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Kid Camp Testimonials

(click the circles above for a fun slideshow of photos!)

Beatrix had such a great time at camp -- it's all she can talk about! Many thanks to you and the other wonderful instructors who make it all happen!

Kelly H
Maia had such a wonderful time with Reggae and will never forget her time at this camp. It was very, very special. Melissa was so welcoming and kind to share her lovely Reggae!

Nicole H

Thanks for a great camp - I know it is only half completed, but arguably the best run camp Emma has ever been too. I am thoroughly impressed!
Also, I don't know if Dodge was just tired this morning, but the best attention during a walk ever- good for kids and dogs!

Thank you

Lucia so enjoyed dog camp. It was the highlight of her summer so far!"

Mary S.

Penny and Ethan had an absolutely fantastic time this week. THANK YOU for making this experience so special and so fun. Other than playing video games at home, I've never seen Ethan so happy about an activity! The pictures and listening to Ethan's stories about the camp just make me smile :).

Have a great summer!
Karin K
Thank you so much, Madi loved camp and her sister is now REALLY excited for her turn with Wallace in a few weeks


My daughter Maggie (Peter) and niece Katrina (Ivy) had a wonderful time at dog camp today!
They canít stop talking about it!

Amie Odahl
My child liked spending time with Reggae and Reggae enjoyed the chicken treats.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

Thank you for a really fantastic week for Isla and Ella. This camp is such a great idea! Definitely what Isla was most looking forward to all summer, and it did not disappoint! She has the framed photo of her and Ella on her bedroom door. Ella is listening to Isla for the first time since we got her in the fall, and though we still have to remind Isla to not smother Ella all the time, I feel like she is understanding dog behavior and reading signs so much better than before.

Thank you!!
Karen S

Thank you!!! They both enjoyed it.

Amy R
Camp was very fun and exciting!

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Thanks so much! They both had a great time!


Thank you so much for sharing these cute photos! Ethan absolutely loved his first Dog Camp experience last week, and heís already eager looking forward to his second week of Advanced Dog Camp later in August. He has his framed picture of himself and Apollo proudly displayed in his bedroom and is eagerly showing it off to all of our family and friends!
Thank you all so much for a wonderful program!

Best regards,

They had a good time; Jack was a huge hit! These are great, thank you Melanie.

Mark O
She enjoyed it very much! Thank for the pictures- we love them!!!

Angie O
Thanks so much, Melanie! Those are great to see. They loved the camp, I think they really bonded with Pete without me there! Nothing but great feedback from them. Thanks for your patience with Pete!

Sara E

He loved it! Thank you!

Maggie Z
Great experience! One of the highlights of the summer!

Thank you
Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Thank you!!! Laura (and Paxton) had a great week.

Ann T

He had a great time and was always excited to tell us what he and Geordie had done at camp that day.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome photos of Zen, Tariku and Lulu-- and for bringing the loaner dog for Tariku on Thursday.

This is a great idea for a kid's camp-- I hope it continues!

Thanks again,
Vera W

"The instructors were very nice. I think we learned a lot. We both looked forward to it every day. I want to do it again next year."

Parker, age 10.
Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Kiya and Sadie bounded down the driveway today after camp - both very excited and anxious to share their morning. Such a GREAT camp Maureen! Count us in for next summer ;)

Nicole G.
I feel the staff was particularly good at keeping things easy going, fun and stress free for the kids and the dogs. My son feels he has never had such a great experience at any camp or organized activity. I give a lot of credit to the staff for making the experience GREAT!

Thank you :).
Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Thanks so much for sending the photos and video! Naomi had a lot of fun, and I think Pipoca learned a lot. Naomi really wants to do an agility class with Pipoca.

Thanks, Heather

Annika is still practicing the "tricks" and more importantly, her bond with our dog has truly been strengthened.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
He loved it. I asked him if it was one thumbs up or two, and he said "six hundred"!

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
My daughter and dog LOVED it. They both learned a lot.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

OMG! Beatrix loved going to camp each day! In fact, she wanted to get there as early as possible in order to spend the maximum amount of time with the dogs. And she loved working with Apollo, since we don't yet have a dog of our own.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Both dog and child looked forward to the camp each day. The variety of activities, ability to be independent and encouragement of creativity were all positive factors.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

Favorite camp of the summer!

