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Boot Camp Testimonials

I wanted to take the time to say a huge THANK YOU for the difference you have made in our family. Before attending boot camp, the humans in our "family pack" lacked consistency and providing the correct commands, follow through, and motivation that Ruger needed to be successful. I am happy to report that as a direct result of your training , he now knows what we expect of him, consistently delivers, and seems to be "proud" of himself at the same time!

Ruger BEFORE boot camp:
  • extremely excitable
  • inconsistent with sit, down, stay, come
  • jumped on company
  • pulled (sometimes dragged me) when walking on a leash
  • had to be gated in the kitchen when our 3yr old son was playing with his toys
Ruger AFTER boot camp:
  • more controllable when company comes- will calm down and wait to be greeted
  • consistent to deliver sits, downs, stays and so much better with "come" though I need to be better at practicing that one with him.
  • Will "leave it" when our 3yr old is playing with toys and even with food that our son carries around at Ruger' face level
  • Great at "going to bed/mat" and staying there until we release him and therefore he no longer needs to be gated in the kitchen- yay!
  • A joy to walk with on leash- stays right at my side and doesn't pull, even when joggers/bikers go by.
We have benefited so much from your program and look forward to returning next month for the 2 week outdoor proofing to continue our journey to help Ruger become a well-rounded pup.

He will be so excited to see you both again!

Thank you! Tami, Jeremy, Riley and Ruger

This whole experience has been amazing! Kirsten is warm and gentle and SO informative. We are so grateful we found your service. Thank you SO much!!
Mali W.
[Additional follow up from Penny's Mom, Allison]

Canine Coach,

Penny just completed her four week boot camp and I just wanted to take some time to say thank you. I was beyond impressed with the quality program you run, the customer service you provide, and the trainers you've hired to work with our dogs.

As a new rescue dog, Penny was incredibly shy before starting boot camp. She was easily startled, timid around other dogs and weary in approaching new people. We had no prior training before boot camp and I can proudly say Penny now demonstrates all ten behaviors reliably. She's a different dog! I voiced my original concerns in late February and was talking to Cele on the phone the next day. This excellent customer service was constant during our time working with Canine Coach - from being greeted with a smile during daily morning drop off's to email check in's from Jess and Carly - and was especially prominent during evening pick up times with Alex.

The consistency and routine in training provided by the boot camp program gave Penny a sense of normalcy in a situation that could be pretty scary for shy dogs. Penny immediately warmed up to her trainers and especially attached to Alex's calm demeanor and style of training. I can't say enough kind words about Alex.

Alex, thank you for being so patient with my dumb questions and for taking the time to explain why we train our dogs the way we do. You gave me insight on the way a dog thinks which really helped Penny and I form a closer bond and take our in-home training to the next level. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're a great trainer and I�m so happy to have been able to work with you this past month.

I will continue singing praises for The Canine Coach and recommend you to all dog owners I know. We will be back for some fun classes in the fall! Enjoy the new group of boot camp dogs, see you around!

Allison K. and Penny
To the outstanding team at Canine Coach,
Thank you very much for all you hard work and patience with our dog Alice. We signed up for boot camp hoping she would become a better, more well behaved dog and she has! Not only that, be we have become much better owners to her.

Thank you for all you help!
Geoff and Laura S
[Boot camp] is very good! I noticed an improvement in Sooner when I walked her over the weekend. I think I need a bit more training on walking on a leash than she does. Brandon is a great trainer. I rely on him for excellent advice.
Ginny H
Well, Boot Camp is fantastic! I'm already excited about the "oh-so-scary" hurdles Thomas has jumped over in just a few days--metaphorically and literally. Coach Jake is such a great fit for his personality and needs. I've never seen another human being Thomas has allowed to come near him, let alone pet him. It brought tears to my eyes. I carry a lot of emotion and guilt that come with handling a reactive/fearful dog, but Jake is being very supportive and positive with his recommendations and coaching style. I am already starting to feel more assured that I can gain my dog's trust and learn to be a more confident leader. Coach Jake and Canine Coach are saving lives and giving hope.

Thanks for all you do!
Briehn M.
Boot Camp is going very well! I'm really happy and seeing results already. Glad we enrolled our dog, Ogie, in Boot Camp. Ogie likes it too!
Joleen S
Thanks for checking in. Lincoln is loving boot camp and it's been so amazing to see the progress he has made in just a week and a half. Lincoln came into the program with some anxiety issues to work through, which I know is not normally dealt with head-on as part of the boot camp program, but Jake has really gone WAY above and beyond in adapting Lincoln's training and teaching us how to help him overcome his anxiety and fears. I have been so impressed and amazed at the working relationship he's been able to develop with Lincoln. I'm looking forward to seeing what else he learns in the next couple of weeks!

Bri F.
Boot camp is going well! I'm amazed by the progress Murphy has made with Brandon so far and how some of the skills are showing up at home. Murphy can be fearful at first, like on the first day, but has quickly come to enjoy going. I appreciate Brandon's calmness with Murphy and the explanation/demos of the exercises have been easy to understand so far.
Some of the skills he is learning have also been a helpful complement with a recent in-home training session with Lauren, which was also very helpful. I wish I would have done Camp sooner, but no time like the present.
He's got some more work to do, but I'm feeling more confident in what he is capable of. Thanks for the support!

Katie S
My dog Prince Tomi Feather was in your boot camp last spring. He has come a long way since then. On Sept 19 he earned his CGC and on Oct 19 he became a Per Partners registered Therapy dog and is starting his career next week thru North Star Therapy Animals. We also graduated from Rally O foundations last week and I hope he can do some trials - he seems to enjoy it.
Thanks so much for the great foundation you laid with him in Boot Camp! It was the perfect kick start we both needed. I hope to take future classes at K9 Coach, just haven't found anything that fits our schedule yet.

Thanks again!
Jerry V
Hi there! Wanted to say thank you for the great experience with training for Max the past two weeks.

Clint F
We've had a great experience with you guys and want to thank Kirsten for doing such an awesome job with Wilma!

Thanks again,
Harlan J
Everything is going great. Cameo is doing a great job and I can already see results in certain behaviors with Skeeter! Hooray!!!!

I am terrible with names although I want to express how happy I am with the morning and afternoon staff; always greeted with a smile, info, etc. no matter how busy they are.

Have a great day!
Things are going really well! It's amazing how quickly Juno has picked up on things - she is very proud of herself. ? All in all, a great experience so far.

Heather S
We have been having a great experience so far. Kirsten is great at explaining how to complete Nala's homework and I appreciate the facility being flexible with her kennel aversion.

I have had dogs for 20 years and never did I think that a 6 month old pup could accomplish and learn what Henry has in the 4 weeks you have been working with him. Not only are you excellent trainers but exceptional people as well. We look forward to dropping Henry off at "school" and picking him up each day to see what he has learned and to see you!

You will be missed but we will stay in touch! Thank you!

Kristen R.


Pooches gracias!

Thank you for your great coaching - both canine and human! It has been a treat to work with you.

Dale, Joan and Izzi F.
The first week has been great. I'm really happy with the progress I'm seeing, and I'm really excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for J.R. Thanks so much for checking in.

Anthony S
We are deeply grateful to all of you, thankful for your help and dedication. The difference in Froggie is remarkable. He's still got spirit, that's for sure, but we now have the tools to work with him, reinforce training methods, and knowledge of how to calm him down.

All of your hard work is impressive and so appreciated! We look forward to future home training visits, and continued success.

Thanks so much,

Nicole and Stephen, Froggie too :)

PS: we also posted on Yelp, shared on Facebook, and continue to pass the word to everyone we know!

[Froggie completed the 6 Week Advanced Behavior Modification Boot Camp Program]

[Jess] was very calm and good at explaining the training (she would give the rationale as to why we were going to something).

You could really tell [Jess] loves what she does. Helga really responded will to Jess.

Brandon was amazing with Lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think Lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Brandon was knowledgeable, approachable, warm, and friendly.

He was able to relate the training to real life situations. He was really patient and learns what works best for each dog!

Boot Camp is going great! Alfie absolutely loves it and is learning so much. Brandon is an awesome trainer, and the rest of the staff have also been excellent. Its such a fun place to be - Alfie and I both enjoy it!

Boot Camp is great, Stewie is learning tons from Brandon!

We are extremely happy with Brandon and our Puppy Boot Camp experience.

When Emmy was struggling, he was so creative! He used all kinds of different methods and incentives that worked for her when treats didn't. He took the time to answer our questions thoroughly and never rushed us. He looked after her in group play time. He not only taught us how to reinforce the training, but explained the psychology behind the training so clearly that we could problem solve at home.

It was so helpful when Brandon modeled how to manage Remy's reactive behaviors, instead of just describing the steps. Brandon was very knowledgeable, warm, and patient. He was consistently able to help us troubleshoot problem behaviors and we could tell that he really cared about Remy. Such a great experience!

Very personable. Answered all questions and I have a lot! I loved that Sazzy was excited to go to camp.

Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

[Brandon] was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

The training seems to be going really well and Friday continues to open up more and learn more tricks. Love the trainers and the facility and all of the support team that needs to set the door every day. we look forward to continuing her training with you guys in the future.

Kelly O
Jess is great at teaching me how to build upon the amazing training she gave to my dog!

[Jess] was willing to talk through any issue that we were dealing with and giving us great tips for the real world.

Ollies training is going very well ! She loves to go there every morning.
Jess is a great trainer :)

Lael O
Absolutely love the Canine Coach! I took my puppy there for the boot camp and he has learned so much over the 4 weeks. The trainers are great and they meet with you every day when you pick up your pup. I will be signing him up for more classes!

Sam L.
Our trainer was AMAZING and quickly built a relationship with J�ger. Each time we'd come to pick him up we were shocked at how much they had accomplished in one day. Our trainer was able to clearly communicate the lessons to us so we could continue to build upon the skills at home. We are now able to go on walks without pulling, which was impossible before Boot Camp. Our friends were even surprised at the transformation the last time they came to visit - they joked that we must have switched dogs. Overall, I just wanted to send a big thank you to Canine Coach! We look forward to continuing new lessons with Canine Coach once Spring arrives.


