any commands or verbal/nonverbal cues. Within 8 weeks, Spinky could sit, stay, drop it, ,leave it, down, loose leash walk, and come. My family and friends were amazed at the difference!"Maureen uses a "positive reinforcement" approach in working with the dogs and owners. She was a very effective trainer and all of us in the class noticed marked progress in our dogs' behaviors. She gives owners great feedback on working with their pets; provides valuable written matierials between classes; and structures the learning to insure a win-win environment for both the dog and owner. Generous with her time, MArueen remained after class to help owners with special questions. Maureen relates exceptionally well to both people and dogs. It is very evident that she wants both to be successful."

- Mary Ann R. St. Paul
"Maureen - Jake is doing so well, due to your support and advise! He walks on the leash like a gentleman (doesn't even pull for rabbits that run in front of us anymore), barks only once at new folks (just to let us know they're here), and is slowly but surely getting over his separation anxiety (even ate his whole "special treat") in the kennel this afternoon and was not "antsy" a bit when I came to let him out).

This weekend, we had a large (150 people) graduation party at my parent's cabin. He barked at the first few visitors, but then became accustomed to the commotion. He just roamed the yard, watched the yard games, and got lots of attention. He doesn't run away out there - stays in the yard and is getting quite good at "come" and "this way". He didn't even sniff at the food table too closely or beg too much. Of course, folks thought he was "so well behaved" that they all wanted him to sit by them and he got lots of treats. Since then, he has exhibited more independence (lays in a diffferent room than me - gladly took a walk with the neighbor, leaving me at home).

You were right - it just takes awhile to build trust. I think we're almost there...

We can't thank you enough for the advise you gave us. You are quite good at what you do - and I've recommended you to a number of folks. Hopefully they give you a call!

Thank you again..."

Sue J. Bloomington

Thanks, Jordan. Loved our session. Looking forward to next week!

Abbie M.

We have been very happy with your team and the progress Karl has made! He is so good and fun to train, we are really appreciating your guidance :)

Val E.
She really seems to enjoy it! I am looking forward to what she will learn over the next few weeks.

Jennifer G.

There are no words to describe how thankful Dane and I are for what you have accomplished with Junior. Not only have you shown him the ropes of how to be a good little guy, but you taught him how to trust and the thought of that brings me tears. Junior is really going to miss seeing you, and I know the feeling is mutual.

We will be in touch!"

Nicole, Dane, & Junior

Canine Coach is a great company with many locations, group classes, private training and much more. My husband and I have worked with Jenny for private training and group classes, for both of our dogs, and she is great! She is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and very personable and professional. I HIGHLY recommend Canine Coach and Jenny for dog training and behavioral issues.

Bonita Q
Thank you SOOOOO much for making me feel more comfortable with my pup! Your approach is so much more kind and relaxed.

Colleen K.
I think he's doing amazing. It's so nice to be able to take him for a walk without him pulling my arm off. ... we know the proper steps to take when we do come in contact with another pup.

Thank you so much for your education. Charlie is a completely different dog when on the leash now.

Carrie R.
Everything is going great so far!! We are already seeing excellent results are excited to see Winston’s continued progress!

Jess G.
It is fantastic! Tillie is learning a lot, plus I am too. The Trainers and staff are outstanding.

Have a great day!
Julie H.
I have gone through puppy kindergarten, level I, level II, loose leash walking, and CGC courses all within the past 8 months with my one year old German Shepherd and will be starting agility for fun in a week so I thought it was about time to write a review! This company is AWESOME. I've had three different trainers (Annette, Maureen, and Pauli) and they've all been spectacular at what they do. The trainers know how to tweak instruction to better suit you and your dog individually and also fully understand dog body language so thankfully none were put off by my very talkative, but very friendly GSD. I would recommend Canine Coach 100x over!

Samantha B.
“Maureen’s extensive knowledge of aggression and a sensible course of action has made the difference between panic and reason in our household. She has a clear diagnosis for problems and solutions that work and are positive in method. My fear aggressive Doberman Pincher has been too much for other trainers I have worked with; Maureen not only stepped up to the plate to take on this situation, but set the bar in working with and living with an aggressive dog. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any type of dog and any type of behavior problem.”

