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Training Method

Dogs are always learning. They go through life experimenting with behaviors and discovering what is fun and rewarding. Our job is simply to pay attention and make the behaviors we prefer the fun and rewarding ones. If the behavior is fun and rewarding it will be repeated. If it provides nothing good for the dog, it will be abandoned.

You deserve to enjoy your canine companion. We truly want you to. We provide you with fun, easy to follow solutions to develop the dog you dreamed of and enjoy a rewarding, non-confrontational relationship. It's easy. It's fun. It works!

The Theory.

The training techniques and education we provide are based on animal learning theory and the study of dog behavior.

The theory is simple: Behaviors that are reinforced will continue. Behaviors that are not reinforced (prove to be fruitless) will be abandoned. Moreover, if a certain behavior (the one we want) results in just what is wanted, other behaviors won’t even be tried.


It’s easy.

How do you apply this theory to dog training? It’s easy: Reinforce the behaviors you want to continue. Make sure the behaviors you don’t want provide no benefit, or prevent them from even being practiced.

For example, if you do not want your dog jumping on people to greet them, select an alternative behavior which can be rewarded, like sitting nicely. Ask Fido to sit before he jumps and reward him with your greeting or a treat. If he does jump, withdraw your attention and walk away. Soon, Fido learns nothing good comes from jumping, and good things do come from sitting nicely. Fido will repeat the behavior that worked.

Of course, this may be easier said than done, but there are tricks of the trade we will provide you to make the training go easily and effectively. It is also great fun!

It’s fun.

We use the marker method for the training described above. This simply means marking the behaviors you like with a quick unique sound clearly heard by your dog. The sound can be produced with your voice, like with the crisp word "Yes!", or with a mechanical clicker. The point is to provide clarity.

The first step is to teach your dog that the marker sound ("yes!" or click) means something good is going to happen. This takes about 10 seconds, as dogs are pretty quick to pick up on what is fun and rewarding.

Once the marker sound = "good things” is established, training becomes very fun and quick. The sound is used to “mark” the behaviors you are training, like "sit". The click pinpoints the exact behavior which got him what he wanted. Because Fido got what he wanted, he will be inclined to repeat that behavior when he is cued.

It works!

When trained with a reward marker, dogs learn at lightning speed! It takes the guessing out for the dog, as you are able to tell your dog exactly what it is you like which has earned him what he wanted. You will be so amazed at how quick and fun it is for you and your dog, you will want to teach all sorts of fun behaviors. Now you can use the extra time you have to play, go for a run, or snuggle with Fido and focus on enjoying that relationship!