Joe, Chantelle & J�ger M.

Wow. So far our experience with Kevin in the am, Alex in the pm, and Jeff who a while back came to our house has been excellent.

Bo is doing great and your trainers are doing a GREAT job of training me and giving me ideas to handle my sticky points. It is really appreciated because Bo is a big dog. Bigger than we expected and knowing how to handle him gently is really rewarding.

Thanks, Mary
Reggie and I have both really enjoyed the experience :) He seems to love going there and he's always tired when he comes home, so I love that!

Amy Jo P.
Thank you for all your guidance, teaching and training of Charlie. Our home has changed with all the new learning. It's more joyful for everyone, especially Charlie.

Liz G.
Things are going well. In fact, we were out of town this weekend, and the lady at the boarding facility where Gus stayed said he was the most well behaved Doodle that goes there. She even said he was a good listener!

Carrie D.
Boot camp is going great.exhausted dogs when I pick them up, and excited to get out of the car and in the door each morning. Couldnt be better!

Sharron T
I think its going great! The pups rush to get in your door each morning, and are asleep in the van on the way home :)
For me, the greatest gift has been having McDuff learn to walk with a loose leash. I am so happy with everything they have been learning, and its made it so much easier for me to continue to practice with them at home.
Ive always been so happy with any of the classes Ive taken at Canine Coach, going back many years with different dogs, but this has been the absolute best!

--Sharron T.
I am very grateful for the training! Molly and I still have work to do (mostly me if I'm honest) but she no longer pulls hard and abruptly when on leash which was one of my primary goals. She's a sweetheart and has received many compliments on her good behavior!

Thank you!
Helen L
[Sent during the 4 Week Boot Camp Program]
Things are going quite well!

I so appreciate the lovely way in which Cele and Lynn are working with Gracie, especially because she can be a very bouncy, curious girl.

Thank you so much!
Maureen G.

[Sent after completion of the program]
Hi Lynn hope you are having fun. Just want you to know that I received 2 compliments today on how well behaved Gracie is--at daycare they were in awe of how well she walks on leash! So thank you to you and Cele for working with Gracie! And tonight she snuck out and came right back when called--Woo-hoo! She still is quite the thief tho :)

Take care
Maureen G.
Everything has been great - we've noticed tremendous change (for the better!) in Wally.

Andrew C.
Socks has been making amazing progress from the Boot Camp. For the past three years I have not been able to bring him in the Petco store or in Vet office without him barking like crazy at dogs and people. He was not able to get ahold of his excitements. The first day he finished the boot camp, I took him to Petco and he actually behaved! Only one day and it was amazing. Also bringing him to vet was peaceful, he sat quietly while waiting for his turn in the waiting room.

With the full week done, his behavior has been great on the walks and ignoring any distractions and continue to walk without any problems. He is following the house rules very wonderfully. I am super glad I enrolled him and with the trainers taking their time to show me how I can work with him outside of camp. I'm looking forward to see what he gets out of this with next three weeks!

Ashley R.

We are LOVING boot camp and the change in Artie! Thank you!

Kjersten J

There are no words to describe how thankful Dane and I are for what you have accomplished with Junior. Not only have you shown him the ropes of how to be a good little guy, but you taught him how to trust and the thought of that brings me tears. Junior is really going to miss seeing you, and I know the feeling is mutual.

We will be in touch!"

Nicole, Dane, & Junior

We are so impressed with Jenny. She has done wonders with Sophie. We couldnt be more pleased. Thank you for checking in.

She is such an awesome trainer!
Keith M
These 4 weeks have gone by so fast and I'm sad to see it end tomorrow - Coach Cele and Lynn have done an AMAZING job with her training. I am so impressed with how well Maddie has soaked it all in and responds to everything she's learned. I'm really going to miss bringing her there every day.

Stacy S.

Thanks for the great care and training you've provided for Alys! Lori, Alys and I will be forever grateful :) We hope to see you soon at future classes.

Alys, Lori and Ryan R.
We are very pleased so far! The improvement in his behavior after one week is already impressive. We are seeing significant improvement in his responsiveness to our commands and controlling his impulsive behaviors. Very excited to see his total improvements in a couple weeks from now!

We already said that any dog we get in the future will go through the class as well. Definitely will recommend to others.

Colin T.

Thanks for checking in! Both Polly and I are loving boot camp so far. Jake has been great and even though she has only had three days with him I can already tell she is listening to me much better. Took her to a friends grilling party last night and everyone was super impressed with how good she did. Can't wait to see how the next three weeks goes!

Kelly D.
Koa loves going to camp every morning and he adores Brandon. I am impressed with how well Brandon has taught Koa to listen. Brandon is very patient and answers any questions any day. He knew my top goal was getting good leash walking and taught that to Koa at the beginning of week 2.
Brandon is a really great trainer. I have probably learned as much or more than Koa. I'm very happy with boot camp and all the staff.

Barbara R.
We are finishing up boot camp today with Cameo. She�s done such a fantastic job with Moki, it�s truly unbelievable. He�s like a whole new and much more controlled dog. She�s great and such an asset to Canine Coach.

Annette S
Hello to All,
Just wanted to let you know what a great experience the Canine Coach is. We are greeted every morning & evening. Morgan can't wait to jump in the van when we say "time for school". Karen is Awesome!!!! Morgan adores her and Karen is a wonderful trainer. She sure understands our very energetic girl and not only does Morgan learn from her, we have learned so much from her. She has given us positive ways & tools to work with Morgan. We all Win!! We are very pleased & Morgan must be happy to understand what we are asking of her. Thank You Karen!!!

Things are going awesome. We love the results and Brandon is great!

Jesse C
Eloise is quite attached to us and was a little shy when we left her for the first couple of days. Don mentioned that she was pretty timid and didn't want to play with the other dogs during play time, so we were thrilled on Friday when Don had a video of her not only playing with a friend, but initiating the play! We have also already seen a difference in the way that Eloise listens better at home and while out on walks. We really appreciate Don's efforts with Eloise, taking the time to answer our questions, and helping us learn the skills necessary to be successful with her training. It's comforting knowing that she is in the hands of trainers who really care about her well being.

We're looking forward to see how far she will come at the end of 4 weeks.

Ashley and Cory C
So far, everything has been great! Don has been really awesome and we're already seeing positive behavior changes.

Thanks for checking in!
Ryan R
Crispin went to work with me this week and was a rock star�everyone was impressed with his new manners. I plan to bring him to my office at least once a week from now on! And increase that incrementally until he can come as often as I want to bring him! Needless to say I am very pleased with his training!"

Cindy B.
We LOVE boot camp! Jake is an amazing trainer and Ruthie is learning so much so quickly! We are very impressed with the program!

Ashley C.
You are a wizard! Thank you for everything you have taught us! Thanks are going to be pretty great at our house from now on.

<3 Bekket, Louise and Derick T
Thanks for checking in! We've been really happy with everything so far - both Cele and Jordan are really great and we feel like Indy's in such good hands. He's definitely made progress in the first week and we're already able to practice/use "go to bed" and "back" at home :) Our trainers have also been helpful in giving advice on other behaviors or issues we're having, which is so valuable to have as a resource.

Angeli W.
Boot camp has been wonderful! It's so great to see all the progress Stella has made!! My husband and I are thinking about enrolling our other dog, Pippa, sometime in the near future.

Thank you so much for your help!
Lauren B

Thank you so much for all the work you have done with Zurich. We have seen such a difference in him.

Thanks again,
Michelle and Joy T.P.
After the first week of boot camp, I have already noticed dramatic changes in Penny�s obedience. Not only are the skills she has learned so far reliable, she is happy to perform them. Penny�s tail starts wagging the second she sees the Canine Coach awning and loves her trainers, Adam and Alex. We�re both looking forward to additional progress and are so happy with the choice to enroll in Boot Camp.

Allison K & Penny
Things are going good! I really like working with Don. I feel comfortable asking him questions without fear of judgment.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Best wishes,
Everything has been awesome. We are really happy with all that Vincent is learning. Brandon has been so sweet and answers all of our questions - Vincent also adores him!

Thanks again,
Mary L
Cora has been doing a good job at home with her obedience training, and Brandon has been a great teacher to both Cora and us two. We look forward to continued results over these last two weeks!

Max and Amy
Her patience with Annie was great, especially regarding walking on a leash.

Andrea S.
All is very well. We love Kirsten and all the staff are wonderful. Have recommended k9 to several dog lovers!

Christie B.
Kirsten clearly has a great rapport with all dogs, and that was clear with Georgia. Every single day Georgia came home, she had a new skill learned. She is the reason we will be signing up for the Obedience Program when Georgia gets older. She is a valuable person to have at Canine Coach!

Andrew R.
I really appreciated how she talked to me, made sure I understood what she was discussing, showed me the technique and had me practice until I really did understand the goals and methods.

Nima D.
Boot Camp training has been great! Kirsten has been awesome to work with and has been very helpful with our questions.

Stephanie E
Winston is having a blast and progressing quite well with Kirsten - shes so great with him.

Thanks so much for offering such great training programs!


Bryan F.
We are loving Boot Camp and our trainer!
Ruby is doing well and it has calmed her down in general! Its been great!

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for all the work you've done the last 4 weeks.

It has been so rewarding watching Albus learn so many new things the last few weeks. He is such an energetic, playful and friendly dog, it can be hard to redirect and reign him at times. This program has given us the tools and commands we need to guide him. Kirsten, you did a great job and I wish I could be there to thank you!

Mariah L.
We love Alex. He has done an amazing job with Riot and Riot really responds quickly to him. Riot really is an amazing dog with just a few quirks!

Mary P.

Boot Camp is going great! Selby seems to love it (and Don) and she is learning so much!

Thanks, Aimee & Ben O
Everything is going great and Karen is wonderful! Thanks.