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
I'm happy. My child is happy and loved to try out what she learned on just about any dog she meets.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
It was great, I would highly recommend!!!

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

The camp is awesome. We have a physically strong hunting dog who is super birdie and doesn't walk nice on a leash. My daughter was very nervous about bringing him. The staff did a great job helping her grow more confident handling him. By the end of the week she was glad she brought him. She is more comfortable handling him and was happy she had such a confident and athletic dog to have in the camp.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
My daughter had a great week at camp...and so did our dog!

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

I wish I could send him back next week for more! I am amazed at the bonding that took place between my child and my dog. This was very good for them! I honestly can't say enough great things about the experience.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
My son LOVED Dog Camp!!!! The only day of the week that he did NOT look forward to was the last day - - because he was so sad about saying "good-bye" to all of his new dog "friends!" :-)

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

Great camp! Excellent communication about weather/location changes. Well-planned, knowledgeable staff- fun!

Thank you!
Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Parker looked forward to camp every day! He enjoyed the sport part the best.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

As soon as camp ended, Beatrix asked, "Can I do it again??" She has wanted a dog for so long, but we just haven't been able to make that commitment yet. This was a wonderful opportunity for her to work with dogs one-on-one. I know Bea would love to come back to camp someday soon with her own dog.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!
Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

We were really happy with this experience.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback

This is Hannah's most favorite camp of the entire summer! This was her third year and she still loves every part of it.

Dog Camp for Kids Feedback
Thanks so much for the awesome photos! Madison and Leya enjoyed the camp a lot and were both pooped out everyday when they got home.

Maggie L
Hello Melissa,
Logan loved the picture!! He had me print it right out so he could put it up in his room. He has been talking about Dylan often and would to set up a time when we could come visit and play with him. If you are ever available in the afternoons, I pick him up from school at 2:15 and we'd love to meet up with you any time.

I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated being able to (in the 11th hour) sign up for/attend Dog Camp for Kids. Logan has been working through some severe anxiety issues and missed out on a lot of summer fun this year because of his fears -- to see how excited he was to go work with Dylan every day was truly amazing and wonderful for us to watch. We really appreciated both the camp and the way it worked for him to attend even though we don't have a dog of our own -- and Logan gained so much confidence and joy from the week -- you all did a WONDERFUL job!!

Thank you,
Kim R
Hi, Canine Coach -
Our sweet Capo took puppy classes at your St. Louis Park location (Jake was an awesome teacher) and because we were so impressed we enrolled our daughter, Ella, and Capo in the kids camp over the summer.
Prior to the camp Ella was a bit timid around Capo and he wasn't great at listening to commands from her. She was so nervous for the first day of camp but I hoped it would be a good bonding experience for her and the puppy.
By the end of the camp their relationship was transformed. It went from them not quite knowing how to interact with each other to a true friendship. Ella's confidence with Capo skyrocketed. She would tell him to sit...and he'd listen...down...and he'd listen. She finally felt like she had control over him which made their playtime much more enjoyable. I cannot even put into words how much their relationship changed in the one week they spent at camp.
I am so incredibly thankful that you offer the camp and they plan to be back next year. They are truly best friends now and their relationship continues to grow closer...not even sure how that is possible. Ella is hands down Capo's favorite person.

Thank you for all you do!
Bryn W
I just wanted to send a quick note to say how thankful we are that you offer a Dog Camp for Kids!! And that you offer the option of loaner dogs :)! Our two kids just completed the camp last week and cannot stop talking about it! The absolutely LOVED it and were disappointed when it ended. It was one of their favorite camps they have ever participated in and both learned an incredible amount in a short amount of time. Their confidence with dogs has grown as well as their knowledge about dogs and how to behave around them. They are already implementing things they have learned with our new puppy at home. The program, staff, and loaner dogs were all fantastic. Coach Melanie was incredibly helpful and responsive and worked with us to make it work for our family. All of the other trainers/coaches we worked with were wonderful as well.

We really appreciate it! Superb camp. Thank you, thank you!
Leigh D