Elaine B. Evergreen, Colorado
To let you know how much the techniques you have taught us in gaining Fozzy's trust and helping with his behavior problems have helped, Jon and Fozzy spent about 5 hours in a photographer's studio this weekend (totally new environment), where he had free range over the entire floor of the warehouse building and was accosted by 2 kids, including one that surprised him from behind. He did not growl or snap and was very well behaved all day, staying close and coming when called. Just thought you might want to hear a happy story instead of a problem!"

Emily S. Minneapolis

Thank you for letting me observe your class last Saturday. I like how each student was encouraged to work at the level where they would best achieve success, how you used the space for the reactive/fearful dogs and that you were organized and enthusiastic!"

Laura Jean R. St. Paul
Hi Maureen,I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how great Gobi is doing. He is wonderful with the basic commands: “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, “shake”, etc. He and I are best pals now, and he listens to me very well. Dennis and I can’t believe how far he has come since the days prior to your visits!"

Alison M. Minneapolis
Hi Jordan!

I've attached a video of not one, but two of your past pupils playing together. We brought Libby (yellow lab) to the "doggie aggression" classes this past winter--and I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress she's made! This weekend was the first time she's actually played with another dog...so we were pretty excited. The other dog in the video is Marley (Corgie, Aus shepherd mix) who took a puppy class with you. Libby & Marley definitely had to build a relationship first, but they get along wonderful now :)

Thanks again for all your help/teaching! We've definitely put it to use and it has ?paid off :)

Mary & Anthony? B.
The clicker is amazing, really. The training is super. See you on Saturday. Many thanks,"
- Lynette N. St. Paul
Blair, I just wanted to send you these pictures of Gemma and her new friend Oke. They originally met back in March when Gemma had started the aggressive dog class with you and the meeting was not the greatest. But look at them now! Thank you so much for for being the awesome trainer you are, we will definitely be taking some more classes there!

Jamie L
Hi Jordan,
Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help! Roscoe and I really enjoyed class and will continue to work on obedience. Roscoe was excited to "graduate" from level one! :)

Thanks again!
Jessie O
I just wanted to write to thank you for working with our lab Ruby in February and March and let you know what a difference your training has made. I don't know if you remember, but we were struggling with walking behavior and with some aggression when encountering people and dogs. We had planned to schedule some private lessons to work on the problem after boot camp concluded, but it ended up not being necessary as we started to see dramatic improvement within a week or so as we used your advice about giving her space and rewarding "encounters" to create a positive association. For the last month, I have been able to get her out for a daily 4-5 mile walk --with or without our infant daughter in a stroller -- and it has been a godsend. She walks calmly right next to us 95% of the time, doesn't lunge or react to most other dogs, and on the occasions when we walk past another dog who is jumping or barking at her has actually started putting herself into a sit/stay until the dog has passed. What a world of difference from where we began!

I'm so happy to finally be able to give Ruby the exercise-mental and physical- that she needs and deserves and to be able to actually enjoy doing it with her. Thank you so much.

Best wishes,
Ellie, John & Ruby
Lauren was a miracle worker in getting both Daisy and Wiley to heel perfectly on walks within an hour. It's like she waved a magical want. Today we worked on decreasing Wiley's anxiety in the car and increasing Daisy's recall ability. I have no doubt they'll be stars in those new skills soon as well.

Lee R.

I wanted to personally thank you for the good advice you gave out. Bruno is now a happy well adjusted bulldog and his new family; Max(corgi) and Nakita(retriever) are very fond of him. He still tries to push the envelope but we have a NO tolerance policy and he has quickly learned bad behavior equals time out. My hubby and daughters have bonded with him now as well, but he's still a mama's boy. We are forever greatful for the help you provided and wish you great success in your business! Your clients are lucky to have you!!!!!!!!!!"


Yvonne B.

Training is going really well. Cameo is really great at answering my questions and working with Charlie. I see changes not only in the different obediences but in his overall listening.

We have had a GREAT experience with boot camp. Zoey loves going and I can see the difference in her behavior. Our coach, Cameo, has been extremely helpful in teaching me the skills I need. It really has been a wonderful experience – I’m sad for it to be over!!

Kelly K