Denny & Laura L.
Thanks for checking in! Everything is going great and Garth is doing so great. We're eternally grateful for Karen.

Cristina L
I want to say thank you so much for the fantastic training provided to Rudy and I during boot camp. Before boot camp as you know Rudy was a sweet almost 4 year old Tibetan Terrier with "high drive" who was a challenge to take for a walk and definitely had no interest in the word "come". He was the only dog at the cabin who had to be on a tie out as if he was not he headed for the woods and came back in his own good time. As a result of his time with you he is a much calmer dog and a delight to take on walks. Everyone who has seen him since camp comments on much better behaved he is. He is great with company in the house as well as when we visit others, even if there are other dogs present. We have practiced his response to come in some of the parks he visited during boot camp and one time at the cabin with great success. He has come every time. I could not be more pleased with the results of his time at boot camp. Cele, you are great at what you do and I will recommend you to anyone seeking an excellent training experience. Rudy loved boot camp and you and misses heading there everyday. If and when another dog finds his way into my life we will be back to boot camp. Thanks again from Rudy and his very happy mom!


I can't tell you how pleased we are with the training provided by Alex. Zoey has made great strides in just four days. Please thank Sarah, Cele , Kevin and Alex for a great start.

Mike G

We think it's really helping both our dog and the experience around the house. We've learned new ways of speaking with Rafa, new hand signals, and refashioned old ones.

The staff are great. Present. Positive with our dog. More importantly, patient with the dog owners.

Yes, we love it.

Tom T.

I think it�s going really well! Buster seems to be adjusting to the drop offs and comes home appropriately tired. Don has been great, very direct and communicates well. Thanks for checking in!

Rachel H
Tessa loves it!! She jumps out of the car every morning and runs to the door. We're learning a lot and are finding it very beneficial.

Thanks, Julie J.

We have just finished our 3rd week of Boot Camp and are so pleased. I just had to write to you as we just returned from a walk in the park with Max that was an absolute joy. He was walking so nicely by my side that I had to occasionally check to make sure he was still attached to the leash! No pulling or getting ahead....it was fantastic! A beautiful day and a beautiful walk with Max! Doesn't get any better than that!

Thank you so much, Canine Coach! You are doing wonderful things!

Julie D.

Things are going great with Boot Camp! He�s learning a lot and working with him at home has gone well.

Angela C.
My boyfriend and I are quite impressed with the strides Ripley has made so far, thanks to everyone at Boot Camp! We look forward to helping her achieve even greater strides by continuing to incorporate the homework assignments.

Suzy M.
Dear Don,

Thank you sooo much for your care and training of Brody at Boot Camp - he has a solid foundation for obedience, thanks to you! We enjoy him so much more now that we can communicate - you have really made a difference in our lives!

Happy Holidays!
Nicole G.
Hi! Boot camp is going great. I�m really impressed with how much Buddy has already learned!

Ashlee W
It was great meeting you yesterday. I can't thank you enough for the help you gave me and Winston.

I was pretty overwhelmed with his outdoor behavior and quite honestly thought I would never be able to take him anywhere besides our little, quiet neighborhood. I'm actually excited to continue training and see the progress he makes because I know he can do it! It was just a matter of having the right direction/tools and you definitely gave that to us. You explained everything so clearly to me and I understood for the first time what was going on. It was such a relief.


Melissa S.

The first week has been great. Both Howie and I love Cameo. She is fantastic and I feel like he learns so much from her. I also really feel like she loves him, so it makes it that much easier to bring him there every day.
It has been a really great experience for Howie for sure.


Again thank you so much for training our Finn. youve been patient and kind with him. He has learned so much!

Mike K
Thanks for all of your work with Max!

Caroline and Rob Goedken
Thanks again for all you are doing with Monte. We really appreciate it and know that he is in good hands.

Drew and Natalie H

Thank you for all your work in training Izzy! Shes a much better pup at home and I think has really enjoyed boot camp! Our family really appreciates all youve done!

Scott and Carrie S
[Boot Camp is] great. I wish it was longer. Finn is learning so much.

Mimi K
I cant tell you enough how much you have changed our lives! Nix is so much happier being a good girl! We will forever be thankful for you!!!!!

Ana A
[Boot Camp is] great. I wish it was longer. Finn is learning so much.

Mimi K
We couldnt be more pleased with our entire experience with Boot Camp so far! Brandon is knowledgeable, professional, and approachable, our pup is well cared for and clearly learning, the facility is clean and well maintained, and each interaction we have with anyone is positive, informative, and helpful!

We also really appreciate meeting with Brandon on Monday/Friday! So helpful and informative! And I love the homework/worksheet email we received at the end of the week last week!

Thanks for everything you all are doing!
Kana S
Bama just loves it there. You guys are great!

Shawn S
Thank you so much for taking care of Charlie and training him over the last 4 weeks! We have learned so much from you. We appreciate you patience with him and all of his energy - he loves you!

We hope to see you around SLP this summer - Thank you Again!
Love, Rob, Emi and Charlie E
Thank you so much for all that you accomplished with Gertie, she learned a lot. We learned a lot. Looking forward to many years with Good Gertie.

Pat and Cat B.
Boot camp is going great. Ive been very impressed by Paisleys progress.

Thank you!
Abbrielle P
Thank you so much for all of your work with Apollo this month! You are amazing! We can't believe the change in him...he has come so far and listens so well. You were gentle and loving with him and patient and encouraging with us. And you made it fun!

You are knowledgeable and effective. You made a difference in our lives.

Thank you.
Terrie and Carter
Things are going great! On Thursday night, Evee came home and was like a different dog! She's responding well to practice at home, and is being calm enough to actually be an enjoyable companion. :-)

Sara K et al
It is going very well. Kirsten is really good at explaining what she is working on with Oliver, showing me and then giving me detailed �homework.� Thanks again!

Best regards,
Mel S
She loves it there! Jess is doing such a fabulous job, we need to keep up her training but couldnt be happier, Im so glad we picked the boot camp!

Jane H.
Its going great! We love Jess and are learning a lot of helpful things. Cant wait to see how Malo does after the last two weeks!
Its going very well! Eddie loves it. Were working with Jess and she is fantastic. We sent her an email with a couple questions we had and she responded back within an hour and had lengthy feedback. Were very impressive thus far. Thanks for checking in!
Charlie girl is having a great time! And gets SO excited when we are walking up to the door! Which I love to see! Shes learning so much and my family and I are truly enjoying practicing at home and showing off her new skills.

Excited to see what this week brings!

ALSO thank you for having such incredible staff! Everyone has been amazing!

Have a great day!
Robin H
I am really appreciating Kirsten and boot camp. I know I have my own share of "homework" and try to work it in as I can. I appreciate Kirsten's instruction with me, too! She's great.

Initially I thought it was a lot of money - and it is - AND I'm glad we made the decision. It's been very well worth it and I suspect we may come back, as needed.

Thank you!
Jodi N
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into training Molly. We can see a big difference already. Molly really loves her new toy!!

Thanks again,
Dennis & Diane Z
We're really happy - Walter seems to be learning a lot and is happy to be there. Looking forward to our second week.

Kate O
It's working! Nella picked up a dead bird while running with my husband yesterday...she already had it in her mouth before he realized what it was. He said, "Leave it!" & she immediately dropped it! Don is clearly doing a great job with her!

Chantel J
Don, Thank you for all your work with Lucy! It has been a pleasure working with you and the Canine Coach Crew.

Much Appreciated,
Brian S
We are very happy with Boot Camp. I was gone for three days last weekend and noticed a significant difference in Boomer upon my return. And he absolutely loves being there.

Thanks for checking.
Joan V
It's going really well. Karla and the staff have been amazing, and Stanlee seems to be learning fast. We are incredibly happy we invested the money in this class.

Chad S.
Jenny was very calm and confident and Mila responded to that energy in the same manner.

Mindy J.
She took the time to understand both Nellie and myself. Nellie is young, strong and exuberant which is a challenge for me. Jenny gave me strategies for working with these traits and worked with Nellie to practice self control.

Kris N.
Where do I start? Jenny responded to emails, sent me videos of my puppy and honestly, just gave me the reassurance that I needed to feel more confident as a new puppy owner.

Suzy R.
Jenny was very patient and took her time going over the training and showing us how to do each task.

Barb W.
Very friendly and took time to help us learn the training techniques.

Matt S.
She really took the time to learn about pickle and what would be the best way for her to learn.

Tyler L.
Jenny was great, very helpful answering my questions and great ideas for me.

Amy G.
Very impressed with willows boot camp training at St Louis Park location, Kiel was our trainer. Very quickly willow and Kiel had a strong bond. Willow made lots of progress and also has much more confidence. Thank you!!!!!

-Kim K
Thanks for helping Annie and me learn so many great things over the last 4 weeks! I loved picking her up each day and hearing what she did and she loved going to Boot Camp each day! We will work hard on what she's learned and hope to see you in one of your classes soon!

Happy holidays, Annie C
Dear Don,
Thanks so very much for helping Ferby. He�s much calmer now.

Maureen K.
Kirsten has a gift with dogs. Oscar loves her!

[Kiel] made the experience feel personal, for me and our dog. You can tell he cares about his job and dogs.

Kiel was great with Fozzie. We liked that he was able to address our specific concerns about how Fozzie was doing in playgroups and really knew how to motivate our dog to work hard!

Coach Kiel was very approachable and helpful with my questions. We have a smart puppy, but she need redirection. Coach Kiel was very helpful.

Kiel is very good at explaining not only the behavior being worked on, but the thinking behind it too.

Kiel was absolutely wonderful! We cant wait to continue to work with him. He is a great listener and takes his time. Also, Quinn loves him!!

Kiel understood that Indy was fearful of the new environment and new people (especially men) and he used a gentle touch to acclimate Indy. We werent sure if Indy would respond well enough to continue the whole 4 weeks, but by the second week Indy was working really well with Kiel. He also worked with Indy to help get over fear of strangers. And he taught Indy how to socialize and play nice with other dogs. I could tell that Kiel really loves working with dogs and were very pleased with his training.

It is going really well, thanks for checking. Clearly Earl loves it too as he goes flying in the doors in the morning he is so excited.

Have a good weekend!
Katie A
Thanks for checking in with us. Our first week of Boot Camp was great! We noticed so many good things and Annie is really seeming to listen an want to learn. Jake has great follow through and I enjoy the daily recap so I know what we need to work on in the evenings.

Doreen C
Just a quick note to give you an update on Max & Maggie since Bootcamp this spring. They are doing great! They've responded pretty well from their bootcamp training and are so much more manageable now that they understand basic commands.

Max has just started agility classes at the St. Louis Park K9C and is doing so well. I look forward to building our own agility course this summer so we can practice more often and introduce Maggie to it as well.

Thank you again for all your hard work to train M&M. Our household is much happier since their Bootcamp experience!

Thank you,
Julie & Shawn W, Max & Maggie
Everything is going great so far. Ace LOVES going everyday and having a schedule. I�m surprised at how well he listens to us at home- he does what he�s told. Thank you for everything so far!

Thanks for the email- we had a fabulous weekend with Gus and his new tricks!! (Name, sit and down- and getting a little better with the crate!) I even expanded his repertoire and added "Kisses"! :) He loves Jake and we do too...would recommend this program to anyone already- and we still have this week!!

Krissy S.
Thank you so much for everything you did with P.Nut last month. You fundamentally changed the way he (and we) behave and we will be forever grateful!

Best of luck with your future endeavors, Take care,

Ian, Jenny and P. Nut
We love boot camp almost as much as Wrigley does! He is awake every morning waiting to go. I am impressed with Jake and everyone we have met there. And we can tell Wrigley is learning.

Thanks for checking in!
Sabrina (dog) and I have completed Obedience 1 and 2 with Jake. I know I�m repeating others but Canine Coach has one very dedicated, passionate trainer. Jake took the time to listen and respond to questions and showed patience with my willful and independent girl! We would not have come where we are now as a owner/pet team without his help and training. He delivers consistently and compassionately.

Susan K
Thank you so very much for the amazing care and training for Brita. You have a great gift, thanks for sharing it.

Karen W.
Hi! Everything is going really well! We�ve enjoyed our sessions with Don and Gatsby is doing well when we practice at home. I think he�s having fun at boot camp.

Kelly W
I am very happy with our trainer Alex and Sadie's first week at boot camp. Alex seems very genuine and skilled. Sadie is so excited to work with him:)

Lisa V.
Boot camp is FABULOUS! I love both Cele and Lynn. What an awesome team!

Abby K
We�re very impressed with Alex. He�s made amazing progress with Bandit in just 4 days. And we appreciate the time and information he shares with us at the end of each day at pick-up. She seems to be adjusting quite well to him and the overall program, which is great.

Looking forward to seeing what the next 3 weeks bring!

Sheila M.
We worked with Coach Kyle 3 times and Coach Jess once. They were both very good, friendly and informative.

Donald S.
Jake rocks! He has helped train both of our dogs, with great results. He is amazing with both dogs and humans. I can't imagine a better experience!

Joan B
We�ve had a great experience! Cameo has been really responsive and helpful.

We�re working with Ruby this weekend on our homework and we know she�s looking forward to being back on Monday with her new friends!

Mallory M
I am very happy with boot camp. Don is very attuned to Avi's personality and her need to build confidence in varied settings. He's adapted the plan to incorporate her learning needs. This has been a great first week.

Thanks for inquiring!

Christine C.
Things are going great. We've noticed that Luca is more confident, which we were hoping for (he has some separation anxiety) and he's learning to stay away from us, which helps with that as well. And, he loves going there!

-Rebecca R
With week one complete and we are noticing nice progress already and looking forward to the weeks to come. I really like working with Lynn when I pick up Ruger in the evenings, she does a great job of answering questions, explaining homework and giving little tips that have been very helpful.

Tami W
Thanks so much. Everything is going great. Theo loves the classes and Dan and I are learning so much more on how to work with him at home. Alex has told us Theo is being used to show the other dogs what to do since he already knows such much, but the magic Alex and Adam are working is helping us so much more at home.

Susan T.
Yay! I can't thank EVERYONE enough for working with Jackson the last four weeks. His custom program was perfect.

Marcy V.
Thanks for checking in. The first week has gone really well. Conrad is clearly getting lots of good training, and we have appreciated the time with the trainers at the end of the day and the homework to help the lessons stick. Keep up the good work!

Jesse G.
She really took time to understand Batman's personality and studied his behaviors to try to understand what drove them -in order to make changes.

Deb H.
She understands that all breeds, and dogs specifically, are different. She took the time to understand Xena, and her proclivities to be a loaner and aloof.

Joe C.
We liked her low-key personality. She was structured and firm with Kenai when he needed that, but calm and friendly with us (not ra-ra and high-strung). She consistently answered all of our questions, but didnt talk nonstop. She gave us some great ideas about how to translate what he learned to the home environment. :-)

Sally H.
She was very calm and good at explaining the training (she would give the rationale as to why we were going to something).

Nancy W.
Yes, she is very calm, easy going and I am sure it really helped Ziggy stay focussed and attentive.

John N.
She was willing to talk through any issue that we were dealing with and giving us great tips for the real world.

Jamie C.
Jess is great at teaching me how to build upon the amazing training she gave to my dog!

Helen L.
Jess was very positive and certainly picked up on Samantha's joyful nature. Jess had good practical suggestions for working with Samantha.

Jotham B.
Jess is wonderful! Shes very patient and clearly explains everything shes doing.

Christian C.
She was awesome! Birch is a hard pup to teach. The fact that she understood some of his traits was very reassuring.

Nate S.
Everything�s going really well with Boot Camp so far, thanks for checking! We are starting to see changes at home so that is exciting. Don is very thorough and we appreciate that.

Thanks, again
Stephanie and Tom B
Hello! So far it's been going great. I love how intently she listens to the instructors by the end of each day - she is clearly working very hard at school :)

Sarah P.
I felt Coach Sadie was genuinely interested in Koa and his success not only with Boot Camp behaviors but also his current struggles with nail trim and unexpected jumping/ impulse control. She understood his desire to tug and helped me understand it better. She was kind and compassionate throughout the visit......and she was following up from long ago visit from Coach Courtney, who was also excellent with Koa. Both of these coaches following up in home from coach Brandon's fabulous work with Koa at Boot Camp. As I prepared for this recent visit with Coach Sadie I was surprised and pleased to realize the Koa has nearly achieved all the Boot Camp end goals......which in February at the first home visit I was not sure some of these would be achievable. I cannot tell you how happy I am especially with the current state of leash walking. It's amazing. Koa gets compliments from the neighbors and I feel confident I will be able to continue walking him through two months of recovery from ankle surgery with a walking cast followed by a boot. I'm also confident that while I'm stuck with crutches for two weeks immediately following surgery that Koa will walk nicely with the neighbors who have offered to help, In January I was despairing of teaching Koa to walk nicely on leash. Thanks to Boot Camp, Koa is truly a pleasure to live with. I feel truly fortunate that Koa had the opportunity to be in Boot Camp when he was, before COVID19 and for your kindness and compassion rescheduling his second follow up appointment so many times without complaint. Because of COVID, Koa and I might not have managed to train through level 2 and honestly Boot Camp did exactly what was advertised.....Koa was trained faster and better than had I done it in classes (as I did train my previous rescue dogs). Yes I've worked a loT with .koa following up at home, but the foundation came from Coach Brandon and the at home support was truly helpful to us.

Thank you again.
We hope to be back eventually and learn to be a Canine Good citizen when that becomes possible.
Barbara R
Thank you so much for helping Cooper be the best puppy he can be. He loved coming in to see you and all his friends at school. Not only is he the cutest little guy out there, he now has manners to go with it, thanks for making him quite the gentleman!
Thank You!

Dan, Jos and Cooper
We're very happy with Tater's Boot Camp experience so far. Alyssa is great and we're always amazed at Tater's learning when we have our in person sessions. He's doing well at home too - never as good as with Alyssa, but he's getting there. He goes happily everyday which gives us great peace of mind that he's being loved as well as taught.

Looking forward to more progress this week-
Cath and Mike P
It's been amazing so far! We are super impressed with the progress Mabel has made and the trainers have been sooo helpful. It's been wonderful!

John B
Oscar's training is going well.Alyssa has been great to work with and she's been giving me some good strategies to help train a rambunctious six month puppy!
Dana M
Zoey has been having a blast at boot camp I know she misses it on the weekends haha. Its so fun to see how excited she is to get there in the morning. The first few days she definitely was reluctant and scared to go in as she can be pretty shy/nervous. And now she cries the whole way there and runs past me to get to the door so that makes me feel really good.
Hannah B
Boot camp is going well! Thank you for taking such good care of Shadow! Shadow and I both love Cameo! She is amazing!

Barb S
Everything is going great. We are really happy working with Cameo. She is teaching us how to use the commands we had already been working on with Onyx in a way more effective way, and it is showing each day more and more.

Joe R
Have a cup of coffee on Ebony for your excellent care of Ebony. She is so delighted to come for training due to your great skills.

Thanks Again
The first week seems to have gone well! She appears to be catching on rather quickly.

Brian R.

Thank you so much for making Boot Camp such a great experience. You went beyond my expectations and Sampson got so much more out of this than I ever thought possible. He was so happy to go to boot camp everyday. He�s going to miss you! Thanks again for helping to make Sampson a better listener, calmer, more controllable dog!

Jane R.
The Boot Camp has been a first class experience thus far. It is a privilege to have Jenny work with Murphy and with us - to learn from her the essential canine parenting tools that we should have and consistently apply. Murphy is a highly energetic dog and we are on a "journey", but we love him dearly. Jenny is very persistent and patient with Murphy. Jenny also demonstrates great time management as she integrates the basic program core but is also addressing Murphy's issues as we raise them (and there are several!). We can see that Jenny cares about Murphy in the way she communicates and works with him. With Jenny's guidance both Murphy and we should have a better life together in the future - as long as we stick to the program both during Boot Camp and afterward :). The facility is very neat, clean and organized. Chad has also been helpful with a couple tips for Murphy's handoff in the mornings. All the team members are knowledgeable, professional and very friendly!

Thank you for checking in.

Deanna and Gary C.
We have had a GREAT experience with boot camp. Zoey loves going and I can see the difference in her behavior. Our coach, Cameo, has been extremely helpful in teaching me the skills I need. It really has been a wonderful experience � I�m sad for it to be over!!

Kelly K
Training is going really well. Cameo is really great at answering my questions and working with Charlie. I see changes not only in the different obediences but in his overall listening.

Boot Camp has been going very well. Jess has been wonderful - clearly shows me what to do and answers all my questions. Riley LOVES going to school. She can barely contain herself in the morning.

-Sandra M
We�ve enjoyed the experience, Henry is a better trained dog because of it, and please say HI to Kiel for us � Henry misses him! :)

Michael R
Thanks for checking in. It�s been going great! Kirsten is so sweet and really wonderful with Oakley. We are learning a lot! :)

Katelyn M
Boot camp is going great! Kona is learning a lot and loves playing with the other dogs in class.

Sean D
We�ve had a great experience with training so far. Clayton seems to love his trainers, and comes back home every day with improved listening and is extra exhausted!

Thanks for reaching out!
Bree L
Thank you! I have been so happy and impressed with Rebels progress during boot camp so far. Jess has been fantastic, and I feel like I have the support and tools I need to work with Rebel at home. You guys are great!

Katie S
Odin LOVES Canine Coach. He is so eager to go every day, and really enjoys working with Brandon. It has been a great experience for both of us. Wish I could give more than 5 stars. They exceeded my expectations. Everyone loves dogs, understands how dogs learn. Training was superb. My dog was eager to go every day. Lots of fun activities and dog sport opportunities in addition to training.

Hilda M
Thanks so much for checking in. It seems like Boot Camp is really helping Heidi and we are really enjoying all the training from Kirsten. We are seeing a real difference in Heidis behavior.

Amy Todd
Things are going great with training. We think Murphy has made progress already since starting last week!

Amy M
[Boot camp] is going great! Sooner loves going and seeing her friends there, and she has learned a lot! We really like Brandon and think he has made great strides with her, and with us. We are finally getting trained too. She has calmed down, and has a sense of discipline she didn�t have before. Of course, some of it may be that she is just tired after a long day of training and playing, but I think it has made a big change in her demeanor.

We will recommend K9Coach to everyone we know who has dog behavior issues.

Ginny H
Boot camp is going really well so far for both dogs. They both seem to enjoy their time there and they appear to be learning a lot. The homework we get we practice with the dogs each night. They really are becoming much more well behaved dogs. We are very happy!

Thank You
Sam G
Don - thank you so much for training my humans. I will miss coming to class every day, but I�m sure my mom will find other ways to keep me busy. Thanks for all the lessons and treats!

-Henry (& Hannah & Jon)
My wife and I are thrilled with Boot Camp! Luther is learning so much, and we're finding ways to utilize all of the new commands Alaina is teaching him. Alaina has been wonderful too. She's very helpful when we're together for our twice-weekly check-ins, and very communicative otherwise. What a great program you have!

Thank you.
Bill H
Everything is going wonderful. Our trainer is absolutely awesome! We are seeing amazing results already! Looking forward to week two! Thanks again.

Ryan S
Chloe�s been going great! We noticed the difference the first day. She�s definitely a lot calmer. Don has been great with going through what she�s learned, and answering any questions I�ve had.

Thanks for checking in!
Stacie L
Wrigley is doing great! Jake made me teary eyed Friday, as of all the terriers we have owned...Wrigley is the most spirited...hyper...distracted that we have ever owned. And she walked outside without pulling and being crazy.

Laura C
Training is going great! I so appreciate the trainers knowledge and love for dogs.

And I want to give a specific word of praise to Alex. He has worked with Sal through boot camp and the advanced boot camp. Sal really responds well to Alex and loves going to training. Also I appreciate Alex's help to give me the skills and confidence I need to continue training Sal. I have a really busy work schedule, so finding boot camp has made all the difference in helping Sal to be a great dog.

Jennifer M.
Boot Camp is going wonderfully! We can see a huge improvement in Gustav in the first week. We are excited to see what the next three weeks bring!

Taylor B
Boot Camp is going great -- I think Charlie is more excited than I am about it, which says a lot.

Julie V
Its going really well! Huck is learning lots and so am I. We both really like Cameo, Huck�s trainer and are practicing at home on evenings and weekends...

Mary and Huck H
Boot camp is going really well. Rufus loves Emily and we're seeing a big difference in all he can do!
Training is going well. We absolutely love Emily and have already seen a huge improvement with our pup, Morgan.
Elizabeth T
Things are going well. We are happy with Stella's progress and Kiel's tips are working out well.

Thanks a lot.
Elle Y
Everything is going well. We saw a change in Blue after just 1 week. Kiel is doing a great job.

- Martin M
Angus update for Adam Stell...we have been cruising around Lake Harriet most mornings (who would have thought) He has made some new dog friends and ironically a couple people friends, one who wants me to go out of town so he can dog sit for me! Thanks so much for all you did. Guess I will take that free dog sign off his back now (hahaha)

Jennifer H.
Don! I just have to tell you we took Pippa for a walk this morning and used the Back instruction just a couple of times and she walked the ENTIRE time by our sides with absolutely NO pulling!! She�s like a totally different dog!! We are amazed with how far she has come in 2 weeks - you are a miracle worker!!

Jessy C
Hi Jordan Hope you enjoyed a great weekend. Can�t believe Riley is in her last week at BC. Her progress has been amazing. I walked her both days this weekend and was so impressed with her listening and leash manners. So excited that this is OUR dog! :)

Kay and Mike E.
We are very pleased with Adam and the expertise at Canine Coach. Mac seems to be taking to the training well and we have no concerns other than the usual puppy antics. :-) I sincerely appreciate Adam's demeanor with Mac and taking the time to explain different things to me as well as answer my questions at the end of the day. I look forward to seeing Mac's progress along the way!

Thank you, Amy H
Huey comes home happy and tuckered out so that�s always a good thing considering he�s still a puppy. We think we�re making some good progress towards some basic commands as well as better manners when it comes to other dogs. Thanks again for checking in!

Talicia H and Jon S
Things went really well, last week, and we are looking forward to the coming weeks. He learned a lot every day and we are doing our best to stick to the rules and practice his training at home, too. He certainly is tired at the end of the days :)

Thank you - Monica H
We had a fantastic experience with Boot Camp for George last month. We are kind of sad that it is over! Jake was wonderful, very committed and completely easy to work with. Will definitely highly recommend him to others!

Charlotte F.
Everything is going great so far!! We are already seeing excellent results are excited to see Winston�s continued progress!

Jess G.

[Boot Camp]

He did great! He's learned so much from Boot Camp already and it is fun watching him with his play group.

Michelle A
Brandon has done a good job teaching me what I need to practice with Finn at home, and he has clearly taught Finn a lot during Finn's time at the training facility.

Allyn Z
Leo has had a terrific first week of boot camp! We are very impressed with the trainers and the level of obedience he has demonstrated already. We are seeing results and he certainly seems to be enjoying his days in training.

Greta H.


Thanks so much for all you have done for Leo over the past few weeks! I always knew he was in good hands with you!

Stephanie E.
She was awesome, with Lola and with me. I really enjoyed working with her.

Jenny is so personable, and she made me feel okay about asking any questions. I never felt like she was exasperated with us for not doing more at home : )

You could tell that Jenny really enjoys her job and really loved Charlie!

She clearly enjoyed Doug!

Jenny has a calm but confident demeanor and clearly loves dogs.

Everything seems to be going really well and Jenny has been great!

Thank you,
She clearly clicked with Runa. They had a such a fun bond. Jenny also answered all of Runas Pawrents questions, which there were quite a few.

I felt like she really individualized her approach to Guthries strengths and she figured out very quickly what motivated him and what didnt work.

He is such an excited dog and her teaching approach really taught him to be calm and to listen.

Thank you Jenny for being so great! Diggy is a such a well trained dog now and we couldn't be happier!

They�ve already improved so much! They�ve come home and really been responsive to their names and to commands, I�m so impressed!!

Thank you for your work with the puppies and wishing you a great weekend!
Maura B
The boot camp was great! Jenny is amazing! Looking forward to more training!

Thanks a lot,
Ana S
It's going really well! Very impressed with the progress we are already seeing. Thank you!

Leslie L.
We have been very happy with your team and the progress Karl has made! He is so good and fun to train, we are really appreciating your guidance :)

Val E.
Our first week was wonderful. We're seeing such a huge difference with Hazel already! Don is great and I'm so happy we brought her to boot camp. We're really looking forward to obedience classes following this.

-Lauren K
She really seems to enjoy it! I am looking forward to what she will learn over the next few weeks.

Jennifer G.
It's been very engaging for him, and it's great to see both his progress (and ours), and know that he's well taken care of at boot camp. Jake is letting us know the right behaviors and what we need to work on.

Laura P
Alaina has been great to work with and I see Drew making a lot of progress in his behavior! He LOVES coming to camp everyday and gets so excited when he sees me grab my keys and his leash in the mornings.

Alaina has been really good about explaining things for me and being available for questions, so no questions or concerns for me at this time! I do really appreciate you checking in though, so thank you for the note. ?

Jodi G
We worked on leave it walking over the crackers today. Leave it and stay combos even adding it some go to bed/stay and then walking past crackers on ground when called. He did great. We did stay/recall and throw treats /leave it, he did great. And then he was doing so well I started having him down stay and we put treats about two feet in front of him and we let Idgie eat them. He just stared at me waiting for his great. Then we moved the treats about a foot away and he did the same thing. Then we took Idgie away and I put a treat on his foot as he was in a down stay and I said leave it with my hand in front of his face. He again stared at me until I said release and then he ate the treat from his paw!!!!!! Tabatha and I were cheering and probably woke our kids up! Tabatha took the dogs on a walk together and Mater did great.

Thanks for all of your hard work with him.
Nitara F.
I wanted to tell how incredible Karla was with Morgan. She was always very informative, helpful and loved Morgan. She was very patient with me on how to train him and always encouraging me on how to handle all the issues I had with him. I would recommend Karla to anyone that has a challenging dog.

Thank you,
Stella P.
It is fantastic! Tillie is learning a lot, plus I am too. The Trainers and staff are outstanding.

Have a great day!
Julie H.
I am extremely satisfied with both of Honey's boot camp experiences. I had her in the 4 week boot camp last December and Cele was one of her trainers then so it was nice to have her again. This 2 week outdoor proofing boot camp has been just as wonderful.

I can't say it enough about the trainers and their dedication to the dogs. They both asked if I was at all interested in training Honey as a therapy dog because they feel she would be very good. Thank you to Canine Coach for helping me with my Honey. She is a sweetheart and now she also minds me. :)

Dawn A
Thank you so much for everything you have done with Duke. He has been doing great and runs right with me at the golf course! We really appreciate all you do :)

Julie O.
It's going very well. Our coaches are great and are doing a perfect mix of training and behavior modification to make the program work for Bing and his unique problems/needs. We look forward to the next few weeks and continued training resources with you guys in the future.

Kristen M
Hi! As usual, everything is going GREAT!!!! You guys are the very best! Cameo is awesome!!

Elizabeth E and Skeeter
It's going great. We are impressed with what she's learned so far and look forward to more.

Molly P
We are happy with the training so far! Sandy seems to be learning a lot.

Emilie T.
The first week of bootcamp went very well and we are excited about the results thus far. We are looking forward to the next few weeks.

Thank you,
Nicole D
Don is really good at what he does. I am very happy.

Becky W.
We were very pleased with Jordan and Alex. They did a great job of working with Mulligan and I found Alex to be professional and supportive when I had the 15 minutes with him at the end of the day. We are looking into more classes with Mulligan after we get our daughters back to college. I would recommend your training to anyone.

Brenda C
We really loved the training and results from our Boot Camp experience. The training provided Fiona and us with great tools to get her started on the right track. Alex was a great partner in this and we really appreciate the professionalism and results.

Molly P.
Thank you both so, so much for teaching Truman at Boot Camp - he learned so much and is set to learn even more. Thanks for helping us realize what a high drive and persistent level of focus he has - it really helps us understand him and love him lots!

You are both beyond wonderful. Wow! We love you and Truman woofs you! Deepest thanks!

Tracey, Jim and Truman

We just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work with Gracie during Boot Camp. She has gone from the scared, shy, and confused little dog we adopted to a confident, secure, and well-behaved sweetheart.

She had a wonderful time, and we know she misses seeing you every day. Thanks for everything!

Jennifer and Mark L.

Thank you so much for teaching Maisy the basics.. showing her "the ropes"! Perhaps we'll see you for advanced training or a follow up at our house.

Amy, Mark, Ara, Viv and Maisy
I am very happy with how it is going so far. I can tell Sal is being well taken care of and the trainers are great.


Jennifer M.
Don - Thank you so much for the excellent work you do. We are thankful, you particularly have contributed to Roxy�s world! We all think you�re great.

-Denise, Donnie and Roxy

Izzy is SO GOOD now! Last week, I walked her all over the neighborhood, and we had her off leash at the cabin with no trouble whatsoever over the weekend.

I feel like she�s calmed down and has a sense of the rules. She�s choosing to stick around us instead of bolt and she has shown no inclination to jump over the fence in the backyard.

Amazing what 8 weeks of super-awesome professional training will do for a girl!

Nancy B.

We can't thank you enough for the love, attention, and patience you had with Winnie over the past month. Your expertise is much appreciated and so impressive!

She's a smarty pants thanks to you! You are both all-stars!

I could go on and on.

Thank you!

John, Katy, and Winnie M.

Don, Super thanks! I hope all of us will be better behaved� thanks to you!

Buttons S.
Don is great to work with - and Albert obviously adores him. All good so far!!

Lisa W
Hi Adam!

I wanted to tell you about Rugen and mines EPIC training session at home last night since I won�t be able to pick him up again today.

We worked on �leave it� food temptation while calling him and it WORKED! (and I was using cut up hot dog pieces!!) so, that�s really impressive I think. He is handling his kryptonite MUCH, MUCH BETTER! So way to go!!

We also worked on �back� some more, again with such temptations as a Greenie, and this time he couldn�t enter the kitchen where it was on the floor and I went down stairs and started a load of laundry and when I came back upstairs he was still laying down at the doorway, Greenie intact!! Whoohoo!!

Lastly, we worked on �go to bed�, and it isn�t 100% yet but it�s much better than it was just a couple days ago.

Mixed in with all of this I�ve been giving him �sit�, �down� and �stay� commands all non-verbal only usually, he has come so far working with you!

Hope you have a great weekend. See you next week!
Stephanie R.
Jenny, Thank you so much for all your work with Willow this past month. Its been amazing to see her progress - especially in walking nicely :) Its obvious you and Willow love each other and she will - no doubt - be missing you!

Thank you for training Willow and thank you for training us :)
With gratitude
Shelly and Dan H
We are really enjoying boot camp so far and have started to see some improvements at home. We love Jenny and think that she is doing a great job and is a good fit for Charlie!

Thanks so much!
-Emi E
Our first week was great - Zara has learned so much in the first 5 days and really seems to enjoy her time with Kiel! We can't wait to see what this week brings :)

Thanks again!
[Kirsten was] easy going & took the time to explain everything in 'common' people terms. Her note cards she did every week are very handy & awesome! Able to see that Kirsten truly enjoys her work & enjoys what she does!

Loved how much she liked Frank and all of the new things he learned.

Very good explanation of each skill. Great communication. Very knowledgeable.

[Kirstens] personalization is what Heidi needed.

Really good at talking us through new behaviors so we could easily put things into practice -Tom
Kirsten was easygoing and accommodating with us humans. Mipha learned well from her in such a positive environment.

[Kirstens] so nice and understanding! She was awesome with Stella!

Mac had zero skills and hadn't even worn a collar/leash prior to starting puppy training. We tried some basic training on our own, but were not getting anywhere with it. Kirsten was incredibly patient with our high energy pup, and really got him to respond to her through positive reinforcement. I appreciate how she showed us what he learned and helped us practice before we left. We are amazed how far he came in the two week period and very appreciative all of Kirsten's work!

Just a quick note to express my gratitude to our trainer for all he did with Ruby!! Shes like a like a whole new dog with all that she does now. Our trainer has such an amazing talent to read and connect with the dog - Ruby had such a great connection with. He never hesitated in answering all of our questions and taking the time to go over things a few times for my mom as we were at two different levels regarding training. Thank you again!

Anne B
He took the time with Cheese and allowed her to get to know him without giving up on her right away. He truly went at her pace and found effective ways to train her.

Mikayla E.
Our trainer was the best! Im so glad we ended up with him as our teacher.

Kinda C.
He spoiled my dog and tried to make it the best experience possible.

Amber F.
My trainer took the time to help my very anxious and reactive pup. I cannot say enough good words about our trainer, before bootcamp lady caused me a lot of anxiety due to not being able to even see a dog. I sing his praises to all my friends with dogs, suggesting they request him if they choose bootcamp. Pretty sure my bf thinks I'm cheating on him because i can't stop talking about the magical dog man who helped me oh so very much. give that man a raise, give him a high five, idk, I have nothing but good words for him.

Erika Y.
Our trainer was very flexible in arranging to meet with me for a final review as we were out of town on the regular day. He took the time to show me the training protocols. I learned a lot from his demeanor with Robbie, more in charge than I have been! It works so much better with my pup!

Marilee S.
Super friendly, super knowledgeable, answered our nine million questions and no question was ever answered negatively or like it was stupid, went above and beyond numerous times, took the time to repeat some stuff since my mom and I were at two different levels, wish he could do in home sessions, taught us about the breed.

Anne B.
Very happy with camp - Cannon loves going, and we are seeing very good results so far and practicing at home to continue reinforcement of commands. Think he will miss it when it is done! Has so much fun playing with his friends and enjoys the staff very much. Thanks for checking in!

Nicki H.
She seemed to really like Maddie. They had a nice bond.

Kirsten was so knowledgeable and it was clear that Fozzie loved and respected her. I really appreciated the note cards she gave out. They were handy to keep around the house, rather than having to pull up a GoogleDoc to refresh ourselves on the training exercises.

Great attitude and demeanor. Easy to learn from.

We loved Kirsten. She was approachable, offered great suggestions and responses to our questions and was well paired with Pavlov.

Easy to talk to - I was comfortable asking "stupid" questions!

She was so friendly and approachable.

Kiel -
Thank you for laying a good foundation for training with Kirby! He is already a trophy dog at only 3 months! :) We will definitely be back for the 4 Week Program after the 1st of the year! You were a great trainer!

Thank you again!
Mindy S.
Hi -- our Gordon Setter, Nella just completed the 4 week boot camp with Don and we are so grateful! Don is amazing and did such a fantastic job with Nella! After 2 weeks of boot camp, we had family over for dinner and they commented that Nella was like a completely different dog -- much more obedient and so much calmer! We also had Jenny do an in-home session with us, which was so helpful! It reinforced what Nella was learning at boot camp and helped us get a better handle on how to best work with Nella at home with certain unwanted behaviors!

She was 8 months old when we got her and she started her life in the show ring so when she came to live with us, she had no training background whatsoever. We had originally signed her up for the weekly classes but before the classes started, I was on a walk with Nella and I was near tears because she was pulling the entire time, wasn't listening and basically completely out of control. I knew it wasn't Nella's fault because she had never been taught any different but it was also very frustrating and I knew we couldn't get her to be the type of dog we wanted in the amount of time we wanted by just doing the weekly classes. We have 2 children and are an active family -- we wanted Nella to work with our family sooner rather than later! After that walk, we made the decision to put Nella in the 4 week boot camp! It's not cheap but to have someone lay the foundation of obedience training made all the difference for us. I'm certain the weekly classes are great but for our family and dog, the boot camp was the right decision.

We really can't thank Don enough for all the wonderful work he did with Nella. She has come so far and has learned so much! Don knew exactly what Nella needed and Nella LOVES Don (so do we!)! Don is so great to work with so easy to talk to! Aside from the boot camp with Nella, Don has given us numerous tips and suggestions and all have been beneficial. We are incredibly grateful.

We still have work to do with Nella but she now has the foundation, which makes it MUCH, MUCH easier for us! And we now know how to communicate with her so that we can get the results we want! We plan to continue working hard with her on everything she learned from Don and we can't wait to see where she's at in a year from now!

In the meantime, we look forward to trying out the scent training course, agility and lure! We love The Canine Coach and we will be recommending you every chance we get!

Thanks again!
Chantel, Mike, Charlie & Calla F. & Nella, too! :)
Thank you for your outstanding training of Indie. She has really improved and your handouts are extremely helpful. Good luck to you

- Kent S.
I'm loving it, and so is Bea! She seems to be learning quite a bit. Karen is excellent. I am so glad that we did this.

Gretchen T
Kiel, THank you so much for your help with Ruby! She is doing amazing thanks to you! :)

From, Lindsay O.
Thanks so much for the email and for checking in! Jessie Jo is doing amazing (at least I think so!!!) and I am so grateful for the trainer and staff. They have been extremely accommodating of my insane schedule.

Katie S.
Things are going great! Willow's training is remarkable. We are very pleased. Kiel is able to teach Kim and I the way to properly interact with her so we are on the same page and successful. We are looking forward to the next two weeks.

Thanks, Rick K
Suki loved him.

Judith G.
Brandon was great, you could really tell he spent time with Rory and knew her personality.

Christina R.
He was patient with both me and Charlie. He put a positive spin on things and was very compassionate towards Charlie.

Libby K.
Brandon was amazing with lily. He took notice that she was a little sensitive but also needed a push. I think lily gained a lot more confidence with him. We are so grateful.

Arin F.
He was wonderful. Today was the first day Clementine did not attend as boot camp was over and she was not happy that we did not go to see Brandon and friends.

Tracy R.
He was knowledgeable and approachable. No question seemed to small or silly. He was prepared with great examples for all of our "what about this" questions. Plus, we could tell how much he liked Blue!

Keri B.
Everything that he taught Sophie was doable for her to learn and for us to continue on with the training at home.

Laura H.
Alfie loved going to boot camp everyday and working with Brandon! He learned so much, and I really appreciate how Brandon took the time to answer all of my questions and provide me with suggestions. We just moved into a new place, and Brandon and the Boot Camp Team definitely helped make the transition easier. Thank you!

Meghan G.
Very passionate and knowledgeable. His approach to training is exactly what we were looking for.

Jack M.
He was extremely patient and was willing to answer our many questions. He also took extra care to teach our dog what we wanted most - for him not to jump on people and for him to walk better on a leash.

Anges M.
He made sure to address the specific issues that we were having with Ira and focused on those when he trained her (and us).

Sara K.
He loves "school" and I don't know what he'll do once it's over! Weird to say about a dog, but he's VERY excited to get there every morning. Thanks for checking in!

Karin S.
Hi Don,

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Dusty is doing awesome! Dan and I moved into our new house last week and Dusty handled it like a champ. He is making good impressions with our new neighbors and a few have even said he is very well trained and they wish their dogs were as good as him. He loves having a backyard to run around in. He has even killed three rabbits! We go on a 45 minute walk before work and he does a great job especially when we pass other dogs. He and I have been working on "come" in the backyard and he comes most of the time now. We have a bit to go with it but it is encouraging to see him catch on. Thanks for everything you did for us and for Dusty. He is much easier to work with and we love that we are able to communicate with him!

Thank you again!
Stephanie, Dan, and Dusty A
Everything is going really well with Penny's training. Don has been great to work with.

Looking forward to week 2 :)
Eric S.
Everything is going great! She is becoming such a well behaved dog and the trainers are amazing!

Kelly R
Everything is going great. I am really impressed with Don and how much he has been able to teach my puppy in just 5 days! Just awesome.

Summer S
The first few weeks are going amazing! I can definitely tell a difference in Bear and I can tell that he loves going.

Thank you so much,
Rachael G
I enjoyed the program. I liked that Angus received training from a professional and then each new task was explained and demonstrated to me.

I am positive Angus enjoyed the program. He was excited to get there each morning and came home exhausted each night. I think he was not only physically spent but tired from being mentally challenged.

Alex and Adam were both very friendly and approachable. Adam was very encouraging during our field trips. Jordan also was very encouraging.

I am more than happy with all that Angus learned. We are now able to walk successfully in an urban setting. This weekend we walked past outside diners several times, people passing us on the sidewalk, and even had a successful hallway encounter in my apt building. He no longer reacts to buses passing by and even ignored a loud motorcycle all things that would have him exploding previously.

All the trainers listened to me with issues I was experiencing and offered constructive advice when transferring different behaviors. I think the field trips and outside walking were the most helpful because I was able to see what to do when Angus reacted to different things (pretty much anything including his own shadow on day one). I plan on taking additional classes because it was such a positive experience.

I liked that Adam listen to a situation I would describe in regard to Angus' reactive behavior and try to duplicate it in training so it could be corrected. He has a calm nature that gave me confidence that I can "urbanize" Angus.

Angus and I had been through several different training classes prior to moving to Minneapolis and finding Canine Coach. None worked...some seemed to make his leash aggression worse. One trainer (who claimed to be a leash aggression specialist) told me that Angus needed to be put on Prozac and there was something "wrong" with him. I am so glad I invested the time and money for boot camp...I can walk my dog again! I am signing up for the leash walking classes to keep the momentum going.

Jennifer H.

I want to thank you for your incredible work with Juno! I am so grateful for all the progress she has made - you have changed both of our lives for the better!

Many thanks,

Beth and Juno
Very happy with Don and his coaching! Great teacher for both dog and mom. Looking forward to more changes as the weeks go by!

Cassidy T
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent training Layla and I received at boot camp. I was nervous about spending this kind of money on training for a 4-5 year old rescue dog with lots of bad habits and a dog family with even worse training habits. I am so glad I did, the training both Layla and I received from Cele is priceless!

Layla now walks by my side with out pulling me over as she is trying to chase a squirrel, when she sees something like a squirrel or a bunny, she "leaves it" and just keeps walking! We are able to let her off the leash and actually have her come when she is called!!! This is truly amazing given where she was before boot-camp.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the training. Cele, you are way way better than the dog whisper! Thanks to all of you, this training has dramatically impacted the amount of fun we are now able to have with Layla.

Kathy C., St. Paul
I think the first week went really well. I love that Karen is so willing to work with us to see what we need most for Fergus.

Stacy M
The trainer has taught us a lot of valuable information that we did not know. So far so good. Koira seems to take very well with Jake. Amazing to see someone that can keep her attention.

Valerie K
Alfie and Olive will be finishing up with Boot Camp tomorrow and it has been really great. We are so impressed with the progress they both have made. We really regret not doing it sooner!

Jason B.

Boot camp has been amazing so far. Without the advice from Karen, I would probably still not be getting any sleep. She helped me figure out how to get my little Henry to sleep in his kennel which is absolutely amazing!

Andrea R
The first week has gone very well. Karen is great and is taking things a little slower with Gus. I appreciate that she is modifying the training to meet him where he is at.

Michelle M
Just a quick comment.....Jake is a miracle worker; not only with our puppy Belle; also with owner Steve :o) We will be continuing with Basic Boot Camp in November and continue with all level group classes.

PLEASE pass on to Jake major kudo's; I could write a long letter re: all of his positives!

Have a great weekend!
Steve W.
Karen and the team are doing an outstanding job. I know we are not supposed to over-train Orion, but he almost seems bored at home if we aren�t asking him to do something!

Loved our first week, thanks.
Philip G
I could just take my Kona girl and parade her all around Mendota Heights and wherever else. It is such a joy to walk her now after 2 weeks of training.

Gail W. and Kona

Wow! A million thanks are not enough - your work with Shanoa has gone so far beyond our wildest expectations.� You are truly miracle workers.� We couldn't be happier with the boot camp results.

Chris and Nicky W. & Shanoa, Anoka
Boot Camp is going great! Both Cocoa and I are learning how to be a team...and have fallen deeper in love because of it. Thanks to Cameo

Thanks for checking in
Julia and Cocoa
Can't thank you enough for the time, energy and love you have put into Lexi. It is hard to believe it all happened in just 4 weeks! We feel like we have a new dog. Truly. Lexi is going to miss all her friends at boot camp and so are we! Thank you!

Kristin, Scott, Carter, Cooper and Mylie

Boot camp has already changed Junior in just a week! I am so thrilled! And Jake really is good with Junior. I can't wait to show him what we worked on this weekend! And I'm looking forward to weeks 2-4!!

-Nicolle F
We want to take this moment to say THANK YOU for doing such an AMAZING job with Cooper. The progress he has made over the past month has definitely exceeded our expectations. We know that Cooper is a unique dog, with unique challenges and we so appreciate all your patience and love you gave him during training. We feel so much more confindent that Cooper will now make a great big brother.

You are an amazing trainer wtih an amazing gift! Thank you - Thank you!!

The Donavon's, Minneapolis
Thanks for your email. So far everything is great! The flexibility with the pick-up and drop off times is very helpful. Don has been doing a wonderful job with Buffalo and I am impressed with the results so far!

Thanks, Ryan S.
Everything's going great. Im really happy with Carbons progress so far.

- Austin L
Jenny is doing amazing with Sophie and I appreciate her help and responsiveness! We are trying to practice at home, and I appreciate the homework assignments and write ups. I am seriously so grateful for all the progress Jenny has made with her already!

Jenny has been great and we are very pleased with what Buffy is learning.

Christy W
Camp is going well! Ira seems to be picking up the commands. Brandon has been very good at helping answer all of my questions when we meet up on Mon/Fri and was really accommodating with our schedule last week.

Sara K
Things are going well! Weve been blown away by the progress weve seen in just two weeks. Brandon has been so patient and positive with Sparky AND with us. We (including Sparky) couldnt be more excited for whats to come in the next two weeks of Boot Camp!

Thanks for checking in!
Wanted to let you know that Boot Camp is going great. Jenny our trainer is wonderful! I love the young girl that greets Romeo in the am, so warm and welcoming. Romeo cant wait to get to school everyday and is learning so much. Its been a great experience.

Thank you.
Lynne R.
Things seem to be going really well. She already seems to be picking up on things so well and Cameo is doing a great job. We love her demeanor.

Erin A.
We just finished seven weeks with Canine Coach and my bulldog, Jes, is missing it. She loves her trainer. He was phenomenal with her. I brought him a pup that chewed shoes and thought she was the leader of the pack and I got back a respectful dog who understands her place in the family. She sits, stays, leaves it, goes to bed. She walks nicely on a leash - which is really important for us because she's very strong. And the most wonderful thing is she comes when called. She not only comes for me, but she comes for all family members.

All of this was accomplished through love and fun. I could tell our trainer really loved Jes. But he didn't only teach Jes. He taught me. He taught me how to be a good leader for Jes. How to know when she was feeling stressed and how to make her feel calm.

If you are awed by the dog trainers on TV, you should go see Canine Coach. They're every bit as good as the Dog Whisperer and the British woman. And he's right here in the Twin Cities.

Stacey M., Eagan
Thank you for all the work you did with Hutch and with us! I can see a difference in him and it has definitely paid off! We will work on keeping it going! We really appreciate all you have done.


Stephanie E.

The first week has been great! We are really happy we found you guys :)

Annie and Adam J.
I am enjoying the name recognition, eye contact and using the training methods with Charlie.

Things are going very well for Chip. He is learning fast and we are very pleased with how well behavior seems to transfer home.

Sabine M.

Boot camp is going great! We love our trainer Cameo! I can't believe how much he has learned in his first week! Now it is just about practicing with him more to increase reliability of the behaviors! But he doesn't mind practicing at home and it's very fun for me to see the fast progress!

Thank you for checking in!
Steph Z
This past week with the leash walking I'm blown away. Everything is great and super happy that we decided to do the boot camp.

Nate M
I wanted to let you know how great boot camp was for Bella [Golden Retriever]. She was totally in love with Cele, and seemed sad when we were no longer shuttling her off in the morning. I had done quite a few obedience classes with Bella from puppy on but couldn't get anywhere with her in regards to heeling on leash. After working with Cele she is such a good girl on leash. Now with Cele's help, Bella is really as close to the perfect dog as we could imagine. Most of the problems were mine, and not Bella's! I only wished we lived closer so Bella could stop by for daycare.


Mary R.

Boot camp is great! Bernard is learning, we are learning and we are seeing great progress.

Jeff M.

This was an excellent experience for me and my dogs. I adopted 2 rescue dogs within 4 days of each other, neither of which had any training at all. When I realized that I could barely manage walking the dogs together, I called Maureen Haggerty who came to my house to help me develop a plan of action. She did some spot training which was very helpful for the short term and she recommended "dog boot camp" which I immediately signed up for.

"Boot camp" involved 4 weeks of training, 5 days a week. I dropped off the dogs in the morning and picked them up after work so the dogs not only received intensive training but were looked after all day. The trainer was masterful with the dogs. He was calm, patient, firm and affectionate with the dogs and very creative with techniques. He accomplished amazing things with them and did a great job explaining to me what the dogs had learned each day and how to follow up and continue the work. As a result of the training, the dogs now follow all the necessary commands and walk on each side of me without pulling.

Our trainer transformed their behavior and I could not be happier with the success. He also inspired confidence in me and I know who to contact in the future if issues come up or if I have questions. The staff at the training center was friendly and helpful. I loved taking the dogs to camp every day and the training was worth every penny!

Katherine M.

First week has been great !!!

The trainers have been amazing and we can already see big improvement in Beezus and Waylon�s behavior and obedience skills!!

Thank you so much!!!
Chris B
[Written by Bella the Yorkie:] To my trainer,

Thank you so much training me to be such a good dog for my mommy and daddy. I had a lot of fun with you and will miss seeing you everyday. I have enclosed a gift that I think you and Cheddar will enjoy together!


Bella XOXO

The class is great. Jake is a great teacher and Tiny seems to be responding.

Michelle S
Tammy [my dog] has made leaps and bounds. I am so excited to continue boot camp and then move on to the next level!

Katie C
We can't think you enough for the wonderful training you did with Bella. We are so happy with the results. Bella and I will definitely be coming to visit you. I will miss our daily chats.

Thanks, again.

Kelly, Jason, Sully and Sammy [Bella the Yorkie's family]

Lily is doing amazingly back at the house so far.�We took her around while we worked today and we had to go to a stranger's house where there were three people and two dogs and she did phenomenally there too.�

Thanks, and again, I just want to say she is just a success story to end all success stories!

Dr. Sarah Jane B., Minneapolis
Dave and I want to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the incredible work you've done with Cian. In only a month and a half, our dog went from being a horror to walk to an accomplished and confident loose-leash walker! I am AMAZED!

I am particularily appreciate that I no longer dread encountering other dogs, squirrels, or rabbits on our walks. I can instead actually enjoy Cian's company. He is much calmer overall, too. I think that knowing what the "rules" are for his behavior helps Cian feel more confident and relaxed. No more rushing to the door when the bell rings, and no more jumping on visitors. Thank you.


Kate T., Minneapolis

Thank you so much for helping us to get Dobby onto the right track-there are no words for how much we appreciate what you have done. We hope to see you around as we continue to take classes or to board Dobby with the only person I trust as much as myself to care and love Dobby (and to get him to listen!). Thank you so much!

Melissa, Nate and Dobby
We are doing great. We LOVE Coach ALyssa.
-Carly A
It is going really well! I love working with my trainer, Alyssa, and Bill Murray seems to be learning a lot of commands.

Stacy T
Stanley seems to be doing well at boot camp. Alyssa has been great working with him! So far so good!

Macduff is having a great time in Boot Camp, and he is learning so much! We are so glad we found your awesome training program.

Nancy B., St. Louis Park
Things are great. Charlie loves coming to Boot Camp every day. Her behavior this weekend was excellent! She's doing her Sits and Downs and walking on the leash. My parents came over today and said she was like a different dog. Much calmer when they came in, and eager to please.

Angelica V
Thank you for your wonderful care of Daisy over these last four weeks. We have seen lots of improvement in her behavior and are thrilled at all of the great things she has learned.

We know it is due to your patient and tireless work with her. Daisy will miss seeing you adn all of her friends everyday - as she had so much fun in addition to working hard.

Thank you for everything!

Jennifer, Mark & Daisy L., St Paul
8 weeks ago Maise was a raw puppy! Now she is starting to act like a big beautiful dog and she is an absolute joy. Thanks so much for sharing all of you knowledge, experience and patience with me and my new best friend. We will see you again a little later this summer.

Kesha T. and Maise, Minneapolis
I had to just let you know an experience we had over the weekend. We had friends over for dinner Sat night and one of them is allergic to cats and dogs, and so we were extremely conscious of keeping Kiki in control, maybe more so than usual. Brooke put the leash on Kiki right before they came and she sat and did not move until they came. Then she had some difficulty but we managed okay, and then she stayed where she was, in a down position, until she was invited into the kitchen area. Then I had her on her "bed", with treats every once in a while, for about 1 1/2 hours. She never once barked, she moved once but went right back when I made a sound. Eventually we released her and she milled about and visited (turns out this guest LOVES dogs and thought she was so amazing!) and did VERY well. Overall it was THE most successful guest experience we've had with her. She was SO well-behaved and wonderful! I'm sure your ears were ringing because we were talking about how great you have been with her.

So, I was a proud mama, and I thought you should be too!!!

Emily F., St. Paul
Took dogs to the vet today. Dr Marie Nation volunteered she saw a huge difference in Milo. He did not growl as usual, he was calm and waited in a nice sit for his nail trim.

I shared about boot camp and she asked about The Canine Coach and Milos very good teacher. That lil guy makes us all look good.

Thanks again from Milos Moms, and kudos to you for your good work.

Connie H., New Hope

Thank you for all your help with Sebastian. You�ve made our lives so much better! We wish you all the best for 2016!

Josie, Brian, Emma, Jack and Sebastian
I just wanted to write and say thanks again for your help with Jazzy's training. She changed so much in that month at boot camp. I am really pleased with her walking manners. Now that I am properly trained she and I do a lot of walking together. :-) She is doing really well on her walks. She is really great about people and usually can manage to not bark at other dogs. There are the occasional lapses but they aren't very common anymore. I have taken her to the outdoor track on practice days for the kids and we will sit and watch the people coming and going and she has improved so much. There is still the odd man who makes her bark but I have been very happy with how she is doing and she continues to improve.

We sure appreciate all you did for her while she was in boot camp! I am so glad we were smart enough to call Canine Coach when we brought home our scared little 5 month old puppy. It was such a great experience and it really kick started her training.

Dianne D. and Jazzy, Eagan
I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful job that you did with teaching Ginger during her time at Boot Camp. I have been working with her most days on reinforcing the training and she seems to have retained everything that she was taught.

Rob H., Edina